A Total War Saga: TROY Patch 1.3.0

A Total War Saga: TROY

Hristiana Pencheva
October 28 2020



The 1.3.0 update is the next major update for A Total War Saga: TROY, arriving alongside the Artemis and Photo Mode FLC. The patch fixes a number of issues raised by the community as well as introducing new features in both campaign and battle.

Highlights of the 1.3.0 patch include:

  • Longer end turn times and performance issues introduced with patch 1.2.0 have been addressed
  • The supply lines penalty has been reworked so it is equal for each campaign difficulty
  • Various campaign AI improvements for bartering and gifts including identifying the source of seemingly random reliability drops due to missing warnings and stopping campaign AI from offering imbalanced barters
  • Removed all instances of barter deals generating diplomatic prospects
  • Amazon units have been rebalanced
  • Prevented an exploit when playing as Penthesilea that can result in infinite movement
  • Heroes can use their Aristea ability when mounted
  • Fixed a bug where entities can fall through walls when on ladders

New God: Artemis

The introduction of Artemis in the 1.3.0 patch with enrich a number of other existing features and mechanics in the game. These include:

  • Added the god Artemis to the Divine Will screen with her own Cult level and Prayer effects
  • Added the Warriors of Artemis unit, available for recruitment from Forest settlements after a Prayer to Artemis
  • Added the ability to recruit the Warriors of Artemis unit from Penthesilea’s Scout building chain after a Prayer to Artemis
  • Added new Temple chains dedicated to Artemis for both standard and Horde factions
  • Added the Orion agent, available for recruitment at Cult of Artemis level 3
  • Added the region-specific Sacred Hunting Grounds building (available only when starting a new campaign)
  • Added Artemis-specific missions to Aeneas’ Divine Omens faction mechanic
  • Added a victory condition for Aeneas’ Homeric Victory that requires you to gain favour with Artemis (this change takes effect when starting a new campaign)
  • Included the first level of the Artemis temple building chain in the early game mission which requires you to build any first level temple building chain to complete
  • Substituted the Favourite of Olympus priestess skill and its specialization with skills granting extra favour to Artemis upon priestess the action Ritual of Exaltation
  • Substituted several War Spoils on the campaign map when playing as Penthesilea with a new War Spoil that grants favour with Artemis
  • Added the starting trait Follower of Artemis for the priestess agent, which provides favour to Artemis


  • The longer end turn times and performance issues reported by some players have been addressed
  • Fixed a rare crash that occurred when the cursor hovered over the Supply Lines effect icon
  • Fixed a possible crash when opening the Diplomacy screen
  • Fixed a rare crash when the Antagonist button had been pressed after the Antagonist’s last army died of attrition



  • The supply lines penalty has been reworked so that it is equal for each campaign difficulty (it has been set to 18% for each army, which was initially the value for the Easy campaign difficulty)
  • Fixed instances of light units not receiving effects specifically targeted at light units
  • Fixed instances of medium units counting as light units for certain effects
  • The effect that provides ammunition to recruits is now contextualized to missile units and provides a moderate flat ammunition increased
  • Fixed an issue where a Hero’s hitpoints would not be updated immediately when gaining a faction-wide health bonus effect
  • Fixed an issue where the Descendant of Zeus trait was providing bonuses to the entire military force instead of just the commanding Hero
  • Fixed a bug where an army would sometimes get locked in Mustering stance after losing the area and be unable to move
  • Fixed Pentesilea’s Agents of the Throne decree not providing its agent recruitment rank effect properly
  • Offensive Ambushes due to Stance: Shadow no longer allow the garrison of Troy to be autoresolved


  • The treachery warning when considering a war declaration now reflects the treaty with the most turns to wait rather than a random existing (or recently ended) treaty
  • War coordination now has a period during which the ally has to mobilise against the target or the war coordination will be aborted (if war coordination is aborted an appropriate message event will be displayed)
  • Fixed an issue where deals combining a Barter Agreement and Single Barter were being incorrectly displayed as Gift Agreements in the Trade Partners section of the Relations panel in Diplomacy
  • Fixed an issue where breaking Barter Agreements incorrectly labelled as Gift Agreements triggered diplomatic events for breaking Gift Agreements (thus the penalties were lower)
  • Fixed an issue with missing reliability warnings due to a mismatch of deal type during signing and breaking
  • Campaign AIs should not offer any more imbalanced barters
  • Removed all instances of barter deals generating diplomatic prospects
  • Fixed a bug with cut text about declaring peace or war
  • Tooltips for existing Barter Agreements in Diplomacy now indicate Barter Agreements that have been created as gifts or as payments
  • Warnings for breaking Barter Agreements now also refer to those specifically as Gift Agreements and Payment Agreements
  • The warning for a possible drop in diplomatic attitude when breaking a treaty has been changed to show that the estimated change is an approximation and not an exact value

Faction Mechanics

  • Fixed King of Men’s court effects in Agamemnon’s faction mechanic not updating properly when a character is killed
  • Reduced the effects of Aeneas’ Epic missions which reduced the construction cost of his temples, meaning they are no longer free (they still provide a big reduction as that is the flavour of the faction and it does require a lot of setup)
  • Fixed a bug in Sarpedon’s Precious Resources faction mechanic where the cost was not displaying correctly
  • The Minoan Relics effect bundle now properly provides a bonus to favour from rituals on the player’s own settlements when received via Sarpedon’s A Most Generous Offer dilemma
  • Fixed Odysseus’ Spies not having a cooldown when establishing a Supply Base

