Available Now: The ALT+Tab Crash Steam Beta Branch


March 22 2022

Steam players who regularly encounter the ALT+Tab Crash in Total War: WARHAMMER III can now opt-in to a new Steam Beta branch and play with the fix we’re working to include in Update 1.1. By opting-in to the branch, you will automatically download a temporary, beta version of the game that includes a fix for this specific issue:

  • When ALT+Tabbing out of the game, the client will close out unexpectedly.

Please note that while you are playing on the beta branch, CROSSPLAY WITH THE WINDOWS STORE, EPIC, AND NON-BETA STEAM USERS WILL BE UNAVIALABLE. This is because you will be playing on a unique version of the game, which is incompatible with any other versions currently available.



Here’s how to opt-in and download the special Steam Beta branch:

  1. Login to your account on Steam
  2. Find Total War: WARHAMMER III in your Library
  3. Right-click the game and select Properties… from the context menu
  4. Select the BETAS option from the list
  5. Under the Select the beta you would like to opt into: field, select the wh3_public_test – WH3 Public Test branch
  6. The new build will begin downloading (~588MB). Wait for it to finish before launching the game

Note that you can opt-out of the beta at any time by following the same steps while setting the beta branch to “None”. This will automatically remove the beta files and return you to the public, “live” build of the game (currently 1.0.2).



There are a few known issues you may encounter by opting-in to the wh3_public_test branch:

  • CROSSPLAY WHILE PLAYING THE STEAM BETA WILL BE UNAVAILABLE. Steam beta players will ONLY be able to play with other Steam beta players until the fix is fully-integrated alongside Update 1.1.
  • Dragging your window to a monitor using a different resolution can cause graphical issues. You can drag the game back to your original monitor or you can re-launch the game on the second monitor to work around this problem.
  • Save Games will initially prompt a warning that they are incompatible with the new build. Verifying the integrity of your game files should let you work around this error.



While we’ve run our own tests on the build, there’s always room for new problems to arise whenever it’s introduced to a new hardware/software environment. If you encounter any graphics or display issues related to this particular beta build—meaning NEW issues caused specifically by this beta—please take the time to reply in the discussion thread, here:

? [BETA FEEDBACK] WH3 Public Test: ALT + Tab Crash Fix Discussion

We will be monitoring this thread for both positive (“the fix works”) and negative (“something went wrong”) feedback about the build, so feel free to post about your experience on the forum so we can react in time for Update 1.1!



Finally, if you are experiencing a technical issue or a new issue launching the game, there are several resources for you to explore to work around the issues: