Thrones of Britannia – All Rosters Reveal


CA KingGobbo
April 3 2018

While the battlefields of the Anglo-Saxon period were largely dominated by shield-wall tactics, each of the playable factions in Thrones of Britannia has its own unique specialisations and unit types that support this core style of battle.

Welsh armies, for example, are ranged specialists. Gwined’s excellent spearmen are supported by good javelin skirmishers and exceptional archers, while Strat Clut supports similarly excellent ranged units with superior cavalry.

Gaelic armies tend to focus on excellent skirmishers with a solid backbone of melee infantry. Circenn specialises in being the only faction with access to crossbows, while their Irish cousin of Mide field powerful Gallowglass infantry.

The ‘settled’ factions of the Great Viking Army are distinguished by their excellent axe infantry and may access Berserkers. East Engle can also field powerful Anglian Champions, while their counterparts of Northymbre may recruit excellent Northumbrian Spearmen.

The warriors of the Viking Sea Kings factions, being of hardy stock, do not suffer High Seas attrition or Seasickness. Like their settled cousins, they also field very strong axe infantry and berserkers, though Dyflin’s Gaelic influence has helped them specialise in excellent Javelinmen, while Sudreyar may recruit a greater range of Norse units, and feature an excellent overall unit diversity.

Below is a complete listing of each faction’s roster

The Anglo-Saxons

Available to – Unit Type Early Middle Late
 West Seaxe & Mierce General’s Bodyguard: Royal Companions Royal Bodyguard
Sword and Axe Infantry: Ceorl Axemen Fyrd Axemen
Long Axemen Mailed Long Axemen
Seax Warriors Mailed Seaxes
Thegns Earl’s Thegns Mailed Thegns
Royal Thegns Royal Huscarls
Spear Infantry: Ceorl Spearmen Fyrd Spearmen Militia Fyrd Spearmen
Thegn Spearmen Earl’s Spearmen Mailed Spearmen
Missile Infantry: Ceorl Archers Fyrd Archers Militia Fyrd Archers
Ceorl Javelinmen Fyrd Javelinmen
Cavalry: Scout Horsemen
Thegn Horsemen Earl’s Horsmen Mailed Horsemen
Artillery: Catapult
West Seaxe Spearmen: Select Fyrd Spearmen Select Militia Spearmen
Missile Infantry: Select Fyrd Archers
Mierce Spearmen: Marcher Fyrd Spearmen Marcher Militia Spearmen Marcher Mailed Spearmen

The Welsh Kingdoms

Available to Unit Type Early Middle Late
Gwined & Strat Clut General’s Bodyguard Teulu Royal Teulu
Sword and Axe Infantry Welsh Levy Axemen Welsh Axemen
Welsh Armoured Axemen Welsh Mailed Axemen
Welsh Swordsmen Welsh Armoured Swordsmen Welsh Mailed Swordsmen
Special Warhounds
Spear Infantry Welsh Levy Spearmen Welsh Spearmen Welsh Cantref Spearmen
Royal Spearmen Teulu Spear Guard
Missile Infantry Welsh Levy Javelinmen Welsh Javelinmen
Welsh Hunters Welsh Helwyr
Welsh Archers Welsh Longbowmen
Cavalry Scout Horsemen Welsh Horse Raiders Welsh Horsemen
Uchelwr Royal Uchelwr
Artillery Catapult
Gwined Spear Infantry Valley Spearmen Valley Armoured Spearmen Valley Mailed Spearmen
Strat Clut Cavalry Old North Horsemen Old North Riders Old North Uchelwr

The Gaels

Available to Unit Type Early Middle Late
Mide General’s Bodyguard Household Riders Household Horsemen
Sword and Axe Infantry Freemen Axemen Kern Axemen
Kern Swordsmen Raider Swordsmen
Fianna Band Fianna Swordsmen Mailed Fianna
Foreign Warriors Gallowglasses
Airig Warband Airig Swordsmen
Special Wolf Hounds
Spear Infantry Freemen Spearmen Kern Spearmen
Spear Raiders Wood Spears
Missile Infantry Freemen Javelinmen Kerns Wood Kerns
Serf Archers Freemen Archers
Cavalry Horse Boys Mounted Kerns Kern Raiders
Airig Horsemen Airig Mailed Horsemen
Artillery Catapult
Circenn General’s Bodyguard Royal Followers Royal Bodyguard
Sword and Axe Infantry Caternan Levy Cateran Axemen
Alban Axemen Alban Axe Warriors
Sword Band Sword Warriors Alban Warriors
Black Blades King’s Blades
Special Wolfhounds
Spear Infantry Alban Levy Spearmen Alban Spearmen Schiltron
Missile Infantry Alban Levy Javelinmen Alban Javelinmen
Highland Levy Archers Highland Archers Highland Sharpshooters
Alban Crossbowmen Lowland Crossbowmen
Cavalry Alban Raiders Lowland Raiders
Alban Horsemen Mormaer Horsemen
Royal Horsemen Royal Cavalry
Artillery Catapult

The Great Viking Army

Available to Unit Type Early Middle Late
East Engle & Northymbre General’s Bodyguard Warlord’s Companions Royal Huscarls
Sword and Axe Infantry Ceorl Axemen Danelaw Axemen
Long Axemen Great Axemen
Sword Hirdmen Sword Hersir Danelaw Mailed Swordsmen
Shield Biters Berserkers
Huscarls Jarl’s Huscarls Danelaw Huscarls
Spear Infantry Ceorl Spearmen Fyrd Spearmen Danelaw Spearmen
Missile Infantry Ceorl Archers Fyrd Archers Danelaw Archers
Ceorl Javelinmen Danelaw Javelinmen
Armoured Archers Danelaw Mailed Archers
Cavalry Scout Horsemen
Thegn Horsemen Jarl’s Horsemen Danelaw Mailed Horsemen
Artillery Catapult
East Engle Sword and Axe Infantry Anglian Raiders Anglian Marauders Anglian Champions
Northymbre Spear Infantry Northumbrian Thegns Northumbrian Mailed Thegns

The Viking Sea Kings

Available to Unit Type Early Middle Late
Dyflin & Sudreyar General’s Bodyguard Hearthguard Royal Huskarls
Sword and Axe Infantry Eastmen Fighters Eastmen Marauders
Eastmen Long Axes Eastmen Great Axes
Eastmen Axemen Eastmen Axe Warriors Eastmen Mailed Axemen
Eastmen Champions
Shield Biters Berserkers
Eastmen Hirdmen Eastmen Huskarls
Spear Infantry Eastmen Warband Eastmen Spearband Eastmen Spearmen
Eastmen Spear Hirdmen Eastmen Spear Guard
Missile Infantry Eastmen Levy Javelinmen Eastmen Javelinmen
Eastmen Archers Eastmen Hunters
Cavalry Eastmen Scouts Eastmen Raiders
Eastmen Horsemen Eastmen Mailed Horsemen
Artillery Catapult
Dyflin Missile Infantry Eastmen Kerns Eastmen Wood Kerns
Sudreyar Sword and Axe Infantry Norse Warriors Norse Hersir Norse Mailed Hersir