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CA Pingu
November 24 2022

Kaïo TWW logoGreetings, Total War: WARHAMMER fans! Our latest edition of the Total War Creator Spotlight is here! Today, we would like to introduce you to Kaïo TWW: Total War content creator out of France who has been making outstanding videos which span the entire Total War: WARHAMMER trilogy.


CA: How did you get started in content creation?

KAÏO TWW: I started creating content at the beginning of Total War: WARHAMMER II. I spoke with a friend whom I convinced to buy the game, but he had difficulties understanding how to play. So, I decided to coach him and after that, to create a YouTube Channel allowing beginners to have an easier time with the game.

CA: How would you best describe your channel and content?

KAÏO TWW: I am a passionate content creator focusing on the Total War: WARHAMMER trilogy. You can find in all my videos instructive content with immersive gameplay, and I’m sure anyone who watches my content will find some fun moments.

CA: Who were your early influences?

KAÏO TWW: When my first video was made, I gained my first subscriber on my YouTube Channel. His name was Martin. He contacted me and suggested to me to make multiplayer content, so my content stands out. From that moment, Martin contributes and helps with a lot of content on my channel, and we talk a lot about future original content for the game. I got married this summer, and Martin was there! As you see the creation of content about Total War: WARHAMMER can lead to beautiful friendships.

CA: How did you get into playing Total War?

KAÏO TWW: I have played the Total War games for a long time. I discovered the Total War series through Total War: ROME, it was a friend’s recommendation. I make a lot of Total War content, apart from the MEDIEVAL series, considered by many people one of the best.

CA: Is there a stream/video you are especially proud of?

KAÏO TWW: I am proud of my first video series – tutorials for Total War: WARHAMMER II. Martin and I made a series of videos about faction ranking with a notation at the end of the game, this series of videos was the most fun to make.

CA: Do you have a favourite unit from all Total War titles?

KAÏO TWW: One of my favourite units is the Sister of Avelorn – good design, good stats, a strong unit in melee, and one of the best ranged units in the game. And those bows … sublime.

CA: Across all Total War titles, what is your favourite faction?

KAÏO TWW: A difficult question to answer. Nostalgia makes me think about the Julii faction in Total War: ROME, but my heart goes to the Vampire Counts (Total War: WARHAMMER). When I first saw the design and gameplay of the faction, I fell in love with it (please don’t judge me). It was the Vampire Counts that convinced me to purchase the first game of the WARHAMMER trilogy.

CA: What do you enjoy most about the game, and what excites you for the future?

KAÏO TWW: There are a lot of things I like in the game, but if I had to select the most important, I will say the ‘replayability’ of the game on this huge map as well as the unit and faction diversity. In the future, the most exciting thing to dream about is to bring the true master of undead into the world and transform the map into an undead world, so please CA, make my dream come true.

CA: If you could offer one piece of advice to someone who has just started, or is thinking about becoming a content creator, what would it be?

KAÏO TWW: The only advice I could give to someone who’s just started to create content is to enjoy what you make. When you force yourself to create content, the viewer feels it, it ends up being a negative experience for everyone. You have a rich game to make content with, so find your way to create content and enjoy it!

CA: Your audience clearly enjoy your passion and knowledge for the Warhammer series. With that said, what’s the future for your channel and community?

KAÏO TWW: My channel is a beautiful little place with a huge community. For the future, I’m working on a massive content about legendary lords. The battlefield will reveal who is DA BEST! Of course, my community will participate in this massive event… wait and enjoy.

CA: Tell us something random about yourself!

KAÏO TWW: I’m a future young dad of a little boy, and I’ve already prepared his education with the objective to make him the perfect man. Here’s his training program:

Monday: Balance class with Karl Franz
Tuesday: Study with the great théogonist, Mustache Volkmar
Wednesday: Relaxing with Uncle Vlad in Sylvannia
Thursday: Weapon mastery with Skarbrand
Friday: Curse analysis with his other Uncle Kugath
Weekend: Relaxation in Lustria … or not YES YES



Thanks to Kaïo TWW for taking the time to chat with us! Be sure to check out his social channels to connect with them, or follow/subscribe to stay up-to-date with their latest content:

We’ll see you next time!