Thrones of Britannia: Public Beta Patch Update


Ella McConnell
May 23 2018

The Thrones of Britannia Public Beta is now in full swing!

We’ve just launched a patch to deal with some of the issues you’ve been having – make sure to keep us posted if you happen to encounter any more.

If you’re not already part of the Thrones of Britannia Public Beta, here’s a step-by-step guide of how you can get involved:

  1. Restart Steam
  2. Find Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia in your Steam library
  3. Right click Total War Saga: Thrones of Britannia and go to Properties in the drop-down menu
  4. Go to the Betas tab
  5. In the drop-down menu under Select the beta you would like to opt into: select patch_1.0 –

Happy testing!

Below is a list of changes we’ve made to the Public Beta patch in this update.


  • ‘Hide Foliage’ option added to battlefield Spacebar menu
  • Removed damage caused by towers exploding when they are captured
  • Further adjustments to the strength of Ultimate Invasion forces
  • Fixed issues with Arrange Marriage political action, and in how War Fervour was being calculated

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with Arrange Marriage always marrying character to faction leader. You can now select what character you want to marry and then the game will ask to confirm the action
  • Confirmation button added to Province Details panel if user clicks ‘Remove Governor’
  • No longer possible to click ‘Lower Influence’ or ‘Secure Loyalty’ buttons multiple times on the character details panel
  • Opening a UI panel that hides other UI elements will no longer make Notifications disappear
  • Updated text description to match changes made to War Fervour
  • War Fervour now correctly adjusts over time if at peace
  • Fix for Tribute resetting to 2 when occupying
  • Made improvements to drag-and-drop behaviour on the governors tab
  • Corrected bonus from positive Fyrd to be a unit pool replenishment bonus for Retinue units instead of a soldier replenishment bonus
  • Removed Iarmored and Monadh from required provinces for Mide’s Long Kingdom victory requirements
  • Removed deaths caused by nearby exploding towers, either when capturing them or destroying them with artillery
  • Many fixes to river crossing maps with either floating bridges, or dead-end rivers
  • Removed some hint lines from tiles that were causing AI confusion in battles

Balance Changes

  • Ultimate Invasions now spawn with 1 additional army on hard, 2 additional armies on very hard and 3 additional armies on legendary
  • Reduced number of subjugated factions required for East Engle and Northymbre Long Kingdom Victory by 2 to 14
  • Updated triggers for legendary traits so that they are more likely to occur
  • Adjusted AI’s building priorities for the TANNER chain so that it is less likely to build it in provinces without the HUNTING chain
  • Halved damage from boiling oil
  • Swapped some javelin units for archers in English garrisons
  • Increased starting influence of Anaraut, and increased starting building levels for food producing buildings for Gwined
  • Increased unit XP bonus from ARENA chain, now a unit with 0 XP will increase to rank 1 in 3 turns with a level 1 ARENA building in the same province
  • Adjusted costs for higher level experience in custom/multiplayer battles so the cost is always consistent
  • Reduced/removed loyalty bonuses from Kingdoms effect bundles to reduced number of loyalty bonuses characters are getting in the late game
  • Changed AI bonuses for food. They now get a base +25 food on easy and +50 on normal, hard, very hard, and legendary along with a bonus of +5 food for each region owned on easy normal, and hard, and +10 on very hard and legendary
  • Garrisons for main slot in major settlements now give 8/9/10/11/12 units. Garrison chain now gives 5/5/6/6/7 units, with unit quality improving over the levels. This means at max level both combined give 19 unit garrison, leaving space for the governors unit
  • Tidied up building costs slightly to be neater, please see full patch notes for details
  • Made adjustments to a large number of unit stats and costs, please see full patch notes for details
  • Adjusted cost for Hold Feast political action so it is cheaper at lower levels and much more expensive if your faction leader has high levels of influence
  • Swapped Tithe Halls for Granary’s in the starting settlement for Northymbre to boost their starting food

UI Improvements

  • Political action event messages will now label which characters are the target of the event, and which is the actor
  • Minor Settlements renamed to Villages on settlement panel
  • Added tooltips to Estates icons on the Estates tab so it shows the effects for faction leader/other characters holding them
  • Added next turn information to faction leader influence effect bundle, same as is done for faction food so that players know what bonuses they will have next turn
  • Hide Foliage option added to Spacebar options in battle, this has the same functionality it does in Warhammer, allowing you to see through forests if it is enabled when you press and hold spacebar

Let us know how you’re finding the Thrones of Britannia Public Beta on the official PTE feedback forums!