Everything you need to know about Total War: ROME REMASTERED

Behind the Scenes

Total War
May 29 2021

It’s been a hectic couple of months here at Creative Assembly Distributed Towers (lockdown, y’know), and along with all the Kislev and Khorne excitement, we did a little game-releasing. Just the hugely anticipated remaster of one of the most legendary and brilliant strategy games of all time – nothing major.

In all the hustle and bustle, you may have missed some of the content we put out surrounding ROME REMASTERED, so we’ve gathered it all together below in one handy place. Be it Roman drinking habits or 30 second roundups of hundreds of years of European history, there’s a treat for anyone.

Get the game – still half-price if you own the original!

If you’ve landed here and decided ‘wait, this sounds like the sort of thing I want to be playing’ then do we ever have fantastic news for you. Total War: ROME REMASTERED is available on Steam. Plus, if you owned the original ROME: Total War via Steam there’s a 50% discount still available until May 31st at 16:00 PDT / 00:00 BST the next day..

Don’t forget the completely free Enhanced Graphics Pack which upgrades to 4K textures. It’s not mandatory, especially if you’ve worries on hard drive space, but it is very, very pretty.

Since we’re a little way post-release, we also recently put our first major patch into beta, targeting stability fixes, localisation issues, and a host of other bugs. Take a look at the notes and see how to install it and give us a hand with testing here.

A little how to play…

Over the course of release, we also put out several videos highlighting the quality of life changes we made to ROME, as well as the oddities its age brings to the series. Here’s how we partied in 2004:

Plus, what we upgraded, added to, and changed during the remaster development process:

Review round-up

Need some more convincing? A host of reviews were published ahead of launch – here’s some from PCGamesN, TheSixthAxis, and WCCF Tech. Do check OpenCritic and Metacritic for more.

Get up to speed!

It being 2021 and us being interested in letting people know what’s going on with our games, we had some adventures on Twitter. Quite literally, in one case, with the Threadventure we ran for folks to take a quick, text-based romp through Roman military incursions. Will you die at the hands of the Gauls, or grasp victory and never let go? Begin the adventure here.

We also have a couple of Story So Far videos that get you up to speed on the history of Rome in an extremely expedient, if slightly flippant, manner. Here’s both:

Eat like a Roman…

One of the partnerships we put together was with Max Miller, of Tasting History on YouTube. He creates dishes based on historic recipes – from ancient times through the 1800s – and mixes in a healthy batch of education on the context surrounding it too. We worked on four videos with him, from Legionary booze to the Emperor’s finest pigs.

We also spoke with him directly in a long interview right here on the website. Max only recently moved to YouTube full-time and his path there was very interesting, along with his history with videogames, and why history and food came together in this way for him. He also detailed for us the Ancient Roman recipes he put together for the episodes if you want to cook yourself.

so you can invade like a Roman

Last but certainly not least, comedian and Total War enthusiast Phil Wang has been learning about the best way to invade Britain. In our Total War: Guide to… series he’s done everything from leading a Roman Legion into battle to, er, getting drunk. Now we think about it, lot of alcohol in these videos. Well, that’s Ancient times for you. Anyway, they’re funny, enlightening bite-size documentaries that will teach as much as they entertain, and Phil did an excellent job trudging around Britain.

We also spoke with Phil about his stories of playing Total War throughout childhood, what he’s getting up to with games at the moment, and how it was recording the series with a global pandemic still raging. Also an entertaining chat, so take a look.

This week we also have one final piece of content coming in from the Wang series – we think you’ll enjoy it, so keep an eye on our social channels. It’s been a pleasure to get this game out to you and we hope you’re enjoying it. For Rome!