Total War: THREE KINGDOMS Patch 1.7.1


CA KingGobbo
May 27 2021



The 1.7.1 patch for Total War: THREE KINGDOMS now live! Please see below for patch notes. We also have a special announcement about the future of the THREE KINGDOMS universe:

Map Changes

  • Moved Mount Song and Hulao pass to their correct location
  • Added more impassable areas to the Yellow River to prevent moving past some passes

Bug Fixes


  • Reduced frequency of AI picking Faction Council missions that spawn Looters
  • On restoring the Han your factions name will change to the Han Empire and your flag will change to the Han Empire
  • Removed Imperial Favour gain from positive public order, and adjusted some food-based gains
  • Xiangyang is now owned by Liu Biao in 200
  • Friend relationships added between Mi Zhu, Sun Qian and Liu Bei in 200, and family relationships between Lady Mi and Mi Zhu and Mi Fang
  • Zhou Tai’s now heals 0.2% of max HP every second, 5 times slower than before, and can no longer use his heal when on an elephant
  • Governors can now restore the Han (or declare independence) if they control the emperor when they hit the maximum prestige level
  • Fixed two desync errors with Cao Cao in co-op and at the 190 start date.
  • Fixed starting the game with Chinese IME leading to losing control of keyboard and mouse in-game in certain versions of Windows 10.

Campaign Fixes

  • Fixed crash when annexing Yellow Turban settlements as the Han
  • Fixed crash when extracting a spy when they’re leading an army
  • Fixed crash related to annexing settlements and amount of action points remaining to the army annexing
  • Fixed crash that could happen upon zooming in on a besieged settlement
  • Yellow Turban Rebellion can no longer be invited to join Empires
  • Postponed the ‘Restore the Han’ dilemma until Emperor Xian is an adult to make sure he could not become faction leader when still a child
  • Removed duplicate Black Mountain Hideout buildings in the 194 campaign
  • Fixed issue where if a faction in an alliance left it, alliance peace would be automatically signed but one faction would remain in an alliance war and be unable to leave it
  • Fixed issue where the Trade Territory function was not always working correctly
  • Fixed issue where it was possible to annex territory of a faction who had left your Empire
  • Fixed issue where nothing happened if you attacked a vassal of a member of your Empire, the correct diplomacy pop-ups now occur
  • Fixed issue where player would get two pop-up messages if the target of a mercenary contract is vassalised by the faction issuing the contract
  • If a faction which is fulfilling a mercenary contract is vassalised the contract now ends and the mission will expire the following turn
  • Fixed issue where vassals did not always have access to the option to request permission to declare war from their vassal master
  • Nanman rebels can now no longer do any diplomatic treaties beyond war, this will only apply to new campaigns
  • Vassalising a Nanman faction through settlement occupation option as a Nanman faction will now correctly sign peace with that faction
  • Fixed issue where Nanman diplomatic options with Han factions were not always working correctly
  • Fixed issue where Demand Fealty for Nanman wasn’t correctly unlocking the option to vassalize Han factions
  • Fixed issue where Yellow Turban factions were sometimes not progressing and therefore not gaining access to more diplomatic treaties
  • Fixed issue where Dong Zhuo incorrectly had access to Liu Hong’s specific diplomatic option to annex empire subjects
  • Fixed issue where Yu Jin leaves Cao Cao on turn 1 of a legendary 194 campaign
  • Moved Emperor Xian’s pin in the 200 campaign to Xuchang to match his location
  • Liang Rebels in Mandate of Heaven are no longer affected by Imperial Favour
  • Han Empire and factions like Liu Hong led by a current/former Emperor now get a boost to Imperial Favour
  • Northern Army veteran units now have unit caps to be consistent with the basic Northern army units
  • Fixed many instances of characters appearing in the 200 campaign who should already be dead
  • Fixed issue where Liu Xie with his unique art could be born to any character
  • Xun You can now correctly access all skills in his tree, which enables him to gain access to his Turning the Tide ability
  • Updated text for Lu Bu’s Personal Victories and Momentum to reflect the fact that he gains both from defeating enemy generals in battles, not from duels, as many AI generals are reluctant to duel him
  • Fixed issue where the Qiao sisters event was not triggering for Sun Ce
  • Fixed issue where if the Emperor is executed by a non-Han faction a duplicate Liu Xie could spawn
  • Fixed issue where the ‘Iron General’ title was not unlocking correctly
  • Fixed issue where when Nanman children are born they would ‘steal’ one weapon and one mount from the factions available pools
  • Shanyue in 200 were set to Bandit culture but Han military group, their military group now matches their culture which will enable them to recruit more units
  • Fixed issue where when playing as Dong Zhuo in Mandate of Heaven Lu Bu did not always join the player due to an error in the related events
  • Corrected unlock conditions for Liu Chong trophy that required 15 spear infantry units but only tested for pike infantry
  • Fixed issue where Rice Paddies were not providing food production from farming as Bandits
  • Fixed issue where increase in spy slots was not applying unless campaign is saved and reloaded
  • Fixed issue where Imperial units were not being unlocked correctly by technologies in the Eight Princes campaign
  • Fixed issue where Liu Yan/Liu Zhang’s tier 6 settlements were wrongly giving a faction-wide bonus of +50% to commerce income

