Total War: PHARAOH – Patch Notes 1.1.0

Total War: PHARAOH

CA KingGobbo
January 24 2024


We’re back with our first hefty update to Total War: PHARAOH, launching January 25th. Alongside some bug fixes, balance changes, performance tweaks and quality-of-life improvements, some ominous seafarers have arrived in Egypt with the High Tide update! This free update adds a heap of new content, with 2 new factions, 30+ units, unique mechanics and more to let you drive forth the Bronze Age Collapse as the Sherden or Peleset. 

For further details on the High Tide update, sail on over to our Total War: PHARAOH FAQ for a full breakdown of Egypt’s latest arrivals.

With that settled, here’s some highlights for Patch 1.1.0:

  • Improvements to Battle AI’s behaviour, army deployment, and frontline formations.
  • Tweaks to Unit Morale by considering individual entity health when counting overall losses.
  • Adjustments to Chariot handling and collisions.
  • Multiple Battle-focused bug fixes and balance tweaks, including stances, unit balance, collision and animations.
  • Boosts to both quality and quantity of Garrison units provided by Main and Garrison buildings in settlements.
  • Addressed multiple visual issues of terrain gaps, misplaced and misaligned assets, as well as battle catchment areas on various maps.
  • Implemented further UI enhancements, tackling various visual, text (incl. localisation) inconsistencies, bugs, and more.
  • Various fixes to Outposts.
  • Bug fixes to Ancient Legacies, with Khufu and Hatshepsut in the spotlight.

With the release of Patch 1.1.0 and the High Tide update, free for all players present and future, we’ve always got our ears to the ground to help shape Total War: PHARAOH moving forward, and for that, your feedback is invaluable.  

And, as most of us here don’t like getting sand in our ears because of all this ground-listening, why not let us know how you’re feeling about this one over on our official channels? Jump in, give the Sea Peoples a spin, take some chariots out for a test drive, and hit us with your thoughts via the links below! 

Right, the tides are looking fiercer by the minute, so let’s jump into the details of this patch and see what Egypt has in store!

— The Total War Team

? Download on Steam

Remember that you’ll need to update your game in Steam:

  1. Open Steam.
  2. Click on Library to see your games list.
  3. Click Downloads at the bottom of the Library window.
  4. [If the new build does not download automatically,] click the Download Now button to manually download the new update.
  5. Open the game. The title screen should show you on Update 1.1.0.

If you encounter any issues downloading or playing the game, you can verify the integrity of the Steam files to correct any download or installation errors.


If you experience any issues after downloading the update, please take a moment to visit our support site for additional troubleshooting steps and assistance.

Update 1.1.0

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  • Implemented various stability improvements and performance optimisations. 
  • Addressed an issue causing the game to freeze when alt-tabbing in fullscreen mode. 
  • Addressed several one-time crashes that could occur during the end turn phase. 
  • Addressed a specific crash when a player’s general held the High Judge position in the Hittite court and would choose to adjudicate grievances in a town while said general was embarked at sea. 
  • Fixed a rare crash when using the court mechanic. 
  • Fixing a Lua error when clicking Force Surrender rapidly in the Thutmose panel. 
  • Addressed a crash occurring when changing stances after auto-resolving a battle. 
  • Addressed a potential soft-lock scenario when attempting to move an army within the zone of control of an enemy army. 
  • Fixed a crash that occurred when attempting to load an Ambush Battle, which would also load a Land Battle map. 
  • Resolved a rare crash occurring in the Custom Battle screen when removing units from army setups. 
  • Resolved a crash occurring during the Character Development tutorial within the tutorial campaign. 
  • Resolved a tutorial soft-lock issue when the player opened the Power of the Crown panel too quickly, before the legitimacy advice had commenced. 
  • Addressed a soft-lock occurring on turn 10 of the tutorial, after introducing stances to the player. Now, when a character is deselected, Ramesses is highlighted, prompting the player to select him to display the text pointer and progress the game. 
  • Addressed a soft-lock occurring during the tutorial campaign on turn 12. 
  • Resolved performance degradation issues that could occur after extended gameplay sessions (6-8 hours). 


