Total War: WARHAMMER III – Patch 4.1.0


November 20 2023

24/01/2024 09:00 GMT

Hotfix 4.1.4 is now available on all platforms. Thanks for your patience!


After three new Legendary faction leaders arrived in Total War: WARHAMMER III with Update 4.0 and Shadows of Change, we’ve been hard at work to bring out a steady stream of fixes and adjustments in the build-up to Patch 4.1.

But what comes with Patch 4.1, you ask? Well, let’s not faff about, and dive right into the patch notes with some juicy highlights:

  • Tear down those walls and bolster your own with the latest settlements and sieges battle update.
  • Mix things up on the fly with skill point resets. 
  • Projectiles find their way with Homing 2.0.
  • Customize your main menu background with 19 additional themes.
  • Stand sturdy with a massive suite of bug fixes, race tweaks, UI improvements, and more!
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? Download on the Microsoft Store

Remember that you’ll need to update your game in the Microsoft Store:

  1. Open the Microsoft Store.
  2. Click the [∙ ∙ ∙] symbol next to your profile picture.
  3. Select Downloads and updates.
  4. Press the Get updates button to automatically detect, download, and install the latest changes to your game!
  5. Open the game. The title screen should show you on Update 4.1.0.

If you are unable to launch the game after downloading the update, make sure you add (or re-add) the Total War: WARHAMMER III client or folder as an exception to your firewall and antivirus program.

? Download on Steam

Remember that you’ll need to update your game in Steam:

  1. Open Steam.
  2. Click on Library to see your games list.
  3. Click Downloads at the bottom of the Library window.
  4. [If the new build does not download automatically,] click the Download Now button to manually download the new update.
  5. Open the game. The title screen should show you on Update 4.1.0.

If you encounter any issues downloading or playing the game, you can verify the integrity of the Steam files to correct any download or installation errors.

? Download on Epic

Remember that you’ll need to update your game in Epic:

  1. Open the Epic games launcher.
  2. Click your profile portrait in the upper right corner of the client window.
  3. Select ‘Settings’ from the navigation page
  4. Click Downloads at the bottom of the Library window.
  5. Scroll to the Manage Games section and check the Allow Auto-Updates
  6. Expand the menu for Total War: WARHAMMER III and open the game Options.
  7. Select the “Auto-update” box and let the game update.
  8. Open the game. The title screen should show you on Update 4.1.0.

If you encounter any issues downloading or playing the game, make sure you verify your game files to correct any download or installation errors.


If you experience any issues after downloading the update, please take a moment to visit our support site for additional troubleshooting steps and assistance.

PATCH 4.1.0

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Skill Point Reset ⬥ Settlement & Siege Battle Update

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Skill Point Reset

We’ve added a button to allow you to reset Skill Points. When clicked, this will wound the character for 3 turns, and will clear all skills. Once the character returns, their skills can be redistributed! Use this to switch up your playstyle on the fly, or adapt to a campaign that might’ve swung in a new direction so you remain on top. 

Settlement & Siege Battle Update

The goal of this patch is to improve your experience with the current settlement battle gameplay and the features within it. While adjustments have been made to interactions with settlements on the campaign map, the bulk of the changes can be seen within the battles themselves.

We’ll look at the intent of the changes, how we’re striving towards that intent, and how it will alter your settlement battle strategies moving forward. Let’s roll!

Linked Capture Points

Intent: to add more depth to gameplay when using stealthy units to exploit the score-based victory objective. An example being players using stealthy units to capture the Tier 5 Zharr Naggrund settlement early on in the campaign.

  • The major capture point has been fairly exposed to stalker units and should be more of a final fall back location when defending your settlement.
    • This change also pairs with the 4.0 update, where we removed victory tickets from the key building point.
  • You will now find that the major capture location is locked by the key building location, and to gain access to the major location as the attacker you will have to capture the key building point to unlock it.
  • This has been done to promote more of the desired fall back gameplay and to make capturing a key point a little harder in the early game with the use of stalker units.

Settlement Vision Abilities

Intent: is to add further gameplay depth when using stealthy units to exploit the score-based victory objective. Currently, stalker or other stealth units can walk freely throughout a settlement without being spotted.

  • Buildable settlement towers now have an ability that grants vision of stalker units in the nearby area. This is to aid in finding those sneaky units who run through your streets unseen on their way to the capture points.
  • Destroying the building will disable the ability to allow you to freely roam the settlement.

Additional Barricade Positions

Intent: is to add more battle flow control options to players in both major and minor settlement battles. An example being some of the minor settlements having split paths with a barricade in one path but not the other.

  • We have gone though each of the settlement maps and added in more barricade placement options where possible, Some maps have more options than others that make use of the space within the settlement.
  • Barricades have been strategically placed to face outward from their connected capture locations, effectively bolstering the defences of these key points. While some of the barricade placements may appear unconventional at first glance, they have been carefully designed to address various angles of attack in settlements with multiple entrances. Our aim was to create a more balanced and challenging siege experience for all players.

Restricted Single Build Changes

Intent: is to reduce player frustration and micro-management when interacting with the toggled building system by allowing a slot to only have a single building. The player attacker/defender ratio is 70:30 for minor settlements, and 87:13 for major settlement battles. The changes should make these battles more enjoyable when playing as an attacker.

  • We have changed the way that buildable towers and barricades can be interacted with in battle.
  • The deployment phase will remain the same. The changes will be during the battle phase and will limit building slots to only one building.
  • What this means is that once you have built in a slot, you will not be able to dismantle it or rebuild it when it is broken. Plus, once a building has been destroyed in that slot, it is gone forever.
  • You can still swap out and upgrade building variants throughout the battle, but you will now need to save up for the more expensive towers to deploy them later in the battle!

Weapon Damage vs Buildings Rebalance

Intent: is to increase the overall time it takes for units to destroy buildings. This will come alongside a building health rebalance, which we’ll get to in a moment, as the current sentiment is that buildings are destroyed too quickly to be effective during defence.

  • The building damage modifiers for melee and missile weapons have all been rebalanced to make sure that units feel like they’re doing the kind of damage you would expect when attacking various buildings in battle.
    • Some units, such as the Skaven Warp Grinders or the Dwarf Miners and artillery, are more themed towards the destruction of buildings and this will be shown in their greater ability to bring them down in battle!
  • Units with fire type attacks or the Wallbreaker attribute will get increased bonus values for this modifier when attacking buildings, and, both of these additional bonuses stack.
  • We now display this information on the unit info panel within the Weapon or Missile Strength tooltips.
    • NOTE: This is only displayed for units that can attack walls.

Buildings Health Rebalance & Progression

Intent: is to add more incentives and usefulness to upgrading the Wall building and increase the overall time it takes for units to destroy the walls in battle. This will work in tandem with the weapon building damage modifier rebalance mentioned above.

  • We have added more functionality to the defensive building chains on campaign.
  • The buildings health now scales up as you improve your settlement Wall defence building in campaign, and provides you with a more entrenched defensive location to hold off your foes.
    • The primary focus for these changes are the outer walls, the outer perimeter towers and the gates.
    • Note that the unique settlements (like for example Altdorf) have these increased unlocked by the main campaign buildings chain, rather than the walls.
  • Each time you upgrade the walls of your major settlement, we now increase the building health in the battle, you will now benefit from increased health values for your walls, towers and gatehouses that scale up with the building levels.
    • The overall health of an outside wall has been approximately doubled.

Walled Towers & Buildable Towers Range Split

Intent: is to create a difference between the projectile ranges of the wall towers and the built towers.

  • We have now split the ranges between the settlement wall towers and the buildable towers within the settlement.
  • The wall based towers have retained their longer range as they’re built in to the settlement whereas the buildable towers have a much reduced range as they’re role is to be more of a reactionary solution to enemies attacking a specific area within your settlement.

New Backgrounds

We’re delighted to enhance your Total War: WARHAMMER III experience with a touch of nostalgia and added personalisation. We’ve reintroduced the main menu themes from Total War: WARHAMMER I and Total War: WARHAMMER II, offering more ways to customise your experience.

Indulge in the nine classic images from the first instalment. Or breathe life into your menu with the ten animated backgrounds from the sequel, all alongside the existing Total War: WARHAMMER III themes.

To change the background, simply hover your mouse over the main menu to reveal the ‘<‘ and ‘>’ icons and click through to select your preferred backdrop.


  • Fixed a rare crash that could occur when a Legendary Hero would spawn for the AI.
  • Changing the difficulty from another difficulty to Legendary and back to another difficulty will now make the Realism checkbox value revert to the previous value.
  • Fixed the Battle Realism checkbox in campaign options showing the setting from the preference file instead of the settings from the save file, which caused it to sometimes look as if it was inverted.
  • Fixed a rare pathfinding crash.
  • Fixed a Multiplayer crash when two or more people try to teleport to a Quest Battle at the same time.
  • Fixed a rare soft-lock when playing as Slaanesh and ending your turn after summoning the disciple army for the first time.


