Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs: Introducing Drazhoath the Ashen

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March 21 2023

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We hope you enjoyed last week’s deep dive into the first Legendary Lord, Astragoth Ironhand, from our upcoming Forge of Chaos Dwarfs DLC for Total War: WARHAMMER III. This week we turn to our next cunning combatant: Drazhoath the Ashen!

Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs will be arriving in Total War: WARHAMMER III as part of Update 3.0 on April 13thYou can pre-order it here – and if you do so by April 20th, you can grab 10% off the launch price!

Ready? Let’s do this.

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Drazhoath the Ashen

Drazhoath the Ashen, the Sorcerer Prophet of Hashut, is the Lord of the Black Fortress and the commander of the fell Legion of Azgorh. His mastery of magic and engineering grew stronger throughout his time in exile at the hands of Astragoth Ironhand, and now he seeks a return to the fold of Zharr-Naggrund.

Being equally as proficient with his axe as with sorcery, Drazhoath is a formidable presence on the battlefield, be he on foot or atop his trusty Bale Taurus, Cinderbreath.

He’s equally as daunting outside of battle, too, being an industrial juggernaut and the best in class when it comes to generating armaments and developing settlements.


The Chaos Dwarfs are a merciless race of killers and torturers. After straying far from their kin, the Dwarfs to the east were cut off from the western lands during the Great Catastrophe (the emergence of Chaos into the Known World). They sought refuge in Hashut, the bull god of fire, greed and tyranny, who laid his dreadful blessings upon them.

Corrupted with access to powerful magic, hellish forces and the fires deep within the earth, the Chaos Dwarfs demonstrate their industrial prowess with hell-factories spanning miles across the Known World.  They’ve engineered infernal war-machines unlike anything the mortal world has ever seen, with Hellcannons so bloodthirsty they must be chained to the battlefield to prevent them charging into the conflict.

All of this is in search of one thing: The Blood of Hashut. To acquire it, the Chaos Dwarfs must build the Great Drill of Hashut. The Chaos Dwarfs must collect and corrupt four Dwarfen artefacts. They intend to bind these to Daemons, forging them into components required for the construction of this Hellish drill. Once complete, they intend to dig into the fabric of reality and breach Hashut’s domain.

But… the Dwarfs hold grudges. They aren’t happy about their precious heirlooms being tainted with the forces of Chaos. And they will seek vengeance.


The Chaos Dwarfs are well known for creating some of the most nightmarish machines of war known to man, and they never cease to improve their tools of destruction. Never satisfied, never satiated, the Dawi-Zharr’s infernal industry will stop at nothing until it forges the mightiest military possible, regardless of the sacrifice demanded by this roaring fire. 

While powerful, there are limits on the number of available Chaos Dwarfs and other units beyond the labourers at any one time. This cap can be raised through the further spending of armaments to craft additional weapons and armour in the Hell-Forge. 

As the unit cap grows, so too does the Hell-smiths’ proficiency, unlocking further upgrades.

When the Chaos Dwarfs can’t build their units wide, they most certainly build them tall.

Infernal Guard

Among the most legendary warrior-cults within the Chaos Dwarf Empire, The Infernal Guard has the sworn task of defending the citadel from any that would assail it, and to exert the will of the Lord of the Black Fortress – without question and to the death.

Stricken by shame and humiliation, the prideful nature of the Chaos Dwarfs eludes them. As such their faces are sealed shut behind iron and bronze masks, only to be torn from their flesh once they achieve great glory, leaving the faces of scarred warriors visible once again.

As high-tier troops of the Chaos Dwarfs, the Infernal Guard can wield a variety of weapons in battle including great weapons, an axe and shield combo and fearsome FireglaivesBoth relentless and cruel, these warriors will stop at nothing in their hunt for redemption.  


K’daai Fireborn & Destroyers

The Chaos Dwarfs certainly have a daemonic side. Nowhere is it better illustrated than through the monstrous K’daai; Chaos Daemons that were enslaved and bound in iron war armourThey are the Scions of Fire, and they serve the Daemonsmiths of the Chaos Dwarfs.

First up, we have the K’daai Fireborn – mighty daemonic fire-elementals, forged from daemon essence and the hot magma beneath the surface. They are mindless creatures of destruction, made too powerful by their creators’ desire for power, and are the stuff of legend.

As monstrous infantry, the K’daai Fireborn launch flaming attacks upon their prey, using their blazing bodies to increase their own physical resistance while reflecting damage back at enemies. Their intensity grows stronger the longer they spend in melee. But use them wisely, for the brightest flames often burn out the fastest – once shattered, the runes that maintain their Unbreakable attribute are rendered inert, leaving them susceptible to Demonic Instability.

Those mad enough to crave more need look no further than the K’daai Destroyers – giant constructs of burning hatred that’s fueled by the blood of sacrifices.

As the biggest and most expensive unit the Chaos Dwarfs could ever conjure, these monsters are a rare but terrifying sight. With Anti-Large and Wallbreaker capabilities, the K’daai Destroyer lets nothing stand in its way. Its size allows it to charge across the battlefield, sending units flying as it shreds those who stray too close.

Ulrika Magdova (Free DLC)

Last week we took a look at Gorduz Backstabber, the sneaky Legendary Hero arriving as a part of the Chaos Dwarfs DLC. However, he won’t be the only heroic addition.

Transformed into a vampire against her will, Ulrika Magdova of Kislev is the ultimate hybrid combatant. Proficient in melee combat, deadly at range, and a spellcaster, Ulrika can fill any role on the battlefield, boasting the best traits from Kislev and the Vampire Counts.

She bites.

Ulrika Magdova is included as a free addition to the Kislev and Empire races of WARHAMMER III in Update 3.0. A free CA Account is required to claim her. Once that’s done, Ulrika will be available for recruitment in the campaign after completing her personal quest chain.

You can go ahead and create an account right now to ensure you’re ready to go the moment she’s available. There’s more information about CA Accounts right here.

Up Next

Next week, we’ll be showcasing the final Legendary Lord arriving with Forge of the Chaos Dwarfs – Zhatan the Black. To call him a nasty is underselling it! Keep a close eye on the official Total War channels for further details.

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