Launcher Patch Notes

Behind the Scenes

CA KingGobbo
May 9 2019

The latest launcher patch introduces fixes for a few minor bugs that some players were experiencing. Players should notice the following changes with this latest patch (v.3.20.7):

General Stability Improvements

  • Play button should no longer hang waiting for launcher processes to complete
  • Addressed issues where launcher would time out/lag


  • Added stability for moddata.dat file, which should help with Mod Manager loading indefinitely or crashing with big mod collections
  • Mod titles should no longer appear base 64 encoded
  • Mods you own but are not subscribed to should no longer automatically download
  • Mods you have unsubscribed from should no longer reappear in Mod Manager after a launcher restart

If you’re still having issues that were not mentioned above, get in touch! Please submit a customer support ticket via and we will do our best to resolve your issue

Lastly, a reminder that there is still a bounty out for information on the grey screen issue some people are experiencing with the launcher. If you help us reproduce the issue, you can win a Steam gift card for your participation – find out more here: