Total War: THREE KINGDOMS Patch 1.7.0


CA KingGobbo
March 8 2021



The 1.7.0 update is the next major update for Total War: THREE KINGDOMS, arriving alongside the Fates Divided DLC. The patch fixes issues raised by the community as well as introducing new campaign features, characters, and more.

Highlights of the 1.7.0 patch:

  • Imperial Intrigue and changes to the Emperor
  • Schemes faction mechanic for Cao Cao
  • Captain armoury mechanic for Yuan Shao
  • New faction council
  • New expanded faction ranks
  • New legendary characters
  • A plethora of bug fixes

Save Game Warning

It is strongly recommended you start a new campaign to experience the great new features which have been added to the campaign with the Fates Divided release. Please also disable mods until they have been updated to account for all the changes made. If you wish to finish your current campaigns before updating, please opt in to the old_1.6.1 beta.

In order to opt in to the old_1.6.1 beta:

  • Right-click on Total War: THREE KINGDOMS in your Steam library
  • Click Properties and click the Betas tab
  • In the drop-down menu, select the old_1.6.1 option
  • Close the window and your build will automatically update to old_1.6.1

The 1.7.0 Patch

Imperial Intrigue

The new imperial intrigue mechanics determines how well each faction within the Han is seen by the Emperor. This mechanic comes into effect in the year 197 CE, when the Emperor comes of age at 16. In the new Fates Divided campaign, the mechanic is available from turn one, with Cao Cao in control of the Emperor.

The imperial intrigue mechanic sees each faction gain an imperial favour score, which is a measure of how much the Emperor likes that faction. Factions with high favour will gain boons from the Emperor, while factions with low favour may be declared an Enemy of the Han or face imperial sanctions.

While the Emperor holds sway in the imperial court, he will hand out missions, sanctions, and aid to those factions he feels are deserving of them. Each of these occur in events that have a small chance to happen each turn. Factions with high favour will have access to events like “Imperial Food Reserves” where, if your faction is running low on food, the Emperor will send some food supplies to your faction for 10 turns. Those with low favour might see events such as “The Emperor Demands Peace”, a decree which, if your faction is at war with another faction that has high imperial favour, sees the Emperor demand that you make peace with them within 10 turns. All Han factions also have access to the “Duty of the Han” events, which include events such as “The Defence of Our Allies”.  In this event, if a faction with high imperial favour has an enemy army in their land, the Emperor will ask you to attack and defeat the enemy army.

Warlords that favour the current protectorate (the faction leader that has control of the Emperor) will actively work against the Enemy of the Han, whereas those who do not care for the protectorate are likely to ignore the Emperor’s decrees. If the protectorate’s favour drops too low, they will lose control of the Emperor.

The Emperor

We have also added a bonus restoration of the Han mechanic to the endgame. The faction controlling the Emperor can reinstate the Emperor when they hit maximum prestige (Emperor) rank. This causes the current character to step down as faction leader, and Liu Xie to become the new faction leader. While not deployable in battle – he is the Emperor, after all – he does have new unique 2D artwork and a new skill tree. The player can also set their original faction leader up as the Emperor as before should they desire to depose the Han.

Cao Cao Schemes Mechanic

Schemes are a new and powerful mechanic for Cao Cao’s faction that let you manipulate the ever-changing world around you to best suit your playstyle. Through enacting schemes, the player can make subtle changes to the campaign situation, such as influencing how others perceive Cao Cao’s enemies, or dramatic shifts, like turning certain defeat in battle into victory.

In order to facilitate this, the faction leader has access to individuals referred to as pawns that, using the spy network, deliver the messages of each scheme to any faction on the campaign map. The number of pawns available are linked to the available spy slots that the faction has developed. Once a scheme is complete, the pawn will again become available to complete the next machination.

Cao Cao’s credibility resource has also been expanded and can now be used in all deals in diplomacy. This makes it a far more powerful tool for manipulation. Credibility can now also be earned and spent through careful scheming.