Rules & Systems

  • Reworked homing projectiles to be far more aggressive and accurate in their homing, enabling them to hit their targets more consistently.
  • Fixed pending Diplomacy offers not being interactable if they were received when the Diplomacy panel was already open.
  • Spellcasters, without Snipe, are now revealed, for example while hiding in forests or while casting spells.
  • Fixed an issue where the Warriors of Chaos / Norsca Enslave Captives option would sometimes appear for other races post-battle, rather than just between the Warriors of Chaos and Norsca.
  • Ambush withdraw zones have been moved from behind the ambushed army to a harder to reach location.
  • Siege capture points now use sticky tooltips and contain relevant information about capture point behaviour.

  • An alert has also been added for attackers when they are losing control of a location that unlocks another.

  • Fixed a number of Lord recruitment rank technologies that were not increasing said rank when replacing a Lord, only when recruiting a fresh one.
  • Certain buildings that applied corruption faction-wide were applying it to every region, and so it would combine in provinces with multiple regions. Now, it applies per province.
  • Fixed some instances where, when a settlement building was damaged, the settlement would lose its walls.

AI Rules & Logic

  • Fixed an issue where AI flying units remained idle after deploying with the attacker’s reinforcing army in a walled settlement battle.
  • Fixed an issue causing AI reinforcing units to remain idle once they deploy on the map when a nearby ally unit group is attacking the settlement walls.
  • Garrisons will now correctly enter the battlefield under control of the AI when delegated to the AI.
  • Improvements have been to made ensure AI defenders in settlement battles are not pulling back too aggressively from enemy units, as it was leading to them becoming idle and not engaging enemy units.
  • Improved the position of AI archer units to allow them to pull back from settlement walls when the attacking army has entered the settlement.
  • Reduced the frequency of ground-based AI melee units attempting to engage flying enemy units and idling underneath them instead.
  • In siege battles, defending AI can now construct deployables when reinforced by a player army.
  • On easy and normal difficulty settings, the attacking AI’s will no longer form up and wait outside a settlement for missile/artillery units to attack buildings before storming in. This means that the AI won’t wait for missile/artillery to destroy settlement towers before moving in, allowing the towers to do their job a lot more effectively.
  • Fixed an AI issue where units were being grouped together incorrectly when issued orders to assault walls in Siege Battles, leading to units attempting to assault walls that are too far from them.

Exploit Fixes

  • Fixed an exploit where casters mounted on War Beasts could cast a magic missile spell, and then move to avoid paying the Winds of Magic cost for it.

Immortal Empires Achievement Unlock Conditions

We’ve adjusted the unlock requirements for campaign completion achievements to include the Long Victory type in Immortal Empires (alongside the current domination and ultimate victory types!).

Achievements can not be granted retroactively, but can be earned on existing saves that complete the long victory after the patch!


Single Entity Knockdown Reactions

We’ve adjusted the behaviour of units targeting a single entity that’s been knocked down in combat. This can be broken down into two different cases:

When a Unit with multiple Entities knocks down a single entity target, previously they would engage in a charge behaviour where they’d charge across and around the knocked down entity until they stood back up. Under the new system, they have two new cases they can employ depending on the state of the knocked down entity.

If the knocked down entity lands outside the Squad’s OBB, (a concept where we draw an invisible box around a cluster of the unit to determine the rough space it controls and observes for entity level behaviour) the unit will move to place their formation over the fallen entity, then wait for it to get up.
If the knocked down entity lands inside the Squad’s OBB, they will remain stationary and simply wait for their target to stand back up, maintaining their surround in most cases.

For single entity vs single entity matchups, once the target is knocked down, the attacking entity will move towards them and place themselves near their fallen foe, in position to attack them once they stand back up.

Be aware, that these cases do not apply when pursuing routing targets.

Projectile Homing 2.0

It’s in the name!

We’ve refactored how the game handles homing behaviour for projectiles, making them significantly more reliable, and opening up space to create a variety of low and high power homing profiles. Projectiles prior to this change could not correct their course vertically and were bound by a lot of limitations, but now we’ve unlocked the power to create truly frightening cruise missiles.

As part of this change, we’ve rebalanced existing homing profiles to account for the most aggressive implementation, but on average expect homing projectiles to be more effective at hitting the mark in general.

Here is a quick before and after on Count Noctlius’ Wraith Storm Ability. Notice how the projectile turning circle is a lot more aggressive now.



Here is a list of the units and abilities that have been affected by this change:


  • Orion
  • Sisters of Twilight
  • Glade Lord (Both)
  • Glade Captain
  • Ulrika Magdova
  • Waystalker
  • Luminark of Hysh
  • Templehof Luminark (Luminark of Hysh)
  • Doom Diver Catapults
  • Hellcannon
  • The Soul of Damnation (Hellcannon)
  • The Ice-Forged Legion
  • Soul Grinder (Tzeentch)


  • Goggly Glare
  • Volley of Dark Arrows
  • Volley of High Arrows
  • Crippling Throw
  • Ice Shard
  • Dart of Doom
  • Eagle Quiver
  • Rod of Torment
  • Wraith Storm
  • Quiver of Aqshy
  • Executioner
  • Arrow of Aqshy
  • Focused Shot
  • Spirit Bear
  • Dire Spirit Bear
  • Lesser Doombolt
  • Warp-Fireball
  • Warp Stars
  • Warp Stars Upgraded
  • Gaze of Nagash
  • Hand of Gods
  • Tome of Furion
  • Wand of the Kharaidon
  • Doombolt
  • Doombolt Upgraded
  • Soul Quench
  • Soul Quench Upgraded
  • Blue Fire of Tzeentch
  • Blue Fire of Tzeentch Upgraded
  • The Amber Spear
  • The Amber Spear Upgraded
  • Gaze of Mork
  • Gaze of Mork Upgraded
  • Warp-Fireball
  • Fireball
  • Fireball Upgraded
  • Shem’s Burning Gaze
  • Shem’s Burning Gaze Upgraded
  • Vindictive Glare
  • Vindictive Glare Upgraded
  • Gaze of Nagash
  • Gaze of Nagash Upgraded
  • Cinderblast Shell
  • Arrow of Kurnous
  • Volley of Kurnous
  • The Venom Staff
  • Amber Bow
  • Bow of the Seafarer
  • Wolf’s Howl
  • Hunting Spear
  • Spear of Kurnous
  • Skarsnik’s Prodder

Army Abilities

  • Wraith Storm
  • Doom Diver Strike
  • Bolt of Spite
  • Bolt of Change



  • The embedded Hero action “Training” now increases experience gained for units within the army, rather than a flat amount per turn.
  • Added missing garrison units to Empire forts, High Elf gates and the Great Bastion when occupied by Ogre Kingdoms or Wood Elves.
  • Fixed an issue that would allow units with Stalk and Fire While Moving, but not Snipe, to fire without being revealed.

Spells (General)

    • Vortex Speed 3 → 2
    • Vortex Speed 4 → 3
    • Vortex Speed 3 → 2
    • Vortex Speed 4 → 2
    • Vortex Speed 4 → 2
    • Vortex Speed 3 → 2
    • Vortex Speed 3 → 2
    • Vortex Speed 4 → 2
    • Duration 5 → 4
    • Duration 5 → 4
    • Duration 7 → 6
    • Duration 40 → 35
    • Duration 80 → 70
    • Self Phase heal 1% → 0.8%
    • Effect Range: Map Wide → 55
    • Altered Fireball so that it should more reliably explode in the centre of enemy units instead of penetrate through a unit entirely
    • Penetration: Medium 10 → Medium 3
      • The number represents the number of entities that the projectile can penetrate before exploding)
    • Explosion Radius 3 → 5

Skills (General)

  • Fixed a large number of red line skills that apply to rank 7 and above units, but were not applying to the relevant Regiments of Renown units.

Traits (General)

  • Added character traits for when fighting battles and using hero actions against the Chaos Dwarfs.

Items and Ancillaries

  • The “Student” and “Archivist” followers will now drop when a character ranks up on the same turn as when the faction has completed researching a technology – rather than when the faction was not researching any technology. (Thank you to G4rliky from Reddit for drawing attention to this!)
  • Fixed a number of issues with the Sword of Khaine:
    • It will no longer be awarded to quest battle factions, or non-standard armies (e.g. caravans, disciple armies, ogre camps).
    • It will correctly return to the Shrine of Khaine when the owner is defeated by an army that is not able to equip it.
  • We’ve added ancillary set bonuses for the following Lords and their unique ancillaries
    • Mother Ostankya (Cauldron of Power, Crown of Claws)

    • Miao Ying (Vambraces of Yin, Storm Wind Coronal)

    • Zhao Ming (Horns of Shang-Yang, Burning Vambraces)

    • Yuan Bo (Armour of the Dragon’s Gaze, The Dragon’s Fang)

Balance changes to the BEASTMEN race and factions, available in Immortal Empires to owners of Total War: WARHAMMER.

General Updates

  • Added missing corruption effects to the unique herdstones found in Lothern and the Oak of Ages.
  • Added unique Herdstone buildings in Kislev, Zharr-Naggrund and Wei-Jin.


