A Total War Saga: TROY – Blood & Glory

A Total War Saga: TROY

CA KingGobbo
October 27 2020

As you’ve probably already seen, we already have a pretty big content drop for TROY – but there’s more!

Experience the Trojan War in full, horrifying detail with the Blood & Glory pack for A Total War Saga: TROY!


This pack introduces several gory and mature-rated effects to the campaign and battle map, allowing players to experience the Trojan War in all its blood-soaked glory.

Once installed, these effects can be activated and adjusted through the graphics menu, where you can increase or decrease the level of gore to suit your taste.

Campaign effects

  • Blood-drenched event movies and pictures
  • Campaign map rivers run red with the blood of warriors slain in any massive battles nearby
  • Erect a Tropaion, a bloodied battle monument visible on the campaign map after a large battle with many casualties
  • Blood effects and decapitation for battle resolution combat animations

Battle effects

  • Blood trails from chariots
  • Blood splatter on the ground
  • Blood sprays on weapon impacts, staining armour, chariots, horses, and more
  • Decapitation on selected death animations
  • Dismemberment on selected death animations
  • Rivers of blood when battles are fought within them

Please note that, depending on your country of residence, the Blood & Glory pack may raise the age rating of the main game.

Let the blood flow!

Get hold of your copy of Blood & Glory from Thursday (and be sure to keep an eye on our social media platforms for all the latest TROY updates)!