Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs: Introducing Zhatan the Black

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March 28 2023

Fancy seeing you here!

We’re back with the last Legendary Lord from the upcoming Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs DLC, and we’ve left the cruellest ‘til last – say hello to Zhatan the Black.

Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs will be arriving in Total War: WARHAMMER 3 as part of Update 3.0 on April 13th! You can pre-order Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs here – and if you do so by April 20th, you can grab 10% off the launch price!

Strapped in? Splendid. Let’s do this.

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Zhatan the Black

Zhatan the Black, the Commander of the Tower of Zharr, is a servant to Ghorth the Cruel, providing bountiful labour and sacrifice. But don’t let that distract you from his own propensity for unending violence and suffering. 

Zhatan’s high weaponry demand means the workshops can barely keep up with his bloody expeditions. There is method in his madness, however – for the fiercest fires forge the hardest steel…

As a melee-first Lord, Zhatan can smash bones to bits on foot, soar through the skies mounted atop a Lammasuscorch the lands from a Great Taurus or pin prospective new labourers with his Sadistic Snare net. Alternatively he can utilise an intensifying aura of Boundless Cruelty to strike fear into the hearts of those who oppose him. After all, the only thing louder than the screams of his broken foes is Zhatan’s gloating laughter.

Armed with The Obsidian Axe, the Armour of Gazrakh and the Chaos Rune Shield to enhance his combat abilities yet further, Zhatan is one cruel customer.

Flames, Trains & Warmachines

The Chaos Dwarfs’ commitment to unparalleled engineering is well established, and one of their most unique units on the battlefield is, of course, their trains.

The Dawi-Zharr use trains to conquer territory in a way never before seen in Total War: WARHAMMER III, chugging around the battlefield on their menacing locomotives.

As for the locomotives themselves, there’s the Iron Daemon, a smoke-belching powerhouse that blasts shrapnel at enemy forces when loaded with a Steam Cannonade. Then we have the Skullcracker configuration that crushes fortifications with ease thanks to the hissing, grinding arcane-mechanical conglomeration of iron hammers, hacking blades and brutal picks. 

While the Dreadquake Mortar can be used as an independent artillery piece, it can also be towed into battle by both the Iron Daemon and Skullcracker locomotives. Being among the largest and most effective siege weaponry deployed by the Chaos Dwarfs, this mighty bombard will rend the earth and smash fortifications to dust. Powered by immense steam pressure, the Dreadquake Mortar is a slow-firing juggernaut that must be loaded with unique (and hugely powerful) shells to prevent self-destruction. 

But that’s not all!

The Chaos Dwarfs come with two independent artillery units:

  • The Magma Cannon: A divine combination of artillery and furnace, it was originally conceived to take down the ravening Trolls and other adjacent horrors that multiply in the Dark Lands, but has since found a new purpose on the battlefield. Take cover. Or better yet, run away. Really fast.
  • The Deathshrieker Rocket Launcher: A diabolical contraption and one of the most destructive weapons ever created, with its munitions housing an unruly fire-spirit harvested from the cinders of Hashut’s sacrificial ashes. Launching shells high into the sky, the rockets from this beast will burst in mid-air, showering those below with fire and destruction. And let us not forget the alternative shells, Demolition Rockets, that explode upon contact with foes. This hulking piece of artillery is named for its horrific shrieks that emerge from within its grizzly innards. Although they’re nothing in comparison to the screams of those that face it, of course.



The Chaos Dwarfs have access to a somewhat familiar Convoy system, letting them send out armaments in return for riches. Along the way they can, and most likely will, get dragged into all manner of scrapes and battles as those nearby attempt to pillage their wares.

But fear not, as the Chaos Dwarfs’ main resource – Labour, Raw Materials or Treasury – are also up for grabs on these expeditions, helping expand the already expansive economy that the Dawi-Zharr have at their disposal. 

Chaos Dwarf Warriors

Clad in iron armour, the Chaos Dwarf Warriors are the foot soldiers of the Dark Land’s very own Industrial Empire.

In addition to their skills as either a craftsman or an artificer, these warriors are disciplined, resourceful… and furious. As a mid-tier unit from the Chaos Dwarfen roster, these grumpy fellows are likely to swarm the battlefield en masse, bringing a selection of weapons in tow.

Whether they’re holding the line with axes and shields, crushing armoured foes with great weapons, or gunning down the opposition with their blunderbusses, the Chaos Dwarf Warriors spread dread among whoever’s unfortunate enough to encounter them.

Up Next

And that’s a wrap on our trilogy of introductions to the Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs campaign pack! 

But the train isn’t running out of track anytime soon, as we’ve got another showcase on the way where you’ll get to see Zhatan the Black in action, and we’ll be back next week with yet MORE announcements!

We’ll of course have a full suite of patch notes dropping alongside Update 3.0 and Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs, as well as another maddening surprise or two to go with it. Keep a close eye on all our official channels for further details, and we’ll see you on the battlefield!

— The Total War Team