Divine Will

  • Now the Cult of Hera level 3 properly provides unit replenishment when playing as Penthesilea
  • Fixed an issue where the tier 0 Prayer to Apollo did not provide its effects while playing with Penthesilea


  • Region-specific buildings granting recruitment rank to the Spartoi and Corybantes units now bestow a morale effect instead
  • Light Spearmen are now available for recruitment after the Phryctoria building chain is upgraded from tier 2 to tier 3

Dilemmas and Missions

  • The Newcomers Assigned option from Penthesilea’s Call of Freedom dilemma now properly reduces the construction cost of Horde buildings
  • The Newcomers Welcomed option from Penthesilea’s Call of Freedom dilemma now properly applies replenishment to Horde armies
  • Penthesilea’s Heeding the Call Epic Mission will no longer be aborted if Troy is destroyed or confederated
  • Modified the Kingdom of the Sword option from Hippolyta’s dilemma A Queen’s Legacy to grant melee defence to sword units and melee attack to both sword and axe units to make it more appealing
  • Choosing the Fight to the Death option in the Penthesilea’s Legacy dilemma now properly removes all traits from Penthesilea

Skills, Actions, and Abilities

  • Fixed Hippolyta’s Combat Mastery specialization having the wrong text and effects (combat Mastery’s secondary upgrade Rage now awards a different bonus: -20% to Rage cost of activated abilities)
  • Fixed Hippolyta’s Warlord Commander characters not having the specialization for the Inspirational Leader skill
  • Now the priestess skill Foreshadower of Doom should augment both the cost and effect of Ritual of Ruination for Penthesilea
  • Now the Priestess skill Spiritual Leader should properly augment both the cost and effect of Ritual of Ruination for Penthesilea
  • Fixed the In Service of [any god] and Fervour for [any god] skills for Horde Priestess agents to properly grant the favour bonus stated on the skill
  • Fixed the Envoy skill Experienced Tactician to provide its effect only when the agent is embedded
  • Fixed the Alert skill for Horde Heroes not providing its recruitment rank bonus
  • Fixed the Priestess skills Words of Doubt and Seeds of Guilt to properly provide the stated bonus to favour from rituals in enemy settlements
  • Fixed an issue where the Spy skill Master of Disguise wasn’t properly preventing the agent from being wounded when critically failing
  • Fixed the Envoy skills Vile and Fiery to properly apply the stated public order reduction when acting against enemy settlements
  • Fixed the Priestess skill Wisdom of Asclepius to properly provide the stated amount of recruit ranks when standing idle
  • Now the Amazon Skirmisher Hero mount skills properly display that they grant an Archer Horseand Archer Warhorse instead of its javelin counterpart
  • Now the Nomad’s Way Hero skill and its specializations should be locked properly when purchased by Hippolyta’s Trickster Hero
  • Now the Nomad’s Way Hero skill specialization should grant experience to the correct type of units as indicated by its effects
  • Fixed the Priestess skill Path of Eloquence to properly provide the stated bonus to success rate
  • Changed the Priestess skill Contest of Ardour from “experience when standing idle” to “experience to own armies in province”
  • Fixed an issue that prevented Priestess skills that improve Sacrificial Offering from stacking properly
  • Fixed issue with the Priestess skills Omens of Resolution and Omens of Invincibility that meant they were providing lower bonuses than stated
  • Prevented an exploit when playing as Penthesilea that would enable Heroes to gain infinite campaign movement due to the Disciplinarian (Campaign Movement & Attrition) Hero skill specialization
  • The game now correctly reports the necessary experience for levelling up a character when the next level is the maximum
  • Fixed Unlikely Advisor Priestess skill to properly provide its success chance bonus
  • Recruiter (tier 4), Accountant (tier 8), and Instructor (tier 11) skills for Envoys now all properly provide recruitment cost reduction while standing idle
  • Fixed Spy skill Spy Master to properly provide the stated bonus to recruitment rank of agents
  • The Envoy action against an enemy army has been fixed, meaning the army’s movement range is now negatively affected for 3 turns
  • Fixed the Disciple of Asclepius and Tireless Rover Spy agent skill pair to properly lock each other
  • Fixed the Recruiter of Healers and Meticulous Planner Spy agent pair of skills and their specializations to properly lock each other
  • Fixed a bug where skills that provide favour from rituals in enemy settlements were not applying properly
  • Fixed the Horde version of Satyr not providing replenishment bonus with the Tales of Heroism ability
  • Removed the redundant Priestess skill specialization Tireless Speaker for Amazon factions (this was already removed from other playable factions)
  • Fixed a bug where a disbanded or wounded Hero with a ranged attack gained via skills would lose it after being recruited again
  • Both specializations of the Followers of Artemis Hero skills now properly lock each other for Mentor Heroes
  • Fixed locking of Horde Priestess skills Contest of Ardour and Shielded by Olympus
  • The Envoy skills that boost campaign movement when embedded now function correctly
  • Fixed a bug with the description of the Seeds of Guilt and Words of Distress Priestess skills
  • Fixed a bug with Priestess skill Sibylla providing bonus to melee defence instead of the stated morale bonus
  • Fixed an instance of the Armoured by Hephaestus Hero skill for Penthesilea’s Ravager Hero improperly locking the Protection of Hephaestus skill on another tier
  • Fixed several Priestess skills that made effects from Sacrifices persist after the battle for which Sacrifices were performed
  • Fixed an instance where the Envoy action Deliberation did not function correctly upon critical success


