A Total War Saga: TROY Patch 1.5.0

A Total War Saga: TROY

Hristiana Pencheva
January 27 2021



The 1.5.0 update is the next major update for A Total War Saga: TROY, arriving alongside the Ajax & Diomedes DLC and Hephaestus FLC. This patch fixes a number of issues raised by the community and introduces a multitude of balance changes, tweaks, stabilizations, and improvements.

Highlights of the 1.5.0 patch and FLC include:

  • The introduction of Hephaestus
  • Agamemnon will vassalize more often after defeating an enemy faction (about 200% more)
  • Archer Heroes now benefit from their Hide (forest) and Sharpshooter abilities when on Archer Horse and Warhorse mounts
  • Fixed an issue where port settlement battles were not part of the Statistics panel
  • Fixed sorting by culture and regions count in the Assuwan League faction mechanic UI
  • Added a missed nameplate icon to Pylos, indicating that a unique building can be constructed there
  • Further improved unit collision behaviour when large unit sizes are used
  • Units will now correctly have their charge speed decreased in difficult terrain (this has the most impact on chariots and their ability to charge into enemies when in mud or in a forest)
  • Fixed an issue where Corybantes entities split up after using the Shield Wall ability
  • Added a new option in Game Settings which allows players to enable a Continue button in loading screens


New God: Hephaestus

  • We’re introducing a new god to the Divine Will system: Hephaestus, the god of blacksmiths and volcanoes
  • Temples of Hephaestus allow players to improve equipment (weapons and armour)for any new units hired in this province as well as improve the equipment of existing units. There are three level of improvements.

New Epic Agent: Divine Craftsman

  • The Divine Craftsman can either upgrade settlements or be embedded in armies to grant an exceptional level four equipment.

The introduction of Hephaestus and the Divine Craftsman in the 1.5.0 patch will add to and enrich a number of features and mechanics in the game. These include:

  • Added the god Hephaestus to the Divine Will screen with his own Cult level and Prayer effects
  • Added new Temple chains dedicated to Hephaestus for both standard and Horde factions
  • Added equipment granted by temples of Hephaestus (units can be upgraded with equipment to gain increased armour and melee attack)
  • Added the Divine Craftsman agent, available for recruitment at Cult of Hephaestus level 3
  • Added the region-specific Hephaestion building (available only when starting a new campaign)
  • Added Hephaestus-specific missions to Aeneas’ Divine Omens faction mechanic
  • Added a victory condition for Aeneas’ Homeric Victory that requires you to gain favour with Hephaestus (this change takes effect when starting a new campaign)
  • Included the first level of the Hephaestus temple building chain in the early game mission (which requires you to build any first level temple building chain to complete)
  • Substituted the Devotee priestess skill and its specialization with skills granting extra favour to Hephaestus upon the priestess action Ritual of Exaltation
  • Substituted several War Spoils on the campaign map when playing as Penthesilea with a new War Spoil that grants favour with Hephaestus
  • Added the starting trait Follower of Hephaestus for the priestess agent, which grants favour to Hephaestus
  • Added Priam’s Heir missions for temples of Artemis and Hephaestus
  • Added ancillary Cult Statue of Hephaestus
  • Added Gratitude events for Hector, which grant favour with Artemis and Hephaestus

The 1.5.0 Patch


  • Improved overall stability of the game
  • Fixed a crash in the multiplayer campaign that could occur when the total resource production bonus fell below a certain negative threshold
  • Fixed a crash in multiplayer campaign that was occurring after upgrading Hippolyta’s units with Initiation Rites and then quickly hovering over a unit card in the army panel

Main menu

  • Added Lycia on Hippolyta’s starting position map
  • Fixed severaldisplay issues with the difficulty sliders on all resolution settings
  • Fixed several display issues with the slider in the records menu on all resolution settings
  • Fixed an issue where the Game Menu Panel in Campaign and Battle were visible when the Options menu had been selected
  • Тhe News panel in the Main Menu has been updated to use a carousel and display only one news item at a time to reduce visual overload and avoid issues on smaller screens
  • Added a new option in Game Settings which allows players to enable a Continue button in loading screens (useful for those times when you want to read the awesome quote in the loading screen but your game loads too fast and you don’t have enough time to do so)



  • Salamis now owns Megara
  • Akis now owns Aegina
  • Athena now owns Keos
  • Corinth now owns Erchomenos
  • Salamis and Mycenae start in a Defensive Alliance
  • Trait for winning ambush battles will now correctly count only successful ambushes
  • Fixed a bug where port settlement battles were not part of the Statistics panel
  • Fixed an issue where some dead characters were still receiving traits
  • Spawned agents from rewards will now respect agent caps
  • Fixed an issue that made certain Homeric Characters lose their immortal status
  • Fixed an issue that prevented armies from fighting night battles at sea
  • Fixed an issue with negative fatigue applying to armies attacked in Full Speed stance while in the water
  • Fixed an issue where the name of the battle in Blood Totems did not update correctly in all languages
  • The description of when the Descendant of Zeus trait is granted to Heroes has been made clearer and now functions properly
  • Fixed an issue where Ritual of True Sight could be performed on certain minor Centaur settlements
  • Increased the maximum number of traits a character can have from 40 to 80
  • The faction Troy, held by Priam, will no longer recruit additional armies (Deiphobos will no longer leave the city of Troy in order to prevent the battle for Troy from being skipped)