Schemes and the reworked credibility system will be available in all start dates for Cao Cao.

Yuan Shao’s Captain Armoury Mechanic

The Captain Armoury is a new mechanic for Yuan Shao’s faction, focused on his captain retinues. The purpose of this mechanic is to expand captains into something that feels more unique, while not stepping on the toes of characters. The captains are intended to be powerful retinues with highly customisable abilities, but without the individualism of characters.

The player can build up lineage throughout the campaign, and this can be used to buy bonuses for captains. Each captain has their own armoury, and these give the player ways to rapidly expand the military potential of their armies. Some of the available bonuses include flaming arrows for all archers, the ability to fight all battles as ambush battles, or boosting the core stats of units above and beyond their normal values.

The player also has a series of missions for captains. These are milestones that gradually improve the performance of captains throughout the campaign. As part of this feature, we have also given players the ability to rename all captains within their army.

Faction Council Rework

Our previous faction council feature is no more, but something newer and shinier has replaced it. The new faction council is a proactive and reactive system driven by the characters in your court. Each year the council will convene, and each character will offer up to two suggestions based on their personality traits. These suggestions are triggered according to the current situation on the campaign map, with the council offering different options in an attempt to help solve any problems the player might be facing.

The player can choose to enact up to one suggestion per character per year, which immediately creates some interesting scenarios. These no longer trigger missions, but instead enact a suggestion that can shift your economic focus, repair public order, trigger rebellions in enemy land, or even give a big boost to character experience.

Our goal behind this change is to make it feel like the characters in your court are individuals with their own ideas – who are presenting those ideas to their leader for approval.

Expanded Faction Progression Ranks

With the new expanded progression ranks system, progression bonuses have been switched from a passive bonus to an active customisation feature. When the player gains a new progression rank, they will receive prestige points, which can be spent to increase capacities for things like assignments, administrators, and trade agreements. With this feature, Han imperial factions can thus take the prestige they’ve gained from their exploits on the campaign map and use it to invest back in their own power bases in whichever area they see fit.

When the player invests certain amounts of prestige points into a capacity, they will also gain new bonuses at set milestones. This lets you tailor your faction to your own playstyle – play as Cao Cao and get the most out of spies, for example, or create a multitude of trade routes with Kong Rong.

Players can actively choose when to increase their faction’s progression rank, but once choices are made they’re permanent.

New Legendary Characters

Wen Chou

Wen Chou was a feared cavalry commander under Yuan Shao, and was sent to fight Cao Cao during their conflict in 200 CE.

Wen Chou’s Xiezhi Roar ability sees him fly into a rage on the battlefield, embodying the mighty Xiezhi, a mythical creature of great power. This activated debuff causes nearby enemies to lose morale as Wen Chou’s roar emits with such power that it sends out a shockwave, killing any soldiers who are too near.

He is available at the 190, 194 and 200 CE start dates.

Yan Liang

Yan Liang was a fierce general in the employ of Yuan Shao, and fought against Guan Yu while the latter was serving under Cao Cao.

His Mighty Thrust ability sends him spurring on his horse, plowing into enemies with such a force that scores of men go flying. When this buff is activated, it causes terror in enemy units and increases the weight and damage of Yan Liang’s charge.

He is available at the 190, 194 and 200 CE start dates.

Yuan Tan

Yuan Tan was the eldest son of Yuan Shao. He battled against Kong Rong in 196 CE, and fought against Cao Cao in 200 CE. He had a rivalry with his younger brother Yuan Shang due to his brother being preferred in the succession.

The Familial Conflict ability allows Yuan Tan to rally the familial troops. When another of the Yuan Clan is on the field, a familial rivalry will push the other to greater feats. This passive buff inspires increased morale, melee attack rate, and melee damage for whichever Yuan family member has this ability.

