A Total War Saga:

Re-write the history of Anglo-Saxon Britannia

The year is 878 AD. With ten playable factions, you must build and defend a kingdom to the glory of Anglo-Saxons, Gaelic clans, Welsh tribes or Viking settlers.

What Kingdom will you build?


West Seaxe
Strat Clut

The dominant Anglo-Saxon kingdom of southern England, led by King Alfred

A kingdom at the heart of Ireland. Not just geographically, but politically, intellectually and spiritually.

Pictish in origin, this kingdom occupying the eastern coast of Scotland became heavily influenced by the Gaels.

Renowned both for their bardic arts and their skill with the longbow, this Welsh kingdom thrived under the leadership of Rhodri Mawr.

A kingdom of the Old North that can be traced back to the Fifth Century and the Celtic Britons.

When the Vikings arrived in the north of England in 867 AD, they took the city of York for their stronghold and this kingdom would come to be a focus for their legacy.

To the west of Alba lies the Kingdom of the Southern Isles. Sparsely populated and, bearing the full brunt of the Atlantic weather, these were not lands suited to the less-hardy.

Player Guides

Here you’ll learn the skills you need to become the formidable leader Britannia needs.

The Province System

Provinces have been made more influential, with key settlements within your regions that cannot defend themselves.

The English Kingdoms

Learn how the unique cultural mechanics of the Anglo-Saxon kingdoms of Britannia will shape your campaign.

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