Total War: WARHAMMER II – The Warden & The Paunch FAQ


CA KingGobbo
May 7 2020

The Warden & The Paunch is the latest Legendary Lords Pack for Total War: WARHAMMER II, and introduces two rival Legendary Lords from the world of Warhammer Fantasy Battles, each with their own factions, objectives, mechanics, units and playstyle, for use in both the Eye of the Vortex and Mortal Empires campaigns as well as custom and multiplayer battles.

Eltharion the Grim commands Yvresse while Grom the Paunch leads the Broken Axe Tribe. Neither Yvresse nor the Broken Axe Tribe are involved in the Vortex race, but are instead pitted against one another as eternal nemeses on a collision course to a final climactic encounter where only one can emerge the victor.

The Warden & The Paunch includes:

  • Two unique Legendary Lords leading their own factions:
    • Eltharion the Grim leads Yvresse for the High Elves
    • Grom the Paunch commands the Broken Axe Tribe of the Greenskins
  • Powerful new units and Heroes for both the High Elves and the Greenskins, including:
    • War Lions of Chrace, the Silverin Guard, and the majestic Arcane Phoenix for the High Elves
    • Multiple different flavours of Snotling Pump Wagons and Trolls for the Greenskins
  • New elite Regiments of Renown with which to crush your enemies

For full details on everything you’ll get in The Warden & The Paunch, including the full unit rosters for both Legendary Lords, head over to the Steam page to read more as well as get 10% off the launch price if you pre-order.


When will The Warden & The Paunch be released?

The Warden & The Paunch will be released on the 21st of May 2020.

Is there a pre-purchase discount?

You’ll get a 10% discount if you pre-purchase The Warden & The Paunch via Steam before its release.

Will the new Legendary Lords be available in both the Eye of the Vortex and Mortal Empires Campaign?

Yes, The Warden & The Paunch will be available to play in both the Eye of the Vortex and Mortal Empires Campaign, and can also be used in campaign, custom, and battle modes.

What new units and mechanics will be in The Warden & The Paunch?

For a full list of features and mechanics in the DLC, please visit the Steam page or check our social media channels for all the latest updates.

Will there be an Old World update released with The Warden & The Paunch?

The Greenskins will be getting a number of updated features, most notably a rework of the Waaagh! This will be changed to an innate race trait instead of a character ability.

In battle, Greenskin units engaged in combat will generate Waaagh points to fill up a bar. When this bar is full, the player can trigger a Waaagh!
Once the Waaagh! ability is used, you should switch to an all-out attack and use that momentum to win. The Waaagh! can be used multiple times but each additional Waaagh! requires more Waaagh! points to unlock it

In campaign, the Waaagh! is a faction pooled resource which must be built to maximum to enable Waaagh! invasion. To start a Waaagh!, select a target region and dedicate it to either Gork or Mork. A transported Waaagh! army will then support each of the available armies to occupy or raze the target. After a set duration, Waaagh! will end and your points will drop to zero. Based on success of the Waaagh!, rewards get dished out (including a Waaagh! boost). You can build up Waaagh! points again to trigger your next Waaagh!

There’s also a new Scrap feature for the Greenskins to represent their ability to scavenge items from battles or settlements and use these to unlock special technology nodes and upgrade units.

Each recruited Greenskin unit may access a new panel where they can benefit from one of several upgrade options.

  • Upgrading a unit will cost a certain amount of Scrap
  • Each unit in your army will be able to choose and keep an upgrade individually
  • Each unit will have several different upgrade options
  • Pushing the units existing strength or adding new functionality

Other Greenskin updates will include:

  • New character skills
  • Unit improvements
  • Badlands map update
  • New start position for Azhag

What’s the free content that will be released alongside the DLC?

The Warden & The Paunch will be accompanied by the Free-LC release of a Legendary Lord for the High Elves, the Lord of Dragons himself, Imrik – more information will be released soon.

Additionally, there’ll be a free mount to download via Total War Access – keep an eye the Total War Access newsletter for more information on that!

When will the free content be available?

On the release day of The Warden & The Paunch – the 21st of May 2020.

Will The Warden & The Paunch be released on macOS and Linux?

This will be coming shortly after the release of The Warden & The Paunch – stay tuned!