A Total War Saga: TROY Patch 1.7.0

A Total War Saga: TROY

Total War
December 13 2021

The 1.7.0 update is the next major update for A Total War Saga: TROY, arriving alongside the Rhesus & Memnon DLC and Governance & Strategy FLC. This patch fixes a number of issues raised by the community and introduces multiple improvements in diplomacy, missions and dilemmas, battles and more.

Highlights of the 1.7.0 patch and FLC include


  • Reduced the number of barters the AI requests from the player on End Turn
  • The Amazon Champions chariot unit has been re-balanced (it was too strong)
  • Reduced the requirements for most Anax missions and buffed their rewards (Anax traits now all provide gold per turn)
  • Reduced the amount of favour Horde factions gain from War Spoils
  • Reduced the costs of Griffin buildings for standard factions
  • Reduced the number of settlements Horde factions need to raze to achieve Homeric Victory
  • Increased the reload time of Hydra Archers and Marksmen of Elysium and nerfed effects that grant them faster reloads
  • Rebalanced Priam’s Heir mechanic to make becoming Priam’s heir slightly harder
  • Replaced multiple melee effects with ranged effects for archer hero skills in the Historical mode
  • Added Amazon-specific events which occur when embarking on Monster Expeditions in Mythos mode
  • Fixed an issue where the motivation traits Hates Trojans and Hates Danaans could be given to Trojan and Danaan heroes respectively

Governance & Strategy FLC:

  • Island Trading ‒ Factions can trade their island regions to other factions who don’t own a settlement in the province
  • Balance Deal ‒ Deals with a positive evaluation now have a Balance Deal button that forces the AI to add a Single Barter balancing out the deal to 0.0
  • Instant Construction ‒ Players can construct queued buildings instantly by paying additional gold
  • Settlement Abandonment ‒ Players can abandon settlements, having some building costs refunded and leaving a ruin
  • Embed Informant ‒ A new diplomatic action that reveals a faction for a set number of turns, costing gold
  • Auto-resolve Predictions ‒ Casualties display prior to auto resolving battles, which shows the units that will be eliminated entirely or partially. This aims to encourage players to fight battles to keep any units that they would not like injured or dead


The 1.7.0 Patch



  • What’s New panels for all DLCs can now be accessed at any time from the DLC button in the Main Menu



Mythic Monsters

  • Gaining rank with mythic monsters while playing as Penthesilea now displays the proper event
  • Fixed a bug where using a key shortcut to open the monster progression panel wouldn’t select the button on campaign HUD used to open/close the panel
  • Fixed an issue where the raze option for Penthesilea was missing while the Griffin was embedded in the army
  • Armies in the Griffin Hunt stance now properly receive reduced fatigue while staying in the stance
  • All Together skill of the Griffin now properly provides speed bonus to the Lesser Griffin
  • Lesser Griffin recruitment cost bonus now works correctly for horde factions
  • Updated the text string of the gold resource from the War Spoils effect from the Griffin’s horde Sacred Shine skill to be more accurate
  • Heroes and Griffin Patriarch no longer receive morale bonus from the All Together skill of the Griffin
  • In the Griffin’s Monster Progression panel, Rallying Screech is now properly updated when the skill is selected, and the player is in harmony with the Griffins
  • Penthesilea now correctly gains harmony from constructing the building provided by the Griffin
  • Fixed an issue with Griffin harmony being changed when assigning skills on other characters
  • Fixed an issue where the Cerberus could be pet at sea because the button was not being updated once shown
  • Fixed an issue where the Cerberus petting scene was not working after hero returned from a tutorial battle
  • Fixed an issue where Encamp stance VFXs were not disabled while petting the Cerberus
  • Gather Souls can no longer be used on the settlement of Troy
  • Fixed a bug where a wrong tooltip for Shade units for Penthesilea’s faction was shown
  • Shade units from missions no longer replenish as designed
  • Increased the resources gained from the Cerberus’ Spirits Of The Pyre occupation option
  • Searching for Strays dilemmas now properly provide building construction bonuses to horde factions

Mythic Expedition

  • Fixed an issue where unit cards remained grayed out after clearing the party selection
  • The River Will Come Hydra occupation option is now properly unavailable if the player has used Dip in Hydra Blood prior to the battle and could not afford both at the same time