He is now available at the 190 CE start date and is a faction leader in the 194 and 200 CE start dates as a vassal of Yuan Shao.

Yuan Shang

Yuan Shang was the youngest son of Yuan Shao. Although younger and with less military accomplishments, he was still preferred by his parents due to his good looks. He succeeded his father after Yuan Shao died in 202 CE.

Yuan Shang also has the Familial Conflict ability described above.

He is available at the 190, 194 and 200 CE start dates.

Zhang He

Zhang He first made a name for himself fighting against rebels. He served under Yuan Shao for a brief period of time, but defected to Cao Cao after several disagreements with Yuan Shao.

Zhang He has a great understanding of geography, and can turn it to his advantage with the Geographic Mastery ability. This passive buff allows Zhang He to ignore terrain penalties and also increases his forest spotting range.

He is a character in Han Fu’s faction in the 182 and 190 CE start dates and then joins Yuan Shao’s faction in 194 and 200 CE start dates.

Yu Jin

Yu Jin was a distinguished commander under Cao Cao’s command. He was given a leading role in the conflict against Yuan Shao, and blocked his enemies from approaching via the Yan Crossing.

Yu Jin’s Impenetrable Redoubt ability sees him become an immovable wall on the battlefield, inspiring his men to hold against much greater odds. This passive ability provides a defensive buff for all units on the field when in a defensive battle and outnumbered.

He is a character in the Han Empire in the 182 and 190 CE start dates and joins Cao Cao in the 194 and 200 CE start dates.

Cao Ren

Cao Ren was a second cousin of Cao Cao, and served as a military general under him. He played a significant role in the formation of Wei, and was lauded for his role in the conquest of the north.

Cao Ren’s Heavenly Presence ability makes his very appearance on the battlefield a source of hope for his men, even when in the direst of situations. This active buff increases the morale of the units around Cao Ren, and also heals all nearby units and heroes by a small amount.

He is available in the 182, 190, 194, and 200 CE start dates in Cao Cao’s faction.

Cao Pi

Cao Pi was the eldest son of Cao Cao and Lady Bian. After succeeding his father he established the kingdom of Wei, a proclamation which led to the formation of Shu Han and Wu.

He is a child from 187 CE through to the 200 CE start date, but comes of age in 203 CE, three years after the start of Fates Divided.

Lady Zhen

Lady Zhen was initially the wife of Yuan Shao’s son, Yuan Xi. During the conflict against the Yuan clan she was captured by Cao Cao, and later married his son Cao Pi.

She comes of age in 199 CE and is only available in Fates Divided.

Fa Zheng

Fa Zheng was the advisor to Liu Zhang, and earned recognition for his strategic brilliance from Zhuge Liang. He was dissatisfied with Liu Zhang’s rule so betrayed his master and defected to Liu Bei.

Fa Zheng’s Mock ability sees him accost the enemy hero, wounding their pride and shaking them to the core. This ability, when activated, targets an enemy hero and reduces their melee attack rate as well as lowering morale and doing a small amount of AP damage.

He is available in the 194 and 200 CE start dates.



  • Changed Age of Adulthood to 16 years old across all campaigns. This was previously the case in 182 CE, but other campaigns had this at 18 years old. This brings it closer to the historical precedent
  • Gate Passes now give a bonus to commerce income in adjacent owned regions


  • Reduced tier 3 sentinel melee evasion from 80 to 60 in custom battle
  • Reduced tier 2 sentinel melee evasion from 48 to 28 in custom battle. This also effects tier 3 vanguards and commanders
  • Increased tier 2 and 3 champions melee evasions in custom battle to match vanguards and commanders
  • Increased Guan Yu’s Green Dragon Blade AP from 1152 to 1324


  • Changed Chen Peacekeeper cost from 800 to 850
  • Increased speed of units when exhausted
  • Doubled damage against routing units
  • Any heroes with morale lower than 50 have had their morale increased in line with the morale of other heroes. There is now less variety in morale between heroes and overall they should now be less likely to rout
  • Reduced charge damage of Nanman Tiger Warriors from 535 to 164
  • Reduced charge damage of Nanman Tiger Slingers from 325 to 132
  • Halved the splash damage of Tigers

Morale and Fatigue Changes

Minor changes that will help solidify the rebalance of cavalry and missile troops below, with the aim of shifting the battle meta away from cavalry and missile shock damage and onto a more combined arms, attritional combat system.

