Total War: WARHAMMER III – Update 2.1.0


CA Evangelos
September 6 2022

Hello, WARHAMMER fans, and welcome to Update 2.1!

As noted a few weeks ago in the Update 2.0 Great Book of Changes, 2.1 introduces several critical fixes, changes, and additions that didn’t quite make the cut in time for August’s release. There’s a bunch of good stuff in here based on early-access feedback:

  • The Total War: WARHAMMER III Assembly Kit has arrived for our amazing modding community!
  • The High Elf Archmage is no longer unstoppable when mounted on a dragon.
  • The Warriors of Chaos can now subjugate all human and elven races.
  • Archaon and Be’lakor can now confederate other Warriors of Chaos factions upon capturing their final settlement.
  • Added an Ultimate Crisis setting to trigger ALL endgame scenarios in the same playthrough (only for the strong-willed and stout of heart).
  • All Legendary Lords now begin with the Siege Attacker trait.
  • Improvements to the Dwarfs—they are gaining spell resistance, additional movement options, and buffs to their Hammerers.
  • Stationary vortex spells have been rebalanced so that targets have a chance to react.
  • Helman Ghorst is getting some necessary tweaks to bring him into balance with the rest of the battlefield.
  • Domination Battles will see rule changes to help them last longer (and will continue to see changes in future updates).
  • The Empire will receive reduced penalties to their Imperial Authority when they incur their first losses.
  • Regiments of Renown units are now available to the appropriate factions, and costs have been reduced for units that were asking for far too much.

With 2.1 out in the wild, Update 2.2 (and beyond) is now in YOUR hands! While there’s still plenty of projects and fixes already in the works for our upcoming build, your voice will help determine what shows up in the next build. So, remember: make your voice heard in the appropriate channels!

And one final note: look out for another build THIS WEEK with one last hotfix before we look fully forward to Update 2.2! As always, you can find juicy details about what’s to come in the ‘Looking Forward’ section at the bottom of the release notes.

See you on the battlefield!

— The Total War Team

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? Download on the Microsoft Store

Remember that you’ll need to update your game in the Microsoft Store:

  1. Open the Microsoft Store.
  2. Click the [∙ ∙ ∙] symbol next to your profile picture.
  3. Select Downloads and updates.
  4. Press the Get updates button to automatically detect, download, and install the latest changes to your game!
  5. Open the game. The title screen should show you on Update 2.1.0.

If you are unable to launch the game after downloading the update, make sure you add (or re-add) the Total War: WARHAMMER III client or folder as an exception to your firewall and antivirus program.

? Download on Steam

Remember that you’ll need to update your game in Steam:

  1. Open Steam.
  2. Click on Library to see your games list.
  3. Click Downloads at the bottom of the Library window.
  4. [If the new build does not download automatically,] click the Download Now button to manually download the new update.
  5. Open the game. The title screen should show you on Update 2.1.0.

If you encounter any issues downloading or playing the game, you can verify the integrity of the Steam files to correct any download or installation errors.

? Download on Epic

Remember that you’ll need to update your game in Epic:

  1. Open the Epic games launcher.
  2. Click your profile portrait in the upper right corner of the client window.
  3. Select ‘Settings’ from the navigation page
  4. Click Downloads at the bottom of the Library window.
  5. Scroll to the Manage Games section and check the Allow Auto-Updates
  6. Expand the menu for Total War: WARHAMMER III and open the game Options.
  7. Select the “Auto-update” box and let the game update.
  8. Open the game. The title screen should show you on Update 2.1.0.

If you encounter any issues downloading or playing the game, make sure you verify your game files to correct any download or installation errors.

? Having trouble? Visit our support site!

Update 2.1.0

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The Total War: WARHAMMER III Assembly Kit

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The Total War: WARHAMMER III Assembly Kit

For our creative community, the final piece of the modding puzzle is now available: the WARHAMMER III Assembly Kit. This tool provides a full compliment of tools to the modding community, including:

  • Database Editing
  • Startpos Editing
  • Battle Map Creation
  • Pack File Generation
  • …and more!