Battle Fixes

  • Fixed issue where several settlement maps were covered in the caltrops ground type
  • Fixed issue where Yu Jin had different abilities in custom battle to campaign
  • Fixed issue where several characters unrelated to Yuan Shao had the ‘Familial Conflict’ ability, and added it to Yuan Shu
  • Fixed issue where faces of Nanman units could appear black at certain angles/lighting

UI Fixes

  • Fixed issue where some already researched techs in the Nanman tech tree were not being displayed correctly
  • Fixed issue where player would get notifications and pop-ups about Imperial Intrigue before the feature was active
  • Fixed issue where first notification for a turn does not always pop-up
  • Fixed issue where more than 11 administrator positions did not fit into the court UI, a scroll bar has been added
  • Fixed issue where the ‘King of Kings’ UI for Meng Huo was not updating with the correct duration
  • Fixed issue where some character names were shown in lower case when loading into battles
  • Fixed issue where the ‘Discredit Faction’ was sometimes available in circumstances that weren’t valid
  • Removed outdated information on the Info Overlay for Cao Cao and Yuan Shao
  • Fixed issue where the Abdicate Emperorship diplomatic proposal had wrong description, it wrongly suggested the faction being proposed to would abdicate, instead of the one proposing the deal

Assembly Kit

  • Fixed issue where startpos processing was not being done correctly

Simplified Chinese

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS 1.7.1版补丁更新

全面战争:三国/Total War: THREE KINGDOMS的1.7.1补丁正式上线,详细补丁说明请见下方。我们同时也有一个关于三国宇宙的未来展望的通告:


  • 嵩山和虎牢关被移到了正确的位置
  • 在黄河上添加了更多不可通航的区域,以防止某些关隘可以被绕行



  • 降低了AI选择生成掳掠者的幕府廷议的频率
  • 在复兴汉室后,您的派系名称会变为大汉王朝,同时派系旗帜也将改为相应的旗帜
  • 公共秩序为正时将不再获得天子宠信,同时调整了部分粮食储备的天子宠信收益
  • 襄阳在公元200年剧本开局时将会属于刘表
  • 为公元200年剧本开局的糜竺、孙乾和刘备添加了朋友关系,糜夫人、糜竺和糜芳添加了亲属关系
  • 周泰的“守誓”技能调整为每秒回复0.2%的最大生命值,新的恢复速率为先前的五分之一,且无法在骑乘大象时使用
  • 汉臣派系在控制天子且声望等级达到最高的情况下将可以选择复兴汉室(或宣布自立)
  • 修复了2项多人合作战役中曹操以及190相关的延迟同步的问题。


