Total War: ROME II – Rise of the Republic Hotfix Notes

Total War: ROME

CA KingGobbo
August 15 2018

Check out the full details of the Total War: ROME II – Rise of the Republic hotfix below.

Balance Changes

  • Increased the loyalty bonuses after a secession or civil war has ended to be twice as large (there will be more changes in the future to further reduce the frequency of secessions)


  • Fixed the Warring States achievement – it only worked when Athens is the supported city-state
  • Fixed the soft lock when the AI initiates the second battle for Rome in RotR
  • Fixed the issues with freezing or crashing replays from campaign battles
  • Fixed the spawning agents at the player’s capitol on saves from Desert Kingdoms
  • Fixed the tooltips of Roman technologies in RotR that mention owning a certain amount of regions (English language only)

Known Issues

  • There are slight text inconsistencies within a few technology descriptions (non-English languages)
  • Critical success of an agent bribing a rebel or slave army’s commander may result in a crash
  • In some cases during a coastal assault the AI will not properly disembark all of its ships
  • Flickering shadows may be observed when playing on Ultra graphical settings
  • A message event that states “Agent Defects!” pops up when a champion agent succeeds with the “Trap” action
  • The Greek faction trait Naval Prowess does not provide +2 experience ranks for Greek ship recruits
  • There is an issue with the characters’ lip sync in Polish, Czech and Turkish