  • The Total War Victory condition for Horde factions to raze unique settlements has been reduced from 100 to 80 settlements
  • Administration points are no longer lost when upgrading a newly colonized settlement
  • Fixed an issue where pending recruitment units of a garrisoned hero wouldn’t be removed when the settlement is under siege and recruitment items come from another owned region in the same province
  • Fixed an issue where the antagonist will have plans to destroy settlements when versus horde factions
  • Fixed a rare issue where Paris or Hector could be revived if they’re confederated or destroyed and Troy is still alive
  • Replaced multiple melee-orientated effects connected to ranged bodyguard hero skills with more appropriate ranged-orientated effects for Archer heroes in Historical mode


  • Penthesilea no longer receives the Traded with Sarpedon effects when having barter agreements with him
  • Fixed a bug where an expired barter notification was triggered each turn if the faction with the barter agreement was confederated or destroyed
  • Fixed a bug where the player has been incorrectly warned about a possible reliability drop during negotiations
  • Fixed an issue where the players would not receive a warning when their reliability rating could drop after accepting an offer
  • The Antagonist trait in Diplomacy now has a proper tooltip

Faction Mechanics

  • Reduced the favour gained from the War Spoils mechanic from 600 to 450 to let other sources of favour (Hecatombs, Temples) play a more substantial role in horde gameplay
  • Added Cost label in front of the required resources in Hippolyta’s Amazon Kingdom
  • Defeated Paragons now correctly labeled as defeated in Ajax’s The Path Of Greatness
  • The objective to gain favour with Apollo as part of the Priam’s Heir mechanic is only active during the first tier to being Priam’s Heir
  • The objective to fight Achaeans in the Priam’s Heir mechanic grants less gains and penalties to Benevolence
  • Reduced the Benevolence gain for the objective to build relations with Trojans in the Priam’s Heir mechanic
  • Slightly increased the Benevolence gain of the AI in the Priam’s Heir mechanic
  • Replaced the Gift Gold objective in the early tiers of the Priam’s Heir mechanic with an objective to have armies
  • Replaced the Morale When Defending effect in the Assuwan League mechanic with a Morale To Spear Units effect
  • Replaced the Recruitment Cost Reduction Of Sword Units effect in the Assuwan League mechanic with a Recruitment Capacity effect

Dilemmas and Missions

  • The first Epic Mission for Penthesilea is not marked completed if settlements of the following factions are razed – Ascanian Phrygians, Bithyni, Manyan Phrygians and Mysia (these factions are now classified as part of the Phrygian tribes and not the Thracians)
  • A Most Generous Offer dilemma will no longer be triggered for horde factions
  • Searching for Strays dilemmas now properly provide building construction bonuses to horde factions
  • Added two new realm missions – Anax of Thrace and Anax of Argos
  • Changed the realm missions to trigger after turn 23 once the main settlement of the realm is conquered
  • Prevented Anax traits from being awarded before turn 23 when the missions for being Anax first appear
  • Reduced the number of settlements required to complete Anax missions for all missions except for Anax of Crete and Anax of Attica
  • Buffed the rewards of Anax missions to provide much more gold
  • Changed the Anax traits so that now they always provide gold per turn to the faction, rather than their previous effects
  • Recruit A Mythic Unit mission is no longer completed when just entering a quest battle with a mythic unit in the expedition army
  • Recruit Mythical Units missions will spawn later in the game with more turns between two subsequent missions
  • The final dilemma of Hector’s Epic Mission chain shows the event picture of Achilles battling Hector, rather than the event picture of Hector receiving a missive
  • Fixed an issue in the Helen My Love faction mechanic where Paris’ trait will stop updating after the hero is wounded or replaced and later hired again
  • Fixed an issue in Helen My Love where Sparta won’t be able to take Helen home after capturing her city for the second time in one game session
  • If Ajax is sided with the Trojans, he may now receive a Danaan faction as an antagonist
  • Ajax’s Renown missions are now properly cancelled if the target faction of the mission is the target of a Celebration
  • Menelaus’ Justice For Sparta Epic mission location marker now follows Helen or Paris’ capital city if Helen is re-captured
  • Fixed an issue where Aegisthus may be present twice in the recruitment pool upon triggering the A Steadfast Ally mission of Agamemnon
  • Fixed a bug in Tutorial Campaign where Agamemnon’s King of Men end turn notification was shown before the mechanic was unlocked
  • The Maximum Motivation mission in the tutorial is now successfully completed if the player already has a hero with maximum motivation when the mission is issued


  • Recruiting epic agents and mythic monsters now displays the proper event pics for Hippolyta
  • Updated the Amazon event pictures for Monster Expeditions to feature female warriors
  • Fixed an issue where the cutscene of the Earthquake Battle for Troy triggered while the loading screen is still visible if the Continue button is used
  • Fixed an issue with the event movie of the Divine Boons in Battles feature (previously it was a static image)