  • Fixed a non-functioning Tutorial Menu link for Penthesilea that did not properly redirect to the Horde playstyle entry
  • Fixed the Tutorial Menu button for the War Spoils mechanic redirecting to the Blood Oath mechanic rather than the Horde playstyle entry
  • Fixed a broken link in the advisor text for Hippolyta’s Initiation Rites mechanic
  • Now right-clicking on Penthesilea’s Rider’s Council building properly redirects to its Tutorial Menu entry
  • Fixed a broken Tutorial Menu link in the advisor text for Horde Growth when playing as Penthesilea
  • Now the link in Hippolyta’s Epic Mission Lessons of the Past correctly redirects to the Amazon Kingdom mechanic in the Tutorial Menu
  • Now right-clicking on Hippolyta’s Antianeirai unit correctly redirects to its entry in the Tutorial Menu
  • Agamemnon can no longer declare war for the first four turns of the Tutorial campaign
  • Fixed a link in the advisor menu which now properly redirects to the Amazon Kingdom Tutorial Menu for Hippolyta
  • Now right-clicking on a main settlement building will open its corresponding entry in the Tutorial Menu
  • Now right-clicking to any myth unit available to Penthesilea will open its corresponding entry in the Tutorial Menu
  • Now right-clicking on the Armoured Giant Spearmen unit will correctly redirect to its entry in the Tutorial Menu
  • The post-battle advisor now properly displays the advisor text after the battle against the Corinthians in the Tutorial campaign
  • Fixed a bug where Penthesilea’s How They Play text would bleed out of its panel on 4K resolutions


  • Treasury
    • Added a new tab that displays recently expired barter agreements
    • Added a Renew button to recently expired barters (which should prove useful when you want to quickly renew an agreement for more turns)
  • Notifications
    • Added a new notification for recently expired barter agreements
    • The Notifications menu has been updated to support grouping, similar to the Events menu (high-priority single notifications like “Royal decree available” will always appear on top)
  • Diplomacy – Added a new feature that lets you filter factions by resources they want, have plenty of, or a combination of the two
  • Main Menu – Added a new option under the Accessibility tab in Game Settings which allows you to replace the background video with a static image (goodbye, nausea!)
  • End Turn – Added a new option under the Advisor tab in Game Settings which allows you to enable a new contextual button that appears at the start of every turn instead of the End Turn button. Upon being clicked, this button opens the Notifications menu, where you can see a list of all orders you can give during the turn. After clicking it, the End Turn button reappears, allowing you to end your turn regardless of whether you have any unresolved notifications or not. This feature is meant to reduce the cases of players ending their turn only to realise they had forgotten to give an important order, such as issuing a royal decree
  • Fixed the Ritual of Ruination priestess action event message to use the proper text
  • Fixed a bug where the Veteran Tutelage faction mechanic button was visible for embedded agents (using the button would consume the cost without actually leveling up the agent)
  • Updated the tax tooltip to properly state that exempting a province from tax will also decrease its recruitment slots
  • Text for items “in transit” in the Equipment panel now display properly
  • Changed the icon of Themiscyra’s Chosen to properly convey that it is a light unit
  • Fixed the size of the expired barters icon
  • Added two new tooltips explaining the turns icon for ongoing and expired agreements
  • Fixed a minor rendering issue with the unit card of agents embedded in a full army
  • The unit card of agents embedded in full armies will now resize properly
  • Fixed a minor rendering issue with 2D porthole portraits not being properly displayed in the diplomacy porthole
  • Fixed an issue where the Priestess’ Omens panel was hidden while Scout Terrain was being displayed
  • 2D portraits in Diplomacy are now the correct size
  • Fixed a bug where Help overlays were not updating when switching between the army and buildings panels
  • Fixed a bug where the recruitment unit pin icon did not remain visible when switching between units
  • Fixed a bug where the border colour of a settlement in ruins was showing red instead of grey (neutral)
  • Fixed a bug with units’ statistics comparison information not showing up after hovering over a unit in the queue
  • The Exemplary Hero trait’s reduce enemy morale effect is no longer displayed in red
  • Achilles’ Lineage trait’s reduce enemy morale effect is no longer displayed in red
  • Achilles’ Armour Fit for Gods and Undying Glory trait are now displayed in green instead of orange
  • The ready to build/unable to construct tooltip in the Building browser will no longer be displayed when hovering over a unit card
  • The Priestess’ Omens panel has been updated to remove an overlap with the Divine Support popup in this battle panel on small resolutions
  • Razed settlements can now be selected by clicking on their name in the settlement nameplate
  • Fixed the number of candidate Epic agents to match the number of different subtypes of Epic agent so that one candidate of each subtype is available at all times
  • Fixed a bug where buildings available for upgrade are not highlighted if the player acquires the required resources while the province panel is present on screen
  • Hippolyta’s War Rider unit now has the proper banner plate indicating that it is a light unit rather than a medium unit
  • Added a golden border to the icons of Odysseus’ Midnight Runners and Penthesilea’s Furies to signify that they are elite units
  • The descriptions of effects that provide both missile damage and armour-piercing missile damage to units are now clearer
  • Odysseus Safe Havens – When hovering over a constructed building icon, the building’s info panel will now be displayed inside the faction mechanic’s panel. Additionally, when a building is in construction the actual building icon will be displayed instead of the hammer icon
  • The tooltip of the Ultimatum diplomacy action has been improved to mention that this action will lower the player’s reliability rating
  • Toggle Help Overlays option has been added to the Controls menu
  • Fixed a rare issue with the character icon sometimes stuttering when moving on the campaign map
  • The icon of Agamemnon’s King of Kings trait is now properly colour coded as green
  • Fixed a visual bug with post-battle animations where characters had an extra spear on their back
  • Fixed an issue where the character portholes would not have the proper lighted model
  • Hippolyta now correctly appears in the Amazon section of the Movie Viewer
  • Fixed a rare bug where white icons would appear in the Rank Gained event
  • Fixed an issue with low resolution building icons appearing for Penthesilea’s temple buildings when in 4K resolution
  • Fixed a bug in the agent recruitment panel where clicking on empty space would show the statistics of another random agent instead of the one that had been selected by default


