Total War: WARHAMMER III – Patch 1.0.1


Total War
February 24 2022

Good day, everyone! With the first week of Total War: WARHAMMER III behind us, we’re continuing our work with the community to identify the most pressing issues as the team prepares, tests, and packages solutions in these upcoming builds. To catch up on our upcoming release plans, you can read our recent post on the topic here:

Total War: WARHAMMER III – CA Recap & Hotfix Timeline

Today’s release contains the first handful of fixes we were able to safely package into an update across all our platforms, and is targeted at early reports of multiplayer and performance issues in the game. We are already working on another package of fixes coming your way soon and will announce more about that when we have a timeline we can share.

As always, your feedback about the issues you’re experiencing and the efficacy of these fixes are essential to our process, so don’t forget to join us on our social channels to share your experience:

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Thanks again for being a part of this journey; we look forward to all the changes still to come, and will be sharing more about the next steps in the near future!

The Total War Team


PATCH 1.0.1

  • Fixed an issue where the multiplayer lobby would refresh too quickly, preventing players from being able to select and join a room.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented invites to a multiplayer lobby from working properly.
  • The game now runs in DirectX 11 compatibility mode for all users by default. This is to prevent instances where users inadvertently ran on the legacy implementation of the DirectX 12 beta.
  • Improved how 12th generation Intel CPUs (aka ‘Alder Lake’ family) interact with the game, providing more consistent framerates when running on these processors.