  • Fixed some cases of events appearing for Beastmen that would modify unit recruitment cost, despite them having 0 recruitment cost.
  • Beastmen will no longer receive events that affect growth in a province, as their herdstones do not use it.
  • Beastmen factions will no longer receive missions to control provinces or gain income.
  • Fixed a rare instance where after fighting the Beastmen final battle, identical imposters of Karl Franz and/or Louen Leoncoeur’s would appear on the campaign map.
  • Fixed an issue where if Beastmen characters were being recruited at rank 15 or higher (due to a Reward of Dread being unlocked), the challenge The Strong Survives was no longer possible to unlock. Now, it will progress when characters are recruited at rank 15 or higher.


  • Added Multiplayer caps on Tzaangors. 
    • Can no longer capture points in Domination Mode
    • Multiplayer Cost 700 → 800
    • Tzaangors now follow the unit cap precedents set by Champions of Chaos
      • Tzaangors now count towards the Gor Herd (Shields) unit cap
      • Tzaangors have an additional cap of 4 due to being a unit that has a mark of Chaos
    • Multiplayer Cost 400 → 375
    • Multiplayer Cost 350 → 325
    • Multiplayer Cost 400 → 375
    • Multiplayer Cost 1,500 → 1,600
    • Upkeep 375 → 400
    • Capture: Domination Infantry → Domination Cavalry
    • Removed the Razorgor Chariot MP Cap from this unit


  • Added the Incarnate Elemental of Beasts to the Beastmen redline skills “Bestial Butchers” and “Freakish Mutations.”
  • Taurox the Brass Bull’s “Titans of the Deep Forest” skill now also applies to the Incarnate Elemental of Beasts units.
  • Fixed Khazrak the One-Eye’s skill “Houndmaster” not applying both effects to Feral Manticores.
  • Morghur’s skill “Abstraction of Tzeentch” now also applies to Tzanngors.
Balance changes to the BRETONNIA race and factions, available in Immortal Empires to owners of Total War: WARHAMMER.


  • Fixed Bretonnia not being able to sack or raze Beastmen Herdstones.
  • Fixed the Estalian Diestro follower being available to Bretonnia when it was intended to be Empire only.


  • Heroes can no longer be embedded into Chaos Dwarf convoys.
  • Fixed an issue where certain buildings could not be constructed in the Tancred Castle settlement in the Realms of Chaos campaign.


    • Recruitment Cost 425 → 400
    • Multiplayer Cost 425 → 400
    • Upkeep Cost 106 → 100
    • Multiplayer Cost 575 → 500
    • Recruitment Cost 650 → 625
    • Multiplayer Cost 650 → 625
    • Upkeep 162 → 156
    • Recruitment Cost 700 → 650
    • Multiplayer Cost 700 → 650
    • Upkeep 175 → 162
    • Removed from the “Units with 360 Degree Firing Arc” MP cap
    • Entity Size: Large → Very Large


  • Fixed a number of innate Traits that were not functioning for Chaos Dwarf characters.


  • Fixed some missing tooltips in the Chaos Dwarfs technology tree when mousing over the resource costs.
  • The “Unilateral Agreements” technology now functions correctly. 


  • Fixed some magic items not dropping via the Tower of Zharr seat.
  • Chaos Dwarf specific magic items will now also drop after battle victories, not just via the Tower of Zharr mechanic.
Balance changes to the DAEMONS OF CHAOS race and factions, available to owners of Total War: WARHAMMER III.


  • The Shrine of the Widowmaker landmark now provides the favoured corruption of the faction that owns the settlement.
  • The Daemon Prince now recruits the god-specific versions of the Chaos Furies units, depending on which god the settlement is dedicated to.
  • Fixed some instances where landmark buildings were not appearing for the Daemon Prince.
  • Removed the “Research Technologies” mission from the Daemon Prince as Daniel can’t complete it. 


  • Added the Blue Scribes to the Daemons of Chaos Skirmish vs. AI roster.
  • Daemon Prince
    • Base Daemon Prince has now been included in the Rare Single Entity Cap
Balance changes to the DARK ELF race and factions, available in Immortal Empires to owners of Total War: WARHAMMER II.

General Updates

  • Fixed an issue where AI-controlled Dark Elves weren’t recruiting Black Arks.


  • Fixed the Dark Elf settlement buildings in Naggarond, Lothern and Tor Yvresse and the High Elf Colony settlements not affecting corruption.
  • Fixed an issue where Morathi was unable to construct buildings in the Empire Fort settlements.


  • The Cold Ones Chariots are no longer able to range attack walls.
    • Added to the “Units with 360 Degree Firing Arc” MP cap
    • With the changes to homing projectile behaviour, a small balance pass has been done on the Bloodwrack Medusa gaze weapon.
      • The explosion damage is less overall, but the impact damage has been increased, pushing more of a generalist AP profile. 
    • Base Missile Damage 30 → 15
    • Armour Piercing Missile Damage 60 → 30
    • Bonus vs. Infantry 10 → 0
    • Shots Per Volley 1 → 5
    • Base Explosion Damage 120 → 15
    • Armour Piercing Explosion Damage 60 → 30
    • Radius 8 → 7
    • The Bloodwrack Medusa’s spear has been given a measure of Anti-Large to allow it to trade well into Monstrous Infantry and Cavalry units
    • Melee Attack 40 → 45
    • Bonus vs. Large 0 → 30
    • Mass 1,300 → 2,000
    • Entity Size Very Large → Large

    • Melee Attack 49 → 56
    • Bonus vs. Large 0 → 30
    • Mass 1,300 → 2,000
    • Entity Size Very Large → Large
Balance changes to the DWARF race and factions, available in Immortal Empires to owners of Total War: WARHAMMER.


  • The Great Temple of Hashut (Desecrated) landmark (Zharr-Naggrund) now provides Oathgold instead of Winds of Magic when constructed by the Dwarfs.
Balance changes to the GRAND CATHAY race and factions, available to owners of Total War: WARHAMMER III.


  • Heroes can no longer be embedded into Cathay caravans.
  • Fixed an issue where, after performing the Matters of State action “Structured Operation” and then saving / loading before performing a Hero action, would not remove the effect that granted the Hero action success.
  • You are no longer able to target Yuan Bo’s deployed garrison armies with other Matter of State actions.
  • Settlement building construction can no longer be cancelled from the Matters of State panel.


  • Fixed the Upkeep on Jade and Jet Lions 120 → 300
    • Base Melee Defence 6 → 4
    • Base Morale 6 → 4
    • Base Speed 6 → 4
    • Base Morale 6 → 4
    • Recruitment Cost 600 → 650
    • Upkeep 150 → 165
    • Multiplayer Cost 600 → 600
    • Recruitment Cost 850 → 950
    • Upkeep 212 → 235
    • Multiplayer Cost 850 → 950
    • Nan Gau Grenades Ability AP Damage 40 → 20 


  • The Grand Magistrate’s Tactician’s Stand Your Ground skill no longer applies to all units in his army. Just himself, the selfish git.


  • Reduced spell intensity from +50% to +20%


  • Fixed the Clandestine trait for Cathay Caravan Masters not applying the ranks/experience to units when recruiting the character.


  • The Jar of All Souls magic item is now restricted to Lords only, as it gave Lords immortality.
  • Fixed the Burning Vambraces item to heal the same as its indicated UI value.  
Balance changes to the GREENSKINS race and factions, available in Immortal Empires for owners of Total War: WARHAMMER.

General Updates

  • Fixed a soft lock where the player could unlock both cooking slots in Grom’s Cauldron before the Blacktoof mission to unlock them both was issued. Now, the mission will immediately complete if they are already unlocked.


  • Fixed the The Sea Dragon’s Teeth landmark building showing twice when playing as Greenskins.
  • Fixed some units not unlocking ingredients for Grom’s Cauldron.


  • Removed the Poor Leadership bullet point from the Soopa-Squig unit and added the Unbreakable bullet point.
    • Effect Range Map Wide → 55
    • Removed chariot cap when mounted on a Warboar
    • Recruitment Cost 1150 → 1050
    • Multiplayer Cost 1150 → 1050
    • Upkeep 288 → 262
    • Recruitment Cost 1450 → 1350
    • Multiplayer Cost 1450 → 1350
    • Upkeep 363 → 337
    • Recruitment Cost 800 – > 750
    • Multiplayer Cost 800 → 750
    • Upkeep 200 → 187
    • Recruitment Cost 900 → 850
    • Multiplayer Cost 900 → 850
    • Upkeep 225 → 212
    • Recruitment Cost 2300 → 2100
    • Multiplayer Cost 2300 → 2100
    • Upkeep 575 → 525
    • Recruitment Cost 475 → 450
    • Multiplayer Cost 475 → 450
    • Upkeep 119 → 112
Balance changes to the HIGH ELF race and factions, available in Immortal Empires for owners of Total War: WARHAMMER II.


  • Fixed an issue where some High Elf Archmage units weren’t receiving bonuses from the Lileath’s Blessing stance.
  • High Elf fortress gate buildings now give battle supplies correctly.
  • Removed the character type restrictions from the “Advisor to the King” High Elf follower.


