Hero Class

Epic Warlord


Hailing from the land of Lycia in Asia Minor, Sarpedon was renowned on both sides of the Aegean for his valour and prowess in battle. A formidable warrior who inspired terror in the enemy and courage in his men, he was said to be the son of the almighty Zeus himself.

The Iliad celebrates the Lycian ruler as a fearless commander who contributed to many victories, and whose fighting spirit rivalled that of Hector. When his Trojan allies led the charge aginst the newly built Achaean wall, Sarpedon and his steadfast Lycians held the battlements and were the first to enter the rival camp. He was faithful to his friends and merciless to those who opposed him, waging war with the might of the king of the gods flowing through his veins.


Wise Sarpedon seeks and stockpiles “Precious Resources” which other people overlook. As soon as Lycia controls a settlement, the goods will start to accumulate and by spending them Sarpedon will bestow various benefits:

  • Celestial Iron – reduces unit cost and increases damage
  • Minoan Relics – grant influence and Divine favour
  • White Granite – reduces construction costs

Sarpedon spreads his tribe’s influence in other factions’ territories by trading with them through his “Lycian Trade Missions” mechanic. Once under his sway, he can ask them for Precious Resources found in their regions or affect their trade by breaking or stealing existing barter agreements.


Long ago, Sarpedon’s people were banished from rich and beautiful Crete by the invading Acheans. Now Lycia is Troy’s ally and will stand again against the invaders on the side of King Priam.

Sarpedon starts at the city Thelmessos – to the north lie the ruins of destroyed settlements. These can be recolonised.

To the east are the lands of the Leleges; these tribes wage war on the coastal Ionians and you can choose to make them allies or easy prey.

Across the sea, on rich and beautiful Rhodes, the Achaeans have established prosperous settlements. From these they hope to keep Lycia at bay.

Becoming familiar with potential friends and enemies will be prudent in these uncertain times before moving in to retake his ancestral homeland.


Renowned on both sides of the Aegean, Sarpedon is for those who prefer to prefer to utilise trade and the manipulation of others as a means of ensuring their ascension to power.