Mod Updates with Rise of the Republic

Total War: ROME

CA KingGobbo
July 26 2018

With Rise of the Republic out August 9th, modders will have access to more unit parts and more scripting options as well as the Mod Filter we brought into ROME II with Desert Kingdoms back in March.

Modders will be able to transfer regions between factions, spawn an army or navy in a chosen region, grant technologies through payloads, and restrict available technologies using scripted conditions. Incidents defined in the database can now be easily triggered from Lua. Mission awards may include agents. The new ‘Government Actions’ and ‘Centralised building upgrades’ mechanics introduced in the Rise of the Republic campaign can be customised and applied to any faction (and the same holds for the new Etruscan victory condition requiring the faction to maintain constant ownership over a certain region).

New Unit Parts

  • Accessories – 8
  • Armour – 26
  • Cloak – 2
  • Crests – 9
  • Greaves – 16
  • Hair and Beard – 28
  • Helmets – 58
  • Leg – 4
  • Skin – 14
  • Tunic – 7
  • Weapon – 8
  • Shield – 10
  • Shield Decals – 36

While adding features necessary for the new campaign pack Rise of the Republic, we thought that some of you modding enthusiasts may open to interesting possibilities for modding, so we made them accessible via scripting and the database. We also added a Lua function and a payload type for transferring the ownership of regions, a feature often requested by the modding community.

New Script Commands

  • transfer_region_to_faction(“region_key”, “faction_key”)
  • trigger_custom_incident(“faction_key”,”incident_key”, “payload”*)

*Optional: if not present, uses database-defined payloads.

New Lua Callbacks

The following callbacks have been added to  campaignsmain_invasionscripting.lua and can be used as a reference.

  • CheckAdditionalTechnologyRequirements(faction_key, technology_key)
  • OccupationDecisionAvailableForFaction(faction_key, occupation_decision)

New incident payloads have been added

  • TRANSFER_REGION: Transfers the region of the event to a faction (defaults to player faction).
  • GIVE_TECHNOLOGY: Gives defined technology to the faction in the event. (defaults to random tech)
  • SPAWN_FORCE: Will spawn a military force that is defined with the following parameters:
    • STRENGTH: [number] number of units
    • UNIT_SET: [unit set key] * if absent defaults to the battle group of the owning faction.
    • NAVY: if present, creates a naval force in the sea connected to the regions port.
    • OWNER: [faction key]* If absent defaults to owner of target region.
    • X[number];
    • Y [number]: map co-ordinates for spawn* if absent, will be defined by target region.
    • DISTANCE: [number] distance from regions settlement* if absent, defaults to 0.
    • PIRATE: if present, the owner faction of the army will declare war on the nearest settlement. (designed to be used together with the NAVY and X, Y options, to make the spawned navy attack the nearest port).

New Mission Parameters

  • dont_lose_region has been added to mission objective types.
  • grant_agent as been added as a mission reward types.

New Mechanics

  • A new centralised building upgrade system that ties provincial upgrades to the provincial capital can be defined in the centralised_upgrade_building_level_junctions table.
  • Added a new mechanic called “Government actions” which optionally replaces the possibility to change a faction’s government type. Government actions can be defined using a combination of database records and scripting – see the faction_politics_government_actions_junctions table in the DB and the OnFactionPoliticsGovernmentActionTriggered function in campaignsmain_invasionscripting.lua.