  • Fixed High Elf beasts casters having the wrong Transformation of Kadon spell when reducing the Winds of Magic cost in their skill tree.
    • Recruitment Cost 2,350 → 2,250
    • Multiplayer Cost 2,350 → 2,250
    • Upkeep 588 → 562
    • Recruitment Cost 1,100 → 1,000
    • Multiplayer Cost 1,100 → 1,000
    • Upkeep 275 → 250
    • Recruitment Cost 1,350 → 1,250
    • Multiplayer Cost 1,350 → 1,250
    • Upkeep 338 → 312
    • Added to the “Units with 360 Degree Firing Arc” MP cap
Balance changes to the KHORNE race and factions, available to owners of Total War: WARHAMMER III.


  • Khorne factions (incuding Valkia) can now recruit “The Bloodbrute Behemoth (Ghorgon)” regiment of renown unit in their campaign. 
Balance changes to the KISLEV race and factions, available to owners of Total War: WARHAMMER III.

General Updates

  • Fixed the incorrect army preview for Mother Ostankya’s final battle mission.


  • Fixed the Estalian Diestro follower being available to Kislev when it was intended to be Empire only.
  • When a Kislev faction completes the Supporters race, they will now receive a dilemma offering confederation, a military alliance or war declaration, rather than an instant confederation.
  • Added missing default diplomatic relations between Kislev and Vampire Counts.
  • Tweaked the Gait of Thornes:
    • Speed and acceleration penalties increased to -34%.
    • Removed Direct damage when moving.
    • Rapidly drains fatigue of Hexed unit when moving.


  • Removed armour from the Ethereal summoned Things in the Woods unit.
  • Ulrika Magdova now has the “Spread Control” passive Hero action to synergise with the skill that buffs it.
    • Ammo Count 48 → 32
    • Gulyash – Ability
      • Number of affected allied units: Unlimited → 5
    • Changed the unit profile damage to be less AP based and more pure damage based
      • The intent here is to allow the unit to main it’s high alpha damage but give it a more unique role and niche when compared to other units on the Roster
    • Melee Base Damage 10 → 25
    • Melee AP Damage 25 → 10
    • Melee Attack 28 → 26
    • Melee Defence 36 → 26
    • Ranged Base Damage 10 → 18
    • Ranged AP Damage 18 → 10
    • Battle AI usage group updated: Ranged_direct → Ranged
    • Changed the unit profile damage to be less AP based and more pure damage based
      • The intent here is to allow the unit to main it’s high alpha damage but give it a more unique role and niche when compared to other units on the Roster
    • Melee Base Damage 10 → 25
    • Melee AP Damage 25 → 10
    • Melee Attack 36 → 34
    • Melee Defence 41 → 34
    • Ranged Base Damage 12 → 20
    • Ranged AP Damage 20 → 12
    • Battle AI usage group updated: Ranged_direct → Ranged
    • HP 6,390 → 7,470


  • Fixed the Howling in the Woods technology applying “Dazed” instead of “Discouraged”.
  • Fixed “Howling in the Woods” not granting its missile resistance benefit.
  • Fixed Ostankya’s “Sympathetic Undergrowth” technology not applying its movement range increase until the turn after it’s been researched.
Balance changes to the LIZARDMEN race and factions, available in Immortal Empires to owners of Total War: WARHAMMER II.


  • Fixed a number of instances where provinces were missing from the Geomantic Web or had links that were overlapping others.
  • Fixed a number of randomly dropped magic items that could not be stolen, fused or salvaged.
  • Fixed Oxyotl having a negative effect to building construction time as a reward for Visions of the Old Ones.
  • Lord Mazdamundi’s diplomacy effect in his faction trait now also applies to the Chaos Dwarfs.
  • Fixed Nakai’s building “Sentinel Hall” missing the population surplus cost. 


  • Fixed the Spirit of Tepok (Coatl) Regiment of Renown unit not having the bound Birona’s Timewarp spell in campaign.
  • Added the remaining spell lores to the Slann Mage-Priest units (Heavens, Beasts, Metal, Death and Shadows) to both campaign and custom battle.
  • Blessed Horned Ones now have Primal Instincts as intended.
  • Blessed Stegadon receive their missing 15% missile resistance.
  • Coatls no longer instantly kill themselves by clipping through walls on settlement battles.
Balance changes to the NURGLE race and factions, available to owners of Total War: WARHAMMER III.


  • Nurgle cult buildings will now continue to apply their effects when Growth is at 0 due to having a 5 population surplus.
Balance changes to the OGRE KINGDOMS race and factions, available to owners of Total War: WARHAMMER III.


    • Speed 35 → 40
    • Armour 30 → 40
    • HP 6,216 → 7,848
    • Recruitment Cost 1,000 → 1,100
    • Multiplayer Cost 1,000 → 1,100
    • Upkeep 250 → 275
    • Recruitment Cost 500 → 550
    • Multiplayer Cost 500 → 550
    • Upkeep 125 → 137
    • Charge Bonus 44 → 40
    • Charge Bonus 44 → 40
    • Charge Bonus 44 → 40
    • Recruitment Cost 450 → 500
    • Multiplayer Cost 450 → 500
    • Upkeep 113 → 125
    • Also update the Tier icon from 1 to 2
    • Updated Tier icon from 1 to 2 


  • Fixed the technology “Heavier Gut Plates” not applying to the Crushers Regiment of Renown unit. 
Balance changes to the SKAVEN race and factions, available in Immortal Empires to owners of Total War: WARHAMMER II.


  • Fixed a number of Skaven factions being unable to recruit Eshin Sorcerer Heroes.

  • Fixed the ‘Select units on the Augment panel’ button not selecting the unit in the panel and instead always selecting the first unit.
  • Fixed an issue where using a DOOOM! Engineer against a Chaos Dwarf or Daemon Prince owned settlement wouldn’t create the Warlock Laboratory building.
  • Replaced a unit of Gutter Runners with Rat Ogres in the garrison provided by the Chained Sentry Beast building.
  • Fixed Skaven pasture resource buildings not using their updated names from WARHAMMER II.


  • Resolved an issue on Skaven vehicle unit wheels where they were not moving with the correct speed and direction.


  • Fixed the Skaven Packmaster skill “Carrot & Stick” not correctly applying the recruit rank bonus.


  • The Skaven technology “Monstrous Abominations” now also applies to Regiment of Renown units.
Balance changes to the SLAANESH race and factions, available to owners of Total War: WARHAMMER III.


  • Fixed the Slaanesh seduction cost not displaying the amount properly when unit cards are small (such as, for multiplayer).
  • Fixed an issue where Daemon Cult buildings were not able to be constructed in cults in Chaos Dwarf settlements.


  • Adjusted N’kari’s jumping attack to perform better against infantry. 
Balance changes to the THE EMPIRE race and factions, available in Immortal Empires to owners of Total War: WARHAMMER.


  • Fixed an issue where Gotrek and Felix would gain their magic items multiple times when spawning after the first time. 


  • Empire Imperial Supplies units now correctly merge and sort with standard variants.
  • Fixed an issue where Ostermark could not recruit Huntsman Generals as Lords.


  • Fixed Stahlberg’s Letter giving bonus experience when fighting Bretonnia instead of Undead races. 
Balance changes to the TOMB KINGS race and factions, available in Immortal Empires to owners of Total War: WARHAMMER II.


  • The Chosen of the Gods can now damage walls with their projectiles, as intended.
Balance changes to the TZEENTCH race and factions, available to owners of Total War: WARHAMMER III.

General Updates

  • Added a search bar to the Formless Horror panel and the Skirmish vs AI Changeling form selector. This will make finding a specific form a lot easier.


  • The Borrow Time Changing of the Ways action can now be used on armies at sea.
  • Clarified the requirements for the Changing of the Ways Transfer Settlement action.
  • Fixed an issue where the mission chain for the Blue Scribes would abort if the stage 2’s mission target settlement was captured by an ally.
  • Fixed the Changeling’s Parasitic Income buildings not having the effect that hides the Changeling’s local armies.
  • Fixed the Formless Horror panel selecting a random character when the Changeling has no form assumed.
  • Fixed the Changeling’s Immortal Empires long victory reward not correctly applying the +10 recruit rank bonus to Lords.
  • Fixed an issue where losing your final cult as the Changeling wasn’t triggering a check for faction death.
  • When recruiting a saved character as the Changeling, you will no longer recruit from the faction your cult is currently in, as intended. 
  • Fixed an issue where Sarthorael the Everwatcher would lose immortality when confederated.
  • Fixed not being able to demolish Changeling buildings inside the building browser.