  • Fixed an issue where the categorization of factions disappears if Quick Deal options are used in Diplomacy
  • Fixed display issues with the diplomacy overlays on all resolution settings
  • Adjusted the reliability bonus when Agamemnon makes vassals so it is harder to exploit the reliability increase to strike favourable deals
  • Updated Mycenae’s campaign AI to vassalize factions more often by taking control of their last settlement
  • A new icon has been added to Barter Agreement offers in Diplomacy which will be displayed if you are not requesting anything in return and will indicate whether the offered amount is enough to be considered a diplomatic gift by the other faction

Faction mechanics

  • Fixed an issue where the sort by culture buttons in the Assuwan League faction mechanic were not working as intended
  • Fixed an issue where the Proud icon was displayed in the place of the Indignant icon
  • Fixed an issue where Agamemnon’s King of Men did not provide the proper bonus relations with the Achaeans
  • The Priam’s Heir faction mechanic now requires the recruitment of two Centaur units (it previously required three) so it can be completed with access to a single Centaur settlement
  • Heroes that come as part of Gratitude events for Hector now correctly have loyalty traits

Divine Will

  • Penthesilea’s ranged and cavalry units with shields now correctly benefit from Athena’s melee defence bonus for shielded units (Heroes no longer benefit from it as they are not standard units)
  • Improved the wording in Penthesilea’s Prayer to Hera to better explain its effects
  • Performing a prayer from Divine Will now triggers an animated confirmation that the prayer has been performed


  • Fixed an issue where exactly 60.0% Influence did not apply the High Influence bonus and was appearing in red in the Province Details panel
  • Fixed an issue that prevented the Statue of Achilles from being built outside of Pteleon
  • Fixed an issue with the display of the building browser for specific building categories for Penthesilea
  • Fixed an issue where the building information panel was going offscreen for Penthesilea
  • Fixed an issue with garrisons and unit recruitment in the major settlement buildings of Harpy settlements owned by Paris
  • Added +1 capacity to Harpy Fiends in landlocked Tier 3 main buildings for Odysseus
  • Added a nameplate icon to Pylos indicating that a unique building could be constructed there
  • The additional building construction notification will no longer be displayed when a horde army has the maximum number of buildings

Dilemmas and missions

  • Fixed an issue where the night battle option was briefly shown when continuing a siege while the Trojan Horse dilemma was active
  • Fixed an issue where Lessons of the Past did not complete if Amazon Treasures tier 1 had already been unlocked
  • Fixed an issue where Penthesilea’s Fated Judgement Epic Missions did not show the mission’s objective
  • Fixed an issue where missions that required razing or sacking specified settlements were auto-completing if the first target was completed (this is not a retroactive fix and so will not change in existing save games)
  • Fixed an issue where Penthesilea’s Epic Mission The Vengeful Hour could be aborted
  • Fixed an issue that caused Penthesilea’s Earn Divine Favour mission to not complete if the player had the exact amount of favour (additionally, the mission will now auto-complete if the condition is met before the mission is issued)
  • Changed Penthesilea’s Homeric victory conditions from destroy Athens, Sparta, and Phthia to raze or sack Sparta, Mycenae, and Athens (this change is not retroactive and so existing save games will not be impacted)
  • Fixed an issue which was allowing agents to be a target for Aeneas’ Divine Missions
  • Fixed an issue with Hector’s dilemma The Mightiest Warrior not killing Achilles if he was confederated and the slay him option had been selected

