A Total War Saga: TROY Patch 1.2.0

A Total War Saga: TROY

Hristiana Pencheva
September 24 2020



The 1.2.0 update fixes a number of issues raised by the community. These include technical and gameplay related stabilizations, tweaks, improvements, rebalancing, and fixes to many areas of the game, such as:

  • Achilles’ start position has been further improved by adding two more units to his army and adjusting the Ellopian army
  • Death animations are now properly related to the direction the killing blow came from (e.g. a unit shot in the back will fall on their face)
  • Baseline, strength, and threat evaluations of military alliance, defensive alliance, military access and non-aggression pact have all been rebalanced
  • Baseline relations between Achaean pillar factions have been increased
  • A number of clarifications and quality of life improvements in diplomacy as well as fixing a number of issues have been introduced
  • The effects of the Priestess’ Ritual of Ruination and the Satyr’s Song of Discord actions have been changed

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed a crash occurring when clicking the Diplomacy button
  • Fixed a crash occurring when cancelling the recruitment of a unit
  • Fixed a crash occurring during End Turn
  • Fixed a crash occurring during post-battle matched combat
  • Fixed a crash occurring when progressing through the Basic Battle Tutorial
  • Fixed a crash when clicking on the Antagonist icon after they have already been defeated (the Antagonist icon is no longer displayed in those cases)
  • Fixed а crash in battle when hovering over a unit banner and the unit dies
  • Fixed a freeze occurring during land battles

Epic Heroes and Missions

  • Fixed an issue where Agamemnon could not use his abilities while mounted on a Skirmisher Chariot
  • Fixed an issue where Achilles could not use any of his abilities while mounted on a Melee Chariot
  • Achilles can now use his chariot when switching to his Epic armour with his chariot already equipped
  • AI Agamemnon is now slightly more likely to vassalise other factions instead of confederating them
  • Distributing Celestial Iron now correctly applies the melee attack and defence bonuses for newly recruited units for the duration of the resource distribution
  • Mythical Allies Mission from Priam now requires the player to recruit the correct amount of Centaur units
  • Fixed a bug where some of Achilles dilemmas from the Epic Mission chains did not trigger in the beginning of a new turn
  • Agamemnon’s A Steadfast Ally Epic Mission will now check if Aegisthus is available for recruitment upon being issued (if Aegisthus is not present in the player’s recruitment pool, he will be added)
  • Agamemnon’s A Steadfast Ally Epic Mission is now correctly completed if the user has already recruited Aegisthus before the Mission has been issued
  • Hector Gratitude events that award Heroes now properly state that the Hero has been added in the recruitment pool instead of claiming that the Hero has been recruited
  • Menelaus’ Justice for Sparta now properly completes if the user holds Helen and another faction destroys Paris of Troy (old saves with this issue will have the Mission completed after ending the turn)
  • Traits gained by defeating Epic Heroes can now be earned by Epic Heroes only, not just any faction leader (improved the explanation text of traits gained by defeating an enemy Epic Hero)
  • Agamemnon’s Wrath of the Atreides Mission now clearly states its autocomplete condition
  • AI Odysseus and his start position enemy the Teleboans should now wage war until either side dies
  • The Ammo specialization of Sarpedon’s Versatility Hero skill now properly grants him extra ammunition
  • Menelaus’ Idomeneus of Crete Epic Mission now has an active zoom-to-location button for the be at peace with the owner of Knossos objective, which points to Knossos
  • The Minotaur and the Cyclops awarded from the Epic Missions now have unique names
  • Sarpedon’s The Conquest of Crete Epic Mission now has an active zoom-to-location button for the Mission objective
  • Aeneas’ The Sun and Sea Epic Mission now has an active zoom-to-location button pointing to Knossos
  • Sarpedon no longer receives a notification that he has Precious Resources available while he has the cooldown for the resources on
  • Fixed cases where the chance for an Odysseus’ spy to establish a Safe Haven was shown to be absurdly low
  • Fixed an issue where Trojan Horse dilemma would not be firing for a second army if the event has already been already active for another one
  • Fixed an issue with resource values in the Lion’s Share mechanic
  • Speaking to Trochilus and Callithiya through Aeneas’ Stygian Voices mechanic now properly applies the upkeep cost reduction for chariots for eight turns instead of indefinitely
  • Spoils of War Mission issued by the Divine Omens mechanic will now correctly count the battle captives you take
  • If Paris or Hector are dead/confederated there will no longer be a confederation message triggered after the end of the Priam’s Benevolence mechanic for the dead faction


