Total War: THREE KINGDOMS – The Furious Wild FAQ


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August 18 2020

With the introduction of The Furious Wild Expansion Pack comes the first ever extension of the Total War: THREE KINGDOMS map and its already rich cast of characters. Visit the jungles around Southern China and with it the fearsome tribes of the Nanman – will you unite the tribes of the south?

As well as expanding the THREE KINGDOMS map, The Furious Wild includes:

  • Four new playable factions, each with their own unique mechanics, and 19 new factions overall populating southern China
  • Over 25 new units including exciting and formidable animal units
  • Ferocious new character artwork
  • A new Nanman-specific tech tree with keystone technologies that require missions to be completed
  • A completely new character progression style that uses feats to unlock traits
  • Unique missions and narrative events designed specifically for the Nanman culture
  • One goal: to unite the tribes – but how will you achieve it? Through diplomacy or conquest?
  • Playable in both 190 CE and 194 CE start dates


What is The Furious Wild?

The Furious Wild is an Expansion Pack DLC for Total War: THREE KINGDOMS.

What is an Expansion Pack?

Expansion Packs add new regions, cultures, and stories that cover time periods linked to the main narrative of Total War: THREE KINGDOMS, tying closely into the content and features of the main campaign.

What does The Furious Wild mean for players who don’t get the DLC?

The Furious Wild will bring with it a number of improvements to the Total War: THREE KINGDOMS campaign whether you decide to purchase the DLC or not – more information on these will be released in the coming weeks.

When will The Furious Wild be released?

The Furious Wild Expansion Pack will be released on Thursday the 3rd of September 2020 at 15:00 GMT.

Is there a pre-purchase discount?

Pre-purchase The Furious Wild Expansion Pack to get a 10% discount off the DLC’s normal price.

When does it take place?

The Furious Wild introduces four playable factions to the 190 CE and 194 CE start dates. Non-playable Nanman factions will also be introduced to the 182 CE start date, when the tribes had yet to fully establish themselves

Who are the playable warlords in The Furious Wild?

There are four new playable warlords from the Nanman culture:

  • Meng Huo
  • Lady Zhurong
  • King Mulu
  • King Shamoke

The free-LC will also add a new playable faction:

  • Shi Xie

What is the aim of the The Furious Wild DLC?

The Nanman culture was one of the most highly requested additions to Total War: THREE KINGDOMS – and we’re happy to finally be delivering it.

The fierce new warriors of Nanman will be bringing with them greater variety in battle as well as a new style of technology and character progression, allowing for campaigns that vary from playthrough to playthrough and plenty of opportunity to explore this brand-new western corner of the map to the fullest.

What new units will be in The Furious Wild?

Check out The Furious Wild Steam page for a full list of faction-specific units.

What’s the free content that will be released alongside the DLC?

Born to a powerful family in the south, the cunning and ambitious Shi Xie quickly rose up through the imperial government, soon establishing the remote areas around Longbian as a centre not only of trade but also of learning.

Far from the power of the capital, Shi Xie placed his own family members in powerful positions around him, creating an “empire” of the south from which he can watch the events unfold. His lands welcome all those who flee the troubles of the north to add to his burgeoning territories.

Shi Xie will be playable in both the 190 CE and 194 CE start dates – visit the Shi Xie Steam page for more details on his faction.

When will this free content be available?

The free-LC content will be released on Thursday the 3rd of September 2020 alongside the release of Nanman.

Will The Furious Wild be released on macOS and Linux?

This will be coming shortly after the release of the PC version – stay tuned!

For full details on everything included in The Furious Wild, head over to the Steam page – and get 10% off the launch price if you pre-purchase!

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS – The Furious Wild》常见问题

随着《The Furious Wild》扩展包的到来,《TOTAL WAR: THREE KINGDOMS》的地图也首次迎来开疆辟土,为玩家们带来了新的地图和更丰富的人物角色。瞻望南境,繁密树林与勇猛的南蛮部族映入眼帘。您是否能一统南蛮各部,成为南境共主?

在扩展地图的同时,《The Furious Wild》扩展包还会带来:

  • 4个全新可玩派系,每个派系均拥有自己的独特机制;以及散落在南境土地上的其他19个新派系
  • 超过25种新部队,包括所向披靡的野兽部队
  • 野蛮凶狠的全新人物美术
  • 全新的南蛮派系专属改革树。部分关键科技需要通过完成任务来掌握
  • 全新的人物升级风格,需要取得功绩来解锁人物特性
  • 针对南蛮文化所设计的独特任务与叙事
  • 您的目标只有一个:一统诸部——但您将如何实现呢?是通过外交徐徐图之,亦或是用武力征服全境?
  • 可选起始年代包括公元190年和194年


什么是《The Furious Wild》?

《The Furious Wild》是《Total War: THREE KINGDOMS》的DLC扩展包。


扩展包是在《Total War: THREE KINGDOMS》的主叙事时间线上新增的地区、文化和故事,与主线的内容与特色紧密相连。

《The Furious Wild》对没有购买DLC的玩家会有什么提升?

《The Furious Wild》会为《Total War: THREE KINGDOMS》带来多项优化,无论您是否购买该DLC都可享受,更多信息将会在随后几周公布。

《The Furious Wild》何时发布?

《The Furious Wild》扩展包将于北京时间2020年9月3日(周四)23:00发布。


提前购买《The Furious Wild》扩展包,可享常规价格的九折优惠。


《The Furious Wild》带来了4个可玩派系和公元190年和194年两个起始年代。同时公元182年起始的故事线中也会加入羽翼未丰的不可选南蛮派系

《The Furious Wild》里有哪些可选军阀?


  • 孟获
  • 祝融夫人
  • 木鹿大王
  • 沙摩柯大王


  • 士燮

《The Furious Wild》扩展包的目标是什么?

南蛮文化是《Total War: THREE KINGDOMS》玩家呼声最高的期望新增内容之一,我们很高兴终于能让期待成为现实。


《The Furious Wild》有哪些新增部队?

完整的派系独有部队列表请参见《The Furious Wild》Steam页面










《The Furious Wild》会在macOS和Linux系统上发布吗?


关于《The Furious Wild》内容的详细信息,请前往Steam页面查阅,别忘了预购还可享受九折发布价优惠!