Epic Defender


Menelaus, son of the famed king Atreus, was the younger brother of Agamemnon of Mycenae and husband of Helen – the Spartan princess with which he ruled as king in Sparta. The two brothers rose to power after each married a princess of Sparta, thus securing an alliance with the Lacedaemonians.

Although not in his prime, Menelaus is still a mighty warrior who inspires awe and fear on the battlefield. Clad in heavy armour and wielding a great spear, he looks like the God of War’s equal.

Menelaus enters the Trojan War as the aggrieved party and is rightfully seeking bloody revenge on Prince Paris and his wayward wife. Even if it means bringing down the entire kingdom of Troy.


In Homer’s epic poem, Menelaus is the aggrieved husband who summons all of his Achaean warlords to honour the Tyndareus Oath and join arms with him to take Helen back.

Alongside his might as a warrior king, Menelaus has a powerful ability called Call to Arms – a unique mechanic which allows him to recruit units from the rosters of his defensive or military allies from any point on the map.

Focusing on fostering friendships and forging alliances directly results in an unsurpassed military versatility.

In addition, the Spartan Settlers mechanic allows Sparta to instantly colonize ruined settlements without sending an army and spending units. While the cost can be high based on distance, it enables Menelaus to unleash his wrath and raze enemy settlements without losing battle momentum.


Spear-famed Menelaus must answer the slight to his honour dealt by Paris, the Trojan prince who dared steal his wife!

This audacious deed has shaken the very foundations of Menelaus’ authority in Lakedaimon. So he must take Helen back and assert his authority once more!

Once he has dealt with Paris, Menelaus can enjoy the comfort of neighbours and potential allies. He can also look to the south where mighty Tiryns holds Cythera island, blocking access to the treasures of Crete, which are beyond imagination.

Consolidating power at home, and beseeching Helen’s suitors to honour the Oath of Tyndareus and join you as allies are the necessary steps before you can exact your rightful vengeance and wage war on the perfidious Trojan princeling.


Glorious king Menelaus is the perfect choice for the strategists who prefer to utilize diplomacy and political maneuvering to expand their empire.