Terry Keyboard Shortcuts

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April 11 2017


Action, Key, Description

New… Ctrl + N Create a new map

Open… Ctrl + O Open an existing map

Process with Bob Ctrl + P Process the Map

Save Ctrl + S Save the map

Save As… Ctrl + Shift + S Save the map with a different name

Toggle Height Map as Colour H Displays the heightmap as a topographic display

World/Edit View Toggle G Toggles between world and edit view

Camera Controls

Action Key

Lower Camera —- X

Move Back —- S

Move Forward —- W

Move Left —- A

Mode Right —- D

Raise —- C

Reset Position —- R

Rotate Left —- Q

Rotate Right —- E

Zoom to selected —- Z

Move Camera —- MMB

Rotate Camera —- Alt+MMB

Raise/Lower —- Shift + MMB

Zoom —- Scroll Wheel


Action Key

Edit Selected Entity —- Tab

Select —- 1

Translate —- 2

Rotate —- 3

Scale —- 4


Action —- Key —- Description

Group —- Ctrl + G —- Group the selected objects

Ungroup —- Ctrl + U —- Break open the selected group

Terrain Editing

Action Key Description Decrease Brush Size [ Increase Brush Size ] Decrease Brush Opacity (Blend Paint) O Increase Brush Opacity (Blend Paint) P Change other value N Change Other value M Scale Brush Ctrl + Alt + Mouse Up/Down Rotate Brush Ctrl + Alt + Mouse Left/Right Quick Smooth Tool Hold Shift.