Skills, actions, and abilities

  • Fixed an issue where Spy’s Murmurs of Sedition action was missing additional information when hovering over a settlement
  • Fixed an issue where the Drill Expert (Shock) skill did not affect axe infantry
  • Fixed several issues with items not giving bonuses to Centaur Scouts:
    • Light Bronze-Tipped Javelin (now properly apply range buff for Centaur Scouts)
    • Heavy Bronze-Tipped Javelin (now properly apply range buff for Centaur Scouts)
    • Light Iron-Tipped Javelin (now properly apply range buff for Centaur Scouts)
    • Heavy Iron-Tipped Javelin (now properly apply range buff for Centaur Scouts)
  • Fixed several issues with items not giving bonuses to Centaur Warriors:
    • Short Iron-Tipped Dory Spear (now properly apply melee attack buff for Savage Centaur Warriors)
    • Long Iron-Tipped Dory Spear (now properly apply melee attack buff for Savage Centaur Warriors)
    • Procris’ Spear (now properly apply melee attack buff and does not reduce recruitment cost for Savage Centaur Warriors)
  • Fixed an issue where the Covered by Hades Hero skill did not grant vanguard deployment to Sirens
  • Sermon of Asclepius and Mistress of Ceremonies Priestess Skills now give the right amount of happiness
  • Fixed an issue with the Spy Instructor skill so it now properly provides its success chance to all owned agents in the same province
  • Fixed an issue with the Spymaster skill not applying to hordes
  • Fixed Strict and Doombringer horde Priestess skills to properly increase the cost of Ritual of Ruination
  • Fixed an issue where Demagogue and Agitator horde Spy skills did not provide resource income bonuses
  • Fixed an issue where Warlord – Warmonger’s tier 6 skills were not properly locking each other
  • Cult Idol Statue of Athena item will now correctly apply its spear unit melee defence bonus to Spartoi and Corybantes
  • Omens of ResolutionPriestess skill now correctly provides the stated melee defence instead of morale
  • Fixed multiple locking issues with Warlord Commander skill The Nomad’s Way and its specializations
  • Fixed an issue that resulted in Service of Aphrodite Priestess skill locking its own specialization
  • Fixed Blood Oath related effects to provide the stated bonus as a multiplier instead of flat values
  • Fixed multiple issues with the Disciplinarian Hero skill’s Campaign Movement and Attrition specializations
  • Fixed an issue where the Thorough Spy skill was not providing the stated bonus to post battle loot
  • Fixed an issue where Amazon archer units were missing the Volley ability in campaign
  • Fixed an issue that allowed an Envoy to fail when performing his assist settlement action
  • Fixed an issue where Embrace of Ares did not lock selecting Blood of Heracles for a Warlord – Warmonger for Hippolyta’s Amazons
  • Fixed an issue where Deadly Focus did not lock selecting Centaur Drill for an Archer – Skirmisher for Hippolyta’s Amazons
  • Fixed an issue where Song of Battle did not lock selecting Assault & Battery for a Fighter – Vanquisher in Hippolyta’s Amazons
  • The Shout Hero skill now correctly grants a bonus to hero health (as do all other skills)


  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from reaching the help page for Raiding through the advisor
  • Improved the description of agent actions Ritual of Exaltation and Ritual of Ruination (they now correctly state that the action provides a small amount of favour to a random deity if they’re used on a settlement without a temple)


  • Pinned units in the Recruitment panel can now be properly unpinned
  • Fixed an issue where if Helen’s settlement was selected prior to acquiring it through diplomacy, it was not displaying properly after closing diplomacy panel
  • Fixed an issue with Penthesilea’s Antagonist UI button position
  • Fixed an issue where the Help overlays were not disabled when renaming or upgrading a unit
  • Fixed an issue where Supply Lines are displayed in the army panel of AI factions
  • Fixed an issue with the text in the Battle Calls panel overlapping with other components
  • Reduced the size of the motivation tooltip as it was misleading
  • Fixed a UI issue that was showing an empty checkbox very quickly when continuing a siege on Troy after the Trojan Horse dilemma
  • Fixed visual issues with armies in the pre-battle menu that caused them to spill over the background frame
  • The positive outcome chance for agent actions vs. other agents will now properly display (instead of the critical success chance)
  • Clicking on the Imminent Rebellion notification will no longer delete other notifications
  • The garrison strength icon will now correctly display the status of the garrison (whether it is healthy or damaged)



  • Fixed an issue where Corybantes entities split up after using the Shield Wall ability
  • Fixed an issue where Defender Companion Skirmisher Chariot provided no ammo
  • Fixed an issue where certain units from Penthesilea’s roster appear with shields in battle while they do not have it in their statistics
  • Mounted cavalry heroes no longer slide away when fighting dismounted heroes
  • Archer Heroes now benefit from their Hide (forest) and Sharpshooter abilities when on Archer Horse and Warhorse mounts
  • Mounted Huntresses now properly apply their Serrated Edges morale debuff on enemies
  • Olympian Throw Hero ability now correctly provides 300 range
  • Penthesilea’s Deadly Focus ability has been replaced by Ares’ Thunder in custom battles and multiplayer battles
  • Penthesilea’s Chariot Javelins should now use the proper javelins and weapons for chariots
  • Chariots and Cavalry units will now correctly have their charge speed as well as their movement speed reduced in different difficult terrain types
  • Chariots no longer have Bonus vs. Large


  • The battle result screen does not appear after the basic tutorial battle any more
  • The battle result screen does not appear after the advanced tutorial battle any more
  • Fixed multiple camera issues when it is moved over certain points of interests such as Olympus


  • Fixed an issue where the advisor warning icon for captured gates is invisible due to it appearing below terrain
  • Fixed an issue where the battle unit tooltip could go offscreen when its height is larger than a certain value
  • Amazon Archer Heroes on chariots now have the proper 3D portraits
  • Fixed visual issues with unit cards spilling into the background frame during custom battle setup
  • The hotkeys in Photo Mode now get updated in the UI if they were changed in the options menu

Battle animations, art, and terrain

  • Fixed a visual issue with awkward death pose for units with skirts
  • Fixed an issue where arrow trails were disappearing during battle
  • Fixed an issue with animations when Heroes perform Olympian Throw while mounted on a horse
  • Fixed issue where Heroes miss the enemy’s head at the end of the post-battle sequence
  • Fixed several unnatural visual effects created by siege towers crossing water

