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February 25 2021



In the Fates Divided Chapter Pack you begin at 200 CE, a period that finds Yuan Shao and Cao Cao at a crucial turning point. These childhood friends have borne witness to each other’s growing ambition, but Yuan Shao’s patience with Cao Cao is fast coming to an end – a childhood bond is about to break.

As well as including significant improvements to several existing mechanics, this brand-new Chapter Pack also includes:

  • The tumultuous 200 CE start date
  • A new cross-generational faction playable in 190 CE, 194 CE, and 200 CE
  • Over 20 new units, including formidable Northern Army units
  • Unique missions and narrative events
  • Additional mechanics added to your favourite factions
  • New systems and mechanics to improve overall gameplay

For details and to watch the trailer, head over to the Fates Divided Steam page.

What is Fates Divided?

Fates Divided is a Chapter Pack DLC for Total War: THREE KINGDOMS.

What is a Chapter Pack?

Chapter Packs add new start positions and stories that cover time periods linked to the main narrative of the Three Kingdoms, tying closely into the content and features of the main campaign.

When will Fates Divided be released?

The Fates Divided Chapter Pack will be released on the 11th of March 2021 at 15:00 GMT.

Is there a pre-purchase discount?

Pre-purchase the Fates Divided Chapter Pack to get a 10% discount off the DLC’s normal price.

When does it take place?

Fates Divided introduces a new playable start date of 200 CE, a period that finds Cao Cao and Yuan Shao in a struggle for dominance.

Who are the playable warlords in Fates Divided?

We have added one new cross-generational faction:

  • Liu Yan (playable in 190 CE and 194 CE) and his son Liu Zhang (200 CE)

The following original warlords have new starting positions in 200 CE:

  • Cao Cao
  • Gong Du*
  • Mulu****
  • Liu Bei
  • Liu Biao
  • Ma Teng
  • Meng Huo****
  • Shamoke****
  • Shi Xie
  • Sun Ce***
  • Yuan Shao
  • Zhang Yan
  • Zheng Jiang

We’ve also added the following as playable characters in existing chapters:

  • Ma Teng (182 CE)
  • Yuan Shu (182 CE)
  • Liu Chong (194 CE)**
  • He Yi (194 CE)*

*For players who own Yellow Turban Rebellion

** For players who own Mandate of Heaven

***For players who own A World Betrayed

**** For players who own The Furious Wild

What is the aim of the Fates Divided DLC?

For the Fates Divided DLC, we wanted to put players at a point where their favourite factions are well established, in a period in which tensions are running high. As well as managing the jostling powers surrounding their territories, players will need to pay close attention to their own territories to make sure they’re kept in check.

What new units will be in Fates Divided?

Cao Cao and Yuan Shao will each receive five new unique units with this Chapter Pack, while Liu Yan will receive two.

As well as these new units, players will also be able to recruit units from the Northern Army. The Northern Army will pledge themselves to either Cao Cao or Yuan Shao when their faction leader reaches rank seven. This will give them five Northern colonels, who can be assigned to characters to access the Northern Army Units.

Only the character who has the colonel equipped can recruit the units, and once equipped the colonels cannot be unequipped. However, a colonel can be assigned to someone else if the character dies. You can also steal an enemy’s colonel if you capture the character after a battle.

Will there be any free content with Fates Divided?

Fates Divided will bring with it a substantial cohort of additions and improvements to Total War: THREE KINGDOMS, all to be outlined fully in the coming weeks, and will be provided in the form of an update to the game regardless of whether the DLC has been purchased or not.

In brief, the 1.7 update will introduce reworked faction mechanics to Cao Cao and Yuan Shao’s factions, as well as bringing in new mechanics and improvements to old systems such as a new faction council system, expanded faction ranks, and imperial intrigue.

This update will also fix a number of other issues in the game.

When will this free content be available?

The update will be released on 11th of March 2021 alongside the release of Fates Divided.

Do I need to start a new save game to play this update?

As every DLC release comes with a cacophony of updates and improvements to the existing game, we always recommend you start a new save gave after updating the existing game.

Will Fates Divided be released on macOS and Linux?

Yes! This will be coming after the release of the Windows version – stay tuned.

For full details on everything included in Fates Divided, keep an eye on our social channels – and don’t forget you can get 10% off the launch price if you pre-purchase through Steam.

Simplified Chinese

Total War: THREE KINGDOMS——Fates Divided》常见问题

《Fates Divided》章节包的故事始于建安五年(公元200年),此时袁绍与曹操正站在各自雄图霸业的转折点上。二人少年相识,相交莫逆,亦见证了彼此不断迸发的雄心。随着袁绍对曹操的耐心消磨殆尽——少时情谊,百金之家,亦将分崩离析。


  • 动荡不安的开局时间:公元200年
  • 新的传承派系,可选年代包括公元190年、公元194年和公元200年
  • 超过20个新单位,包括所向披靡的北军部队
  • 独特任务与事件
  • 为玩家最喜爱的一些派系添加了更多游戏机制
  • 新系统和新游戏机制以改进整体游玩体验

更多详情和预告片,请移步《Fates Divided》Steam页面

什么是《Fates Divided》?

《Fates Dividedd》是《Total War: THREE KINGDOMS》的一个章节包DLC。


章节包会为《Total War: THREE KINGDOMS》提供全新的派系开局位置和剧情,讲述三国时代另一个时间段中发生的故事,但同时也会与本体中的内容和机制紧密联系。

《Fates Divided》何时发布?

《Fates Divided》章节包将于北京时间2021年3月11日(周四)23:00发布。


提前购买《Fates Divided》章节包,可享常规价格的九折优惠。


《Fates Divided》始于建安五年(公元200年),曹操与袁绍将在这个全新的开局时间争夺北方霸主之位。

《Fates Divided》里有哪些可选派系?


  • 刘焉(可于公元190年和公元194年扮演)和他的儿子刘璋(公元200年)


  • 曹操
  • 龚都*
  • 木鹿大王****
  • 刘备
  • 刘表
  • 马腾
  • 孟获****
  • 沙摩柯****
  • 士燮
  • 孙策***
  • 袁绍
  • 张燕
  • 郑姜


  • 马腾(182)
  • 袁术(182)
  • 刘宠(190)**
  • 何仪(194)*

* 玩家须拥有《Yellow Turban Rebellion

** 玩家须拥有《Mandate of Heaven》

*** 玩家须拥有《A World Betrayed

**** 玩家须拥有《The Furious Wild》

《Fates Divided》DLC的目标是什么?

在《Fates Divided》DLC中,我们希望将玩家带到一个全新的开局时间,大家心爱的派系已雄踞一方,与此同时,天下局势也处于前所未有的紧张之中。除了应对环伺四周的饿虎贪狼,玩家还需密切关注自己的领土治理,确保一切井井有条。

《Fates Divided》有哪些新增单位?




《Fates Divided》是否有免费内容?

《Fates Divided》将为《Total War: THREE KINGDOMS》带来众多新增和改进内容,会在随后几周中全面介绍,并以更新补丁的形式推出,无论是否购买DLC都可享受。




本更新将于北京时间2021年3月11日(周四)23:00与《Fates Divided》章节包一同推出。



《Fates Divided》会在macOS和Linux系统上发布吗?


关于《Fates Divided》所含内容的详细信息,请关注我们的社交媒体频道——别忘了在Steam预购还可享受首发价的九折优惠!