  • Construction cost reduction effects can no longer result in negative costs
  • Reduced the buildings construction costs of Griffin buildings by approximately 25%
  • Buildings of monsters not unlocked are now correctly demolished when capturing a region

Divine Will Effects

  • The Hephaestic Equipment icon tooltip will now also display the value of the bonus stats received from Hephaestic Equipment
  • The charge effect on tier 2 Poseidon for Penthesilea grants bonus charge to all cavalry units rather than just melee cavalry
  • Ares’ Celebrated effect now properly provides looting bonus when looting settlements
  • Changed the effect for Celebrated Level of Ares for Penthesilea so she can use it properly
  • Penthesilea’s armies now properly receive battle glory from the Prayer to Hera
  • Penthesilea now correctly receives the Divine Boons in Battle incident when she constructs her first temple
  • Fixed an issue that allowed players to recruit more than one Spartoi units from the Divine Will mechanic on Mythological campaign
  • Fixed an issue with the Prayer of Ares where the player could lower the enemy morale to 0

Skills, ancillaries, abilities, and traits

  • Fixed the name of a skill for the Archer – Skirmisher class to properly state that it provides an Archer chariot, not a Melee chariot
  • Fixed an issue where the motivation traits Hates Trojans and Hates Danaans could be given to Trojan and Danaan heroes respectively
  • Fixed an issue where the main hero skill In Hades’ Shadow is not being displayed for Trickster heroes from Paris and Aeneas’ factions in Historical mode (this fix takes effect the next time a Trickster hero is recruited)
  • Fixed an issue in Ajax’s Renown mechanic where a celebration can be held without spending an ancillary
  • Skill points of heroes from confederated factions are automatically reset
  • Added the Spartoi Rampage ability to the Mythos Spartoi
  • The hero skill specializations of the Horsewoman bodyguard skill for Penthesilea’s Commander hero in the Historical mode now lock each other properly
  • The Homeric character Polydorus is now available for Hector only through Priam’s Heir mechanic


  • Increased the influence gained from the Envoy’s Venerate The Ancestors agent action when achieving a critical success
  • Added an explanatory effect to Penthesilea’s Envoy Tower Of Power and Tower Of Strength skill to explain the resource gain while embedded
  • Buffed the Foe Tracking action of the Orion agent to reveal a faction for 30 turns instead of 10
  • Changed the scope of the Spy’s Attentive and Surveillance skills so they’re more clear

Unit Statistics

  • Increased the recruitment cost of the Khopesh Fighters unit from 530 Food and 320 Bronze to 600 Food and 350 Bronze
  • Increased the upkeep cost of the Khopesh Fighters unit from 145 Food and 20 Bronze to 150 Food and 25 Bronze
  • Lowered Anatolian Youths’ mass and increased their speed to match their light weight
  • Savage Triopas now accurately displays that he has poor morale
  • Khopesh Fighters, Spear Fighters and Axe Chargers now have their correct weight displayed in the UI
  • Myrmidon Swordsmen and Armoured Spearmen now have correct bullet points in their unit info panel


  • Hippolyta now correctly appears in the Amazon section of the Movie Viewer in Hippolyta’s Victory movie
  • Fixed an issue where the notification settings menu selection was overriding individual character notification settings (now you can reliably turn on/off notifications for a particular character)
  • Fixed a bug in the Treasury panel where negative projected value for a resource would be colored in green instead of red
  • The resource cost for a mercenary is no longer marked as unaffordable (red colour) if the available amount equals the required amount
  • Improved the resolution quality of the Happiness Overlay icon in Diplomacy
  • In the Character Details screen, a character’s stats and effect bonuses will no longer overlap with the info panel frame
  • Fixed a bug in Mythic Expedition where longer text in Gained and Lost Expedition effects would spill-out of the panel if the UI Scale was set to 200%
  • In a Historical campaign, the icon for Bonus vs. Large in Character Details no longer displays a minotaur when such creature is not present in-game on that Campaign
  • In the Hero recruitment panel, the level up arrow no longer gets cut when it bounces up
  • The rank up button for heroes in the Party Leader list for Mythic Expeditions is no longer interactive and will not attempt to open the Character Details Screen
  • Digits in the missions’ counter will now scale properly on all resolutions and UI scale settings
  • For Horde Generals, the Army Commanders info overlay is now displayed only on the character portrait
  • Fixed a bug where Agents in Mythological campaign couldn’t change or unequip ancillaries due to an issue with the ancillary UI
  • The Royal Decrees Issued event message no longer spills out of the screen on certain resolution settings
  • Fixed a bug where pressing Continue on the loading screen of a saved game caused a UI flicker
  • Fixed a bug where The Path of Greatness faction mechanic panel army’s tooltip could occasionally get stuck while scrolling
  • Fixed bug where on rare occasions an army’s campaign icon is hidden behind a settlement’s icon
  • Fixed a bug where growth visualization in campaign/diplomacy overlay would always appear black
  • Fixed an issue in Building Browser for Hordes where the Population Surplus tooltip mentions settlements
  • Fixed an issue where Hero icon moves away from the Hero when they are near a mountain and the camera is moved away so that the character is no longer in the center of the screen
  • Fixed an issue in Monster Progression where horde factions couldn’t zoom on a character when double-clicking in the Recruit tab
  • Fixed an issue where a settlement name plate might not get updated when the region is transferred to another faction
  • The amount of Amazon treasures gained from battle is now displayed during the post-battle scene


