Introducing Total War: THREE KINGDOMS – Royal Edition


CA KingGobbo
September 24 2020

If you still need to get hold of a copy of the award-winning Total War: THREE KINGDOMS, why not treat yourself to the Total War: THREE KINGDOMS – Royal Edition?

What is it?

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS – Royal Edition is a limited physical edition release of Total War: THREE KINGDOMS that includes the Eight Princes Chapter Pack.

With over 20 varied campaigns spanning across different start dates, the Royal Edition is an excellent entry point for newcomers to the series.

Where can I get it?

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS – Royal Edition is available from select physical retailers in certain territories around the world. Please check with your favourite stockist for details.

What’s included?

Included as part of the Royal Edition is:

  • Total War: THREE KINGDOMS – Welcome to a new era of legendary conquest. This beautiful but fractured land calls out for a new emperor and a new way of life. Unite China under your rule, forge the next great dynasty, and build a legacy that will last through the ages. Choose from a cast of 12 legendary warlords and conquer the realm. Will you earn the respect of your many foes or would you rather become a master of grand political intrigue? Your legend is yet to be written, but one thing is certain: glorious conquest awaits.

The Royal Edition also includes the following Total War: THREE KINGDOMS DLC:

  • Total War: THREE KINGDOMS – Eight Princes – The year is 291 CE, and a generation has passed since the tumultuous events of the Three Kingdoms period began. The Jin is a dynasty divided and its many ruling princes are hungry for greater power, each with ambitions – and methods – of their own. Eight stand above all others… will they rally to their emperor and empress? Or carve a legacy for themselves that will echo through the ages?

The Royal Edition also features brand new box art by Bayard Wu.