  • All units now have reduced morale when fatigued, with a maximum of -12 morale when exhausted
  • Decreased the morale impact of a general’s death after the initial shock has worn off
  • Vastly increased the chances that one unit routing is likely to make another allied unit rout
  • Decreased morale impact from recent losses while increasing the morale impact from total losses
  • A unit is now only affected by terror when wavering, instead of shaken. This will decrease the power of terror
  • Slight reduction to damage when fatigued, with a maximum of -30% base and AP damage when exhausted
  • Increased fatigue regeneration when “idle” or “ready”, which should see units regain stamina when out of combat much quicker
  • Decrease fatigue rate during combat, which should see units tire less quickly due to being in combat

Cavalry and Missile 

Cavalry and missile troops have been reduced in lethality across the board, with the intention of putting them in line with the current killing power of infantry.

  • Cavalry charges do less damage initially but now run further into the unit than they did previously
  • AP damage and accuracy of all bows has been reduced
  • Reload speed reduced slightly for bows and crossbows
  • Reduced chance for units to friendly fire with missiles
  • Missile units should now be less likely to run forwards when their line of sight is blocked
  • Cataphracts have higher mass, and should now be able to smash through enemy lines


  • Reduced the lethality of caltrops by 90%
  • Reduced morale impact from flaming maces from -15 to -10
  • Guan Yu’s Unstoppable ability now additionally grants 20% increase in AP damage, 10 melee defense and makes Guan Yu unbreakable

UI Quality of Life Improvements


  • When you reach the capacity for a unit type, they will now be shown in the recruitment list but as invalid with a tooltip explaining why
  • Fixed an issue where the notification suppression options wouldn’t function correctly
  • Fixed an issue where the notification toggle button would get out of sync with the current state

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a rare bug where characters would be adults but still have their child portrait
  • Meng Huo’s Silver Pit Ravine event now provides a 25% reduction to building costs in the region
  • Fixed the Assignments panel showing fewer slots available for each character on assignment in the province than there should be
  • Fixed Wei Yan’s armour so it is now unequippable (as this is his personal armour)
  • Fixed Nanman tier 5 Regional Palace giving bonus to peasantry income instead of bonus to all income
  • Fix for character used for Yang Hong’s name in Chinese; 洪 replaced with 弘
  • Fix for Liu Bei’s character trait that increases militia unit rank so that it applies when regionless as well
  • Fix for Yuan Shao’s duke rank having the wrong captain retinue bonus
  • Fix for some of Shi Xie’s tribute chests having the wrong effect scopes, causing the bonuses to not apply
  • Fix for Nanman players being spammed with untradeable common ancillaries. They were wrongly set so it was possible to gain them after battles – this is no longer true
  • Fix for some characters wrongly getting the Miasma buff:
    • Wei Yan
    • Li Ru
    • Xun You
  • Fix for Xu Shu not being able to equip the correct weapon types (Twin Axes, Twin Swords, Twin Maces)
  • Fixed discrepancies between front-end traits and in-game traits for Shi Xie
  • Career trait bonuses for Dong Zhuo, Lady Zhurong, and Meng Huo now match between front-end and campaign
  • Fixed issue where Xiahou Dun and Xiahou Yuan could spawn randomly before events
  • Fixed issue where the experience bonuses for Xun You were wrongly mixed up between Romance mode and Records mode
  • Fixed some effect bundles using incorrect icons for unit melee stats
  • Fixed issue where Lü Bu’s Momentum mechanic was not properly counting successful duels
  • Fixed issue for Lü Bu and Sun Ce where the sub-objectives for their mechanics were not being ticked off properly on the UI
  • Sun Ce’s Ambitions will now correctly track if the player gains regions in ways other than military occupation after a siege
  • Fixed issue where exiting the quick diplomacy screen would reset the campaign camera angle
  • Fixed issue where the title button was appearing for Yellow Turban characters
  • Fixed issue where famous characters could be born to the wrong parents
  • Weapons can no longer be “stolen” from characters post battle if they were not captured
  • Fixed issue where Liu Biao’s vassals were not giving Governance at campaign start in the 190 CE campaign
  • Fixed issue where Mercenary Contracts were not working correctly and players were not receiving rewards for them
  • Fixed an issue that could cause Gan Ning to spawn multiple times in the same campaign
  • Fixed issue where annex was not working correctly for Liu Hong when he has Dynasty tier 3
  • Fixed issue where only one title would be shown as unlocked per turn, even if multiple were actually unlocked
  • Fixed issue where peace with a faction was unavailable if the target faction joined a military alliance while having an alliance war
  • Fixed issue where rebels wouldn’t spawn for Nanman-owned regions outside of Nanman lands
  • Burning Mace weapon now has correct stats in Records mode
  • King Mulu will no longer lose his 25% Family Estates income bonus when saving/loading