  • Fixed a bug where the This Is Total War achievement could not be earned if the player faction was not allowed to declare war against another faction (for example, Hector and Paris, because they cannot declare war on Troy on turn 1) The fix works in a new campaign
  • Tropaion achievement can no longer be triggered by completing the mythic monsters quest battle

Help Pages

  • Added recruitment costs to all Amazon units (their upgrade costs are unchanged but are now shown in their respective Help Pages and contribute to post battle loot when an army defeats a higher tier Amazon army)

Sound & Audio

  • Added missing sounds when opening events connected to gold bankruptcy and the Orion agent




  • Ajax’s challenger armies no longer spawn on top of other armies
  • Fixed an issue that occurs when an enemy hero that has finished climbing the attack ladder is about to engage with another hero who is positioned right next to the ladder
  • Fixed a bug where battle porthole was not displaying the correct model for reinforcement armies’ generals
  • Fixed a bug in which selecting enemy units by clicking on the banners was not deselecting the current selection of units
  • Fixed a bug that was causing Amazon Champions to deal double collision damage and push through enemies easier than intended
  • Fixed a bug in which unit cap at large armies was not doubled in Custom and Multiplayer Battles
  • Prevented being stuck in the Advanced Tutorial battle if the Player was zooming out after the Select All Units tutorial prompt
  • Fixed an issue that was allowing melee locked units to be used as ranged units
  • Fixed an issue where general health bonus from skills was not working in battle

Battle Abilities

  • Siren’s Lure ability can no longer be used on units that are manning siege equipment
  • Inspire: Fierce Resolve ability is now disabled if the unit has less than 50% morale
  • Heraklean Throw and Boulder Toss are no longer limited to targeting enemy units instead, they can be freely targeted on terrain now
  • Rage damage increases with melee and special ability damage as well
  • Fixed an issue in Historical battles with Odysseus in which he will not be able to fire when placed on a skirmisher chariot

Battle AI Changes

  • The Battle AI is no longer active during the cutscene in the Battle For Mycenae to prevent the advisor from triggering with battle advice during the cutscene
  • Fixed a bug in the late game where the AI for Penthesilea was not using Blood Oath units

Battle Balance Changes

  • Increased reload time of Marskmen of Elysium
    • From 7 -> 9
  • Reduced reload speed bonus for Summon Marksmen of Elysium Cerberus skill
    • From 25% -> 10%
  • Increased reload speed of Hydra Archers
    • from 8 -> 8.5
  • Reduced reload speed bonus of In Mother’s Name Hydra skill
    • from 30% -> 10%

Battle animations, art, and terrain

  • Laconian Swordsmen no longer change their shields when the camera zooms away from them


  • Clicking on an army on the battle-result screen no longer changes the unit cards’ scaling

Photo Mode

  • Fixed a bug in Photo Mode in which buttons of the FOV slider (field of view) were not always working

Custom Battle

  • Added a new battle map in Custom Battle called Gaze Of Talos (in the Mythic environment the Talos colossus can be seen in the distance)
  • Fixed a bug where some saved army setups could not be loaded



  • Improved the cross-platform multiplayer user experience. Users now can invite their friends who play the game from other supported platforms/stores (Epic, Steam) by sending them an invite code. Their friends can enter this code by using Join With Code button (in Quick Battle, Multiplayer Battle and Multiplayer Campaign lobbies/game lists screens)
  • Fixed a bug where the battles for the mythic monsters could get stuck with a black screen during multiplayer
  • Fixed a bug where a user that has downloaded a map would not see which map has been downloaded and has been selected

Fixed a bug in which if a player attempted to join a lobby after the host has left, they would get stuck in the Joining Game wait screen.