Happy New Year!

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CA KingGobbo
January 12 2024

Hey folks! 

Wishing you a Happy New Year, and hoping that the holidays gave you all the time you needed to spend away from life’s Campaign Maps and instead committed to the heat of battle with the last of the seasonal biscuit pile. We ended last year by sharing how we’re set to move forward in Total War, and before I get to talking with you about what to expect from us over the next few weeks, a quick message of thanks from us. 

Thank you for being open to hearing what we had to talk about in our last letter to you, and for being so supportive in the decisions that we’ve made around both Total War: PHARAOH and Total War: WARHAMMER III. While we never want to be in the situations that necessitate making those decisions, we’re grateful for the support you showed to us in that moment, and it saw us head into the Winter break feeling incredibly energized for what we’d be coming back to in the new year. 

Now that we are back in the swing of things, we wanted to help signal what’s just over the horizon in Total War, and what to expect these next few weeks. 

Total War: PHARAOH

This month is a big moment for PHARAOH, with January being the month we release Total War: PHARAOH’s free High Tide Update. Next week, we’ll have plenty to show you about this free update to the game which see’s Iolaos and Walwetes join the roster as new faction leaders for the two new Sea Peoples factions: Sherden and Peleset, alongside all new features. Do the usual, and make sure you’re following us on our social channels, as well as being subscribed to the Total War YouTube so that you don’t miss the reveal when it drops. 

The High Tide update arrives free for all owners (and future owners) of Total War: PHARAOH alongside the usual fixes & changes, and is set to deploy in the final week of January.


Back in the lands of Total War: WARHAMMER III, we’re just starting to put the finishing touches on our next Hotfix release, which we’d like to get out to you within the next two weeks.  

We’re largely expecting that this will be the only Hotfix that we’ll release before we reach Patch 4.2 in February, so not long to go now before you see those additions to Shadows of Change! Patch 4.2 is where you can expect to see the results of our work to ensure our DLC’s meet your expectations through the introduction of even more content, alongside changes and improvements to the base game itself. 

Shortly after we get the Hotfix out, you’ll start to hear directly from Game Director Richard Aldridge on what Patch 4.2 is bringing, and how we’ve approached each of Shadow of Change’s main factions in a series of blogs that covers this new content in much more detail.

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And that’s all for today! We’ll be back next week with the first look at Total War: PHARAOH’s free High Tide Update. 

Have a great weekend! 

Freeman – Head of Community