  • Implemented a shortcut to undo a turn with <Ctrl + U>. 
  • The UI scale at 4K is now limited to a minimum of 50 percent. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Strategic Overlays panel disappears at maximum height when any other UI element is open. 
  • Resolved the issue of screen flickering when loading a save file. 
  • When incremental save is disabled, save files now adopt names generated with the historical year format (e.g., 1205 BCE) instead of the total year (e.g., 8795). 
  • Resolved an issue with the map displaying the owned starting territories of other Rulers on the new game screen. 
  • Addressed several visual effect issues on the campaign map. 
  • Addressed the scaling issue with the Sacred Hatti land indicator on 2k/4k resolutions. 



  • Added new tooltips for locked features due to Shemsu Hor. 
  • Corrected a minor server-side issue that was preventing the Bay Ultimate Victory achievement from being awarded. 
  • Changed the required number of soldiers for the Colonize settlement option to be based on the current health of the army instead of the full health. This addresses an issue where a severely damaged army could end up with units having 0 entities. 
  • Fixed an issue wherein selecting an enemy army and then your own would result in a distorted army movement range. 
  • Post-Battle campaign intervention after a settlement victory now triggers correctly. 
  • Addressed an issue where, in a new campaign, the starting forts of other factions would lack garrison armies until their faction’s first turn. 


  • Elevated the priority of Campaign AI actions for attacking forts. 


  • Suppiluliuma’s starting enemy is now shown on the faction selection map. 
  • Fixed an issue with Suppiluliuma’s unique trait that prevented it from unlocking. 
  • Fixed a bug where the notification on completing a royal decree after executing Bay’s Command was not displaying. 
  • Included the previously omitted territory of Nekhel in Ramesses’ faction selection map, under the Neutral category in Amenmesses’ faction. 
  • Excluded the Kerma region from Amenmesse’s faction selection map, as it is unrelated to him. 
  • Implemented accurate 2D portraits for Ramesses in his prime skin. 
  • Corrected the Underhanded trait to be appropriately awarded when sacking a shrine. 
  • Added an indicator for ancillaries that cannot be equipped. 
  • Damascus’ starting army was relocated from Sedad to Damascus, slightly easing Irsu’s initial starting position in accordance with the original design. 
  • Adjusted the available commandments in the province of Ugarit and reduced the negative happiness impact of Irsu’s unique commandment. 
  • The Royal Gardens Commandment now correctly affects coastal port settlements, aligning with the design intent. 
  • Fixed the events list in the Faction Summary panel. 


  • Improved both the quantity and quality of garrison units provided by Main and Garrison buildings in settlements. 
  • Added a clearer scope effect for the Ramesses command bonus provided by the Military Academy building. 
  • Irsu will no longer have access to a Smuggler’s Market building in Ugarit, as intended. 
  • Enhanced the information displayed by the Corvee Labour button in the settlement panel. 
  • Resolved the issue that disabled the Save button when razing a settlement on the first turn of the campaign. 


  • The warning for issuing an ultimatum will now display the penalties the player will suffer in both cases: when the AI accepts the ultimatum (no war) and when it rejects it (war erupted). Previously, it only showed the penalties in the case where the AI accepted the ultimatum. 
  • Pretender and Ruler factions will no longer be valid targets for vassalization or confederation. 
  • Corrected a bug where invading armies would occasionally fail to declare war on the player and other factions. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Forced Annexation tooltip was not initialized when the Diplomacy panel was opened via a double-click on a faction. 
  • Implemented a change so that clicking the end-turn notification for Barter Expired now directs the player to the Treasury panel instead of initiating diplomacy with the other faction. 
  • Raised the default campaign map zoom level in the Diplomacy Panel to display the 2D strategic map upon the panel opening. 


