Hero Class

Epic Archer


Shrewd and resourceful Odysseus, ruler of Ithaca, was a brilliant diplomat and trusted advisor to the kings of Achaea.

In his hour of need, Lord Agamemnon beseeched him to convince Achilles to re-join the war effort. A wise, battle-hardened commander who believed that the path to victory lay in stealth rather than direct confrontation, Odysseus was the mastermind behind the Trojan Horse, an ingenious stratagem that led to the downfall of the great city.

A formidable combatant, Odysseus preferred subterfuge and guerrilla tactics to defeat his opponents. He fired at his enemies from afar, wielding a mighty bow that only he could string. He was also an accomplished seaman and keen naval strategist; the general’s ten-year journey at sea following his victory against Troy is the subject of Homer’s second epic poem “The Odyssey”.


Many are the tools and tricks in the bag of the master strategist and fearless seafarer Odysseus, but two will be key for his success in the turmoil after Helen’s abduction:

Safe Havens is a mechanic that allows Ithacan spies to construct safe haven buildings in foreign settlements unbeknownst to their owners. Heroes serving Odysseus can then recruit armies in those foreign regions.

Coastal Mastery – Unique buildings are available for construction in coastal settlements only, while in land-locked settlements only the main building chain is available.

In addition, the Gift of the Greeks stratagem against Troy is only available to Odysseus to suggest, so using it requires him to be in your roster, one way or another.


Silver-tongued Odysseus is wise and resourceful, but as king of rocky Ithaca he can’t yet compare with the other leaders of men in wealth or power.

Odysseus’s rule is questioned by the Teleboans – once obedient to the kings of Ithaca, they are now trying their fortune as sea raiders.

Beyond that, the oath of Tyndareus weighs over each of Helen’s suitors, who must decide whether to join in aid to defend Helen’s husband honour.

Choosing wisely between allies and confronting enemies will be key in navigating this precarious situation.


Shrewd and resourceful Odysseus is for players who prefer to guerrilla warfare tactics to overpower their adversaries and expand their power across the coasts of the Aegean.