  • Fixed an issue with Chaos Sorcerer Lord of Tzeentch characters, where the high level magic skills required unlocking all previous skills, rather than investing 4 points into any of them.
  • Added Lore of the Wild access to the Blue Scribes.
  • Added Multiplayer caps on Tzaangors.
  • Fixed summoned Greater Daemon units having regular spells instead of bound spells.
    • Multiplayer Cost 3,500 → 1,000
    • Note that now the price scales based on the transformation selected (including the cost of the transformation spells)
    • Multiplayer Cost 2,480 → 1,780
    • Updated battle AI usage to better work with the intended battle design
    • Recruitment Cost 2,000 → 2,100
    • Multiplayer Cost 2,000 → 2,100
    • Upkeep 500 → 525
    • Multiplayer Cost 2,400 → 2,600
    • Melee Combat Potential 2,400 → 2,600
    • Maelstrom of Change Ability
      • Base Damage increased by approx 60%
    • Added a bespoke MP unit cap for the unit
    • Updated battle AI usage to better work with the intended battle design
    • Recruitment Cost 700 → 800
    • Multiplayer Cost 700 → 800
    • Upkeep 175 → 200


  • The Disc Taming technology no longer shows the Doom Knights Regiment of Renown unit card as it was not relevant to the recruit rank effect.
Balance changes to the VAMPIRE COAST race and factions, available in Immortal Empires to owners of Total War: WARHAMMER II.


  • Fixed the Vampire Coast Pieces of Eight that are awarded from quest battles not showing up in the Pieces of Eight panel (whilst the quests are active).
Balance changes to the VAMPIRE COUNTS race and factions, available in Immortal Empires to owners of Total War: WARHAMMER.

General Updates

  • Changed the Raise Dead recruitment maximum capacity to display the accumulated maximum between region and province recruitment pools.


  • Added missing default diplomatic relations between Kislev and Vampire Counts. 
Balance changes to the WARRIORS OF CHAOS race and factions, available in Immortal Empires to owners of Total War: WARHAMMER.


  • Fixed Warriors of Chaos having access to Fu-Chow’s unique port.
  • Fixed Belakor’s upgraded Unholy Manifestations not having their cooldowns reduced by his unique technologies.
  • Fixed the “Daemonic Pact” technology not applying the Causes Fear attribute to Undivided Chosen units as stated.
  • Fixed an issue where the Fortress of Damned settlement would be dedicated to Helspire Tribe in Realm of Chaos when it was intended to go to Kul instead.
  • Fixed an issue where Harald Hammerstorm would not spawn when completing his quest as non-Champions of Chaos factions.
  • Fixed an issue where Chaos Heroes weren’t increasing control in regions owned by them.
  • The “Piracy” event will no longer trigger when playing as Warriors of Chaos.


  • Fixed an issue with certain Warriors of Chaos units not being affected by the Speed and Malice character skill. 


  • Fixed Kholek’s Lord trait not applying missile resistance to Dragon Ogre units.


  • Fixed the Ritual Staff technology not applying to the Severed Claw Regiment of Renown unit for Villitch. 
  • Fixed the Ritual Staff technology missing Chosen of Tzeentch (Halberds) from their bonuses.


  • Fixed The Hammer of Harry not providing Undivided Authority to the army Harald is embedded into.
Balance changes to the WOOD ELF race and factions, available in Immortal Empires to owners of Total War: WARHAMMER.


  • Fixed the 100-199 health segment of the Athel Loren Forest not displaying the -5% upkeep reduction that it was providing.
  • Added Malevolent Dryads to the Wood Elf allied outpost building garrisons used by Drycha, as she does not have access to the standard Waywatchers unit.
  • Fixed an issue where the Wood Elf forest settlement chain was not providing the correct number of construction slots at each level.
  • Drycha now receives the Stolen Power trait when completing the quest battle for Coeddil.


  • Fixed Wood Elf beasts casters having the wrong Transformation of Kadon spell when reducing the Winds of Magic cost in their skill tree.


  • Fixed the Wood Elf Dart of Doom magic item showing its effect (increasing Athel Loren attrition for enemy armies) as a negative instead of a positive.
  • Fixed the Reforged Twilight Helm magic item not providing range to Waywatcher units correctly.


Prologue (The Lost God)

  • The spell browser can no longer be opened by right-clicking unit cards in battle.

The Realm of Chaos

  • Gotrek and Felix will now spawn in the Realm of Chaos campaign.
  • The intro movie for Realm of Chaos will now play properly. 

Mirror of Madness

  • Fixed certain Halls of Mirrors settings not working properly.

Immortal Empires

  • Fixed the Southern Sentinels settlement in Immortal Empires starting with a settlement level too low to support the defence building it contained.
  • Fixed an issue with the Yhetee Peak settlement in Immortal Empires allowing the wrong buildings to be constructed within it.
  • Fixed the “Journey Complete” event not appearing when a character travelled via the Uzkulak Canal Sea Lane in Immortal Empires.
  • Fixed a number of final battles in the Immortal Empires campaign being in the wrong location.
  • Fixed the reduction to sea lane travel time effect not applying to the River Ruin sea lane.
  • Fixed Kurgan Warband armies sometimes spawning in impassable terrain in Immortal Empires.
  • The Pillar of Bone landmark (Deff Gorge) can now be constructed by more races.
  • The Hall of Rebirth landmark (Lahmia) can now be constructed by the Vampire Coast.
  • Dragon Emperor’s Wrath now also affects the regions “Bloodwind Keep” and “Foundry of Bones” beyond the Great Bastion.
  • Fixed the The Sea Dragon’s Teeth landmark building producing gemstones for factions that do not trade.
  • Fixed an issue where defence/garrison buildings could not be built in the Clarak Spire settlement.


Chokepoint Battles

  • Adjustments to collision resolves issues with flying units being submerged in the Bonechill River.

Custom Battles

  • Fixed an issue that would cause the selected settlement level to be one lower than intended for custom battles.

Minor Settlement Battles

  • Updated barricade rotations on the Saber Mountain minor settlement map

Quest Battles

  • Fixed instances of passive AI in Louen’s Sword of Couronne quest battle. 
  • Fixed some instances of passive AI in Azhag’s Slagga’s Slashas quest battle. 
  • Fixed reinforcement zones sometimes showing up in some quest battles even though they weren’t relevant and couldn’t be used.

Siege Battles

  • Adjusted large tree locations along the edge of Black Fortress siege walls to stop units getting stuck.
  • Fixed an issue in the Zhufbar siege battle map where units would float in the attacker’s deployment zone.



  • In sequential turns, when another human player ends their turn, all open panels will now close.
  • The Multiplayer pre-battle timer running out will now grey out all but the Play Battle buttons. 
  • Fixed an issue with characters sometimes not being selectable when clicking their names.
  • Fixed multiplayer battles sometimes showing an invalid map as selected.
  • Fixed the first player being able to exit the diplomacy screen with Esc after threatening an AI faction and waiting for the second player to decide whether to join them in the war or not.
  • New error messages are now reported in the UI to help assist you with your connection woes. 



