TOTAL WAR Content Creator Spotlight: greyTigerGames

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CA KingGobbo
February 20 2023

Greetings, Total War: WARHAMMER fans! We’re back with another edition of the Total War Content Creator Spotlight! Today we talk with GreyTigerGames, an Australian creator with a quirky take on Warhammer lore.


CA: How did you get started in content creation?

GREYTIGERGAMES: I had created a couple of mods for WARHAMMER II, along with some trailers for the Steam Workshop. The mods had gone down quite well, and I still had a few more in development, so I decided to create a video to let everyone know what I was working on.

I discovered I quite enjoyed the process of making the video, even though I was nervous as hell. My videos and mods were then mentioned by another content creator and that gave me a bit of a boost, and I decided that I’d make a series of videos exploring the game mechanics for all the different races. I then spread out into lore and modding tutorials, and the channel grew from there.

CA: Who were your early influences?

GREYTIGERGAMES: I was influenced early by creators like Milk & Cookies, Italian Spartacus, and the Book of Choyer. Right now, I don’t really have anyone that affects my content directly, though I do look at creators like Cody Bonds and hope to match their quality of work as my channel matures.

CA: How and when did you get into playing Total War?

GREYTIGERGAMES: My first Total War experience was MEDIEVAL: Total War back in the early 2000s. Up to that point I had played mostly real-time strategy games like those in the Warcraft and Command and Conquer series, but a friend recommended Total War and I couldn’t put it down.

I really enjoyed the campaign map with the armies almost feeling like chess pieces, and the real-time battles were just the icing on the cake. I then went on to play ROME, MEDIEVAL II and Empire before taking a break from the franchise.

CA: Is there a stream/video you’ve made that you’re especially proud of?

GREYTIGERGAMES: I always look back on my work with a critical eye, like most creators I guess. But if I had to pick one video it would be my video on the Great Bastion of Grand Cathay, where I explored the lore and threw in some speculation of how it might work in WARHAMMER III. I feel that everything clicked in that video, and it turned out to be one of my most popular uploads, so the viewers agreed.

CA: What do you enjoy most about the game and what excites you for the future?

GREYTIGERGAMES: I really enjoy how the game mechanics for the races and individual lords have improved and now provide the player with more unique experiences. I also love the new campaign map for Immortal Empires – it is amazing how much of the Warhammer world we have to play on, more than I ever thought we would see. As for the future, I’m most excited by the idea of the Chorfs (Chaos Dwarves). I mean who doesn’t want to play as the Dawi’s evil cousins, with some of the most destructive war machines in the entire Warhammer world?

CA: Do you have a favourite Total War unit?

GREYTIGERGAMES: This may be a rather odd choice, but I have always loved the Goblin Wolf Riders. They are certainly not the most powerful unit in the game, and they are quite likely to be slaughtered in combat with most foes, but when I play Greenskins I just love having a few units to harass enemy troops that have been separated from their main force.

CA: What is your favourite faction to play as across all the Total War games?

GREYTIGERGAMES: The Dawi. I just love the stubborn little buggers.

CA: If you could offer one piece of advice to someone who’s just started or is thinking about becoming a content creator, what would it be?

GREYTIGERGAMES: This is a tough one, as I have certainly not cracked the code to a successful channel and I’m still trying to find my place.

That said, my advice would be don’t be afraid to take breaks, especially if you can bank a few videos to release when you are relaxing and recharging. If you just push and don’t let up, you may find yourself burning out. I have experienced this with modding. After several large-scale mods for WARHAMMER II I felt a bit burned out. So, I decided I’d take a break for a while before diving into modding in WARHAMMER III. Hopefully, my mods will be better for it.

CA: What does the future for your channel and community look like?

GREYTIGERGAMES: My channel probably won’t change too much in 2023. Perhaps I’ll lean more into the modding of the game and less into the lore. For a time at the end of last year I was contemplating ending the channel as I got caught up in the numbers, but I realised over the holidays that I still have fun making the videos.

I’m also exploring the possibility of creating additional channels covering other topics and spending more time streaming.

CA: Could you give us a random piece of information about yourself!

GREYTIGERGAMES: I’m a bit of a Star Trek nerd, loving the original series, and everything up to and including Enterprise. In fact, I have named 12 of my 13 cats over the years after actors or characters in the shows.



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