The Everchosen Halloween Invitational Recap


CA KingGobbo
October 22 2018

Last weekend saw eight of the world’s best competitive Total War: WARHAMMER II players face off in a suitably spooky edition of the Everchosen Invitational to celebrate the upcoming release of Curse of the Vampire Coast. Taking place live at the Creative Assembly studio, there were vampires, pirates, and crabs galore – but who was it who won the right to call themselves Arch Grand Commodore?

Day One

The first day of the Everchosen Halloween Invitational opened with Indypride facing off against Pippington, with the former seizing a place in the grand final 2-1. Next was The Gobbo King versus Aerocrastic, and after some great back and forth Everchosen Invitational newcomer Aerocrastic emerged victorious.

After a bitterly fought showmatch that saw ItalianSpartacus and Turin take on Total War developers Gary and Duck in a special 2v2 edition of CA vs. the World, Everchosen returnees Loremaster of Sotek and Romulan Dawg did battle, with Loremaster of Sotek taking the win 2-1. The last match up of the day was Shetland Apache versus Tlaxtlan Soothsayer, with the latter coming out on top the advance to the next day and take a shot at the crown.

You can find a full VOD of the quarter finals here:

Day Two

Day two started with a bang as Aerocrastic took out Indypride 2-0, with Tlaxtlan Soothsayer also picking up a 2-0 win versus his opponent Loremaster of Sotek.

This brought up to the grand final, where Tlaxtlan Soothsayer and Aerocrastic began a best-of-five battle to see who was worthy of calling themselves the Everchosen. The match up went to the full five games, the first going to Aerocrastic before Tlaxtlan Soothsayer picked up two wins in a row. However, it was Aerocrastic who ultimately reigned supreme, winning the final two match ups as well as the Everchosen Halloween Invitational’s $750 dollar first prize – congratulations, Aerocrastic!

Check out the full VOD of the grand finals here:

The Winners

Eight competitors set sail, but only the best would make out with the booty. The hearty pile of doubloons that served as the Everchosen Halloween Invitational’s prize pool was rightly plundered by the following top contestants:

  • First place ($750): Aerocrastic
  • Second place ($500): Tlaxtlan Soothsayer
  • Third place ($250): Indypride


There were plenty of incredible moments during the Everchosen Hallowen Invitational – check out some of our favourites below.

Thank You!

Thank you for joining us for the Everchosen Halloween Invitational, and remember to take plenty of lad breaks!