  • Fixed an issue where it was possible for spies to lose their skill tree after their faction had been confederated
  • Fixed an issue where AI was breaking agreements that valuated positively
  • Fixed an issue where confederating your own vassal would show an event message which states that the vassal broke the relationship
  • The tooltip text for Trojan Pillar and Danaan Pillar have been edited to be gender neutral
  • Significantly increased the maximum amount of resources that could be used in the Make It Work option
  • The agreement button in Quick Deal now has a property description based on the action
  • AI no longer proposes barters featuring the same resource on both sides
  • Offering to break a treaty with a third party now shows a treachery warning if applicable
  • Offering peace now shows a warning if it would decrease the player’s reliability rating
  • Fixed a bug in diplomacy where Military Alliance and Become Vassal could be offered at the same time when making a counter offer
  • When asking for resources and the deal is evaluated as 0, the diplomacy evaluation breakdown isnow visible
  • Cancelling vassalage now incurs reliability penalties (applies retroactively)
  • AI now considers the strength of a vassal’s master more during diplomacy, especially for war declarations
  • Fixed a bug where Offer Region diplomatic option was displaying a missing string when the AI was offering it to the player
  • Increased the frequency of Barter Agreements between AI factions to roughly one per turn
  • Fixed an issue where several AI factions declare war on Achilles in the early game
  • Antagonist faction can no longer be vassalised via post-battle option


  • Replaced the effect of the Contest of Ardour priestess skill from experience to own units to happiness after completing a Ritual with a value of 3 (and changed the icon of Contest of Ardour to a happiness icon to reflect its new purpose)
  • Agents in armies adjacent to settlements will no longer end up at the same position after performing an action on the settlement, thereby not allowing them to move (the agents will be moved to an adjacent position where normal movement should be possible)
  • The seer’s Ritual of True Sight action on own settlements can now only be performed if there is a temple within
  • Capturing Helen after Paris has been destroyed/confederated now properly applies her effect bundle and triggers an event for the new ruler of her settlement
  • Odysseus campaign AI no longer constructs multiple instances of his barracks in the same province and fully develops them
  • Heroes no longer get stuck in the settlement’s zone of control after sacking the settlement without occupying it
  • The Lord of the Silver Bow effect of Cult of Apollo level 2 now affects all archer units
  • The bonuses from the Follower of Artemis Hero skill and its specialization now affect all archer units
  • Fixed the duration of the line of sight bonus from Apollo’s prayer to properly last 4 turns instead of 8
  • The passive ability of the Gorgon, Orison of the Curses, now works as intended and slows enemy armies in the region
  • Besieging armies now cause a happiness decrease in the besieged settlement
  • The Shield Wall Formation ability for Corybantes is now present in campaign
  • When performing Prayer to Ares, enemy units in battle now suffer morale penalties
  • Fixed a bug with the autoresolve button not being available during the Earthquake event
  • Fixed various instances of suicidal AI behavior, mainly around walled cities
  • Fixed a bug where the agent’s link (also icon) in the Assassinated! notification was opening the Heroes help page instead

UI/UX Campaign

  • Effects related to the morale of units now are properly displayed as battle effects in the Character Details screen
  • Fixed an issue where the Antagonist Changes Plans event messages could appear more than once per turn
  • Fixed a bug that caused ancillaries to become “locked” and prevented them from being swapped for others
  • Fixed a bug where incorrect building UI has been displayed when a razed Troy gets colonised by Odysseus.
  • The effect of the Spill Their Blood post-battle option is now properly displayed in the pre-battle screen while the effect is active
  • Building cost is no longer hidden by building tooltip
  • The description of the Seer passive effect now correctly mentions that it affects agents as well as Heroes
  • Hero skills related to chariots now correctly show the chariot type that they unlock
  • Satyr’s Song of Tranquility description now only mentions “province” once
  • Replaced the break military alliance icon in the negotiation panel with the correct one
  • Swapped the places of resource owned and needed resources values in the colonise settlement tooltip
  • Resized Helen’s portrait in Paris’ Helen, My Love faction mechanic panel
  • The tooltip of the trait Descendant of Zeus now accurately says that it is awarded at the second level of cult instead of the third
  • Fixed a bug where the Ionion Pelagos terrain tooltip is displayed when you hover over the sky
  • Agamemnon and Menelaus’ influence effects in their Lineage traits now properly state that they are being applied at a province level
  • The Battle Veteran (Regeneration) Hero Skill specialization now has the correct title
  • Fixed a bug where the Supply Lines tooltip would sometimes remain on screen even after the mouse is not on the bundle icon
  • Fixed a bug were some factions were not visible in the known factions list when colonising the settlement through Spartan Colonies
  • The Cyclops now has the Blind Rage skill in campaign
  • The tooltip for the second tier of Zeus’ Divine Will effects has been updated to specify that it does not affect Epic agents
  • The Stance: Shadow Hero skill now correctly states that it benefits from ambush chance effects
  • The specialisations for the Hallowed Ground Hero skills have been assigned their proper icons
  • The Cult of Hera effect text now properly communicates that it works in provinces with at least 60 influence
  • Fixed a bug where the Poseidon Strikes! event could occur while Troy was being rebuilt after having been razed
  • Fixed a bug where the event message Troy Recovers could be shown while the city was under siege