Battle AI changes

  • Fixed an issue where AI units may continue to fight despite becoming Shattered

Battle balance changes

  • Reduced base Movement Speed of all Archer type Heroes from 45 to 42
  • Reduced Movement Speed bonus provided by Strafe’s Speed Specialization from 30% to 20%
  • Reduced the speed bonus provided from the Flights of Artemis ability from 25% to 20%
  • Weapon Switching will now increase movement speed by 15% down from 20%
  • Weapon Switching will now increase charge bonus by 16 down from 22
  • Weapon Switching will now increase base damage by 18 up from 10, but will no longer increase Armour Piercing Damage
  • Reduced Armour Piercing damage of high tier slingers by 10% and increased their base damage by 10%
  • Increased Armour Piercing damage for all Archer units (including mounted archers) by roughly 7.5%
  • Reduced the number of Javelins carried by Warriors of Ithaca from 4 to 3
  • Reduced Melee Attack of Warriors of Ithaca by 5%
  • Reduced Armour for Heavy Swordsmen from 90 to 85
  • Heavy Swordsmen will now use Light Precursor Javelins instead of Precursor Javelins, lowering their base and armour piercing damage by 20% and increasing their range by 15%
  • Renowned Khopesh Fighters will now use lighter javelins, lowering their base and armour piercing damage by 20% and increasing their range by 15%
  • Armoured Spearmen should no longer have Flanking Defence Improved
  • Spearmen have had their Armour increased from 35 to 40
  • Laconian Militia have had their Armour reduced from 35 to 30
  • Heavy Two-Handed units have had their speed increased by 5%
  • High Tier sword units will now have a small bonus versus spear units
  • Minotaur’s Bull Rush ability will now also grant a 20% Movement Speed increase for its duration
  • Penthesilea’s Labrys Infantry have had their cost in custom battles reduced from 840 to 790
  • Penthesilea’s Styganores have had their cost in custom battles reduced from 780 to 750
  • Penthesilea’s Furies have had their cost in custom battles reduced from 1600 to 1400
  • Penthesilea’s Hippomachoi have had their cost in custom battles reduced from 1550 to 1350
  • Penthesilea’s Anairetes have had their custom battle cost reduced from 1320 to 1180
  • Hippolyta’s War Riders have had their cost in custom battles reduced from 1000 to 900
  • Hippolyta’s Hippotoxotai have had their cost in custom battles reduced from 1350 to 1200
  • Hippolyta’s Toxoannasses have had their cost in custom battles reduced from 1450 to 1250
  • Hippolyta’s Andromachoi have had their Armour increased from 35 to 45
  • Horsewomen have had their cost in custom battles reduced from 800 to 730
  • Dardanian Defenders have had their custom battle cost increased from 1000 to 1120
  • Fearless Swordsmen have had their custom battle cost increased from 1100 to 1220

Custom battles

  • Removed the duplicate Trail of Tyche battle map from custom battle
  • Fighter – Ravager should now have the correct cost for Hippоlyta’s faction in Custom Battles
  • Unlimited unit caps and allow all mythical units options in Custom Battle now have explanation tooltips
  • Fixed an issue in the unit tooltip where text would bleed out of the tooltip if a unit has more than one effect currently applied


  • Fixed an issue with multiplayer where the lobby would freeze if trying to add more AI armies with large army/ultra funds
  • Fixed an issue where during deployment phase the image asset above the Start Battle button would suddenly turn red due to an incorrectly applied shader
  • Fixed a bug in the multiplayer battle lobby where players could get stuck and not do anything after pressing the Start Game button if opposing players left or switched teams
  • Fixed a bug in battle unit tooltip where Confident text would overlap with the respective icon
  • Fixed a bug where deployment zones for base level minor settlements maps were swapped between attacker and defender (attackers start inside villages and defenders are outside)
  • Now sorting in the multiplayer campaign/battle list lobby will persist even after refreshing
  • Fixed an issue with the menu bar during the pre-battle screen for the second player (buttons now function correctly)
  • Fixed confusing behavior where player could withdraw in a multiplayer co-op campaign battle and then try to quit to campaign but instead of leading to campaign it led to the multiplayer lobby
  • Fixed an issue in multiplayer co-op campaign where if the client was reinforcing the host and the client conceded defeat before all their units entered the playing area the host was left unable to control the newly arrived units (along with the AI)
  • Fixed a desync in multiplayer campaigns after using the Sarpedon’s Precious Resources faction mechanic
  • Fixed an issue in the events dropdown where an unnecessary exclamation mark icon would be displayed whenever there was a Faction Destroyed event message
  • Fixed an issue in multiplayer campaign where after the player vassalized a faction they received a message stating that an enemy has vassalized that faction instead
  • Fixed an issue with a multiplayer desync when completing the Whispers From Hades Epic Mission as Aeneas
  • Fixed an issue in multiplayer campaign where the difficulty bar would render incorrectly on 4K resolutions

Assembly Kit

  • Assembly Kit custom maps are now marked with their own icon
  • Fixed an issue in the Assembly Kit Launcher where long mod names would cause versions and dates to misalign
  • Fixed a script_error triggering for missing infotext entries when selecting the settlement of Troy

Simplified Chinese

《A Total War Saga: TROY》-1.5.0补丁


1.5.0更新是《A Total War Saga: TROY》的下一个重要更新,将与《Ajax & Diomedes》DLC和《Hephaestus》FLC一起推出。该更新修复了玩家在社区中提出的众多问题,也进行了许多平衡性调整、系统微调、稳定性调整和优化调整。


  • 赫淮斯托斯的加入
  • 阿伽门农将更频繁地在击败敌方势力后进行附庸操作(概率提高了200%)
  • 射手英雄现在可以在骑乘射手骏马和战马坐骑时享受到隐蔽(树林)和神射手能力带来的加成了
  • 修复了统计面板中不包括港口村镇战斗的问题
  • 修复了亚苏瓦盟势力机制UI中按文化和地域筛选时出现的问题
  • 为皮洛斯添加了丢失的名牌图标,提示您此处可以建造特殊建筑
  • 优化了选择大规模部队时,势力间冲突的表现
  • 现在部队在险恶地形上的冲锋速度会正确地有所降低了(战车部队向敌人冲锋的能力会在沼泽和森林地形中大幅削弱)
  • 修复了库瑞忒斯在使用盾墙能力后模型分裂的问题
  • 在游戏设置中添加了一个新选项,玩家可以选择是否在加载界面上显示“继续”按钮



  • 我们在神恩系统中添加了一位新的神明:铁匠与火山之神赫淮斯托斯
  • 赫淮斯托斯的神庙可以让玩家升级从该行省征募的任意新部队的装备(包括武器和盔甲),还可以升级已有部队的装备。升级共分为三级。


  • 神之工匠可以升级村镇,也可以被部署到军队中,为装备带来额外的第四级升级。


  • 将赫淮斯托斯添加到了神恩面板上,他将拥有自己的神恩等级和祈祷效果
  • 为标准势力和游牧势力添加了赫淮斯托斯的神庙建筑链
  • 添加了赫淮斯托斯神庙所带来的装备(可以用装备升级部队,提高他们的护甲和近战攻击)
  • 添加了事务官神之工匠,在赫淮斯托斯神恩等级达到3级之后可以征募
  • 添加了地区限定赫费斯提翁建筑(新开始战役后才能建造)
  • 为埃涅阿斯的“神谕天命”势力机制添加了赫淮斯托斯专属任务
  • 为埃涅阿斯的荷马史诗胜利添加了一个胜利条件,需要您获得赫淮斯托斯的眷顾(开始新战役时此条件生效)
  • 将赫淮斯托斯神庙建筑链中的一级建筑包含在了游戏早期的任务中(即需要您建立任意一级神庙的任务)
  • 将女祭司的忠臣信徒技能及其特化替换为在女祭司使用祈福仪式行动时带来额外赫淮斯托斯眷顾的新技能
  • 扮演彭忒西勒亚时,将一些战役地图上的战利品替换为能带来赫淮斯托斯眷顾的新战利品
  • 为女祭司事务官添加了赫淮斯托斯追随者的初始特性,它能带来赫淮斯托斯的眷顾
  • 为阿耳忒弥斯和赫淮斯托斯神庙添加了普里阿摩斯之嗣任务
  • 添加了赫淮斯托斯神像物品
  • 为赫克托耳添加了感激事件,该种事件能带来阿耳忒弥斯和赫淮斯托斯眷顾



  • 提升了游戏整体的稳定性
  • 修复了多人战役中,总资源生产加成达到一定负值时出现的崩溃问题
  • 修复了多人战役中,用天启仪式升级希波吕忒的部队后迅速将鼠标悬停于军队面板上的兵牌时出现的崩溃问题


  • 将吕基亚添加到了希波吕忒开局位置地图上
  • 修复了难度条在各个分辨率设置下的一些显示问题
  • 修复了记录菜单滚动条在各个分辨率设置下的一些显示问题
  • 修复了一个导致战役和战斗中,选中选项菜单后游戏菜单面板仍然可见的问题
  • 更新了主菜单上的新闻面板,现在它使用轮播的方式一次播放一条新闻,以防止影响观感以及在较小屏幕上引发问题
  • 在游戏设置中增加了一个新选项,玩家可以选择是否在加载界面上显示“继续”按钮(当您想要仔细阅读加载界面上的文字,但游戏加载速度却很快时,您可通过此功能来防止来不及读完)



  • 萨拉米斯现在拥有墨伽拉
  • 阿基斯现在拥有埃伊纳
  • 雅典娜现在拥有凯阿
  • 科林斯现在拥有埃克米诺斯
  • 萨拉米斯和迈锡尼开局拥有防御同盟
  • 赢得伏击战的特性现在被修正为只会计算获胜的伏击战
  • 修复了统计面板中不包括港口村镇战斗的问题
  • 修复了一些已死人物还能获得特性的问题
  • 奖励生成的事务官现在也会被算进事务官数量限制中
  • 修复了部分荷马史诗人物丢失永生状态的问题
  • 修复了军队不能在海上进行夜战的问题
  • 修复了军队在水上以全速前进状态行军时,遭到攻击后疲劳值为负的问题
  • 修复了血腥图腾中战斗的名字在一些语言中显示不正确的问题
  • 调整了英雄的宙斯后裔特性的描述,使其更清楚地描述了其功能
  • 修复了灵视仪式能对一些小型半人马村镇使用的问题
  • 提高了一名人物所能持有的特性数量上限,从40提高到了80
  • 普里阿摩斯的特洛伊势力不会再征募额外的军队(得伊福波斯将不会再离开特洛伊城,防止特洛伊之战被跳过)


