To all YouTube Total War Content Creators

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CA KingGobbo
September 14 2017

We have been receiving reports that many of you have been getting monetisation removed from your Total War YouTube content. We have been in contact with Google to try to resolve the issue.


If your video has already been flagged

If you do get a yellow icon on a video, you should immediately appeal it, then someone from the Policy team will manually review the video as soon as possible. To do this you just need to click the ‘Request Review’ link under the yellow icon in video manager.


If you are worried your video could be flagged

Depending on your schedule, if you have a video you think might be at risk of being flagged then it’s a good idea to upload it and set it to Unlisted for a couple of hours. If it stays green, you can make it public and everything is fine. If it does go yellow, you can request a review while it’s unlisted, and then put it live after it’s been reviewed.


What could cause a flagged video

A few people thought that having ‘war’ in the title was causing an issue. One word like that would not be enough on its own to trigger restricted monetisation – the system also looks at title, thumbnail, content, description, the audio track, history of the channel and many more things to decide whether a video is likely to be acceptable to advertisers.


Hopefully this advice will help with any monetisation issues you may be having and of course thank you to everybody who creates content on YouTube around our games.