  • Fixed an issue with Skaven Master Assassin not walking correctly, which now walks smoothly without skipping the animation.
  • Cleaned up assets in the Lustria Ogre camp.
  • Fixed being able to zoom into a player using the player list when waiting for other players to load out of battle, which was causing the camera to get messed up.
  • Fixed visible alpha cards on Vampire Count Necromancers.
  • Improved the quality of Mother Ostankya’s cauldron.
  • Fixed an issue that could in rare cases stop flying units, like the Blue Scribes, from correctly playing their death animation, which would be a real shame for those who haven’t seen it yet.
  • In battle, VFX for spells with multiple targets will now not show on dead entities.
  • Corrected terrain props under terrain holes to be visible in the shroud.
  • Yuan Bo’s weapon no longer slips from his hand when he is knocked flying.
  • Herald of Tzeentch no longer disappears after being knocked flying.
  • Yuan Bo no longer slides across the ground when he gets up.
  • Fixed the shield placement on the Caress Daemon Prince.
  • The Changeling has shapeshifted into someone that now holds their staff correctly. 
  • Fixed matched combat animations for the Lammasu and Bale Taurus.
  • Fixed a skinning issue on Chaos Dwarf Overseers.  
  • Ethereal Ancestral Warriors no longer accumulate blood.
  • Fixed the colour-changing plumes of the Cathay Celestial Guards. 
  • Lammasu’s animation for attacking castles will now play out as intended. 
  • Fixed an issue causing Zhao Ming to display Yuan Bo’s dragon effects in flying combat animations.
  • Fixed an issue where Akshina Ambushers would drop an incorrect weapon upon death.
  • Stopped the corruption colour guide overlay sometimes disappearing when zooming in and out.
  • Stopped the corruption overlay from sometimes defaulting back to Tzeench when zooming in and out.
  • Selected and assigned select assets to visible in shroud.
  • Sarthorael the Everwatcher will now use his correct model in campaign.
  • Added a destroyed state to barricades in siege battles.
  • Improved the Centigor’s head and chest movements.
  • Fixed a number of portrait images that contained neck stumps.
  • Mirror of the Ice Queen now correctly displays as a passive ability.
  • Fixed disappearing walls on the Empire Alpine Ridge.
  • Fixed the Recreant Spirit summoned army’s Boyar’s porthole.
  • Akshina Ambusher’s crossbows no longer clip through body during moving attacks.
  • Removed a troublesome prop from the Celestial Riverlands that was causing some clipping.
  • Fixed a Spellsinger cape animation when on an Elven Steed during a run or a walk.
  • Fixed Fog of War textures displaying incorrectly. 
  • Fixed the Skink Oracle Hero using the wrong model in the porthole.
  • Fixed Arkhan the Black’s chariot mount in campaign battles using the Arkhan model twice.
  • Fixed Ikit Claw’s Doomwheel mount in campaign battles using the Ikit model twice.
  • Fixed Imrik’s dragon mount not using its unique model on the campaign map.
  • The Chaos Giant now has a better grasp on his club. 
  • Grave Guard (Greatswords) swords are no longer floating in the air when charging into melee. 
  • Adjusted the barricade positions in Weng Chang.
  • Added extra rocks to show non-playable areas next to the barricades in Grey Hag.
  • Fixed skinning issues on the Fleet Admirals. 
  • Fixed Raven Herald’s rigid leg animation on his rider death during a walk.
  • Updated the turning pages on the Blue Scribes’ model to have the correct textures rather than placeholder ones.
  • Fixed material issues on the Necrofex.
  • Fixed the floating staff on the Chaos Warshrine. 
  • Skavenslave Spears’ weapons now display properly.
  • Fixed several Empire State troops not having blood on their weapons and shields.
  • Removed floating rock assets. 
  • Updated the skinning on the Magma Cannon riders to fix a clipping issue with their armband.
  • Skeleton Warriors and Skeletal Spearmen will now use their shields to block missile damage, rather than being too lazy to do so.
  • Fixed the two Regiment of Renown Doom Flayer units not displaying the correct unit model in the porthole.
  • Yuan Bo will no longer clip through gates when attacking in dragon form.
  • Blood will now appear on Kroxigor weapons for regular, ancient and blessed variants.
  • Blessed Carnosaurs will now get splattered with blood.
  • Skink blowpipes and club weapons will also get splattered with blood. 
  • Black Guards of Naggarond, you guessed it, will now be splattered with blood. 
  • Manual edits have been made to the combi map terrain shroud to prevent texture stretching. 
  • Wulfric’s cloak has received a glow up.
  • War Drum entities now have both of their fists closed to show they mean business. 
  • Dreadlord’s shield joins the splattered-with-blood gang. 
  • Skink Cohort’s have had their sword animations fixed. 
  • Dazh’s Hearth-Blades have had their blood effects tweaked. 
  • Fixed an desync issue with the Patriarch on the War Bear mount.
  • Resolved an issue where Kislev Horse Archers were firing their arrows in the wrong direction. (They were shooting sideways instead of shooting forward.)
  • Kossovite Dervishes weapons’ application to the blood-splattered gang was accepted.
  • Bale Taurus riders are no longer absolutely huge when on the campaign map.
  • Added missing moving fire animations to Orion.
  • Fixed instances of flyby camera clipping below the terrain in the Battle of Itza Quest Battle.
  • Fixed the appearance of the Bretonnian Companions of Quenelles.
  • Blood pack effects now appear correctly on the Dire Wolves.
  • Fixed some Lizardmen portholes being too zoomed in when in battle.
  • Fixed instances of the flyby camera clipping through terrain in the Talisman of Hoeth Quest Battle. 
  • Fixed Rakarth’s death animation.
  • Fixed the unit card and porthole images used by the Ancestor Spirit unit when summoned via the unique item Horn of the Ancestors.


  • Fixed looping audio in Story Panel and related Event Videos.
  • Fixed missing and looping audio from the Prologue story panels.
  • Fixed missing audio when right-clicking to equip / unequip ancillaries and items in the Character Details panel.
  • Fixed an issue where VO may not trigger for consecutively triggered incident panels.
  • Fixed missing sounds for Mother Ostankya’s Realms of Chaos Campaign Flyby.
  • The Hexes ‘Enhance’ button now plays the correct sound.
  • Fixed Helman Ghorst’s Corpse Cart Bell from being played overzealously. 
  • Faction settlements will no longer voice their discontent about the corruption they themselves are spreading.
  • Fixed an issue in the audio limitation system that could cause it to not update correctly, and possibly leave entities close to the camera silent.
  • Added some missing unique sounds to the Dark Elves Slave Diktats button, and the Slaanesh Pleasurable Acts button.