  • 修复了在外交中使用快速协定选项后势力分类消失的问题
  • 修复了外交总览在各个分辨率设置下的一些显示问题
  • 调整了阿伽门农进行附庸操作时的信赖加成,现在要想利用信赖加成来达成有利的条约更为困难了
  • 提高了迈锡尼的战役AI在控制了某一势力最后一座村镇时,选择将其附庸的倾向性
  • 在外交中的易物协定中添加了一个新的图标,若您没有要求对方给您提供任何东西,该图标就会出现,并且告知您您提供的物品是否足以使对方势力将其判定为外交礼物


  • 修复了亚苏瓦盟势力机制在按文化和地域筛选时工作不正常的问题
  • 修复了愤恨图标错误显示为自豪图标的问题
  • 修复了阿伽门农的众人之王机制不能正常地提供与亚该亚人的关系加成的问题
  • 现在“普里阿摩斯之嗣”势力机制改为需要征募两支半人马部队(之前为三支),这样您就可以在一个半人马村镇中完成此任务了
  • 感激事件中赠送给赫克托耳的英雄现在正确地拥有忠诚特性了


  • 彭忒西勒亚的持盾远程部队和持盾骑兵部队现在能正常享受雅典娜为持盾部队带来的近战防御加成了(英雄不是一般的部队,不能享受此加成)
  • 优化了彭忒西勒亚向赫拉祈祷时的文案,更好地解释了其效果
  • 从神恩中进行祈祷现在会触发确认动画,告知您已经进行了祈祷


  • 修复了影响力为0%整时不能带来高影响力加成,并且在行省详情面板中显示为红色的问题
  • 修复了导致阿喀琉斯雕像无法在皮特里翁之外建造的问题
  • 修复了彭忒西勒亚特定建筑类别的建筑浏览器显示不正常的问题
  • 修复了彭忒西勒亚的建筑信息面板跑到屏幕之外的问题
  • 修复了帕里斯在鹰身女妖村镇的主建筑中征募城防部队和部队时出现的问题
  • 奥德修斯内陆3级主建筑的鹰妖恶魔容量+1
  • 为皮洛斯添加了名牌图标,提示您此处可以建造特殊建筑
  • 当游牧群军队建筑数量达到最大后,不会再继续出现建筑建造提示


  • 修复了特洛伊木马选择事件生效时,继续进行围城会短暂出现夜战选项的问题
  • 修复了史诗任务“过去的教训”在1级亚马逊宝藏已经被解锁的情况下无法被完成的问题
  • 修复了彭忒西勒亚的史诗任务“命运审判”没有显示任务目标的问题
  • 修复了需要毁灭或洗劫特定村镇的任务在第一个目标完成后就自动完成的问题(在已有的游戏存档中,该更新不会生效)
  • 修复了彭忒西勒亚的史诗任务“狭路遇仇敌分外眼红”可以放弃的问题
  • 修复了彭忒西勒亚的获得眷顾任务在玩家刚好得到所需神恩的情况下无法完成的问题(此外,该任务现在会在玩家在任务发布前就达成条件的情况下自动完成)
  • 将彭忒西勒亚的荷马史诗胜利条件从毁灭雅典、斯巴达和皮提亚改为毁灭或洗劫斯巴达、迈锡尼和雅典(在已有的游戏存档中,该更新不会生效)
  • 修复了导致事务官成为埃涅阿斯神谕天命任务的目标的问题
  • 修复了赫克托耳的事件“至强勇士苦战终败北”中,在阿喀琉斯被合邦后选择杀死他并不会杀死阿喀琉斯的问题