  • Fixed a bug where enemy units suffer losses after the Advanced Battle Tutorial is unpaused
  • The player’s view over the army in an Advanced Battle Tutorial is no longer partially locked, thus hiding half of the forces when using a standard camera setting
  • Fixed an issue in Tutorial allowing a second Hero to be recruited after Agamemnon levels up
  • Fixed an issue where opening the help page of any unit, hovering over any statistic, and immediately closing the window with the Escape button was making part of the screen unresponsive
  • Agamemnon can no longer declare war for the first four turns of the Tutorial campaign
  • Links for the Rage and Aristeia help pages through the battle advisor now properly open the corresponding help page records
  • Unit exchange (between armies) now has the proper help overlay (press F1 to see contextual help about your current selection)
  • A long description has been added to the help pages for all giant recruitment buildings
  • A long description has been added to the help pages of all Centaur buildings
  • Motivation trait text pointer no longer displayed on the edge of the screen during the Tutorial mode if the Recruit Hero screen is closed too soon


  • The unit ability of archers firing at a target location has been changed from Apollo’s Rain to Volley and has had its description changed to differentiate it from the Hero skill with the same name
  • Fixed an issue where the Out of Control state of the Divine Challenge will remain active even after the ability effect has ended
  • Fixed an issue where attacked armies in March stance did not start the battle withthe correct low stamina level
  • Victory points no longer continue to drop once battle has finished
  • Companion Heroes can no longer throw javelins while mounted on Melee Chariots
  • Fixed a bug where Troy’s garrison arrived as reinforcements during the Trojan Horse battle
  • Corybantes’ Shield Wall Formation ability now provides the correct effect bundle
  • Units no longer perform missile attacks once routed
  • The universal morale effects of 16 ancillaries and 1 trait have been replaced with contextual morale effects to make them more niche and prevent morale stacking
  • The universal morale effects of 8 ancillaries and 2 traits have been replaced with other various effects to prevent morale stacking
  • Now The War-God’s Call cannot be used on units standing on walls or units that do not have not the same in-fort location as the casting unit
  • Fixed a cooldown issue with Menelaus’ Olympian Throw ability
  • Fixed а bug where routing units may pass through the enemy main line

Battle Animations, Art, and Terrain

  • Fixed a bug where skirmisher units would change their weapons upon entering/leaving siege towers
  • Fixed a visual issue with the Minotaur’s kilt
  • Fixed some visual issues with Dardanian Chargers holding weapons while in the idle position
  • Death animations are now properly related to the direction where the killing blow came from (e.g. a unit shot in the back will fall on their face)
  • Fixed situations where Danaan chariots used horses with improper textures

UI/UX Battle

  • Fixed a UI discrepancy and inconsistency with Axe Chargers and Coastal Club Warriors attributes
  • Fixed a UI discrepancy for Sarpedon’s unit roster to better represent the units’ strengths and weaknesses 
  • Fixed a bug in Menelaus’ unit roster for consistency with its traits
  • Updated visual style of Battle Calls panel
  • Fixed a bug where the balance of power bar remains visible in battle realism mode
  • Fixed an issue with similar colour coding of both player and enemy selection markers in Deuteranopia and Protanopia colour blindness mode
  • The Large Skirmisher Chariot of the defender now uses the proper icon
  • All Heroes on chariots should now have the shield stat on their unit cards

Campaign Balance Changes

  • Antagonist aggressiveness across the board has been increased
  • Increased Seer’s life from 8 to 10 turns
  • Baseline, strength, and threat evaluations of military alliance, defensive alliance, military access and non-aggression pact have all been rebalanced
  • Fighting rebel armies now provides 20% of the normal experience
  • Increased the wood recruitment cost of chariots
  • Increased the bronze upkeep cost of chariots
  • Replaced food recruitment cost with gold on higher-tier chariots
  • Reduced the effect of Blessed in Failure from 5 to 3 happiness after completing a Ritual
  • Reduced the effect of Soothsayer from 3 to 2 happiness after completing a Ritual
  • Besieging armies now cause -8 happiness in the besieged settlement

Campaign AI Changes

  • Before the Story/Sandbox dilemma is spawned, factions now should act more in line with their initial starting setup (they honour their initial treaties)
  • Choosing Story on the Story/Sandbox dilemma should enable Pillar boosts not only to the player Alliance but to the enemy Alliance as well
  • All factions will try and facilitate the Danaan/Trojan conflict slightly earlier
  • The AI prioritises recruitment for garrisoned AI armies instead of armies on the field
  • Increased the AI’s priority on garrisoning armies that are recruiting or about to recruit, instead of recruiting next to a region that already has a garrisoned army
  • The priority of some tier 2 units for AI recruitment has been slightly increased
  • The priority of some tier 1 units in the early game has been slightly decreased
  • The priority of tier 1 units post turn 70 has been significantly decreased