  • You can no longer pull a fast one by clicking the diplomacy buttons quickly to add invalid actions to the deal, you crafty devil.
  • Units with burst fire projectiles now correctly display their ammo as the number of bursts remaining, instead of the total ammo remaining,
  • Fixed Russian subtitles not showing for the Chaos Dwarf intro and victory movies.
  • Removed references to “maelstrom” attrition as it does not exist in the Immortal Empires campaign map.
  • Aekold Helbrass is now appropriately named Aekold Helbrass during the Aekold Helbrass quest battle to unlock Aekold Helbrass.
  • Fixed the following skills not appearing in game due to overlapping coordinates on the skill node set.
    • “Lord of Wei Jin” for Yuan Bo
    • “Iridescent Scrivener” for Kairos Fateweaver
    • “Master Schemer” for The Changeling
  • Fixed invalid faction options sometimes appearing in the dropdown lists for Changing of the Ways.
  • The landmark building tooltip (on the city label) now shows every level of the building chain.
  • Fixed some settlements not showing their respective resource icon in the settlement label when a resource building could be constructed there.
  • Fixed a display issue where the AI Stats Modifier was getting added to the player’s Reload Time and Weapon Base / AP when calculating the display value. However, the actual value was not modified.
  • Fixed pre-battle buttons showing as active after loading a save where the player has already made the decision on which action to take. For example, if the player pressed Fight Battle and then saved/re-loaded.
  • Fixed some building mission objectives not opening to the Building Browser when clicked.
  • Added the missing Healing Received stat effect icon from various units.
  • Fixed Changeling showing the Horde icon in the diplomacy screen.
  • Added a flame icon as part of the new notification system in the Frontend that directs players to the new Legendary Lords that are included in DLC, improving their discoverability.
  • Fixed Daemon Prince parts in the character details panel not showing when opening the panel through the Skills tab.
  • Fixed missing button animations when selecting Skills.
  • The “Battle for Itza” quest battle now correctly zooms to Mage-Priests when the objective buttons are pressed.
  • Fixed the Dreadlord portrait used in Imrik’s Armour of Caledor quest battle.
  • The Dragonhorn ancillary has been renamed to the Horn of Vaul.
  • Fixed an issue wherein re-clicking the Army Setup or Map Setup buttons in custom battle would cause the opposite button to become visually selected.
  • Fixed the Flesh Lab button not reverting to the passive state when closing the panel.
  • The Horde building panel is no longer accessible when the Character Details panel is open at 4k resolution. 
  • The mission marker/pin no longer shows in the 3D space for Vampire Coast treasure map missions.
  • Fixed an issue where the Blue Scribes icon was displayed as Lore of Light rather than Lore of Tzeentch.
  • Fixed duplicate units displaying on various tooltips when an effect is applied to them.
  • Fixed occasional flickering issues when the UI Scale was higher than 100%.
  • Corrected the Unit Category Icon Titles on the Incarnate Elemental of Beasts and the Things in the Woods.
  • Fixed the Changeling agent recruitment building icon not showing the correct building in the tooltip.
  • Changed the DLC banner behaviour on Race selection in Custom Battle to be consistent with behaviour inside new campaign Race selection. This means that the banner will only show if no content is owned in that race. If any content is owned, then the banner won’t show anymore. For example, the banner will now not be visible on base races such as Kislev or Tzeentch even when Shadows of Change DLC is not owned.
  • Fixed the Champions of Chaos epilogue event not triggering after completing the campaign. (Cheers to Rhox#7160 on the forums for flagging this one!)
  • Fixed Malus and Karios not appearing in their respective culture categories in the Formless Horror panel.
  • Made the Formless Horror map indicator clickable, so that the location of a character can more easily be viewed.
  • A question mark now shows on the pre-battle screen if all armies are hidden in a quest battle.
  • Events, Lords & Heroes, Provinces and Known Faction dropdowns will now be re-opened after closing a panel such as the Technology panel.
  • Fixed the Multiplayer battle unit card box not resizing to the correct size if a player drops out of the battle and the remaining players get the rest of the units.
  • Fixed an issue wherein Dilemma effects would not create tooltips.
  • Fixed some effects that would modify the character’s chance of being discovered (e.g. in ambush stance) but were shown as decreasing rather than increasing, or vice versa.
  • The Marauder Horsemen riders are no longer hiding behind their Horses in the porthole view.
  • Fixed the outposts units list always showing units from the first settlement instead of the one selected.
  • To reduce confusion with the new respec mechanic, Lords not available for replacement now show in the recruitment list in a disabled state in more scenarios.
  • Fixed Mother Ostankya’s Empowered Hex button sometimes overlapping the help pages button in some languages.
  • Fixed the AI stats modifier setting in the campaign select screen remaining visible when collapsing the battle header.
  • Fixed an issue where right-clicking inside the skill tooltip on an ability was not opening the skill browser.
  • Dwarf runes can now be removed with a double-click. 
  • Fixed the discovered Skaven Under-cities label not showing a tooltip.
  • Added the missing onscreen name to a key map point in Zharr-Naggrund. 
  • Fixed a missing War of Altar icon in the event feed popup.
  • Fixed the AI Stats modifier tooltip cutting off accents in other languages.
  • The Offices panels now make use of sticky tooltips and show the units that Offices affect.
  • The Grom’s Cauldron panel has been updated to use sticky tooltips.
  • The Sotek Sacrifices panel has been updated to use sticky tooltips.
  • Ancillaries have been updated to have sticky tooltips.
  • The Bloodlines panel has been updated to use sticky tooltips.
  • Fixed a large number of inconsistent character skill icons.
  • Fixed idle Caravan lords not being selectable in the character details panel.
  • Fixed Eltharion the Grim’s “Grim Discipline” skill tooltip going off-screen.
  • Fixed unit cards in custom battle being hidden behind other UI elements while dragging them.
  • Fixed the multiplayer pending action notification sometimes appearing when a player was watching a movie.
  • Fixed the Waaagh! target UIsometimes showing over invalid targets which was making the text show as placeholder.
  • Fixed the Waaagh! target not showing over armies that have a valid capital.
  • Fixed Dread, Prestige and Slave post battle animations not increasing the resource number when the animation ends.
  • Fixed Trait events not showing the text that says how it was acquired.
  • Stopped trait tooltips flickering in the Lord & Hero recruitment panel.
  • The Ultimate Scheme teleport button now correctly informs the player why they cannot teleport if they are in a stance.
  • Updated the parchment map translation of Plain of Bone in Korean localisation.
  • Fixed the expanded abilities section in the unit information panel not remembering that it was expanded when hovering over a different unit.
  • Fixed the Help page text for the Blessing of the Lady feature saying it would provide a physical resistance, when it has since been changed to a damage resistance.
  • Fixed a typo in Beastmen recruitment talking about recruiting from Black Arks rather than the local horde.
  • Fixed a number of followers having incorrect explanations for gaining them.
  • Fixed a number of races not using their bespoke “raze” image when capturing a settlement.
  • Fixed flickering mission icons when ending your first turn.
  • Fixed event feed mission pop ups occasionally not allowing players to zoom to objectives.
  • Fixed spacing on the resource bar to address the overlapping of number values and the herdstone shard icon.
  • Fixed the quest battle balance of power preview in multiplayer campaigns showing incorrectly if the game was using anything other than Ultra unit size.
  • Updated the images for Books of Nagash feature on the resource bar to fix misalignment.
  • Units unlocked through Chaos Gifts are no longer hidden from affected unit lists in tooltips.
  • Adjusted wording of “Howling in the Woods” to clarify that it doesn’t apply to the Mordheim Balewolves.
  • Fixed various missing unit cards in technology and skill tooltips.
  • Fixed the ‘Time’s Up!’ popup in multiplayer timed campaigns remaining on screen if the player had an action queued, such as an attack action.
  • A few of Mother Ostankya’s diplomacy text strings have been tweaked to match the audio.
  • Adjusted the padding in the effects list to fix odd spacing for certain technologies. 
  • Fixed inconsistencies on the Forest Stalker unit UI tooltips for the Kislev and Wood Elves Cave Bats and Giant Spiders units.
  • Individual Changeling Scheme objectives will now correctly show as completed.
  • Fixed the position of the Doom Knights unit in the Warband Upgrades panel.
  • Added a preview for effects that provide unit stat modifiers, such as Soporific Musk for Slaanesh.
  • Fixed a flickering issue with army unit cards when hovering over their top border.
  • “Path to Glory” and “Big Names” effects now show in the Battle and Campaign effects lists for characters.
  • Fixed the Wood Elves Offices panel not closing with ESC.
  • Fixed overlapping deployment zones in the Darklands scheme battle for the Changeling.
  • The unit/spell browser now correctly opens when right-clicking units in recruitment queues.
  • Fixed the Waaagh! Gork & Mork choice UI flickering when selecting a target for the first time.
  • The art for the toggle flying button in battle has been changed to accurately depict what the button will do; makes unit fly/makes unit land.
  • Prevented the names of horde settlements from appearing too early when zooming in.
  • The Wood Elves Deeproots view now correctly closes when clicking the button again.
  • Discovered under-cities and cults in the settlement panel now shows the buildings from the discovered faction selected, instead of always showing the first one, if multiple discovered slots exist in a settlement.
  • Fixed an issue when Morathi had high Slaanesh corruption, the control breakdown would list the factor as “Faction” instead of “Slaanesh corruption”.
  • The unit/spell browser can now be opened by right-clicking units during exchanges.
  • Some Cathay technology names and descriptions have been updated to be consistent with the previous Harmony rework.
  • Defensive supplies no longer display unnecessarily.
  • The faction summary screen now shows the max cap for agents as 0, if you cannot currently recruit them.
  • Fixed Warband Recruitment not closing when clicking on a recruitment button if an event popup was open.
  • Fixed the Treasure Maps button for Vampire Coast remaining selected if the panel was closed by clicking on the 3D map.
  • Adjusted the text behaviour on the Hero Details panel, and added a scrollbar to the description component to fix the information spilling outside of the UI frame.
  • Fixed an issue where selecting an enemy army while having the Warband Upgrades panel open would cause the enemy armies’ unknown units to show as goblins and the panel to stay open.
  • Adjusted the size of the description text component in some types of events to fix overspill on the player’s screen at certain resolutions.
  • Some resources gained in the post battle screen were missing animations. Those have now been added, the resources that got added are:  

    • Slaves for Dark Elves

    • Prestige for Empire

    • Labour for Chaos Dwarfs

    • Spirit Essence for Kislev (Mother Ostankya)

    • Dread for Beastmen



The following changes were implemented in Patch 4.1.0 but were missing from the originally published patch notes:

  • The Provincial Harmony system now grants escalating penalties depending on how far from harmony the province is. These mirror the bonuses granted when a particular side is strong, with slightly less punitive penalties in the first tier of disharmony.
  • Replaced the effect that increases the amount of Winds of Magic gained passively with the effect that increases the army’s Winds of Magic power reserve capacity across the campaign game.

HOTFIX 4.1.1

We’re rolling out a new hotfix to address some issues that emerged following our recent update. Here’s a summary of what’s been addressed:

  • Adjusted the Bloodwrack Medusa’s targeting. Previously the Medusa had the option to fire their projectile in two ways, an extremely fast straight line and a fallback for blocked line of sight by firing a very slow, high arc. In this hotfix we’ve limited the medusa to just the straight line shots, similar to how gunpowder weapons work. This should more reliably avoid friendly fire incidents caused by the high arc shot being dragged through allies due to the homing of the projectile. This also improves the consistency of the unit’s projectiles, which will no longer greatly vary in velocity depending on battlefield conditions.
  • Fixed a critical issue where Lord spellcasters utilising Tzeentch magic were incorrectly assigned the Changeling’s versions of those spells. This error prevented them from using certain spells such as Blue Flames of Tzeentch in campaign battles. Lord spellcasters now correctly have access to unique spell versions, including the Blue Flames of Tzeentch, ensuring full spellcasting capabilities in your campaigns.
  • Fixed a “slight” miscalculation where Greasus was zipping around the battlefield faster than a Skaven on a warpstone rush. His speed has been adjusted from a lightning-fast 400 to a more dignified trot of 40. Greasus has agreed to slow down and stop outrunning even the swiftest cavalry, and although he promises to give others a fighting chance to keep up in the future, we’ll be keeping a close eye on him.

Go, Greasus Lightning…

Thank you for your ongoing feedback and engagement. We value your input and are committed to making continuous improvements. Keep sharing your experiences and thoughts on these latest changes. Your insights are crucial as we work together to enhance the game.


HOTFIX 4.1.2

We’re back with more fixes in hotfix 4.1.2, addressing some issues that arose in the wake of Patch 4.1. Let’s dig in.

  • Medusa Missile Refactor; we weren’t completely happy with the Medusa’s performance following 4.1.1, so we’ve taken another crack at tightening up the play experience of the unit with the following changes:
    • Added a new missile animation where she rears up instead of leaning down to fire.
    • Reduced the collision radius of Medusa projectiles from 0.75 to 0.2 (shockwave size remains the same.)
    • Added penetration to the projectile (up to 3 small entities.)