  • Fixed issue where melee units were not properly attacking barricades
  • Fixed issue where multiple building levels were appearing on top of each other in siege battles
  • Increased infantry turn rate – this should fix issues where certain cavalry units couldn’t remount
  • Fixed issues with the reload rate not being correctly applied by the Miasma ability
  • Fix for the following characters missing weapons in battles:
    • Huang Gai
    • Guo Jia
    • Jia Xu
    • Pang Tong
    • Diao Chan
    • Xun Yu
  • Xun Yu and Diao Chan now can correctly use their abilities in battles
  • Varied the armour values of the unique Nanman characters (Meng Huo, Wutugu, Shamoke, Lady Zhurong)
  • Fixed the range of Imperial Palace Crossbowmen – this is now 250
  • Fixed issue where upkeep costs for White Horse Fellows and White Horse Raiders were the wrong way round
  • Fixed Wolf Pack unit special ability not correctly triggering when in range of another Wolf Pack unit
  • Xun You now correctly gives formations in custom battles
  • Fixed an issue where you could stack the Flaming Mace ability when using a hero and a unit against a single target, creating a -100 melee defence and -30 morale debuff.
  • Fixed a placeholder icon that appeared on Lady Zhurong’s Flying Daggers ability
  • Removed caltrops from Azure Dragons due to an issue where the unit would become stuck when trying to deploy them while in Mixed Spear formation
  • Fix for Rending Strike ability not working when character is equipped with a short weapon
  • Fixed issue where Wutugu had 100% melee evasion in custom battles
  • Defensive Siege AI behaviour slightly improved on some maps where there were mistakes in the logic markup

Simplified Chinese

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS 1.7.0版本更新补丁

1.7.0版本更新是《Total War: THREE KINGDOMS》的下一个重大更新。它将与付费下载内容《Fates Divided》一同推出。这次更新修复了大量玩家社区反馈的问题,还添加了全新的战役特色、人物和更多其他内容。


  • 朝廷权谋机制和天子的改动
  • 曹操的新派系机制:计谋
  • 袁绍的新派系机制 :伯长武库
  • 全新的幕府廷议机制
  • 派系发展等级提升时的多元化选择
  • 全新传奇人物
  • 一系列的问题修复


我们强烈建议您开始新的战役,体验《Fates Divided》中加入的超棒全新功能。除此以外,也请您暂时禁用模组,直至模组完成更新适配后再将其启用。如果您想在体验更新前完成当前战役,请选择将您的游戏切换为old_1.6.1测试版。