Campaign Improvements

  • The priestess agent’s Ritual of Ruination action grants you favour when used against a foreign settlement in the same way as when you use the action on your own settlement. This means the religious abilities of the priestess can be used even when you have sent her deep into the territory of another faction. However, be aware that trying to enact a Ritual on a foreign settlement might fail, and the owner of the settlement will not look kindly on this. This change has replaced the previous morale-reducing effect of the Ritual of Ruination action
  • The Satyr’s Song of Discord action causes enemy units to tire in battle much more quickly after the revelry organised by the caprine agent (we implemented this effect to better differentiate between the Satyr and the Gorgon’s actions against armies)
  • The starting position of Achilles has been improved:
    • Achilles has two more units in his army
    • The second Ellopian army has been moved further to the south, gravitating around the other Ellopian settlement
    • The main building in Histiaea, the first Ellopian settlement, is reduced from second to first level, making the garrison inside weaker
    • The possibility for war with the Thessalians has been removed, improving relations with this faction as well as Narykos
  • Increased baseline relations between Achaean pillar factions
  • Impending defection event should no longer trigger for any reason

Battle AI Changes

  • Shattered units are now immediately forced to retreat out of the battlefield borders

Battle Balance Changes

  • All missile units have had their stats slightly adjusted to better fit the game
  • Ammo for missile units has been reduced by 15%
  • Low-tier javelin units have had their armour-piercing damage significantly reduced
  • Low-tier bow units have had their damage reduced
  • High-tier bow units have had their damage slightly increased
  • Low-tier sling units have had their damage reduced
  • High-tier sling units have had their damage increased
  • “Low-armour” has been added to Militia and Anatolian Youths (no actual stats have been changed)
  • Slightly adjusted the damage of one-handed axe units to have a bit more armour piercing damage and less normal damage (their overall DPS should remain the same)
  • Increased charge bonus for Phrygian Warriors
  • “Armoured” has been added to Heavy Trojan Chariots
  • “Skirmishing” has been added to Archer Chariots and Trojan Noble Chariots instead of the special ranged attack one
  • Corybantes’ health has been increased
  • Corybantes’ armour has been increased
  • Corybantes’ battle speed has been increased
  • Corybantes will now take reduced stamina penalties
  • Corybantes will now keep a tighter formation and be more resistant to chariot charges
  • Spartoi attack has been increased
  • Spartoi’s armour piercing damage has been increased
  • Spartoi’s health has been increased
  • Spartoi’s battle speed has been increased
  • Spartoi’s stamina loss rate has been reduced
  • The Minotaur’s health has been slightly reduced
  • The Minotaur’s armour has been slightly reduced
  • The Minotaur’s morale has been greatly reduced
  • Savage Roar now lowers enemy morale by 10, down from 30
  • The speed of Pelagic Thessalians and Hector’s Chosen has been reduced to 42

UI/UX Improvements

  • The Strategic Threat level of a faction will now be displayed as a new icon above the faction leader’s portrait in the Diplomacy panel
  • The faction’s current greatest threat will also be displayed upon hovering over the icon
  • Factions from culture groups that can be confederated by the player’s faction will now be marked with a special icon in the faction list
  • Treaty propositions that have a negative repercussion to the player’s reliability rating will now be marked with a warning icon both in the Treaties panel and the treaty buttons
  • Floating notifications that inform the player of various instant actions, such as results of agent actions and armies changing stances, have been redesigned to communicate their key information more clearly
  • All icons in overlays have been updated with a dark background to make them stand out better against the parchment background
  • The Homeric Character trait now has its own icon
  • Additionally, the Homeric Character trait will now be visible in the Recruit Hero panel if a Hero has the trait
  • Added colour blindness support for enemy unit markers in battle – Tritanopia has been set to use red, while Protanopia and Deuteranopia use white
  • Added colour blindness support for the deal evaluation labels in the Diplomacy panel
  • A tooltip has been added to the hourglass icon that indicates an ancillary in transit and explains the transition mechanic and duration
  • New explanatory text has been added to the “None” item slot in Ancillaries to warn the player that unequipping an equipment will always put it in transit


  • Some of you may have experienced odd behaviour with the Reliability Rating in Diplomacy when loading up old saved games. We investigated and found out that this was caused by a change we did to the Reliability mechanic after release. Should you end the turn, the game will automatically refresh it and start displaying the correct value

Simplified Chinese

《A Total War Saga: TROY》-1.2.0补丁


1.2.0更新《A Total War Saga: TROY》修复了玩家在社区中提出的众多问题。其中包括了技术上和游戏体验上的稳定化、微调、平衡以及改进等,还对游戏的各个方面进行了调整,例如:

