March Historical Content Round Up

Behind the Scenes

CA KingGobbo
March 30 2021

Fancy getting stuck into some nifty historical titbits?

Check out our round up below…

The Tudors: 51 moments that shaped the royal dynasty

Head over to History Extra to take in some of the most important moments that shaped one of history’s best-known royal dynasties.

Sir Gawain and the Green Knight: what’s the story?

Written by a poet from Cheshire some time around 1380, this article explores this iconic epic poem about temptation, knightly virtue, and chivalry.

Medieval Minims: The hidden meaning of a medieval pen-twister

What insights can a bizarre Latin sentence written almost exclusively using the letters m, n, u, and i give us into daily life in the medieval period?

How do we know what ancient Greek warriors wore for battle? It’s in The Iliad

The Iliad has been crucial in the development of A Total War Saga: TROY – and this article makes it easy to see why.

Egyptian pharaoh was executed on the battlefield, mummy reveals

Egyptian pharaoh Seqenenre Taa II met something of a grisly end – read all about it here.

Buried by Vesuvius, this ancient villa is an overlooked alternative to Pompeii

The stunning frescoes of the ancient Oplontis villa give an incredible glimpse into the lives of ancient Rome’s rich and famous.

Roman medicine: 6 ways people stayed healthy in ancient Rome

Learn how to look after your health with some top tips from ancient Rome (which most definitely do not constitute modern medical advice).