  • 修复了间谍的流言煽动行动在鼠标悬停于村镇时没有提供额外信息的问题
  • 修复了训练专家(冲击)技能对持斧步兵不起作用的问题
  • 修复了一些物品没有正确给半人马哨兵提供加成的问题:
    • 轻型铜尖标枪(现在能正常给半人马哨兵提供范围加成了)
    • 重型铜尖标枪(现在能正常给半人马哨兵提供范围加成了)
    • 轻型铁尖标枪(现在能正常给半人马哨兵提供范围加成了)
    • 重型铁尖标枪(现在能正常给半人马哨兵提供范围加成了)
  • 修复了一些物品没有正确给半人马勇士提供加成的问题:
    • 短柄铁尖渔矛(现在能正常给半人马野蛮勇士提供近战攻击加成了)
    • 长柄铁尖渔矛(现在能正常给半人马野蛮勇士提供近战攻击加成了)
    • 普罗克里斯之矛(现在能正常给半人马野蛮勇士提供近战攻击加成,且不会减少征募花费了)
  • 修复了英雄技能哈得斯之蔽没有给塞壬带来先锋部署的问题
  • 女祭司的阿斯克勒庇俄斯之布道和仪式女王技能提供正确的满意度了
  • 修复了间谍导师技能无法正常给同行省内己方事务官提供成功率的问题
  • 修复了间谍大师技能对游牧群不生效的问题
  • 修复了游牧群女祭司的严刑峻法和末日使者技能,现在能正常提高降灾仪式的花费了
  • 修复了游牧群间谍的蛊惑煽动和鼓动专家技能无法正常提供资源收入加成的问题
  • 修复了领主-战狂的6级技能无法正常互相锁定的问题
  • 雅典娜神像物品现在能正常给地生人和库瑞忒斯带来对矛兵部队的近战防御加成了
  • 女祭司的决心预兆技能现在能正确提供近战防御加成,而不是士气加成了
  • 修复了领主-指挥的游牧之路技能及其特化的一些锁定问题
  • 修复了一个会导致女祭司技能阿佛洛狄忒仆从将自己的特化锁定的问题
  • 修复了血誓相关效果,现在能正常提供倍数加成而不是固定数值加成了
  • 修复了一些英雄的军纪严明技能的战役地图移动距离和损耗特化的问题
  • 修复了间谍的片甲不留技能没有给战后劫掠带来正常加成的问题
  • 修复了亚马逊射手部队在战役中没有箭雨能力的问题
  • 修复了导致使者在执行帮助村镇的行动时失败的问题
  • 修复了希波吕忒的亚马逊势力中的领主-战狂的阿瑞斯之拥没有锁定赫拉克勒斯之血的问题
  • 修复了希波吕忒的亚马逊势力中的射手-奇袭者的致命专注没有锁定半人马训练的问题
  • 修复了希波吕忒的亚马逊势力中的战士-征服者的战歌没有锁定突袭猛击的问题
  • 英雄的咆哮技能现在能正常为英雄生命值带来加成了(其他技能也是如此)


  • 修复了玩家无法通过顾问进入劫掠的帮助页面的问题
  • 优化了事务官行动祈福仪式和降灾仪式的描述(现在正确地告知您该行动在针对没有神庙的村镇使用时将带来随机一位神明的少量眷顾)


  • 征募面板中固定的部队现在可以解除锁定了
  • 修复了在通过外交得到海伦所在的村镇之前便将其选中时,关闭外交面板后显示不正常的问题
  • 修复了彭忒西勒亚的宿敌UI按钮位置问题
  • 修复了帮助总览在给部队改名或升级时没有关闭的问题
  • 修复了AI势力的军队面板中也显示了补给线的问题
  • 修复了战斗召唤面板中的文本和其他部分重叠的问题
  • 缩小了斗志提示框的大小,防止误触
  • 修复了在特洛伊木马选择事件后继续围攻特洛伊时,会短暂出现空的勾选框的问题
  • 修复了战前面板上的军队超出背景框的显示问题
  • 事务官的对抗其他事务官的行动的成功率现在能正确显示了(之前显示的是重大成功的概率)
  • 点击叛乱将近通知不会导致其他通知被删除了
  • 现在城防军力图标能正常显示城防部队的状态了(会显示是健康还是受伤)



  • 修复了库瑞忒斯在使用盾墙能力后模型分裂的问题
  • 修复了卫士盾友突袭战车不能带来矢石的问题
  • 修复了彭忒西勒亚的部分部队在数值面板中没有护盾,在战斗中却显示为有盾的问题
  • 骑兵英雄现在不会在和未骑乘的英雄作战时跑走了
  • 射手英雄现在可以在骑乘射手骏马和战马坐骑时享受到隐蔽(树林)和神射手能力带来的加成了
  • 猎骑手现在能正常给敌人带来锯齿武器士气减益了
  • 英雄的奥林匹斯之掷能力范围正确调整为300了
  • 自定义战斗和多人战斗中,彭忒西勒亚的致命专注能力替换为阿瑞斯之雷霆能力
  • 现在彭忒西勒亚的标枪战车可以正常使用标枪和战车武器了
  • 战车部队和骑乘部队现在在险恶地形上会降低冲锋速度和移动速度
  • 战车不再拥有对大型部队加成


  • 在基础教程战斗结束后,将不再出现战斗结果
  • 在高级教程战斗结束后,将不再出现战斗结果
  • 修复了在一些镜头移动到特定位置,如奥林匹斯等地时出现的问题


  • 修复了城门被占领时出现的顾问的警告图标因出现在较低地形上而看不到的问题
  • 修复了战斗部队提示框较大时超出屏幕的问题
  • 乘坐战车的亚马逊射手英雄现在拥有正确的3D肖像了
  • 修复了一些自定义战斗设置中出现的兵牌超出背景框的问题
  • 现在在设置菜单中修改拍照模式下的热键后,在UI中也能正常显示修改后的热键了