  • The first batch of AI plots for each Shemsu Hor is now limited to level 3, as intended. 
  • The Embezzle and the Assassinate plot now start at a higher level if Pharaoh wears the Pschent crown, aligning with the intended design. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Strongarm request boosts were incorrectly triggering threaten plots against you when you didn’t have any of your own. 
  • Removed the negative diplomacy event for visiting settlements with Court actions. 
  • Updated the tooltip for the Threaten plot to include information about the requirement to pay for claiming the position. 


  • The Enlightened Society effect no longer applies when converting a Temple. 


  • The Local Deities UI now showcases the cultural attributes of the selected god. 
  • In the animation of the newly discovered gods, you can now click on individual gods, and it will direct you to their corresponding panel in the UI. 
  • Implemented overlays and scripted tours for the Local Deities feature. 
  • Adjusted the prayer effects of Anubis to reduce their impact on lowering enemy morale. 
  • Resolved a bug where the Devoted General status was not updating correctly after being wounded and rehired. 


  • Added feature-unlocked alert icons for the HUD buttons. 


  • Fixed an issue where certain effects were displaying as unique for the different tiers. 


  • Pamuna the Digger now correctly grants income from mines. 
  • Updated the Workforce Growth granted by items to make them more impactful. 
  • Quality Miner’s Hammer now also grants wood income from Ports. 
  • Removed redundant UI elements for Items in Expedition’s Cart on the left panel. 
  • Addressed a bug where the player was unable to end an expedition when no general was available, even if the item could be converted to an Effect/Resource; the option to receive ancillaries in the faction pool has also been added. 
  • Resolved an issue where players were unable to end an expedition if they did not own any cities. 
  • Addressed an issue wherein converting an item with no generals alive incorrectly allowed you to gain both the resource and ancillary. 


  • Completing all the stages of construction now displays the proper visual in the Khufu panel if a wonder Outpost has been damaged. 
  • Added a UI indication for Ancient Legacy Khufu when the wonder’s slot has been occupied by another building. 
  • Fixed the texture of the pyramidion on the Black Obelisk. 
  • Resolved an issue where siege equipment was missing when attacking a wonder that had its settlement razed and occupied by another faction. 
  • Wonders in Khufu the Builder now accurately grant 16 Legitimacy when the province they are in does not have a high influence of the building’s owner. 
  • Resolved a bug in Khufu’s UI where the progress of stages would display incorrect information when the player switches from wonder A to wonder B and then back to A. 


  • Fixed a bug where the tooltip for Embed Informant incorrectly stated that the Embed Informant action was free to use, courtesy of Expert Builders, instead of Hidden Informants. 


  • Fixed a bug where Princely Authority was not showing a tooltip when neutral or negative. 


  • Corrected a text string to accurately specify that certain units are now added to Special Recruitment, not as reinforcements in battle as previously stated. 
  • Corrected another string to accurately specify that the effects will be applied to the target city’s owner faction, not to the target city itself. 
  • The Train Natives conquest action button now properly provides +20 Melee Defence (reinforcing army). 


  • Fixed an issue where the construction of the Egyptian Outpost did not provide an extended line of sight for the region. 
  • Added new visual effects for when an Outpost is razed or an empty Outpost under construction is destroyed. 
  • Fixed an event feed message that incorrectly stated that a settlement has been besieged instead of the outpost being besieged. 
  • Resolved an issue where an army that besieged a fort would persist in the Laying Siege state even after the settlement was razed. 
  • Addressed an issue with action point replenishment when interacting with an Outpost from a very short distance. 