    Medusa’s new attack animation in action:

  • Main Menu backgrounds now have the appropriate corresponding music.
  • Fixed the Vault of Nagash landmark building in the Black Pyramid of Nagash settlement not being available to the Vampire Coast.
  • Sarthorael the Ever-Watcher now uses the Lore of Metal in campaign.
  • Fixed Sarthorael the Ever-Watcher having the combat stats of a regular Lord of Change instead of an Exalted Lord of Change.
  • The achievements Man the Wall (capture all three Great Bastion gates), Celestial City Secured (capture Wei-Jin) and Reclaim Your Place (capture all three major Kislev cities) will now unlock in Immortal Empires as well as Realm of Chaos.
  • The Blood Brute Behemoth (Ghorgon) unit is now correctly tied to a rank requirement for the Daemon Prince faction.
  • Fixed an issue where the Lileath’s Blessing stance icon was showing a very large tooltip on the pre-battle screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the Lileath, the Maiden technology had no useable effects for Drycha. Effects that are not valid for a faction are now hidden (as they were in WARHAMMER II) – which hides the Spellsinger capacity effect, and an additional effect that increases the minimum Winds of Magic power reserves an army can have has been added to the technology.
  • Fixed an issue where the number of available rites for Malekith and Morathi were being displayed as double the intended amount on the end turn dial.
  • Fixed an issue where magic items were being dropped in every battle, rather than with a random chance.
  • Dwarf Quarrellers no longer wield both their Melee and Missile weapon at the same time when performing certain animations in close combat.
  • Fixed an issue where dilemmas offering confederation with certain Bretonnia factions would be missing text explaining which faction would be confederated.
  • Fixed the Hammer into Anvil skill applying its effects twice to certain Warriors of Chaos units.
  • Fixed Repanse de Lyonesse not having the correct technologies in the Chivalry section of her technology tree (as she had in WARHAMMER II) and fixed a graphical glitch at the beginning of her technology tree that was meant to show a group around the Heraldry section.
  • Fixed a rare script breakage when the Upgrade Settlement Building mission was completed by upgrading an Ogre camp building.
  • Fixed a rare soft lock during the Formless Horror tutorial when skipping back and forth between sections.
  • Fixed Warriors of Chaos being able to construct Altar buildings in the Wei-Jin settlement in the Realm of Chaos campaign.
  • The technology Ferocious Plans now takes 1 turn to research for Clan Moulder, to bring them in line with the other Skaven factions.
  • Beastmen will no longer receive events that affect recruitment costs, as they grant no benefit to them.
  • Fixed Ogre Camps not increasing income from landmark Port buildings.
  • Task arrows for hidden allied AI armies are now also hidden.
  • Players will no longer receive multiple battle notifications for the same event, one after another. Building attacked messages should now stay visible until they are no longer relevant.
  • Fixed an instance where Ogre contracts would fail to be issued.
  • The Slave Pens building will now correctly reduce the cost of Diktats in the local province.
  • When using Slave Diktats, they will now be listed under “Diktats” rather than “Rites” in the Slaves tooltip breakdown.
  • Diktats now show the correct icons and descriptions in the province info panel when used.
  • Added a preview for the effects granted from certain dilemmas.
  • Fixed an issue where Flame Cannons would not fire if they had a rune applied to them pre-battle.
  • Fixed soft locks during the character rank up/skills tutorial when opening the objectives panel or when attacking an enemy.
  • The Lore of Hashut passive, Killing Fire, now applies its full damage as intended instead of only a single tick.
  • Fixed the Canopic Jars icon not displaying correctly in the Mortuary Cult panel.
  • Oxyotl’s defeat trait will now correctly appear in the character details panel.
  • Yuan Bo’s unique skill Celestial Administration will now also increase Dragon-Blooded Shugengan’s recruit rank when replacing.
  • N’Kari will now start the campaign with the Harvester of Souls passive ability.
  • Boris Ursus’s unique skill, Grand Builder, now correctly reduces the construction time of religious buildings.
  • Vilitch will now gain bonuses for high Winds of Magic if an army has more than 100 reserves.
  • Fixed the icon used by Snikch’s From the Shadows skill/ability.
  • The Vampire Coast technology, Lord Two Toes Adley, is now correctly labelled as a Deep caster in the unit info panel.
  • Fixed the trait gained by being present in Vampiric corruption not applying replenishment to the entire army.
  • Fixed skills in magic lines for the Light Archmage and the Tzeentch Daemon Prince not requiring the correct amount of skills in the previous group.
  • Fixed male Cathay units not playing vocalisations when charging.
  • Fixed Thorek’s defeat trait not increasing magic item drop chance.
  • Fixed the Bray Shaman Heroes not having the Many Limbed Fiend skills.
  • Fixed the Fire Mage on Sun Dragon missing the additional 10 missile resistance.
  • The Shadow Liche Priest on Skeletal Horse is now correctly labelled as a Shadow caster in the unit info panel.
  • Summoned Ancestral Warriors now have the Strider attribute.
  • Fixed the 8th Book of Nagash not further reducing construction costs via the Foster Terror commandment.
  • AI Tomb King factions can now recruit the Casket of Souls after performing the rite.
  • Handmaidens of the Everqueen now start with the Quicksilver Shot passive ability in campaign.

Thank you all once again for your continued feedback and bug reports. Please do keep letting us know about your experience with Total War: WARHAMMER III so we can keep improving it!


HOTFIX 4.1.3

We’re back again with hotfix 4.1.3 in tow, tackling some more issues on our radar. Let’s take a look.

  • In our attempt to enhance N’kari’s jumping attacks in Patch 4.1.0, we encountered an oversight where these changes were inadvertently omitted from the final build. We have rectified this in Hotfix 4.1.3, and players can now experience the intended improvements in N’kari’s performance when charging and engaging smaller targets.
  • In Nakai’s Temple of the Old Ones, the first threshold of Xholankha now grants an increased Winds of Magic power reserve capacity for all armies.
  • Fixed a softlock that could occur when an AI controlled Kislev faction would win the supporters race.
  • Fixed an issue where the magic item drop rate would get progressively worse until the game was re-loaded.
  • Fixed outstanding issues with the three new unique Beastmen herdstone buildings. They will now provide the correct unique effect at all 5 levels and provide the correct number of building slots.
  • For THE WOLFHEARTS (Akshina Ambushers), the ability Pack Trap being able to lock down a single target put Markus Wulfhart to shame, so we’ve pulled in the duration significantly to make this less overbearing and added a small fatigue drain to the ability to help it find a more reasonable home in bringing down large beasts.
    • Duration: 25s → 10s
    • Added 3% fatigue drain per second.

Thanks again for your ongoing input as we implement these new updates. Learning about your experiences with WARHAMMER III continues to help us improve the game. See you on the battlefield!


HOTFIX 4.1.4

We hope you all had a wonderful holiday season! We’re ringing in the new year with a hotfix for WARHAMMER III. Let’s take a look:

  • Fixed a bug with defensive formation in deployment that was introduced with Hotfix 4.1.0. The bug caused the AI to misalign the army when the deployment zones were not lined up North to South.
  • The Channelling stance for Dark Elves and Vampire Counts will now correctly enable replenishment in all foreign territory, not just enemy territory.
  • Oxyotl will no longer receive Visions of the Old Ones missions that target the Changeling’s faction, as his armies could become hidden and not valid to target.
  • Resolved an issue causing flickering shadows on battle maps when moving the camera particularly when using zoom functions, ensuring smoother visual experience and consistent shadow rendering during battles.
  • Fixed a crash when cycling through armies with the Warband Upgrades panel open.
  • Fixed Count Noctilus missing the Encourage attribute when mounted on the Necrofex Colossus.
  • Astragoth Ironhand and The Fay Enchantress now have a set bonus for their unique items.
  • Fixed an issue where negative traits for Bretonnian characters would never be removed when they were garrisoned in a settlement with a Worship chain building.
  • Fixed the Boon of Chaos “Slayer of Champions” not unlocking when defeating an army with 3 or more characters in it.
  • Fixed Lokhir’s skill “Patriarch of the Fellhearts”, Astragoth’s skill “Infernal Lord”, Snikch’s skill “Contract Loopholes” and Ariel’s skill “Forest’s Calling” not increasing Lord recruit rank when replacing Lords.
  • Fixed Vilitch’s technology “Ritual Staff” erroneously applying to Chaos Warriors of Khorne (Dual Weapons). Halberds and Spears only, please!
  • Drycha’s technologies “Wisdom of the Wildwood” and “Wisdom of Addaivoch” now only apply to the Malevolent tree units.
  • The Bretonnian character trait “Crusader” no longer gives attrition resistance to all owned armies on the map.
  • Fixed instances of deployable towers clipping on Volksgrad.
  • The Prophetess’s staff, the Skaven Warlord’s weapons, and Imrik’s spear will now be properly splattered with blood.
  • Fixed a geometry issue with the Kislev River bridge model where players could see through the bottom of the bridge due to missing geometry.

And there we have it!

Thank you once again for your input and patience as we continue to implement these new updates, and please keep sharing your insights with us on our official forums. See you on the battlefield!



And with that, everything you’ve just read for Patch 4.1 will arrive in-game tomorrow!

Jump in, try out the new settlements battle, strike your foes with homing projectiles, switch up your builds mid-campaign, and let us know how you get on with everything this patch has to offer.

It never stops, either – we’ll be back with news on our next patch and new content in the near future.

That, as they say, is that… for this particular update. Be good, be kind and be loved. And, of course, see you on the battlefield!

— The Total War Team

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