  • Fixed an issue with tree textures in campaign glitching on HD4000 and other old Intel GPUs


  • Fixed an issue where units were shown inside the settlement at the start of the Trojan Horse flyby


  • Fixed a rare issue where dialogue window sounds continued to play (at high volume) even with sounds disabled in the options



  • Mounted Skirmishers and Mounted Huntresses units now have Skirmish mode
  • Fixed a bug where the ammunition value was not updated correctly on the Very Fast game speed
  • Fixed a bug where sometimes entities fall through walls when climbing ladders
  • Fixed an issue with revealing hidden enemy Heroes during battle by double-clicking on their icons
  • Fixed an issue causing Archer Tricksters and Archer Skirmishers not having any additional cost in custom battles
  • The Shield Wall formation ability of the Corybantes unit now has a visual effect when used


  • The Overlays options have been updated with some much-requested changes:
    • The unit stat bars option will now also show/hide the unit’s health bars
    • The Hero portraits option will now also show/hide all unit icons, not just Hero portraits
    • Turning off the unit status icons will now also hide the triangular button near the unit porthole (which displays the status icons when clicked)
  • The visibility of the tutorial tooltip with the unit banner legend is now linked to the player’s Total War level choice:
    • If Novice is selected, the tooltip will be shown by default until the player decides to turn it off
    • If Inform Me is selected, the tooltip will be shown only during the first campaign battle and then it’ll be turned off
    • If Unleash Me is selected, the tooltip will be turned off by default
    • Additionally, in tutorial battles the tooltip will always be shown by default
    • The tooltip’s visibility can be toggled on or off at any time during battle from the Overlays panel
  • Fixed a bug where the Discouraged status icon effect would get stuck on the unit’s banner after the effect expired
  • Fixed a bug where the tooltip for the Halt button was not visible in battle
  • Fixed a bug with the reset button in the battle overlays settings which would set values different from the default ones
  • Fixed a minor issue in battle where some Capture Points – Gates were incorrectly labelled as Fort Towers
  • Fixed an issue where the Dismount, Fire at Will, and Skirmish hotkeys were not working properly
  • Removed the Withdraw option for units in Custom Battle
  • When saving a replay, you can now properly edit the text you’ve put in
  • Hotkey bindings can now be properly rebound during battle

Battle Animations, Art, and Terrain

  • Fixed a rendering issue with units’ shields and weapons when zoomed in
  • Fixed a visual bug with textures stretching on models during some death animations
  • Fixed a pathing issue caused by individual trees on some maps
  • Fixed one of the Warlord Heroes’ combat finishers in which the characters were too far apart

Battle AI Changes

  • Improved AI behaviour on small unit size

Battle Balance Changes

  • Rebalanced Hippolyta’s Archer Warhorse skill specialization to be more powerful than the Archer Horse base variant
  • Rebalanced Amazon Trickster and Skirmisher Archer Warhorse skill specializations to be more powerful than the Archer Horse base variant
  • All Heroes are now able to use their Aristea ability when mounted
  • Amazon unit balance changes:
    • Reduced Initiates’ Morale from 50 to 45
    • Reduced Initiates’ Melee Attack from 35 to 28
    • Reduced Initiates’ Melee Defence from 32 to 30
    • Reduced Armor Piercing Missile Damage of Huntresses and Mounted Huntresses from 24 to 19
    • Fast Skirmishing units have had their Speed reduced from 52 to 47
    • Reduced base Melee Damage of Horsewomen from 30 to 26
    • Reduced Base Missile Damage of Hippolyta’s Chosen from 24 to 20 and Armor Piercing Missile Damage from 12 to 11
  • To the Last ability now provides units with +10 Melee Attack and +10 Melee Defence once the unit goes below 50% Health (instead of +12 Melee Attack and +12 Melee Defence)
  • Reduced the effect provided from The Life of Bronze ability from 15% to 10%


  • We did a polish pass across all our battle maps and fixed various visual bugs such as flying vegetation and other clipping/alignment problems