  • 在Steam游戏库中右键点击《Total War: THREE KINGDOMS》
  • 点击“属性”,选择“测试”标签
  • 在下拉菜单中选择“old_1.6.1”
  • 关闭窗口,然后你的游戏就会自动更新到old_1.6.1版本了



































































  • 所有战役中人物的成年年龄现已改为16岁。此前除182年开局外,其他战役的成年设定都是18岁。改动后更贴近史实
  • 现在关隘会为附近的己方地区提供商业产值加成


  • 自定义战斗中,3阶铁卫的近战闪避从80降至60
  • 自定义战斗中,2阶铁卫的近战闪避从48降至28。3阶先锋和指挥也将受到影响。
  • 自定义战斗中,2阶和3阶战士的近战闪避增加,以与先锋和指挥保持同一水准
  • 关羽青龙偃月刀的破甲伤害从1152提高至1324


  • 陈郡泰平卫士的征募费用从800提高至850
  • 提高部队精疲力竭时的移动速度
  • 对溃逃部队造成的伤害翻倍
  • 士气低于50的英雄将根据其他英雄的士气获得相应的士气提升。英雄之间的士气差异减小,降低溃逃几率
  • 南蛮猛虎战士的冲锋加成从535降至164
  • 南蛮猛虎投石兵的冲锋加成从325降至132
  • 战虎的溅射伤害减半



  • 所有部队在疲劳时会降低士气,精疲力竭时最多可降低12点
  • 将领阵亡对部队的士气惩罚将会在一段时间后减轻大幅增加因一支部队溃逃引起友方部队溃逃的几率
  • 降低短时间内伤亡数对士气的影响,提高总伤亡数对士气的影响
  • 惊骇现在只会作用于士气已动摇的敌军,而非斗志涣散阶段起就会受到影响。这将削弱惊骇的强度。
  • 小幅降低疲劳时造成的近战伤害,精疲力竭时基础和破甲伤害最多降低30%
  • “待命”或“准备”状态时的疲劳回复速度增加,整体而言脱离战斗后部队的体力回复速度将大幅提高
  • 减缓战斗中疲劳的速度,部队不会因为参加战斗而很快陷入疲劳状态



  • 骑兵冲锋初始伤害降低,但能够突入敌阵的距离比以前有所增加
  • 所有弓箭的破甲伤害和精度降低
  • 弓弩的装填速率小幅降低
  • 远程单位在会导致误伤时依然射击的几率降低远程部队视线被阻时向前移动的几率降低
  • 铁骑的重量增加,可凭借重量优势冲透敌军阵线


  • 铁蒺藜的致命性降低90%
  • 烈焰锤造成的士气下降从-15降为-10
  • 关羽的横行技能额外增加20%破甲伤害,10点近战闪避,且给予关羽不溃状态



  • 当一种部队的数量达到上限时,将仍会显示在招募列表中,但标注为不可用,且有具体原因的提示说明
  • 修正无法关闭通知选项的问题
  • 修正开关通知按钮与当前通知状态不同步的问题