Steam users can find and download the Assembly Kit by searching for it in the Tools section of their Steam Library.

Microsoft Store users can search for the “Total War: WARHAMMER III – Assembly Kit” app in the store, where it can be downloaded independently from the game.


Improvements made to the overall stability and performance of the game.

  • Fixed a crash triggered upon sacking and immediately subjugating a settlement.
  • Fixed a rare crash when teleporting to a Valkia Quest Battle.


Below are changes made to the gameplay rules, AI, and other mechanics that dictate how the game is played.

Rules & Systems

  • Fixed a bug where declaring war via the Threaten mechanic would prevent allies from being invited along for the war.

Several Horde factions—Nakai, the Vampire Coast, and the Dark Elf Black Arks—have had their growth and development points rebalanced:

  • Increased the Development Point costs of the primary Horde development chain from: 1/2/4/5 → 2/4/8/16 (Tier II/III/IV/V)
  • The default Development Point growth rate is now consistent throughout the primary Horde chain. In the early game, it now takes 2 turns to generate a new point, then later scales down to 1 point per turn due to buildings, skills, and technologies.
  • Removed the Development Point cost from Horde slots; rather, each unlocked Horde building automatically fills those slots when purchased.
  • The starting building of a Horde chain now has a Development Point and monetary cost respective to its tier, while upgrades only cost money (no additional Development Point cost).
  • Black Arks have a lower default Development Point growth rate, as they also enjoy the benefits of settlement growth.
  • Vampire Coast ships and Nakai’s Horde have a higher default Development Point growth rate, as they rely on this advancement as a key faction mechanic.
  • We’ve also reduced the AI Horde growth rate of Development Points.

AI Rules & Logic

  • All AI factions (except for the Skaven) are less likely to declare war when through a non-aggression pact.
  • When controlled by an AI player, Zhao Ming is now able to select his unique skills upon levelling up.
  • Implemented numerous AI improvements to ensure AI-controlled factions are making the appropriate construction choices.



  • Updated the costs and upkeep of Regiments of Renown units—some of which cost significantly more than intended.

Spells (Lore of Shadows)


Stationary vortexes—namely the Pit of ShadesTalons of Night (Grand Cathay), and Infernal Gateway (Tzeentch)—currently offer far too little counter play. As such, we are increasing the cast wind-up and reducing the overcast damage per second to give players more time and agency to react to the spells.


  • Cast Time: 5 → 6 seconds
  • [Overcast] Armour-Piercing Damage Per Second: 10 → 8

(The other changes are listed in their respective sections, below.)

Race and balance changes for the Bretonnia race and factions, available from Total War: WARHAMMER.


  • Fixed broken technology links in The Fay Enchantress’ technology tree.
Daemons of Chaos


  • The Daemon Prince: When controlled by the AI, The Daemon Prince will no longer try to claim the Sword of Khaine (which he can’t equip).
  • The Daemon Prince: Bespoke sounds tied to specific body parts will now update properly when equipped.
  • Replaced the Blue Horrors in Be’lakor’s starting army with Pink Horrors, as he cannot normally recruit Blue Horrors.

Be’lakor’s start felt a little restrictive, so we’ve added rifts near lore-appropriate locations that will allow for both better movement and additional opportunities to cause mischief.

  • Be’lakor now starts with additional rifts in the Southern Wastes and near Mordheim in the Immortal Empires Campaign.
Race and balance changes for the Dark Elf race and factions, available from Total War: WARHAMMER II.


  • Crone Hellebron: Blood Voyage armies are now able to replenish, as they were in WARHAMMER II.
  • Crone Hellebron: No longer has two Chaos corruption effects applied at the same time in the lowest tier of Death Night effects.
  • Rakarth: Removed the cost associated with the Convocation of Hunters rite, which was meant to be free.


  • Added missing abilities for characters during the Rise of Darkness Quest Battle.
Race and balance changes for the Dwarf race and factions, available from Total War: WARHAMMER.


