Saba – Roster Reveal

Total War: ROME

CA KingGobbo
March 2 2018


The Sabaean kingdom lies in the harsh lands of the southern Arabian Peninsula. Even in such inhospitable conditions, however, these ingenious people thrived. They built dams, invented new irrigation techniques and became masters of water-efficiency. The Sabaeans were also excellent sailors, and had strong trade relations with peoples across the Red Sea.

Not warlike by nature, the Sabaeans charged mercenaries with the protection of their trade routes and caravans. That said, they were a resilient people of tough character, who made formidable foes for anyone who dared threaten their great capital city of Marib. Even the Romans could not best them during their expedition in the early 1st century.

In battle Saba has access to elite camel cavalry units like the Ma’rib Camel Cataphracts and Royal Camel Archers. Caravan Guard are the backbone of the Saba army that do not require you to research a military building to recruit them and allows you to focus on trade and economy in your campaign as Saba. Although you should probably ensure you keep a healthy amount in your treasury so you can make use of the faction  trait that allows you the access cheaper and stronger mercenary units.

Key features:

  • Camels as predominant cavalry, with superior armored camels
  • Excellent use of javelins and chariots
  • Agricultural and fertility bonuses from the famous Marib Dam
  • Incense production provides diplomatic and trade bonuses
  • Great Dam of Ma’rib: A unique building type which provides faction wide bonuses to agriculture and fertility and can be upgraded with technologies, but requires upkeep to maintain.


Faction Traits:

  • Incense Traders: Bonus income from tariffs
  • Hired Armies: Access to cheaper, stronger mercenary units

Unit Roster

Melee Infantry

T1: Desert Levy

T2: Mercenary Maas Gat Marauders

T2: Sabaean Swordsmen

T3: Noble Swordsmen


Spear Infantry

T1: Desert Spearmen

T2: Sabaean Spearmen

T2: Caravan Guard

T4: Marib Royal Guard


Missile Infantry

T1: Slingers

T1: Levy Skirmishers

T2: Tribespeople

T2: Sabaean Archers


Shock Cavalry

T2: Camel Lancers

T3: Sabaean Camel Cataphracts

T3: Desert Heavy Lancers

T4: Marib Camel Cataphracts


Melee Cavalry

T2: Desert Cavalry

T2: Camel Spearmen

T2: Arabian Cavalry

T3: Mercenary Himyar Cavalry

T3: Armoured Camel Spearmen

T4: Royal Marib Cavalry


Missile Cavalry

T2: Camel Archers

T3: Royal Camel Archers



T2: Desert Chariots