  • 修正人物已成年但仍展示幼年头像的罕见问题
  • 孟获的银坑洞事件现在会为该地区降低25%的建筑花费
  • 修正差事面板中该郡国可用差事栏位随着郡国内每名在进行差事中的人物逐渐减少的问题
  • 修正魏延的护甲,使其无法脱卸(因为这是他的专属盔甲)
  • 修正南蛮5阶建筑宫城增加农业收入而非增加所有类型收入产值的问题
  • 修正杨弘的名字,应为杨弘而非杨洪
  • 修正刘备人物特性,现在于无地状态下仍可提升新募民兵等级
  • 修正袁绍派系发展等级为公时的伯长部曲加成效果的错误修正士燮的部分贡品宝箱效果设置错误,导致增益效果无法生效的问题
  • 修正南蛮玩家收到大量不可交易的普通随行物品的问题。此前被错误地设置为了战斗后可以获取,该问题现已得到彻底解决
  • 修正部分人物错误的享受瘴气增益效果的问题:
    • 魏延
    • 李儒
    • 荀攸
  • 修正徐庶无法装备正确武器类型的问题(双斧、双剑、双锤)
  • 修正士燮前端界面展示的特性与游戏中特性不一致的问题
  • 董卓、祝融夫人和孟获在前端界面与游戏中的职业背景特性现已得到了统一
  • 修正夏侯惇和夏侯渊会在对应事件前随机生成的问题
  • 修正荀攸的演义模式和史实模式经验加成混淆的问题
  • 修正部分效果集中军队近战属性图标错误的问题
  • 修正吕布的气焰机制单挑胜场计算错误的问题
  • 修正吕布和孙策的机制次级目标在用户界面上无法正确标记的问题
  • 孙策的吴国大业现在可正确追踪以攻城战后占领以外的方式获得的某个地区修正退出外交快速协议页面会重置战役视角的问题
  • 修正黄巾人物出现头衔按钮的问题
  • 修正知名人物会被错误的双亲生下的问题
  • 战斗结束后,将无法从未俘虏的人物身上“盗取”武器
  • 修正刘表的附庸于公元190年剧本的战役中无法提供治理的问题
  • 修正佣兵合同异常,玩家无法获得奖励的问题
  • 修正导致甘宁在同一战役中多次生成的问题
  • 修正刘宏达到3阶宗亲党影响力后吞并臣民功能异常的问题
  • 修正当同一回合解锁了多个称号,但只能显示一个被解锁的问题
  • 修正目标派系在同盟战争中加入一个军事同盟后,将无法议和的问题
  • 修正南蛮派系的叛军无法在南境之土以外控制的地区生成的问题
  • 烈焰锤在史实模式的属性已经修正
  • 修正木鹿大王在保存/加载存档时丢失25%家族基业收入加成的问题


  • 修正近战部队攻击路障出现异常的问题
  • 修正攻城战中多个建筑层级叠加显示的问题
  • 加快步兵转向速度,这应能解决部分骑兵部队无法重新上马的问题
  • 修正瘴气技能装填速率效果施加错误的问题
  • 修正以下人物在战斗中缺失武器的问题:
    • 黄盖
    • 郭嘉
    • 贾诩
    • 庞统
    • 貂蝉
    • 荀彧
  • 荀彧和貂蝉可在战斗中正常使用技能了
  • 独特南蛮人物(孟获、兀突骨、沙摩柯、祝融夫人)的护甲值调整,不再相同
  • 修正禁卫弩兵的射程为250
  • 优化了大量汉化文本,包括以下单位的中文名称长期和实际含义不一致的错误:
    • “农民劫匪”修正为“农民游骑”
    • “掠袭骑兵”修正为“突袭骑兵”
    • “白马掠袭骑兵”修正为“白马游骑”
    • “徐国劫匪”修正为“徐国轻卒”
    • “虎贲刀卫”修正为“虎贲剑卫”
  • 修正白马义从和白马游骑维持费错误的问题
  • 修正群狼部队在另一队群狼部队位于范围内时,特殊技能依然无法正确触发的问题
  • 荀攸在自定义战斗中可正常 解锁阵型了
  • 修正同时使用一名英雄和一支部队攻击单一目标时,烈焰锤效果可叠加,造成-100近战防御和-30士气的减益的问题
  • 修正祝融夫人飞刀技能中出现的占位符图标
  • 移除青龙军的铁蒺藜,因为在混合射击阵状态下部署铁蒺藜会导致部队被卡住修正装备短兵器的人物无法使用劈斩技能的问题
  • 修正兀突骨在自定义战斗中近战闪避率100%的问题
  • 小幅改进守城AI在部分地图上的表现,修正逻辑错误