  • 阿喀琉斯的开局配置得到了增强,他的军队中增加了两支部队,埃乐匹亚军队也被调整了
  • 死亡动画现在与致命一击的来源方向正确匹配了(例如背后受到攻击的部队会向前倒下)
  • 对军事同盟、防御同盟、军事通行权和互不侵犯协定的基本、实力和威胁评估做了平衡性调整
  • 亚该亚之柱势力之间的基础关系值提升了
  • 对外交进行了一系列的清晰化和质量优化,同时修复了若干已知问题
  • 修改了女祭司降灾仪式和萨堤尔争斗之歌的效果



  • 修复了点击外交按钮时崩溃的问题
  • 修复了取消部队征募时崩溃的问题
  • 修复了回合结束时崩溃的问题
  • 修复了战后匹配战斗时崩溃的问题
  • 修复了进行基本战斗教程时崩溃的问题
  • 修复了在宿敌被击败后点击宿敌图标时崩溃的问题(在这种情况下,不会再显示宿敌图标)
  • 修复了鼠标悬浮在部队标志上时部队死亡造成的崩溃问题
  • 修复了陆战时卡死的问题


  • 修复了阿伽门农骑乘突袭战车时无法使用技能的问题
  • 修复了阿喀琉斯骑乘近战战车时无法使用技能的问题
  • 阿喀琉斯现在在装备了战车时,可以在切换为史诗护甲后继续使用战车
  • 现在AI阿伽门农附庸其他势力的倾向略微高于其合邦其他势力的倾向
  • 现在分配天赐之陨铁在资源分配有效期内可以正确地为新招募的部队提供近战攻击和防御上的加成了
  • 现在普里阿摩斯发布的神话盟友任务需要玩家征募对应数量的半人马部队
  • 修复了阿喀琉斯的史诗任务事件链中,部分抉择无法在新回合开始时触发的问题
  • 阿伽门农的“得埃癸斯托斯如添翼”任务现在会在发布时检查埃癸斯托斯是否可以被招募(若玩家的征募池中没有埃癸斯托斯,他会被加入其中)
  • 现在即使玩家在阿伽门农的“得埃癸斯托斯如添翼”任务发布之前招募埃癸斯托斯,任务也可以正常完成
  • 赫克托耳的感激事件所奖励的英雄现在正确显示为添加对应的英雄到征募池,而不是显示征募了对应的英雄
  • 墨涅拉俄斯的“施怒火斯巴达行正义”任务现在在玩家夺取海伦、其他势力消灭了特洛伊的帕里斯势力后也能正常完成(已经满足此条件的旧版本存档中,结束当前回合后任务会被完成)
  • 现在只有史诗英雄可以通过击败史诗英雄来获得特性,一般的势力领袖是不可以的(优化了击败史诗英雄所获得的特性的说明文本)
  • 阿伽门农的“阿特柔斯之子施怒火”任务现在清楚地说明了其自动完成条件
  • AI奥德修斯和他初始敌人特莱博埃现在会争斗不休,直到一方败亡
  • 萨尔珀冬的多才多艺英雄技能的弹药特化现在能正确地使他获得额外矢石了
  • 墨涅拉俄斯的“克里特王伊多梅纽斯”史诗任务现在在和平任务的目标克诺索斯领主那里增添了一个镜头定位的按钮,可以将镜头定位到克诺索斯
  • 史诗任务中奖励的弥诺陶洛斯和独眼巨人现在会拥有专属名称
  • 萨尔珀冬的“求战得战荡平克里特”史诗任务现在在任务目标上有了镜头定位按钮
  • 埃涅阿斯的“晨光散尽渡海行神谕”任务现在有了指向克诺索斯的镜头定位按钮
  • 萨尔珀冬在资源冷却时间内时,不会再收到奇珍异宝分配的提示
  • 修复了奥德修斯的间谍建立前哨基地的成功率被错误显示为极低的问题
  • 修复了特洛伊木马抉择分支在一支军队已经激活的情况下无法由另一支军队触发的问题
  • 修复了狮吞天下机制中的一个资源价值相关的问题
  • 用埃涅阿斯的冥府之音机制与特洛基鲁斯和卡莉西亚对话时可以正确地带来八回合内降低马车维护费的效果,而不会永久性生效
  • 神谕天命机制带来的战利品任务现在能够正确计算您在战斗中俘虏的人员了
  • 若帕里斯或赫克托耳死亡/被合邦的话,父王恩宠机制便不会在最后为已覆灭的势力弹出合邦信息


