Hero Class

Epic Defender


Ajax the Great, son of legendary King Telamon, was a mountain of a man and a fierce warrior, second only to Achilles in martial prowess. With his seven–layered ox–hide shield, Ajax prevented the most grievous of losses by facing Hector in single combat and protecting the thousand ships from being burned down.

In his youth, Ajax trained together with his cousin Achilles under the teachings of the centaur Chiron, which shaped him into the Bulwark of the Achaeans, protecting his brothers in arms with his very presence. His half–brother Teucer, a famous archer, fought with him in unison, shooting down enemy Trojans from behind Ajax’s shield.

For all his battles in The Iliad, Ajax was never wounded and never received support from the gods – he earned his glory by his own colossal strength and devotion to his allies, defending fallen comrades with no thought of retreat.


Before he was known as the Great, Ajax was the mighty prince of Salamis, seeking to prove himself to the world as a Warrior of Renown. To demonstrate his skill and grow his reputation, Ajax must travel around the Aegean Sea and seek illustrious Paragons to engage in a contest of battle on the Path to Greatness.

A noble fighter at heart, Ajax believes that not every battle must end on the shores of the Styx – once defeated, Paragons are convinced to join Ajax’s faction. But ceaseless war takes a toll on any man – to prevent unnecessary bloodshed, Ajax can call for funeral games to honour the souls of fallen warriors and celebrate peace between once bitter rivals.

As Ajax and Teucer fight together with shield and spear and bow, so does the roster of Salamis, comprised of heavy defensive infantry to hold the line and experts of ranged combat in comfortable protection.


The island-nation of Salamis has just landed on the Peloponnese, expanding to the city of Megara. But the lack of protection in the nearby sea has left the island of Aegina to be conquered by opportunistic Akis – and Ajax has to defeat them to reclaim his territory. From there, to the east lies the Aegean, ripe for conquest.

To the south is great Mycenae, ruled by Agamemnon with whom Ajax has entered in strong alliance. To the north is the city of Athens – a strong city, who can be a friend or foe to Salamis.


Ajax the Great, Bulwark of the Achaeans, is for the honourable conqueror, who protects his allies and seeks to unite his neighbours against a common enemy.