Simplified Chinese

《A Total War Saga: TROY》-1.3.0补丁

1.3.0更新是《A Total War Saga: TROY》的下一个重要更新,将与 阿耳忒弥斯&拍照模式免费可下载内容一起推出。该更新修复了玩家在社区中提出的众多问题,也更新了许多战役和战斗中的新功能。


  • 解决了2.0补丁所带来的结束回合时间较长和性能上的问题
  • 补给线惩罚重做,使其对每个战役难度来说平等
  • 提升了一系列有关易物和赠礼的战役AI,包括识别看似随机,但实际上是由于警告缺失而导致的外交信誉下降,战役AI现在不会再提议完全不平等的易物协定了
  • 移除了所有易物协定产生的即时外交影响
  • 亚马逊部队重新调整
  • 修复了扮演彭忒西勒亚时会触发无限移动的问题
  • 英雄可以在骑乘状态下使用辉煌时刻了
  • 修复了人物在梯子上时会穿墙而过的问题



  • 将阿耳忒弥斯和她的神恩等级、祈祷效果一起添加到了神恩页面
  • 增添了阿耳忒弥斯勇士部队,可以在向阿耳忒弥斯祈祷后从森林村镇征募
  • 为彭忒西勒亚的侦察建筑链增加了在向阿耳忒弥斯祈祷后征募阿耳忒弥斯勇士的功能
  • 为标准和游牧群势力增添了阿耳忒弥斯的神庙建筑链
  • 增添了事务官俄里翁,阿耳忒弥斯神恩等级达到3之后可以征募
  • 增添了地区限定神圣狩猎场建筑(新开始战役后才能建造)
  • 为埃涅阿斯的神谕天命势力机制增添了阿耳忒弥斯专属任务
  • 为埃涅阿斯的荷马史诗胜利增添了一个胜利条件,需要您获得阿耳忒弥斯的眷顾(开始新战役后此条件生效)
  • 将阿耳忒弥斯神庙建筑链中的一级建筑包含在了游戏早期需要您建立任意一级神庙的任务中
  • 将女祭司的奥林匹斯眷顾技能及其特化替换为在女祭司使用祈福仪式行动时带来额外阿耳忒弥斯眷顾的新技能
  • 扮演彭忒西勒亚时,将一些战役地图上的战利品替换为能带来阿耳忒弥斯眷顾的新战利品
  • 为女祭司事务官增添了阿耳忒弥斯信众的初始特质,它能带来阿耳忒弥斯的眷顾


  • 解决了部分玩家汇报的结束回合时间较长和性能上的问题
  • 修复了光标悬停到补给线效果图标上时偶尔会发生崩溃的问题
  • 修复了打开外交页面时可能会发生崩溃的问题
  • 修复了在宿敌的最后一支军队因损耗而被消灭后,打开宿敌按钮会发生崩溃的问题



  • 补给线惩罚重做,使其对每个战役难度来说平等(每支军队现在都是18%,与最初的简单战役难度下的值一样)
  • 修复了轻装部队没有获得针对轻装部队的效果的问题
  • 修复了中装部队在一些特定效果中被误判为轻装部队的问题
  • 为征募部队提供矢石的效果现在仅作用于远程部队,并且提供的矢石数量有所增加
  • 修复了英雄的体力值在获得势力范围的生命值加成后没有立即更新的问题
  • 修复了宙斯后裔特性为整个军队提供加成的问题,应该只提供给指挥军队的英雄一人
  • 修复了军队在丢失地区并无法移动后被锁定在以逸待劳状态的问题
  • 修复了彭忒西勒亚的王室事务官法令没有正常提供对应其事务官征募等级的效果的问题
  • 暗影潜行所带来的进攻性伏击战中,特洛伊城的城防部队不会被自动消灭


  • 考虑宣战时出现的背叛警告现在会显示出需要等待回合数最长的条约,而不是随机显示一个存在的(或刚刚结束的)条约
  • 添加了一段战争协调期,在此期间盟友必须向目标发起动员,否则战争协调期会被中止(若被中止,会显示对应的事件信息)
  • 修复了一个易物协定和一次单独的易物合在一起时,会在外交的关系面板中的贸易伙伴区域内被错误地显示为赠礼协定的问题
  • 修复了打破易物协定时,该协定错误地触发打破赠礼协定所对应的事件的问题(打破赠礼协定的惩罚要低一些)
  • 修复了在签订或打破协定时由于类型匹配错误而导致的信誉警告丢失问题
  • 战役AI不会再提议不公平的易物了
  • 移除了所有易物协定产生的即时外交影响
  • 修复了议和或宣战时文本切断的问题
  • 外交中已存在的易物协定的提示信息现在也会包含作为赠礼或支付而创建的易物协定
  • 打破易物协定的警告现在也会包含赠礼协定和支付协定
  • 调整了打破协定时的降低外交态度的警告,现在它显示出的预计态度变化会是一个大概而非精确的值