  • 修复了可能导致间谍在所属势力被合邦后失去技能树的问题
  • 修复了AI撕毁被判定为有利的协定的问题
  • 修复了与自己的附庸合邦时会显示解除附庸关系的事件文本的问题
  • 编辑了特洛伊之柱和达南之柱的提示信息文本,将其修改为同时适用于男性和女性
  • 大大提升了责成谈判选项中可以使用的最大资源数量限制
  • 快速协定中的协定按钮现在会根据行动显示正确的描述
  • AI不会再在易物协定中用一种资源换取相同的资源
  • 如果适用,提出撕毁与第三方的协定现在会显示背叛行为的警告
  • 提出议和若是会造成玩家信誉下降,将会显示一条警告信息
  • 修复了反向提议时可以同时提议组建军事同盟和成为附庸的问题
  • 当索取了资源,且协议评分为0时,外交态度详情将正常显示
  • 取消附庸关系将导致信誉惩罚(也适用于旧版存档)
  • AI现在在与附庸势力外交,尤其是宣战时会更重视其领主的实力
  • 修复了AI在外交中向玩家提供地区时显示丢失字符串的问题
  • 提升AI势力之间签订易物协定的频率为大约一回合一次
  • 修复了游戏早期多个AI势力向阿喀琉斯宣战的问题
  • 无法再通过战后选项附庸宿敌势力了


  • 将女祭司“热情比赛”技能的效果从完成价值3以上的仪式后增加己方部队经验值改为增加满意度(同时将热情比赛的图标改为满意度图标,以体现其新效果)
  • 村镇附近的军队中的事务官不会在对村镇执行行动后留在相同位置上,导致其无法移动(事务官会被移动到附近可以通过普通移动到达的位置上)
  • 先知对己方村镇使用的灵视仪式行动现在只能对有神庙的村镇使用
  • 现在在消灭或合邦帕里斯后夺得海伦可以正常应用她带来的效果,她所在的村镇的新统治者也会触发相应事件
  • AI奥德修斯不会再在同一行省修建多个兵营并将其升级到最高
  • 英雄不会再在劫掠但不占领村镇时被卡在村镇的控制范围内
  • 现在阿波罗崇拜等级达到2时的“银弓之主”效果会作用于所有射手部队了
  • 现在英雄技能“阿耳忒弥斯信众”及其特化所带来的加成可以作用于所有射手部队了
  • 修复了向阿波罗祈祷时获得的视野距离加成的持续时长,由8回合修正为4回合
  • 蛇发女妖的被动能力“诅咒祈祷”现在能正常降低区域内敌方军队的移速了
  • 正在围城的军队现在会给被围攻的村镇造成满意度下降的效果
  • 库瑞忒斯的“盾墙阵型”能力现在出现在战役中了
  • 施展“阿瑞斯祷告”时,战斗中敌方的部队会受到士气惩罚
  • 修复了“地震”事件中自动解决按钮不可用的问题
  • 修复了各种导致AI出现自杀性行为的问题,主要与有城墙的城镇相关
  • 修复了暗杀提示中事务官的链接(和图标)错误地指向英雄的帮助页面的问题


  • 与部队士气相关的效果现在能正确作为战斗效果显示在人物详情界面了
  • 修复了“宿敌改变计划”事件信息会在一回合内多次显示的问题
  • 修复了导致亲随/物品“锁定”,无法被移动到其他人身上的问题
  • 修复了奥德修斯殖民被毁灭的特洛伊城时建筑UI显示不正确的问题
  • 战后选项中“杀掉他们”一项的效果现在在效果生效时能正常显示在战前面板中了
  • 建筑成本不会再被建筑信息挡住了
  • 先知被动效果的描述现在正确表明它能同时影响事务官和英雄了
  • 与战车有关的英雄技能现在正确显示他们解锁了的战车类型了
  • 萨堤尔的“宁静之歌”的描述现在只会提及“行省”一次
  • 修正了谈判面板里的终止军事同盟的图标
  • 交换了己方资源和所需资源在殖民村镇提示信息中的位置
  • 调整了帕里斯势力机制“海伦吾爱”面板中海伦的头像大小
  • 调整了“宙斯后裔”特性的提示文本,显示该特性将在崇拜等级达到2(而不是3)后获得
  • 修复了指针悬停在天空时会显示爱奥尼亚海地形的提示信息的问题
  • 阿伽门农和墨涅拉俄斯的“血统”特性的效果现在正确说明了它们作用于整个行省
  • 英雄技能“身经百战(恢复)”特化现在能正确显示标题了
  • 修复了补给线提示信息会在鼠标从图标上移开后仍然留在屏幕上的问题
  • 修复了通过“远征他乡”来殖民村镇时,部分势力在已知势力列表中不显示的问题
  • 独眼巨人现在在战役中拥有“野蛮狂怒”技能了
  • 调整了宙斯神恩等级为二级时的提示信息中对其效果的描述,明确说明该效果不会影响史诗事务官
  • 调整了英雄技能“暗影潜行”的说明,表明其能享受到带来伏击成功率加成的效果
  • 英雄技能“圣地”的特化有了各自对应的图标
  • 赫拉崇拜等级影响的相关文本现在正确显示该效果作用于影响力大于等于60的行省
  • 修复“波塞冬之袭!”事件会在特洛伊被毁灭后重建时触发的问题
  • 修复了“特洛伊复苏”的事件信息会在特洛伊被围攻时弹出的问题


  • 修复了在进阶战斗教程中取消暂停后敌方部队会遭受损失的问题
  • 玩家在进阶战斗教程中对军队的视角不再被部分锁定,从而解决使用标准镜头设置时半数军队被挡住的问题
  • 修复了教程中阿伽门农升级后可以再招募第二个英雄的问题
  • 修复了打开任意部队的帮助页面,鼠标悬停在任意统计上,之后立即用Esc键关闭窗口时会导致屏幕部分无响应的问题
  • 阿伽门农不能再在教学战役的前四个回合中宣战了
  • 战斗顾问提供的怒气和辉煌时刻的帮助页面链接现在打开后能跳转到正确的帮助页面
  • 现在在军队之间交换部队时,帮助总览能正确使用了(按F1可以查看您当前选择的相关帮助)
  • 为所有征募巨人的建筑的帮助页面增添了一长段描述
  • 为所有半人马的建筑的帮助页面增添了一长段描述
  • 现在教学模式下,若快速关闭征募英雄面板,“斗志”特性的文本提示不会展示在屏幕边缘


  • 射手部队朝目标位置射击的能力从“阿波罗之箭雨”改为“箭雨”,描述也被更改了,以便区分其与同名的英雄技能
  • 修复了神祇挑战中的“失去控制”状态在能力效果持续时间结束后依然显示激活的问题
  • 修复了强行军状态的军队遭到攻击时,被攻击的军队没有以耐力较低的状态进入战斗的问题
  • 胜利点在战斗结束后便不会再下降
  • 盾友类英雄在乘坐近战战车时不能再扔标枪了
  • 修复了特洛伊的城防部队能在特洛伊木马战中作为增援部队登场的问题
  • 库瑞忒斯的“盾墙阵型”能力现在能正常提供效果了
  • 部队在溃逃后不会再进行远程攻击
  • 16个亲随/物品和1个特性带来的全面士气影响修改为范围士气影响,方便其配合并防止士气堆叠
  • 8个亲随/物品和2个特性带来的全面士气影响修改为其他不同的效果,防止士气堆叠
  • “战神呼唤”不能再作用于站在城墙上的部队,也不能作用于要塞内位置与使用技能的部队位置不同的部队
  • 修复了墨涅拉俄斯的“奥林匹斯之掷”能力的冷却时间问题
  • 修复了溃逃的部队会穿过敌方主战线的问题


  • 修复了奇袭者部队会在进入/离开攻城塔时改变武器的问题
  • 修复了弥诺陶洛斯短褶裙的显示问题
  • 修复了达达尼亚冲击兵在待命时的武器显示问题
  • 死亡动画现在与致命一击的来源方向正确匹配了(例如背后受到攻击的部队会向前倒下)
  • 修复了使用马匹的达南战车纹理不正确的问题


  • 修复了持斧冲击兵和持棍海民勇士属性UI不正确的问题
  • 修复了萨尔珀冬的部队列表的UI,使其能更好地表现部队的强项和弱点
  • 修复了墨涅拉俄斯的部队列表的问题,使其与特性更一致
  • 升级了墨涅拉俄斯的战斗召唤势力机制的面板效果
  • 修复了在真实战斗模式中实力对比条依然可见的问题
  • 修复了绿色盲和红色盲模式下玩家和敌方的选中颜色相同的问题
  • 修复了卫士的大型突袭战车的图标
  • 所有战车上的英雄现在兵牌上都会显示护盾数值


  • 宿敌对边境外的侵略性提升了
  • 将先知的寿命从8回合提升为10回合
  • 对军事同盟、防御同盟、军事通行权和互不侵犯协定的基本、实力和威胁评估做了平衡性调整
  • 现在与叛军作战获得正常状态下20%的经验值
  • 提升了战车部队征募花费所需的木材
  • 提升了战车部队维护费所需的青铜
  • 将高等级战车征募花费所需的食物改为黄金
  • 将完成失败祝福仪式后所提供的5满意度修改为3满意度
  • 将完成预言占卜仪式后所提供的3满意度修改为2满意度
  • 围城的军队会导致被围攻的村镇满意度-8