  • Implemented a number of UI enhancements, addressing various visual, text (incl. localisation) and hyperlink inconsistencies, bugs, and missing elements in tooltips and interfaces. 
  • Fixed a bug where the settlement garrison UI incorrectly displayed full HP for the garrison units when they were damaged. 
  • Fixed a bug where the Common Small Shield ancillary was missing from the pre-battle screen icon list. 
  • Fixed an issue with the faction summary panel for Kurunta where the Encyclopaedia entry for Kurunta (deity) would not open properly. 
  • Fixed an issue where toggling the flavour text information panel for a unit in the Encyclopaedia would cause the flavour text for units in other panels to disappear. 
  • Removed incorrectly used Unique text in the title’s tooltip. 
  • Fixed an issue where the Confederation cooldown information was missing from the Quick Deal Confederation button. 
  • Fixed a bug that prevented the display of Pharaoh Powers on the settlement panel when opened by selecting an Outpost. 
  • Fixed an issue where there was a -1 legitimacy per turn for categories that were empty and did not provide any legitimacy in the Power of the Crown panel. 
  • Help Overlays have been added to the Power of the Crown, Pillars of Civilization, and Settlements panels. 
  • Added “This settlement/outpost doesn’t have a garrison” to the tooltips for garrisons with 0 units. 
  • Resolved an issue where the Vassalize button in Diplomacy Quick Deals would not immediately appear after a player joined a Civil War. 
  • Corrected a misleading effect condition in the Chief Fletcher Title tooltip – it now accurately states that all bowmen will receive the ammunition increase. 
  • Fixed the description of the Lawgiver’s discounts in the Hittite court. 
  • Fixed dilemmas for the High Judge to properly show up in the Court UI. 
  • The Read More button in the Royal Traditions panel now correctly states Select for each tradition. 
  • Clicking on the Ancient Legacy icon in the Faction Summary panel now correctly opens the corresponding Ancient Legacy panel or the Legacy Selection panel. 
  • Resolved an issue where the movement range indicator failed to display after winning a sally-out battle. 
  • Resolved an issue where, at times, the offer to be subjugated was incorrectly placed in the Negotiations panel instead of the demand to Subjugate. 
  • Tooltips of gods in the Local Deities UI will now showcase their highest tier effects. 
  • Resolved the issue with restoring the Character Details panel when it has been temporarily hidden. 


  • Campaign customization settings listed under the General tab now correctly feature a notification informing the player that they cannot be saved as part of setting presets. 
  • Fixed an issue where turning off the Ironman campaign customization option from inside a campaign would not revert the Battle Realism mode setting back to its state before Ironman had been turned on. 
  • Resolved an issue where the Faction Discovered event message, with Random Faction Starting Position enabled, would occasionally point to the wrong location on the map. 
  • Addressed an issue where, with Random Faction Starting Positions enabled, Akhenaten could be owned by the faction leader at the beginning of a new campaign. 
  • Added explanatory text to several campaign customization strings to notify users that if an option is modified during play, it will take effect on the following turn. 
  • Implemented a check for the campaign customization option Faction Destruction to ensure proper execution upon enabling. 
  • Rebalanced the campaign customization option for Disaster Frequency across various states of the world. 
  • Corrected the campaign customization option for Ranged Units Ammunition Capacity to accurately apply percentages. 
  • Resolved issues with the campaign customization option for Unit Replenishment to ensure it functions as described. 



  • Standards now use the same colours as the banners. 
  • Fixed a bug where a routing unit would trigger a flank, negatively impacting Defence. 


  • Reworked armour durability to now be affected differently with various weapons and projectiles, and to scale properly with unit size changes. 