  • 修复了阿伽门农势力的众人之王机制的宫廷效果在角色被杀时不能正确更新的问题
  • 降低了埃涅阿斯的史诗任务带来的降低神庙建筑花费效果,不会再出现免费神庙了(但作为需要大量前置条件的势力特色,这一效果仍然能显著降低神庙建筑花费)
  • 修复了萨尔珀冬的奇珍异宝势力机制中成本显示不正确的问题
  • 通过萨尔珀冬的最慷慨的赠予事件选择获得的米诺斯文物的效果现在能正确为玩家自己的村镇提供仪式带来的眷顾加成了
  • 修复了奥德修斯麾下的间谍建造补给基地没有冷却时间的问题


  • 现在扮演彭忒西勒亚时,赫拉崇拜等级达到3级后能正确提供部队补员了
  • 修复了扮演彭忒西勒亚时0级阿波罗祈祷不能正确提供效果的问题


  • 为地生人和库瑞忒斯部队带来征募等级的地区限定建筑现在改为带来士气效果
  • 轻装矛兵现在可以在烽火台建筑链从2级升到3级之后征募


  • 彭忒西勒亚的自由互换事件选择中委派新人的选项现在能正确降低游牧群建筑的建筑成本了
  • 彭忒西勒亚的自由互换事件选择中欢迎新人的选项现在能正确为游牧群军队带来补员了
  • 彭忒西勒亚的化敌为友共抗亚该亚史诗任务不会再在特洛伊被毁灭或合邦的情况下作废
  • 修改了希波吕忒的女王的遗产事件选择中剑之王国选项的效果,现在它会有更为契合的效果,能为剑兵部队带来近战防御,为剑兵和斧兵部队带来近战攻击
  • 在彭忒西勒亚的传承事件选择中选择力战至死会正确地移除彭忒西勒亚所有特性了


  • 修复了希波吕忒的战斗大师特化文本和效果错误的问题(战斗大师的第二次怒气升级现在可以提供不同的加成了:已激活的能力怒气消耗-20%)
  • 修复了希波吕忒的领主指挥人物没有领袖鼓舞技能特化的问题
  • 现在彭忒西勒亚的女祭司技能末日预言能够同时增加降灾仪式的成本和效果
  • 现在彭忒西勒亚的女祭司技能精神领袖能够正确地同时增加降灾仪式的成本和效果
  • 修复了游牧群女祭司事务官的侍奉(任意神明)和(任意神明)的热情技能,现在它们能正确地带来技能说明中所说的眷顾加成了
  • 修复了使者技能战术老将的效果,现在它只会在事务官被放入军队时生效
  • 修复了游牧群英雄的警戒技能,现在它能提供征募等级加成了
  • 修复了女祭司的怀疑之言和邪恶之种技能,现在它们能正确从敌方村镇的仪式中带来眷顾加成了
  • 修复了间谍技能伪装大师无法在大失败时阻止事务官受伤的问题
  • 修复了使者的卑鄙无耻和暴躁易怒技能,现在它们施加于敌方村镇时能正确带来描述中所说的公共秩序减益了
  • 修复了女祭司的阿斯克勒庇俄斯之才智技能,现在它能正确在闲置时提供描述中所说的征募等级加成了
  • 现在亚马逊奇袭者英雄的骑乘技能能够正确显示给射手骏马和射手战马,而不会再显示标枪了
  • 现在游牧之路英雄技能与其特化在希波吕忒的诡诈师英雄购买时能够正确锁定了
  • 现在游牧之路英雄技能的特化能够为正确种类的部队带来经验值,与其效果描述中一致了
  • 修复了女祭司技能高谈雄辩,现在它能正确提供描述中所说的成功率加成了
  • 修改了女祭司技能热情比赛,从“闲置时的经验值”改为“给行省内的己方军队带来经验值”
  • 修复了女祭司的血腥祭典技能不能正确堆叠的问题
  • 修复了女祭司的决心预兆和无敌预兆技能提供的加成比描述中低的问题
  • 修复了扮演彭忒西勒亚时军纪严明技能(战役地图移动距离/损耗)特化会导致英雄可以无限在战役地图上移动的问题
  • 游戏现在在下一级是满级的情况下会正确报告升级人物所需的经验值
  • 修复了女祭司的神妙顾问技能,现在它能正确提供成功率加成了
  • 使者的征兵者(4级),精通会计(8级)和战技导师(11级)技能现在能够在闲置时正确提供征募花费降低的效果了
  • 修复了间谍的间谍大师技能,现在它能正确提供描述中所说的事务官征募等级加成效果了
  • 修复了使者对敌方军队的行动,现在针对军队的移动距离的减益会持续3回合
  • 修复了间谍事务官的阿斯克勒庇俄斯信众和不倦旅者技能,现在它们正确地互相锁定了
  • 修复了间谍事务官的征募医师和周密规划技能及其特化,现在它们正确地互相锁定了
  • 修复了从敌方村镇的仪式中带来眷顾的技能不会正确生效的问题
  • 修复了游牧群的萨堤尔不能用英雄传说能力提供补员加成的问题
  • 移除了亚马逊势力中多余的女祭司技能特化不倦说客(其他可玩势力已经移除了这一特化)
  • 修复了通过技能获得了远程攻击能力的英雄在解散或受伤后重新征募会失去该能力的问题
  • 导师英雄的技能阿耳忒弥斯信众的两个特化现在能正确互相锁定了
  • 修复了游牧群女祭司技能热情比赛和奥林匹斯庇护的锁定问题
  • 使者的在军队中时能给战役地图移动距离带来加成的技能现在能正确生效了
  • 修复了女祭司技能邪恶之种和不幸之言的描述问题
  • 修复了女祭司的西比拉技能会提供近战防御加成,而不是描述中说的士气加成的问题
  • 修复了彭忒西勒亚的掠夺者英雄的赫淮斯托斯之甲技能不正确地锁定了另一条线上的赫淮斯托斯之护技能的问题
  • 修复了一些女祭司的来自牺牲的技能在举办了牺牲的战斗结束后仍然持续生效的问题
  • 修复了使者行动迟疑不决在大成功时不能正确生效的问题