  • 在故事/沙盒的抉择生成之前,势力会按照更符合初始开局设置的方式行事(他们会遵守一开始签订的条约)
  • 在故事/沙盒抉择中选择故事将启动支柱奖励,玩家的同盟和敌方的同盟都可因此受益
  • 所有势力都将略微早一点地试着促成达南人/特洛伊人冲突
  • AI将优先为驻扎在城内的军队征募部队,而不是在野的军队
  • AI将优先为驻扎在城内的正在征募或即将开始征募的部队征募,而不是从已经有驻军的附近地区征募
  • 增加了AI征募部分2级部队的优先性
  • 降低了AI征募部分1级部队的优先性
  • 在游戏进行了70个回合之后,征募1级部队的优先性将大幅下降


  • 女祭司事务官的降灾仪式行动在对异国村镇使用时,和对本国村镇使用时一样,能为您带来眷顾。这意味着女祭司的宗教能力可以在您把她派遣到深入其他势力内部时使用。但是,请注意对异国村镇使用仪式是有概率失败的,而村镇的所有者不会将这视为友好的举动。该更改代替了之前降低士气的降灾仪式行动
  • 萨堤尔的争斗之歌在事务官组织的狂欢之后导致敌方部队在战斗中疲劳得更快(我们添加这个效果是为了让萨堤尔和蛇发女妖的对敌军行动有所区别)
  • 阿喀琉斯的开局配置得到了优化:
    • 阿喀琉斯的军队增加了两个部队
    • 第二支埃乐匹亚军队被移动到了更靠南的位置上,位于另一个埃乐匹亚村镇附近
    • 希斯提亚的主建筑,即第一个埃乐匹亚村镇,从二级被改为一级,从而削弱了城防部队的力量
    • 与塞萨利人开战的可能性被移除了,提升了与该势力以及纳库斯势力之间的关系
  • 亚该亚之柱势力之间的基础关系值提升了
  • 即将发生的背叛事件不再由任意原因触发了


  • 被击溃的部队现在会立即强制撤出战场边界


  • 所有远程部队的数值都被微调了,以便更适应游戏
  • 远程部队的矢石数量降低了15%
  • 低级标枪部队的破甲杀伤大幅降低
  • 低级弓箭部队的伤害降低了
  • 高级弓箭部队的伤害小幅提升
  • 低级投石兵部队的伤害降低了
  • 高级投石兵部队的伤害提升了
  • 民兵和安那托利亚青年兵添加了“低护甲”(并未进行实际数值调整)
  • 微调了单手斧部队的伤害,让他们的破甲伤害小幅提升,同时普通伤害小幅降低(总输出保持不变)
  • 提升了佛里吉亚勇士的冲锋加成
  • 重装特洛伊战车添加了“装备重甲”
  • 弓箭手战车和特洛伊贵族战车添加了“突袭”,取代特殊范围攻击
  • 库瑞忒斯的生命值提升了
  • 库瑞忒斯的护甲提升了
  • 库瑞忒斯的战斗移速提升了
  • 库瑞忒斯现在受到的降低体力惩罚有所减少
  • 库瑞忒斯现在会保持较为紧密的阵型,更能抵抗战车冲击
  • 地生人的攻击提升了
  • 地生人的破甲杀伤提升了
  • 地生人的生命值提升了
  • 地生人的战斗移速提升了
  • 地生人的体力流失速率降低了
  • 弥诺陶洛斯的生命值小幅降低
  • 弥诺陶洛斯的护甲小幅降低
  • 弥诺陶洛斯的士气大幅降低
  • 野蛮咆哮现在只能降低敌军10士气,而不是30
  • 塞萨利远航者和赫克托耳亲卫的速度降低为42


  • 势力的战略威胁等级现在会作为一个新图标显示在外交面板上势力领袖的肖像上方
  • 鼠标悬停于图标上时,会显示势力当前最大威胁
  • 属于可与玩家势力合邦的文化组的势力在势力列表中会以特殊图标标出
  • 会给玩家的外交信誉带来负面影响的协议会在条约面板和条约按钮上用警告标志标出
  • 事务官行动结果和军队改变状态等事件的即时提示的文本被优化了,现在能更清晰地传达关键信息
  • 总览中的所有图标都被优化了,现在它们拥有黑色背景,在羊皮纸背景上显得更为突出
  • “名耀荷马史诗”特性现在拥有了自己的图标
  • 此外,“名耀荷马史诗”特性现在在征募英雄面板上也看得到
  • 为战斗中的敌方部队标记增添了色盲支持——蓝色盲设定为红色,红色盲和绿色盲则为白色
  • 为外交面板上的协议评估标志增添了色盲支持
  • 为沙漏图标增加了提示信息,告知玩家该亲随/物品处于周转中,并解释周转机制和持续时长
  • 在亲随/物品栏为“无”时添加了新的解释文本,警告玩家卸下的装备会进入周转中状态


  • 部分玩家可能在载入和读取旧存档时会遇到外交信誉上的问题。我们对此进行了调查,发现这是发布后我们调整了信誉机制所造成的。只要您结束当前回合,游戏便会自动刷新,之后信誉数值就是正确的了