Total War: WARHAMMER II and Vermintide II Cross Promotion!


CA KingGobbo
June 13 2019

Praise Sigmar – what a day it is to be a WARHAMMER fan!

Total War: WARHAMMER II and Vermintide II are teaming up to offering our fanbases a discount on both titles! Find out how this’ll work below, and make sure to check out our handy FAQ!

Also make sure to join Grace and Wheels as they play through some Vermintide II together today at 3PM BST on the Total War official Twitch channel!

What does this mean?

This means that if you own Total War: WARHAMMER II you’ll automatically receive a 50% off coupon for Vermintide II through Steam, while Vermintide II owners will receive 50% off Total War: WARHAMMER II. Check your Steam inbox!

When will this happen?

3PM BST (7AM PDT) on the 13th of June.

Do they expire?

The coupons will expire within 30 days, so on the 13th of July. Coupons also expire within 24 hours if opened and not used.

Some disclaimers

These vouchers are not stackable with other discounts. However, they are transferrable.