Hero Class

Epic Fighter


Diomedes, son of Tydeus, was renowned as the greatest tactical mind of the Achaean effort against Troy. A seasoned veteran despite his young age, he had already participated in more battles than his peers, leading Argos to prosperity and greatness, second only to Mycenae. A champion of heroic virtues, he was the favourite of goddess Athena and was so ferocious in battle that he was said to have wounded Ares himself.

Tydeus was a hero of great fame and an Argonaut who perished before the Seven Gates of Thebes. His shadow still stretches over Diomedes, casting doubt on whether the son’s achievements will ever compare with those of the father.

Apart from his strategic mind and skills in battle, Diomedes also possessed great wisdom, acknowledged even by the elderly Nestor. No matter how mortals struggle, Diomedes knows that they cannot overcome the will of the gods and what is fated shall come to pass.


Victory loves preparation, a concept well known to Diomedes through his experience in waging war.

Before they ever step onto the battlefield, the finest warriors of Argos can receive special training under the tutelage of a Strategos – a veteran of war in Diomedes’ faction.

To the master strategist, winning a war is more than a series of conquests – Diomedes seeks to strike at the weakest positions in enemy factions, crush their fighting spirit and then establish peace on terms that heavily favour Argos.

Overwhelming strength and skill in battle will only take a hero so far – with cunning and wise decisions, Diomedes’ campaign is about finding the enemy’s weakness and exacting the highest price after victory is achieved.

When conducting war, Argos’ roster finds common theme with Ithaca, attacking from surprising positions and seeking to crush the enemy quickly, before they have a chance to regroup.


Argos starts between the brothers Atreides, ready to support the Achaean host by defeating their common enemy in the Corinthians. From there, Diomedes can choose to conquer western Peloponnese or to take to the Aegean. But rumours speak of a new threat at Thebes, which will call the son of Tydeus back to the seven-gated city.

The settlement of Thyrea produces bronze, a vital starting benefit for Diomedes. The Arcadians are generally friendly neighbours, but if greed for Argos’ resources overcomes their good sense, their lands may be in better use under Argive rule.


Both a strategic mastermind and a favourite of Athena, Diomedes is for players who prefer to exploit the weaknesses of their enemies and impose their will on defeated foes.