  • 修复了彭忒西勒亚的教程菜单中链接无效,不能正确导引到游牧群玩法页面的问题
  • 修复了战利品机制的教程按钮指向到血誓机制而不是游牧群玩法页面的问题
  • 修复了希波吕忒的天启仪式机制顾问文本中链接失效的问题
  • 现在右键点击彭忒西勒亚的骑手会议建筑能够正确导引到它的教程菜单了
  • 修复了彭忒西勒亚的游牧群成长顾问文本中教程菜单链接失效的问题
  • 现在希波吕忒的史诗任务过去的教训中的链接会正确地导向教程菜单中的亚马逊王国机制
  • 现在右键点击希波吕忒的女战团部队会正确地导向教程菜单中有关它的条目
  • 教程战役中,阿伽门农无法再在前四回合内宣战了
  • 修复了顾问菜单中的一个链接,它现在会正确地导向希波吕忒的亚马逊王国教程菜单了
  • 现在右键点击主村镇建筑会打开其在教程菜单中的对应条目
  • 现在右键点击彭忒西勒亚可用的任意神秘部队会打开其在教程菜单中的对应条目
  • 现在右键点击披甲巨人矛兵部队会正确导向其在教程菜单中的对应条目
  • 现在教程战役中与科林斯人战斗过后,顾问文本能正常显示了
  • 修复了彭忒西勒亚教程文本会在4K分辨率下超出面板的错误


  • 国库
    • 添加了一个显示近期过期的易物协定的标签
    • 给近期过期的易物协定添加了一个续约按钮(如果你想立即给刚过期的易物协定续约几回合的话,这个按钮会很有用)
  • 通知
    • 添加了一个显示近期过期的易物协定的通知
    • 通知菜单已支持分组,与事件菜单类似(“王室法令”总是会显示在顶端)
  • 外交 – 添加了一个新的功能,能使你按照势力需要的资源、拥有充足的资源或二者结合的方式过滤势力
  • 主菜单 – 在游戏设置的辅助功能分页中添加了一个新的选项,您可以使用它将背景视频替换成一副静态图片(再也不会看到厌烦了!)
  • 结束回合 – 在游戏设置的顾问分页中添加了一个新的选项,您可以使用它开启一个新的辅助按钮,该按钮会在每回合开始时显示,而不是结束时。点击时,该按钮会打开通知菜单,您可以在此看到该回合中您可以下达的所有命令。点击后,结束回合按钮会重新出现,无论当前有没有未解决的通知,您都可以直接结束您的回合。该功能是为了减少玩家在结束回合后才意识到忘记下达重要命令的情况,例如签发王室法令
  • 修复了女祭司的降灾仪式的事件信息文本不正确的问题
  • 修复了先祖之佑势力机制按钮会显示在军队中的事务官上的问题(点击这个按钮会消耗所需成本,但事务官无法升级)
  • 更新了税收提示信息,增添了对某一行省免税也会造成征募栏位减少的说明
  • 现在装备面板里物品的“周转”文本能正常显示了
  • 修改了特弥斯库拉亲卫的图标,现在它能正确地体现其为轻装部队的属性了
  • 修复了过期的易物协定的图标大小
  • 增加了两条新的提示信息,解释了生效中和已过期的协定上的回合数图标
  • 修复了事务官的兵牌被放置到满编军队中时会出现的显示问题
  • 现在事务官的兵牌被放置到满编军队中时会正常调整大小了
  • 修复了2D舷窗肖像在外交舷窗中显示不正常的问题
  • 修复了女祭司的预兆面板在侦察地形显示时会被隐藏的问题
  • 外交界面中的2D头像现在大小正常了
  • 修复了在军队和建筑面板之间切换时帮助总览没有更新的问题
  • 修复了在部队之间切换时征募部队图标会不可见的问题
  • 修复了废墟村镇的边界颜色显示为红而不是灰(中立)的问题
  • 修复了鼠标悬停在队列中的部队上时,部队的属性对比信息没有正常显示的问题
  • 英雄特性楷模典范所带来的降低敌方士气的效果不再显示为红色
  • 阿喀琉斯的血统特性所带来的降低敌方士气的效果不再显示为红色
  • 阿喀琉斯之甲的神之盔甲和不朽荣光特性颜色从橙色改为绿色
  • 建筑浏览器中准备建造和无法建造的提示信息在鼠标悬停于部队兵牌上时不会再显示
  • 女祭司的预兆面板升级,解决了小分辨率下与战斗面板的神明支持弹窗重叠的问题
  • 被毁灭的村镇现在可以通过点击村镇铭牌上的地名选中了
  • 修复了史诗事务官的数量,以使其与不同的史诗事务官类别相匹配,这样不同类别的史诗事务官在任何时候都可用了
  • 修复了在行省面板打开时,玩家已获得足够资源,但可以升级的建筑没有被高亮标出的问题
  • 希波吕忒的战争骑手部队的旗帜现在显示正常了,换上了轻装部队而不是中装部队的旗帜
  • 给奥德修斯午夜奔袭者和彭忒西勒亚的复仇女神图标增加了金色边框,以体现出这些是精英部队
  • 关于能提供远程杀伤和远程破甲杀伤的效果描述被调整了,现在表述更清晰了
  • 奥德修斯前哨基地 – 将光标悬浮在一个已建成的建筑图标上时,建筑的信息面板现在会显示在势力机制面板中。此外,建造中的建筑现在会显示它们自身的图标,而不是锤子图标
  • 改进了最后通牒外交行动的提示,现在它会说明该行动会降低玩家的信用评分了
  • 控制菜单中添加了切换帮助总览选项
  • 修复了在战役地图上移动时,人物图标有时会难以移动的问题
  • 阿伽门农的万王之王特质现在已被正确调整为绿色
  • 修复了人物在战斗结束后动画中额外背负了一支长矛的问题
  • 修复了人物舷窗头像模型无法正常发光的问题
  • 希波吕忒现在正确显示在影片浏览器的亚马逊部分下
  • 修复了升级事件中会显示白色图标的问题
  • 修复了彭忒西勒亚神庙建筑的低分辨率建筑图标会在4K分辨率下显示的问题
  • 修复了在事务官征募面板中点击一个空栏位会显示另一名随机事务官的状态,而非当前选中的事务官的状态的问题