  • 修复了穿着短裙的部队死亡姿势过于诡异的显示问题
  • 修复了箭矢轨迹在战斗中消失的问题
  • 修复了英雄在骑乘马匹时使用奥林匹斯之掷时出现的动画问题
  • 修复了英雄在战后阶段结束时没有敌方首级的问题
  • 修复了一些攻城塔过水时显示效果不自然的问题


  • 修复了AI部队在溃散后仍然继续战斗的问题


  • 降低了所有射手英雄的基础移动速度,从45降低为42
  • 降低了猛轰技能速度特化带来的移动速度加成,从30%降低为20%
  • 降低了阿耳忒弥斯之急速能力所带来的速度加成,从25%降低为20%
  • 切换武器所带来的速度提升从20%降低为15%
  • 切换武器所带来的冲锋加成从22降低为16
  • 切换武器所带来的基础伤害提升从10升到了18,但不会再提升破甲伤害了
  • 高级投石兵的破甲伤害降低10%,同时基础伤害提升10%
  • 所有射手部队(含骑乘射手部队)的破甲伤害提升约5%
  • 伊萨基勇士携带的标枪数量从4降低为3
  • 伊萨基勇士的近战攻击降低5%
  • 重装剑士的护甲从90降低至85
  • 重装剑士的标枪被替换为轻型标枪,这使他们的基础伤害和破甲伤害降低了20%,同时攻击范围提升了15%
  • 显耀克赫帕什战士现在会使用轻型标枪,他们的基础和破甲伤害降低了20%,同时攻击范围提升了15%
  • 披甲矛兵现在不再拥有包抄防御加成了
  • 矛兵的护甲从35提升至40
  • 拉科尼亚民兵的护甲从35降低至30
  • 重装双手武器部队的速度提升5%
  • 高级剑兵部队现在在对抗矛兵时会获得少量加成
  • 弥诺陶洛斯的横冲直撞能力现在在生效期间还会带来20%的移动速度加成
  • 彭忒西勒亚的双刃斧兵在自定义战斗中的花费从840降低为790
  • 彭忒西勒亚的恨男勇士在自定义战斗中的花费从780降低为750
  • 彭忒西勒亚的复仇女神在自定义战斗中的花费从1600降低为1400
  • 彭忒西勒亚的枪骑手在自定义战斗中的花费从1550降低为1350
  • 彭忒西勒亚的毁灭杀手在自定义战斗中的花费从1320降低为1180
  • 希波吕忒的战争骑手在自定义战斗中的花费从1000降低为900
  • 希波吕忒的弓骑手在自定义战斗中的花费从1350降低为1200
  • 希波吕忒的提欧纳西斯在自定义战斗中的花费从1450降低为1250
  • 希波吕忒的安德洛玛刻的护甲从35提升到了45
  • 女骑手在自定义战斗中的花费从800降低为730
  • 达达尼亚卫士在自定义战斗中的花费从1000提升为1120
  • 无畏剑士在自定义战斗中的花费从1100提升为1220


  • 移除了自定义战斗中重复的“堤喀的足迹”战斗地图
  • 希波吕忒势力的战士-掠夺者在自定义战斗中的花费被修正了
  • 给自定义战斗中的无限部队上限和允许所有神话部队选项增加了描述提示框
  • 修复了部队拥有不止一个效果时,部队提示框中的文字超出提示框的问题


  • 修复了多人游戏中大厅在玩家试图添加更多拥有大规模军队或额外资金的AI时卡死的问题
  • 修复了在部署阶段中开始战斗按钮上方的图片由于不正常的着色而突然变红的问题
  • 修复了多人游戏大厅中,玩家在按下开始战斗时对手离开或切换队伍造成的被卡死无法操作的问题
  • 修复了自信的文本与对应的图标在战斗部队提示框中重叠的问题
  • 修复了基础小型村镇地图部署区域在攻击方和防御方之间交换的问题(攻击方的部署区位于村镇中,而防御方却位于村镇外)
  • 现在,在多人战役/战斗列表中筛选时,游戏大厅在刷新后仍会存在
  • 修复了战前面板上第二名玩家的菜单条不正常的问题(现在按钮都能正常起作用了)
  • 修复了玩家从多人合作战役战斗中退出时,没有退到战役中,而是进入了多人游戏大厅的问题
  • 修复了多人合作战役中,客方增援房主时,客方在全部部队完成进场之前主动投降会导致房主无法控制新到部队的问题(AI同理)
  • 修复了多人战役中使用萨尔珀冬的“奇珍异宝”势力机制后出现的失去同步问题
  • 修复了有势力被毁灭事件信息时,事件下拉菜单中出现多余的叹号图标的问题
  • 修复了多人战役中,玩家附庸其他势力后,会收到称该势力被敌方势力附庸的错误消息的问题
  • 修复了多人游戏中,扮演埃涅阿斯完成史诗任务“渡冥河寻求先祖箴言”时失去同步的问题
  • 修复了多人战役中难度数值条在4k分辨率下渲染不正常的问题


  • ASSEMBLY KIT自定义地图现在拥有自己的图标了
  • 修复了ASSEMBLY KIT启动器中,长mod名导致版本和日期位置偏离的问题
  • 修复了选择特洛伊村镇时,游戏文本讯息条目丢失的脚本问题