  • Changed how the AI deploys in Land Battles. Now, the AI will spread out its army and will aim to have a core of front-line units with chariots and flankers on the sides and archers on either the front or the back, depending on the specific composition of the army. 
  • Fixed a pathfinding issue on ladders when reversing direction. 
  • Routing units on the defending side in a Siege Battle will not necessarily flee toward the nearest gate. 
  • Fixed an issue where regular arrows could be fired at the ground; this capability is now limited to fire arrows, aligning with the intended design. 
  • Enemy units can now use a gate if it is open, but not destroyed. 
  • Fixed a bug where entities would not move as a single unit when ordered to climb siege equipment. 
  • Units will no longer pursue routing units if there are other enemies in close proximity. 
  • Changed how the AI deploys their armies to align with the intended design. This includes establishing proper front and back lines, correct positioning of units, and more. 
  • Improved how the AI reinforcements use the vehicles left by the player when attacking a walled settlement. 
  • Missile units will not be initially assigned to siege equipment if a sufficient number of melee units are available at the start of the battle. 
  • Improved pathfinding for faster unit climbing on enemy siege ladders. 
  • Resolved a bug where AI units would erroneously switch between tactics and states when their sole siege ladder was destroyed. 
  • Fixed a bug where units would automatically pursue enemies exiting the settlement. 
  • Enhanced AI gate defence mechanisms. 
  • Resolved a bug where the AI was deploying in an excessively narrow formation during Land Battles. 
  • Fixed a rare bug where the AI left only one ranged unit as a reserve in Siege Battles. 
  • The AI will now react faster to taking missile damage when sallying out.  
  • The AI will now prioritize gate attacks even without a ram when it possesses an abundance of units, but an insufficient number of ladders or siege towers. 
  • Fixed a bug where the AI overlooked the presence of attacker reinforcements when deploying to defend a walled city. 
  • Enhanced AI scouting during Land Battles when the player is hidden. 
  • Fine-tuned AI group formations during line defence to align with the intended design. 
  • The attacking AI will now strategically split chariots between gates and wall breaches during deployment. 
  • Resolved an issue where the AI general was assigned to operate the battle ram. Now, they will refrain from doing so if there are other melee units present. 


  • Unit Morale system has been slightly reworked to now consider individual entity health when counting overall losses.  


Units will now experience relatively larger morale swings in response to events such as shock damage from a charge, flank attacks, or a barrage of arrows. Player actions will now be more impactful, making it easier to rout enemies who have not yet lost many entities, if using the correct tactics. 

  • Altered the morale progression of unit tiers to have smaller bonuses on lower tiers and higher bonuses on higher tiers, due to morale now being more susceptible to overall impact and ensuring that standard 1-on-1 engagements now align with the originally intended pacing. 
  • Increased the damage caused by fire. 
  • Increased the range at which buildings can catch fire from each other. 
  • Reduced the HP of General entities. 
  • Reduced the size of chariot collision to align more closely with their models; decreased the masses of all chariots by approximately 10%. 
    • Increased AP Damage by ~10% across all tiers. 
    • Increased Melee Attack by 4. 
    • Increased Melee Defence by 2. 
    • Reduced Charge Bonus by 2. 
    • Increased Melee Defence by 3. 
    • Reduced Charge Bonus by 1. 
    • Set Bonus vs. Shields for all tiers to 4. 
    • Increased Total Damage by ~10% across all tiers. 
    • Increased AP Damage by ~5% across all tiers. 
    • Increased Melee Attack by 1. 
    • Increased Melee Defence by 2. 
    • Increased Bonus vs. Large by 5. 
    • Reduced AP DMG by ~10% across all tiers. 
    • Reduced Melee Attack by 2. 
    • Reduced Melee Defence by 2. 
    • Increased Charge by 1. 
    • Set Bonus vs. Shields for all tiers to 5. 
    • Increased Total Damage by ~20% across all tiers. 
    • Reduced AP Damage by ~40% across all tiers. 
    • Reduced Melee Attack by 1. 
    • Reduced Melee Defence by 2. 
    • Reduced Charge by 3. 
    • Reduced Total DMG by ~10% across all tiers. 
    • Reduced Melee Attack by 5. 
    • Reduced Melee Defence by 5. 
    • Increased Charge by 2. 
    • Set Bonus vs. Shields for all tiers to 7. 
    • Reduced Total Damage by ~5% across all tiers. 
    • Reduced AP Damage by ~40% across all tiers. 
    • Reduced Melee Attack by 5. 
    • Reduced Melee Defence by 4. 
    • Reduced Charge by 3. 
    • Increased Armour Degradation from successful hits by ~50%. 
    • Increased Total Damage by ~25% across all tiers. 
    • Increased AP damage by ~5% across all tiers. 
    • Increased Melee Attack by 1. 
    • Reduced Melee Defence by 2. 
    • Increased Charge by 2. 
    • Increased Bonus vs. Large by 5. 
  • Increased Base and AP Damage for all missile units by ~10% across all tiers. 