  • 修正了使用汉文化派系吞并黄巾城镇时会导致游戏崩溃的错误
  • 修正了撤出正在率领军队的细作会导致游戏崩溃的错误
  • 修正了与吞并城镇和执行吞并行动军队的剩余行动点数相关的游戏崩溃问题
  • 修正了放大被围困的城镇会导致游戏崩溃的错误
  • 黄巾乱军不再能够被邀请加入帝国 “汉室气数”抉择出现的时间推迟到了献帝成年之后,确保他不会在未成年时成为派系领袖
  • 移除了194年剧本中重复的黑山匪窝序列建筑
  • 修正了如果同盟中的某个派系离开同盟,它将自动与敌对同盟议和,但同盟内另一个派系仍将处于同盟战争中从而无法离开同盟的错误
  • 修正了交易领土机制有时不正常运作的错误。
  • 修正了可以对已离开玩家的帝国的派系所掌控的领土进行吞并的错误
  • 修正了玩家在攻击属于己方帝国成员国的附庸时无事发生的错误,现在相应的外交弹窗能正常出现了
  • 修正了佣兵合约的目标被发布合约的派系收为附庸时,玩家会收到两条弹窗信息的错误
  • 一个正在执行佣兵合约的派系成为附庸后,合约将自动结束,相关的任务将在下一回合作废。
  • 修正了附庸不总是有权对宗主请求允许宣战的错误
  • 南蛮叛军将无法签订任何除宣战以外的外交协议,此改动只会在新开启的战役中生效
  • 扮演南蛮派系,通过占领最后的城镇附庸其他南蛮派系时,将可以正确地与对方签订和平协议
  • 修正了南蛮派系与汉文化派系进行外交时,外交选项有时不正常运作的错误
  • 修正了南蛮派系“要求效忠”科技不能正确解锁附庸汉文化派系选项的错误
  • 修正了黄巾派系有时不能升级派系等级从而解锁更多外交条约的错误
  • 修正了董卓可使用刘宏派系的特殊外交选项,吞并帝国臣民的错误
  • 修复了传奇难度的194年战役中,于禁会在第1回合离开曹操的错误
  • 基于史实,200年战役中的献帝被移到了许昌
  • 《Mandate of Heaven》中的凉州叛军现在不再受天子宠信影响
  • 汉帝国和其它由现任/退位皇帝领导的派系(如刘宏)现在将得到额外的天子宠信加成
  • 为北军宿老单位增加了招募限额,以与北军普通单位保持一致修正了一些已经过世的人物出现在200年剧本中的错误
  • 修正了拥有独特立绘的刘协可能作为其他人物后嗣降生的错误
  • 荀攸现在可以正常解锁包括“力挽狂澜”在内的技能树上的所有技能,
  • 更正了吕布个人胜利和气焰机制的描述。他只需要在战场上击败敌方将领,就可以获得收益,而不是通过单挑击败对手才能获得收益。因为显而易见,没有几个AI将领愿意通过单挑和他一决生死。
  • 修正了孙策不会触发“江东二乔”事件的错误
  • 修正了皇帝被非汉朝派系处决后,刘协可能会重复出现的错误
  • 修正了“铁血城隍”头衔无法正确解锁的错误
  • 修正了南蛮角色在出生时会从派系可用物品池中“偷取”一件武器和一件坐骑的错误
  • 公元200年的山越原先被设置为贼徒文化,但只能招募汉文化兵种。他们的军队招募结构现在被调整为和贼徒文化一致,因此能够招募到更多单位了
  • 修正了在玩家《Mandate of Heaven》中扮演董卓时,偶尔会因为相关事件的错误导致吕布不会加入玩家派系的情况
  • 修正了刘宠无法正确解锁战利品“丝绸缨穗”的错误。解锁该战利品需要15个持矛步兵单位,但系统此前错误的只检测了军队中的戟兵的数量。修正了贼徒派系的稻田不提供粮食产出的错误
  • 修正了细作栏位增加后需要保存并重新加载战役才能真正生效的错误
  • 修正了羽林军 单位无法通过《Eight Princes》战役中的科技解锁的错误
  • 修正了刘焉/刘璋的6级城镇会在派系范围内提供+50%商业产值加成的错误


  • 修正了某些城镇地图的地面类型是铁蒺藜的错误
  • 修正了于禁在自定义战斗和正常战役中拥有的技能不一致的错误
  • 修正了若干个与袁绍没有亲属关系的人物拥有“阋墙”技能的错误,并为袁术加上了这个技能
  • 修正了南蛮单位的人物面部在某些角度/光照下会发黑的错误


  • 修正了南蛮科技树上某些已经研发完成的科技无法正常显示的错误
  • 修正了玩家在朝廷权谋功能启用前会收到相关通知和弹窗的错误
  • 修正了每个回合的第一个通知偶尔不会弹出的错误
  • 修正了可用太守数量超过11个时,太守数量和宫府界面大小不匹配造成的错误。我们为此情况添加了一个滚动条修正了孟获的“部族之王”界面无法刷新正确持续时间的错误
  • 修正了某些人物的名字在战斗加载界面以英文小写显示的错误
  • 修正了“诋毁派系”在本应无法使用的情况下可以使用的错误
  • 移除了信息框中关于曹操和袁绍的过期信息
  • 修正了“提出禅位”外交提案描述错误的问题,它被错误地描述成接受提议的派系领袖将退位,而不是提出协议的派系领袖退位


  • 修正了startpos的处理无法正确完成的错误