In an effort to globally raise the power level of the Dwarfs, we are focusing (this time) on providing buffs to their speed and vigour via Runes; as the faction has no ground-level mobility options, we believe that Runes must make up for this to some degree. We’re also boosting the global spell resistance of all Dwarf units, as their lack of mobility makes them ideal targets for devastating spells.

In addition to these changes, we’re looking to boost Hammerers—a much-requested change for some time—in addition to improving Thorgrim and Grombrindal via their abilities. We’ll be observing how Dwarfs perform in their Battles after these changes and will consider further adjustments where necessary.


  • Adjusted the cost reduction to Runecrafting provided by Thorek’s unique item set from -50% → -25%.
  • Ungrim Ironfist: The starting grudge against the Vampire Counts will now target the correct faction.


We’ve made an adjustment to the Spell Resistance of ALL Dwarf units:

  • Spell Resistance: 25% → 35%


  • Hit Points: 9200 → 10000
  • Removed: Splash Attacks
  • Weapon Imbuement: Magical Attacks


  • Hit Points: 7708 → 8208


HIGH KING (Thorgrim Grudgebearer)

  • Now activates in melee combat
  • Effect Range: Map-wide → 50 meters
  • Added Effect: Buffs Armour-Piercing Weapon Damage
  • Removed Effect: Immune to Psychology
  • Removed Effect: +10% Charge Bonus


  • Duration: 26 → 32 seconds


  • Multiplayer Cost: 200 → 100 gold



  • Duration: 30 → 40 seconds


  • New Effect: Restores 5% Vigour per Second


  • Duration: 18 → 30 seconds
Grand Cathay



  • Now also redirects grenade projectiles back at the firing unit.


  • Cast Time: 5 → 6 seconds
  • [Overcast] Armour-Piercing Damage Per Second: 10 →  8
Race and balance changes for the Greenskins race and factions, available from Total War: WARHAMMER.



  • Multiplayer Cost: 300 → 350 gold
Race and balance changes for the High Elf race and factions, available from Total War: WARHAMMER II.


  • Fixed an issue preventing Imrik’s Dragon Encounter missions from rewarding him with a trait.



  • Hit Points no longer scale to obscene levels when mounted.


  • Missing abilities have been added to characters in Imrik’s Lamoureux the Frozen Breath Quest Battle.



  • Multiplayer Cost: 575 → 600 gold


  • The wasteland settlement climate is once again suitable for Boris Ursus’ faction.
Race and balance changes for the Lizardmen race and factions, available from Total War: WARHAMMER II.


  • Oxyotl’s threat map will now (properly) scale to the size of the Immortal Empires map.
  • Oxyotl’s poison skills will now display the ancillary in the tooltip.
  • Oxyotl’s poison skills will now also unlock at the correct ranks.



  • Multiplayer Cost: 575 → 600 gold


HARBINGER OF PESTILENCE (Festus the Leechlord)

  • Damage: 24-48 → 12-24

HEALING ELIXIRS (Festus the Leechlord)

  • Effect: 0.2% →  0.1% HP/s



  • No longer applies duplicate melee-defence buffs to Plaguebearer units.
Ogre Kingdoms



  • Amour-Piercing Damage: 50 → 70
Race and balance changes for the Skaven race and factions, available from Total War: WARHAMMER II.


  • Clan Moulder’s Growth Vat now correctly empties when the ritual has been upgraded to the next level.
  • An extra army marker no longer displays at the edge of the front-end map for Clan Pestilens.



  • Multiplayer Cost: 425 → 500 gold


  • Multiplayer Cost: 575 → 600 gold



  • Updated the recharge context flag from “Winning melee combat” to “Engaged in melee”.
Race and balance changes for the The Empire race and factions, available from Total War: WARHAMMER.

General Updates

  • Fixed a bug where Elector Counts previews would persist (even when hovering over empty space) in the panel, making it difficult to click the Revoke Title button.

The addition of Festus meant that Empire players could find themselves losing a lot of Imperial Authority very quickly in the early game if Festus destroyed Hochland. The Electors are now more lenient for the first loss so you have more time to respond and deal with nearby threats.

  • Reduced the Imperial Authority penalties for the first destroyed Elector Count and first razed Elector Count capital in Immortal Empires. Subsequent losses remain unchanged.


  • Elector Count dilemmas now properly subtract gold from the player’s Treasury when intended.
  • Fixed several issues which could prevent Wulfhart’s Hunter missions from progressing.
  • Fixed an issue where Wulfhart’s hostility level would not increment when selecting options on certain dilemmas.
  • Kalara’s Slaughter Amongst the Ruins mission (in Marcus Wulfhart campaigns) now properly concludes after searching the ruins.
Race and balance changes for the Tomb Kings race and factions, available from Total War: WARHAMMER II.

General Updates

  • Updated the ghost shaders and visual effects of Usirian Armoured Skeletons and their weapons.
  • Updated the shaders for Grand Hierophant Khatep and fixed black alpha issues on lower LOD models.



  • Base Damage: 0 → 33
  • Armour-Piercing Damage: 42 → 9
  • Removed Contact Effect: Frostbite



  • Multiplayer Cost: 575 → 600 gold



  • Cast Time: 5 → 6 seconds
  • [Overcast] Armour-Piercing Damage Per Second: 10 → 8
Race and balance changes for the Vampire Coast race and factions, available from Total War: WARHAMMER II.



  • Now have voices suitable for their ethereal appearance.



  • Fixed an issue which would cause the skill to provide less Leadership at Level 3 than at previous levels.

THE COLD BLADE (Damned Paladin)

  • Added Passive Ability: Chilling Aura
  • Removed Effect: Frostbite

THE KILLING COLD (Mourngul Haunter)

  • Added Effect: Magical Attacks
  • Removed Effect: Frostbite
Race and balance changes for the Vampire Counts race and factions, available from Total War: WARHAMMER.


Having moved to percentage-based healing in WARHAMMER III, Helman Ghorst now gets far too much value from his Corpse Cart, which not only doubles as a Mortis Engine, but puts his hit points in “Zombie Dragon-riding Lord” territory. To that end, we’re not only adjusting its hit points, but significantly increasing its multiplayer cost—as at 200 gold, the Corpse Cart was egregiously undervalued for its benefits.



  • Multiplayer Cost: 800 → 900 gold


  • Hit Points (with Corpse Cart): 6908 → 5908
  • Multiplayer Cost: 450 → 550 gold
  • Multiplayer Cost (Corpse Cart): 250 → 800 gold


  • Multiplayer Cost: 200 → 300 gold


  • Fixed an issue preventing Isabella (as a Hero) from switching her mount.
Race and balance changes for the Warriors of Chaos race and factions, available from Total War: WARHAMMER.


Even before their arrival in Immortal Empires, we received a good deal of feedback about the changes to the Warriors of Chaos and the new Champions of Chaos in the livestreams and videos created before their launch. In Update 2.1, we managed to capture some of this feedback and implement a handful of changes based on these suggestions from the community!

General Updates


Previously, the Warriors of Chaos could vassalise a broad range of factions via diplomacy, but were comparatively limited in those they could forcefully vassalise via occupation. To address this discrepancy, we’ve adjusted the occupation option to bring the two more into alignment—a change that will (in particular) benefit Festus, who can now vassalise Empire factions.

  • The Warriors of Chaos can now perform the Subjugate occupation option on all Human and Elven factions.


Due to a variety of issues with interactions between confederation and the rest of the Warriors of Chaos features, we chose to hold off on launching with the option in Immortal Empires. However, given the relevance of the mechanic to some of the Warriors characters, we’ve implemented a lightweight version that allows a limited means to unite the Warriors of Chaos lords. This is a first step in exploring new ways to give the player access to a variety of Legendary Lords without some of the knock-on issues related to confederation.

  • Archaon the Everchosen and Be’lakor can now confederate others Warriors of Chaos factions via a new settlement occupation option. This is triggered upon capturing their last available settlement.
  • Upon confederation, only vassals and Legendary Lords will be transferred; all other characters and armies will be destroyed.


  • The Long Victory Condition for Warriors of Chaos now focuses on holding Dark Fortresses by any means necessary.
  • The Warbands panel upgrades now account for military force bonuses.


SAVAGE BLOODLUST (Mortal Chaos Lords, Sorcerer-Lords)

  • Now affects flying Daemonic melee units 


  • Now applies the correct buffs to the Soul Grinder of Tzeentch

Race and balance changes for the Wood Elves race and factions, available from Total War: WARHAMMER II.


Drycha was missing Malevolent units in outposts and garrison buildings, as she lacks access to non-malevolent versions of the units.


  • Drycha: Added Malevolent units to garrisons.


Below are general Campaign changes made to the overworld campaign and world mechanics.

General Updates

  • The Regiments of Renown units added in Update 1.3 are now available to the relevant factions in new Campaigns. (Note that they will not be retroactively added to existing saves.)
  • All Legendary Lords now have the Siege Attacker trait, enabling immediate siege attacks against walled settlements regardless of whether Siege Equipment has been built.
  • Reduced the likelihood of heroes being pushed out of garrison forces if garrisons exceed 20 units.
  • The leader of the Dimmed Sunz minor faction no longer begins mounted on a Wyvern.
  • Fixed an issue where rebels could prevent invasion factions (such as those created by endgame events) from spawning correctly.
  • Fixed an encounter at sea marker which spawned outside of the navigable map.
  • Fixed several areas where green vegetation was incorrectly appearing at several locations around the map.
  • Fixed several areas where trees in the Naggaroth area were being displayed as shrubs.

We’ve adjusted several instances of Norscan faction-wide bonuses which were leading to exploitative gameplay:

  • Removed additional faction-wide income effects from the Income building
  • Removed research faction-wide scaling from the Growth building
  • Added post-battle loot from adjacent regions to the Growth building
  • The global scaling effect now only affects Port buildings

In addition to Vampire Coast faction-wide bonuses leading to similar issues:

  • Removed faction-wide scaling effects from the Income building
  • Added faction-wide scaling effect for Ports: 1% (T1 and T3) and 4% (T5)
  • The Treasurer Minister position now increases Port income instead of all income
  • Updated the AI construction setup to reflect the above changes


  • Fixed the Warriors of Chaos and Daemons of Chaos garrisons at Fortress Gates, Empire Forts, and Bastions, as they were granting access to all Chaos-related units.


  • Updated the Skaven and Dark Elf loyalty dilemmas to award the intended amounts of Loyalty.
  • Fixed a rare case where Wood Elf forest encounters could spawn then immediately despawn.
  • Fixed several instances where certain WARHAMMER I dilemmas would unintendedly trigger for WARHAMMER II races.


  • Settlement names are no longer displayed twice in Raze or Conquer Settlement missions.


  • Chantillon: Is now considered a minor settlement, as intended.
  • Karak Dum: Adjusted the rotation of the settlement to align properly with the surrounding mountains.
  • Mine of the Bearded Skulls: Resource buildings are now available, as intended.
  • Teotiqua: Fixed an issue where the settlement would be displayed as a ruin rather than a Lizardmen settlement.

The following settlements can now (properly) construct Elven Colony buildings:

  • Citadel of Dusk
  • Fortress of Dawn
  • Tor Elasor

Prologue (The Lost God)

  • Mine of the Bearded Skulls: Added missing defence buildings for a major settlement,

Darkness & Disharmony (Multiplayer)

  • Players who have disconnected from the game will no longer gain victory points and potentially end the game by winning.

Immortal Empires

  • Fixed instances where certain buildings would claim that they “prevent Chaos Rifts from opening in the local province” in the Immortal Empires game mode, where Rifts aren’t much of a concern.


  • Added a new event informing the player when they’ve completed their Short and Long Campaign Victories.
  • The Long Victory conditions have been updated to provide a more focused experience for the following lords: N’kari, Skarbrand, Ku’Gath, The Daemon Prince, and Kairos Fateweaver.
  • Updated the Short Victory conditions of the Champions of Chaos (Azazel, Valkia, Festus, and Vilitch) to be unique and more achievable to each Lord.


  • Added an optional setting which enables ALL available endgame scenarios to fire in the same campaign. This is disabled by default, as it’s an extra level of difficulty for players who want to embrace the chaos!
  • Adjusted the Pyramid of Nagash endgame scenario to prevent it from spawning more armies than intended.
  • Fixed an issue which would prevent endgame scenarios from triggering on the correct turn when the turn delay setting was set to 0 turns.
  • Endgame scenarios will no longer trigger if the player has confederated all possible targets or otherwise invalidated the scenario conditions.
  • Added a camera pan over endgame scenario points-of-interest when the scenarios commence.
  • Corrected some misleading text in the A Grudge Too Far and Wild Hunt endgame-event descriptions


Below are Battle-specific changes made throughout the game.

General Updates

  • Be’lakor is now playable in Custom and Multiplayer Battles without the need to complete the Realm of Chaos campaign.
  • Removed certain decorative elements of Slaaneshi walls which could block artillery damage.
  • The Galleons Cove area will now properly load the Island Battle map.
  • The Al Haikk area now properly loads a Vampire Counts settlement to match the Campaign settlement model.
  • Updated instances where unintended buildings could be targeted in certain Battle maps.
  • Updated instances where deployment borders were inconsistent in some Battle maps.
  • Removed corpse collision from the final units that still had it enabled; this is a small change that should further improve the pathfinding and responsiveness of units in Battles.
  • Nurgle floating islands have been changed to props to prevent colliding with flying units.
  • Updated the hard collision on the Bloodfire Falls Battle map.
  • Removed some floating scenery in the Lustria Hills Ogre Camp.
  • Fixed an issue which caused dismembered artillery crews to remain active after their death.
  • Fixed a positioning issue which would result in some matched combat animations to be misaligned.

AI Battles

  • Due to several functional and balance issues, Isabella and Vlad can no longer be purchased as Heroes in Custom Battles.

Ambush Battles

  • Characters will no longer gain bonus experience when the ambush is initiated from a default stance (i.e. for Skaven and Beastmen armies).

Domination Battles


The Domination game mode will be seeing some massive changes in this patch as we move towards a longer match duration (aiming for a 20-minute match time on the high end versus the current 15) while reducing the ticket values to make them more straightforward. Many units had the incorrect capture weight in Update 2.0—which should now be fixed! And finally, to help reduce the dominance of the Chaos factions, we are reducing the capture weight of all fast-moving war beasts (such as the Warhounds).

  • Updated several unit capture weights across all races for greater consistency.
  • Victory Ticket limit: 5000 → 1500
  • Victory Ticket rate per capture point: 5 → 1
  • Time to capture a point: 200 → 150 seconds (with a weight of 1)
  • Fast War Beasts’ (such as Warhounds or Squig Herds) Capture Weight: 5 → 4

Major Settlement Battles

  • Capture points in the Tomb King Major Settlement are now circular (rather than square) to be consistent with other settlements.
  • Updated the vanguard deployment zones on the Bretonnian Settlement map.

Siege Battles

  • Khorne Skull Piles will no longer appear within settlement zones-of-control when spawned as a result of a Siege Battle.

Skirmish vs. AI

  • Fixed a bug where lobbies would continue to display the image of a player who left the lobby after being replaced by a player joining from a different platform.


Below are changes to the systems that support and enhance the gameplay of Total War: WARHAMMER III.


  • Fixed several instances where Dwarf shields would not load correctly when viewing the equipment from a distance.
  • Fixed a visual bug in Minor Settlement Battles where green boxes would appear where enemies had built towers/barricades after capturing a point.


  • Certain Gorebull and Doombull campaign vocalisations have been reduced in volume.
  • Fixed an issue which would result in music occasionally stopping and restarting throughout the Campaign.
  • Fixed instances where reverb was being applied to certain characters’ voice lines.
  • Fixed an issue where the incorrect Lord dialogue would play after transitioning from the Lord Select screen > Campaign select > Change Campaign > and then back to the Lord Select screen.