  • Slightly changed the text of the Furious Charges attribute to provide more specific information. 
  • Fixed a bug where the Heedless Charger ability would trigger prematurely when the unit was attacking a gate. 
  • Corrected the position of the standard bearer entity when the unit is in the Redoubt formation. 
  • Fixed an issue where the effects of the Aim True and Blot Out the Sun abilities would incorrectly appear as negative. 
  • Addressed a bug where the attribute Charge Reflect wouldn’t appropriately increase the mass of a unit when bracing. 
  • Fixed an issue where units were sometimes not bracing, resulting in a lack of the mass multiplier effect for being in a braced formation. 


  • Improved backward reform of units in the Advance stance when changing the destination to ensure that no men are left behind. 
  • Fixed an issue where ordering a unit in Redoubt to switch to the Advance/Retreat stance would stop the stance once the unit had reformed. 
  • Reduced the fatigue cost of the Fall Back stance. 
  • Fixed an issue where certain entities in the Give Ground/Fall Back/Retreat stances failed to reform with the rest of the unit when changing the direction of the stance. 
  • Added a missing animation for Nubian spearmen when executing the Spear Wall Formation. 
  • Resolved a bug where, after players ordered their ranged units to engage in melee, the units would subsequently retreat with skirmish mode enabled. 


  • Improved chariot behaviour and collision mechanics to prevent them from getting stuck with each other. 
  • Enhanced various aspects of chariot collision damage. 
  • Decreased the delay that chariots experience when given a move order. 
  • Chariots now incur weather damage during sandstorms in alignment with the intended design. 
  • Chariots will now refrain from firing beyond their displayed range when caught in range-reducing weather. 
  • Skirmisher Kaskian Chariots will now have drivers. 


  • Fixed a few issues with multiple unit animations. This includes addressing problems observed when units climb down ladders, hold two-handed weapons, and resolves instances of a flag clipping through the ground during death animations. 
  • Resolved several intersection issues in matched combat animations. 
  • Fixed an issue where archer entities on walls would stop shooting if hit by an enemy missile, preventing them from falling on the ground as intended. 
  • Resolved the issue of characters rising from their grave in the post-battle screen after being killed. 
  • Addressed an issue where, during certain animations, an additional weapon would appear on the back of some Generals during battle. 


  • Ranged units now have their range affected by all weather types. 
  • Fixed an issue where unit morale effects from weather or victory points were incorrectly displayed as being affected by an ability. 


  • Addressed multiple visual issues, encompassing terrain gaps and misplaced or misaligned assets, as well as battle catchment areas in various maps. 
  • Fixed multiple texture issues. 
  • Resolved the water plane intersection issues in various maps. 
  • Fixed LOD issues on the Mennefer battle map when using LOW graphics settings. 
  • Fixed an issue where fire can spread inside the settlement if the terrain in front of the walls has been ignited (all major settlements). 
  • Fixed a bug where units defied physics by merging with a cliff on the Ra-Ked city walls. 
  • Flattened the terrain in front of wall pieces to resolve issues with ladders docking onto the wall. 
  • Fixed a bug where Pharaoh’s Bluff map would have the wrong deployment zones. 


  • Fixed an issue where unit effects from victory points did not display the effect source. 
  • Fixed tooltips from cutting off icons. 
  • Reworded the text in the Morale Penalty panel to explicitly state that the defender will incur the penalties that follow. 
  • Longer combat status texts in unit tooltips will now be displayed in a single row. 
  • Fixed a bug where the battle effects/phases tooltip displayed a large empty space if there was no label for the applied effect. 
  • Removed redundant buff/debuff tooltips from Unit IDs in battle. 
  • Fixed a bug where capturing a tower victory point would display the wrong notification. 
  • Resolved a bug where swapping 2D and 3D unit cards during battle was not functioning properly. 
  • Resolved an issue where the Skirmish Mode button was missing.


