Thrones of Britannia: Anglo-Saxon Unit Rosters


CA KingGobbo
January 8 2018

Anglo Saxon England


When Roman rule in England concluded, new kingdoms of Germanic stock coalesced in the counties now known as Northumbria, Mercia, Wessex, Essex, Sussex, East Anglia and Kent. The peoples of these regions came collectively to be known as the Anglo Saxons – a term which came into common usage in the 8th century in order to distinguish the English Saxons from the Old Saxons, or Ealdseaxe, of the European continent.

Broadly speaking, the Anglo Saxons existed between the collapse of Roman rule in the 5th century until the Norman invasion in the 11th century; the early Medieval period. Thrones of Britannia depicts the sweep of the British Isles from 878 AD onwards, when the Anglo Saxons were at their height.


Players choosing to take control of an Anglo-Saxon faction will be able to play as West Seaxe or Mierce. Below is the full unit roster for both factions including some units that are unique to each faction. As well as the initial unit that can be hired, units can also be upgraded through technology and this roster will show each upgrade as either early, middle or late game.

Available to – Unit Type Early Middle Late
 West Seaxe & Mierce General’s Bodyguard: Royal Companions Royal Bodyguard
Sword and Axe Infantry: Ceorl Axemen Fyrd Axemen
Long Axemen Mailed Long Axemen
Seax Warriors Mailed Seaxes
Thegns Earl’s Thegns Mailed Thegns
Royal Thegns Royal Huscarls
Spear Infantry: Ceorl Spearmen Fyrd Spearmen Militia Fyrd Spearmen
Thegn Spearmen Earl’s Spearmen Mailed Spearmen
Missile Infantry: Ceorl Archers Fyrd Archers Militia Fyrd Archers
Ceorl Javelinmen Fyrd Javelinmen
Cavalry: Scout Horsemen
Thegn Horsemen Earl’s Horsmen Mailed Horsemen
Artillery: Catapult
West Seaxe Spearmen: Select Fyrd Spearmen Select Militia Spearmen
Missile Infantry: Select Fyrd Archers
Mierce Spearmen: Marcher Fyrd Spearmen Marcher Militia Spearmen Marcher Mailed Spearmen