  • 修复了使用HD4000或更老的Intel GPU时,战役中树木材质错误的问题


  • 修复了部队在特洛伊木马过场动画初始时显示于村镇中的问题


  • 修复了即便在选项中关闭了声音,对话窗口语音仍会播放(高音量)的问题



  • 掠袭骑手与猎骑手部队现在可以使用游击模式
  • 修复了在非常快速游戏速度下矢石数量无法正确更新的问题
  • 修复了攀爬梯子时人物会穿墙而过的问题
  • 修复了双击敌方英雄图标会使其在战斗中失去隐藏状态的问题
  • 修复了会造成射手诡诈师与射手突袭兵在自定义战斗中不需要额外成本的问题
  • 库瑞忒斯部队使用盾墙阵型能力时现在会有视觉效果了


  • 总览选项获得了一些呼声很高的改动:
    • 部队状态条现在也会显示/隐藏部队的生命条
    • 英雄肖像现在也会显示/隐藏所有部队图标,而不仅仅是英雄肖像
    • 关闭部队状态图标现在也会隐藏部队舷窗头像附近的三角形按钮(按下该按钮可现实状态图标)
  • 带有部队旗帜图例的教程提示的可见度现在与玩家选择的《Total War》等级挂钩:
    • 如果选择了新手难度,提示条会默认显示直至玩家将其关闭
    • 如果选择了告知我,提示条只会在第一场战役战斗中显示,随后就会关闭
    • 如果选择了别管我,提示条会默认关闭
    • 此外在教程战斗中,提示条总是会默认显示
    • 提示条的可见度可在总览面板里在战斗中随时打开或关闭
  • 修复了丧胆状态图标在效果失效后仍显示在部队旗帜上的问题
  • 修复了停止按钮的提示条在战斗中不可用的问题
  • 修复了战斗总览设置中的重置按钮不会将数值设置为默认值的问题
  • 修复了在战斗中一些占领点 – 城门会被错误地标注为堡垒瞭望塔的问题
  • 修复了下马、自由射击与游击模式的快捷键无法正常使用的问题
  • 移除了部队在自定义战斗中的收兵选项
  • 保存录像时,你现在可以正确编辑输入的文本了
  • 快捷键设置现在可以在战斗中重新绑定了


  • 修复了放大时部队盾牌与武器的渲染问题
  • 修复了一些死亡动画中模型材质拉伸的问题
  • 修复了在一些地图上不可见树木造成的寻路问题
  • 修复了在施展一种领主英雄终结技时人物距离太远的问题


  • 改善了小规模部队的AI行为


  • 重新平衡了希波吕忒射手战马的技能特化,现在它比射手骏马的版本更加强大了
  • 重新平衡了亚马逊诡诈师与奇袭者射手战马的技能特化,现在它比射手骏马的版本更加强大了
  • 现在所有英雄都可以在骑乘状态下使用辉煌时刻了
  • 亚马逊部队平衡调整:
    • 初启者的士气从50下调至45
    • 初启者的近战攻击从35下调至28
    • 初启者的近战防御从32下调至30
    • 女猎人与猎骑手的远程穿甲杀伤从24下调至19
    • 快速突袭部队速度从52下调至47
    • 女骑手的基础近战杀伤从30下调至26
    • 希波吕忒亲卫的基础远程杀伤从24下调至20,远程穿甲杀伤从12下调至11
  • 部队生命值低于50%后,血战到底能力现在会为部队提供+10近战攻击和+10近战防御(之前时+12近战攻击和+12近战防御)
  • 枪折刀尽能力提供的效果从15%降低到10%


  • 我们美化了所有的战斗地图,并修复了多个视觉漏洞,例如飞行的植物和其他错位/对齐方面的问题