  • Unit cards in the Campaign Select screen no longer have modifiers applied which resulted in the display of massively boosted stats.
  • For all new save games, the ‘Continue’ button now displays the Legendary Lord’s portrait rather than their faction banner.
  • The front-end version of the Beast Slayer item quest (Karl Franz) is no longer erroneously titled, “The Reikland Runefang.”
  • Increased the interaction zone for all buttons in the main menu.
  • Updated the FLC and DLC banners on the Race dropdown to display all available products rather than products required for only one of the Lords.
  • Fixed an issue where the authority display in the Warbands panel was using the pending authority rather than the current authority. The display of authority should now be consistent across the board.
  • Fixed an issue where the authority of a previously selected Lord would be displayed for a newly selected Lord.
  • The background colour in the global recruitment section in the unit recruitment panel is now blue for all UI themes. This matches the turn-banner displayed on unit cards.
  • The background colour of the local recruitment section has been updated from red to green to match the improved banners we now display on unit cards. This removes any negative implication from the panel—since red is generally used as a warning and for negative effects.
  • Separated the display of slaves consumed and generated by Dark Elf buildings to display both at all times.
  • Fixed instances where the Strategic Location icon of city labels would display the wrong icon when playing as a WARHAMMER II race.
  • Added a missing icon for the Fimir Linebreakers ancillary.
  • The Mark of Chaos: Khorne icon in Custom Battles now utilizes the correct icon.
  • Updated Oxyotl’s faction icon form a teeny-tiny to regular size image.
  • Corrected inaccurate effect icons for the Monstrous Strength skill.
  • Corrected the magic fire effect in the Diplomacy character porthole.
  • Updated the position of Eltharion’s army on the map view of the Campaign Select screen.
  • The tooltip on Be’lakor’s rifts now clarifies that they can be used by Heroes.
  • The Wood Elf “occupy settlement option” tooltip no longer mentions amber gain.
  • Updated the text of Nurgle’s March-stance to clarify that units can, in fact, be recruited while Marching.
  • Added a missing Anti-Infantry tooltip to the Marauders of Khorne (Dual Weapons)
  • Fixed a bug which would prevent the tooltip from displaying for the Murderous Prowess ability.
  • Updated the speed at which subtitles are displayed in several Quest Battles to be consistent across the board.
  • Fixed instances where certain campaign advice notes would prevent consecutive notes from displaying properly.
  • Fixed several instances where certain items would state that they require a Quest Battle as opposed to a regular mission.
  • Added the missing Repanse Quest Battle to the front-end menu.
  • The introductory cutscene will now play for the Liber Bubonicus Quest Battle.
  • Center-aligned the versus icon in the Battle Replays screen.
  • Removed duplicate text on the help page for Beast-Paths.
  • The Wood Elf Offices help page now correctly opens when the ? button is clicked.


  • The English “Loading” text in the launcher is now localised for all available languages.
  • German: The Min Tao Alchemist previously had two abilities called Zaubermetallurgie Flamme. One has now been updated to Durchdringend.
  • Czech: The translation of the Chaos Spawn units for Nurgle, Tzeentch, Slaanesh, and Khorne have been properly pluralised.
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HOTFIX 2.1.1

Today’s hotfix includes a fix for the critical crash introduced in Update 2.1.

  • Fixed a crash when manually defending during minor and major Settlement Battles.

The “Rollback” branch has also been added as an opt-in beta branch on Steam. This will allow Steam users to manually revert back to the Update 2.0 build if they choose to do so. There are a few important considerations when opting-in to the branch:

  • Doing so will require you to re-download and unpack any files which were updated in the 2.1 build.
  • Playing in Update 2.0 will disable cross-play with users in the 2.1 or 2.1.1 build.
  • Future builds will require that you opt-out of the beta to update to the latest build.
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HOTFIX 2.1.2

Today (Thursday, September 29) we are releasing a small hotfix with a critical change for high-end Intel processors:

  • Addressed an issue which impacted the game performance when running on Intel’s “Raptor Lake” CPU.