  • Resolved an issue in the Multiplayer head-to-head campaign where, if one player is a vassal of the other, they were unable to take command of battles against the opposing player, leading to AI control instead. 
  • Addressed an issue in the Multiplayer campaign where the player awaiting their turn would not see the panel notifying them that it is not currently their turn upon loading. 
  • Resolved an issue where the faction summary button was not being greyed out when it was not the player’s turn. 
  • Fixed a multiplayer campaign issue where if the second player selected anything on the campaign map, panels would incorrectly open during the matched combat post-battle scene of the other player. 


  • Adjusted the price of all non-bodyguard chariots in Custom and Multiplayer battles, increasing it by approximately 100 to align with the intended design. 
  • Reformatted and centred the text indicating which players are ready and when the battle will commence.
  • The Looking for Match indicator in Quick Battle will now maintain consistent positioning across various resolution settings and screen ratios. 
  • Added the Gates of Order siege battle map to Custom and Multiplayer battles. 
  • Removed the Realism section from the list of battles. 


  • Deactivated the Battle Time Limit option when Auto-Resolve All Battles is enabled on the Custom Battle screen. 
  • Resolved an issue where bodyguard equipment in Custom Battles were lacking weight class icons. 
  • Activated Battle Advice functionality for Custom Battles. 
  • Resolved an issue where setting Predicted Weather to Random could trigger a Sandstorm in maps that don’t have the Sandstorm weather option. 
  • Resolved an issue where the pre-battle balance of power occasionally displayed inaccurate predictions. 


  • Addressed an issue where the game failed to generate start-of-turn saves if the player had played the Tutorial campaign first. 
  • The objective step to select a settlement before hiring a General now appears as intended. 
  • Addressed the issue where Amurappi remained idle in the Tutorial after being respawned. 
  • Removed advice for achieving the title of Great King for Suppiluliuma, as he already begins with this status. 
  • Merneptah is now restricted from vassalizing enemy factions during the Tutorial campaign to prevent potential blockers. 
  • Selecting Guide Me in the Tutorial prompt and then navigating to Options will no longer cause the Confirm button in several menus to remain highlighted. 
  • Changed the Advisor information trigger for Pillars of Civilizations from the Turn Start to the Opening Pillars of Civilisation panel. 


  • The advisor text for Minor Settlement Battles no longer includes a line linking to the Encyclopaedia. Instead, the Encyclopaedia button has been added to the top right corner of the advice box. 
  • Nekhel now has a disaster VFX on turn 2. 
  • The Tutorial ping indicator will now showcase distinct icons based on the context of the Tutorial step. 
  • A text pointer reminder has been added for the player to rebuild Neb-Gehes after its colonization. 
  • The objective to open the Power of the Crown is now triggered when the pulsing highlight on its button begins. 
  • Information regarding capturing Victory Points is now updated in the info texts. 
  • The Local Deities campaign intervention can now be closed, no longer hindering the player from effectively choosing a deity to worship. 
  • Resolved an issue where highlights over Campaign Advisors would not disappear as intended.



  • Fixed restoration of environment parameters after exiting Photo Mode. 
  • Addressed the issue of the Sun Disk reloading when changing environments in Photo Mode. 


    • Addressed a few minor audio and sound bugs. 
    • Fixed VO lines for Outpost Campaign Advice. 
    • Resolved an issue where cinematics were not saving to the Movie Viewer.

HOTFIX 1.1.1

We are back with Hotfix 1.1.1, addressing some issues that couldn’t quite make it to Patch 1.1.0. Additionally, we’ve tackled community-raised concerns and new issues that have arisen since the release. Let’s dive into the details:

  • Various stability improvements.
  • Addressed visual, text, tooltip inconsistencies and bugs for a smoother experience.
  • Fixed an issue where units could have chariots without any riders.
  • Fixed an issue where Ox Carts could get stuck while under missile fire and infantry was embarking.
  • Resolved an issue where ordering an Attack while infantry was embarking or disembarking from Ox Carts caused the entities to run away chaotically in the opposite direction.
  • Deactivated the Promise of Glory pre-battle option for Human players in Multiplayer to align with the intended design.

And there we have it!

Thank you for your ongoing support, and we’ll see you on the battlefield!