Dog week on

A Total War Saga: TROY

Total War
August 16 2021

The time of Cerberus is come, the dogs of war are slipped, the hunt begins, I’m running out of dog-related war metaphors – it’s dog week, is what I’m telling you. Across the Total War social channels and here on the website, we’ll be running you through as much dog and dog-related information as we can muster. Be it digi-dogs like the mighty Cerberus in the upcoming TROY: MYTHOS DLC or the real-life dogs of the Total War development and support teams, it’s going to be a floof-filled time. 

We’ll also be taking a look through history at how dogs have made it into our games from the real-world battlefields and just how many warhounds there really were out there. It was actually quite fun to research, and I learned about everything from the hounds of Attila to the Russian anti-tank dogs that leaped into their own trenches. Exciting for everyone, no doubt. 

We’ll also round off the week by recapping everything you need to know about our mythical beasts, and MYTHOS in general, with an FAQ update. Release is just a couple of weeks away on September 2, but we still have a couple of things to discuss between now and then. MYTHOS is certainly the largest update we’ve ever made for TROY, and the release on Steam is a huge opportunity for more and more of you to get your teeth into the Bronze Age. 

You can now pre-order for Steam via our own store, right here. All the deals and bundles available there will also be available on Steam on release day, but if you’re jonesing to get it locked in, that’s the place to be. Read more about what’s going on with bringing TROY to Steam in our dedicated FAQ

Hopefully you’ve also seen our various content partners on YouTube bringing their thoughts about MYTHOS to the fore. We’ve been delighted with the response so far – here’s a couple of highlights

That’s all for now – we’ll see you tomorrow to introduce Cerberus, hound of Hades, and lord of the gates of the Underworld.