We’re aware of an ‘end turn crash’ issue impacting some players. Until a permanent fix arrives in Update 2.2, we’ve opened two Steam Beta branches which will allow you to roll back and play on an earlier build:

  • rollback: Update 2.0 (crash not present)
  • patch_2_1_1: Update 2.1.1 (crash may be present)

We apologize for the inconvenience this causes and will have it fixed up as soon as possible!


Update 2.2 is currently targeting October 18 as its release date! This major update includes a wide variety of changes and fixes to several outstanding issues impacting players—in addition to new features based on ongoing player feedback—as you all dive into Total War: WARHAMMER III and Immortal Empires:

  • End Turn Crash Fix: Coming soon.
  • Settlement Battles: Numerous adjustments are being made to the number of Settlement Battles encountered throughout a campaign. More details in the full notes next month!
  • AI Improvements: Several adjustments are being made to the AI based on player feedback: they’ll be generally more aggressive, will scale better with their difficulty setting, should employ smarter tactics in Battle, and will (overall) be better allies and vassals, as well.
  • Split Ranked Queue: Choose between Land and Domination Battles!
  • New Endgame Crisis: Yes-yes…
  • Regiments of Renown III: Our third Regiments of Renown pack is on the way!

Much more is on the way, so watch for the full release notes coming your way on October 18.

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With Update 2.0 and Update 2.1 introducing a massive amount of new content to Total War: WARHAMMER III, it’s the community’s turn to weigh in!

Update 2.2—coming this October—will be the first opportunity for us to react and respond to the most prevalent discussions, issues, and requests made by the community as you dive in and experience all that Immortal Empires has to offer. If you have not already, NOW is the time to get involved in the discussion: sharing your thoughts as you play the game, supporting others who have shared ideas you’d like to see considered, and offering your own perspective to the conversations and areas of the game you’d like to see evolve in the month (and months) to come.

Here are the best places to get started—where our QA, Support, and Player Experience teams are working hard to collect and report on your feedback:

As we look forward, here’s what we can already share about the exciting stuff on the way to Total War: WARHAMMER III:


While we’re still sorting through all the feedback received thus far, we already have a hefty handful of notes about what you can expect in Update 2.2:

  • Modified starting positions for Teclis, Skrag, Kairos, and Alith Anar.
  • Fixed instances where “Spirit of the Jungle” AI factions would fail to activate after respawning.
  • Fixing an issue where Mannfred von Carstein’s bonus Winds of Magic levels will revert back to 100 after loading a save file.
  • A fix to ensure that Vilitch’s Legion of Doom and Freakish Mutations skills apply their effects to Regiments of Renown units.
  • Scaling down Nakai so he fits in his character screen.
  • Addressing feedback regarding the severity of Dwarf Grudges and Oxyotl Doomstacks.
  • Ongoing updates to Confederation!

Watch for more news come this October!

BATTLE: Defeated Units and Re-Summoning Rules

Looking forward, we are considering a change which would result in killed units remaining dead. This means a few things:

  • It would be impossible to re-summon a unit that was killed in battle.
  • It would (ideally) increase the importance of clean micromanagement.
  • If you’re able to successfully withdrew a unit, they would regenerate—allowing you to re-summon them into battle later on.

In the end, we believe these changes would result in an overall advantage to ranged factions: who will now have the time to use up most/all of their ammunition, and then can withdraw those “Spent” units to gain a supply refund. That said, we welcome your feedback and want to hear whether and why you’d enjoy (or wouldn’t enjoy) the change!

Ready? Begin!

Settlement Battles

A point of feedback since release, we are continuing to look at how to improve Settlement Battles based on player feedback. Unfortunately, this is a complicated matter to untangle and fix, so we will be looking at what incremental changes can be made in 2.2 as we work on larger changes for future releases. Rest assured that we hear your concerns and will be looking for opportunities to improve the Battles in the future.

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If you experience any issues after downloading the update, please take a moment to visit our support site for additional troubleshooting steps and assistance.