Total War: THREE KINGDOMS – Dynasty Mode FAQ


CA KingGobbo
August 1 2019

The brand-new Dynasty Mode for Total War: THREE KINGDOMS will be released alongside the Eight Princes Chapter Pack DLC on Thursday the 8th of August 2019. Developed in partnership with Intel, Dynasty Mode is a new horde-style arcade mode for Total War: THREE KINGDOMS where you choose three heroes to fight off as many waves of units as you can.

Check out our handy FAQ below for everything there is to know about Dynasty Mode!


What is Dynasty Mode?

Dynasty Mode is a new horde-style arcade mode for Total War: THREE KINGDOMS where you choose three heroes to fight off as many waves of enemy units as you can.

Made in partnership with Intel, the mode will take extra advantage of your hardware to render larger and larger unit sizes depending on your PC’s spec.

Dynasty Mode challenges you to create a composition of different character classes who complement each other in battle, thus achieving swift destruction of the enemy while still surviving to fight off future waves.

How many people can play Dynasty Mode at once?

Dynasty Mode can be played solo or online in three-player co-op mode with friends.

How are characters different in Dynasty Mode?

Characters are legendarily powerful, far more so than in Romance Mode, while troops are weaker – in fact, they will fall to a single blow. Characters also have powerful new abilities with which to heal each other or fell ranks of troops at a stroke, and gain upgrades to spend between waves on further skills.

Enemy waves grow in strength and size over time, and every third wave contains powerful enemy heroes, which characters can earn extra upgrades by slaying.

Players can also up the challenge by expanding enemy unit sizes by up to 600%, testing their heroes’ skills – and their PCs’ performance – to the max!

How does scoring work in Dynasty Mode?

Points are awarded:

  • Every time you damage a unit
  • Every time you kill a unit or cause them to retreat
  • At the end of a wave

Each unit is worth 1,000 points once they have been completely destroyed, with up to 20,000 points in total up for grabs following completion based on how fast you finish the wave. This bonus slowly ticks down over time, and will reach 0 if you spend 10 minutes or more trying to clear a wave.

Will increasing unit sizes in Dynasty Mode affect my game’s performance?

Dynasty Mode was developed in conjunction with Intel’s engineers to help the THREE KINGDOMS engine take better advantage of multi-core CPUs. Increasing unit sizes creates a greater CPU overhead, with more unit interactions and calculations required at the entity level. This enhanced multithreading enables superior performance the more cores the CPU has, so moving from quad-core to hex-core and eight-core processors is where you see the greatest framerate gains.

Dynasty Mode’s required specifications are the same as the main Total War: THREE KINGDOMS game, and as it has been developed with Intel it will work with all hardware. However, unless you have a very high-powered PC, dramatically increasing unit sizes may negatively impact your frame rate or cause gameplay behaviours you won’t see in the main game.

When will the Dynasty Mode be released?

The update which includes Dynasty Mode will be automatically downloaded for all owners of Total War: THREE KINGDOMS alongside the release of the Eight Princes DLC on Thursday the 8th of August 2019.

Is there a pre-purchase discount?

Dynasty Mode will be available to download for free!

Will it be released on macOS and Linux?

Dynasty Mode will be released on macOS and Linux shortly after its release on PC.