Nabatae – Roster Reveal

Total War: ROME

CA KingGobbo
March 5 2018


The Nabataeans were great builders and pioneers of advanced construction techniques. They were the first civilization to use cement extensively, and built remarkable watertight reservoirs, ensuring a plentiful supply of potable water. Even when under threat from powerful foes like the Seleucids and Judeans, their progressive society enabled them to flourish and prosper.

The Nabataeans were very literate and had a remarkable degree of gender equality for an ancient civilization, with women participating in both political and religious matters. Nabatae was an important crossroad for the spice trade, serving as a conduit between the southern kingdoms that produced frankincense and myrrh, and the wealthy eastern and western empires who were its primary buyers.

Preserving all this wealth at such a geographically strategic location demanded a well-trained military and a strong navy. Nabatae had both, bolstered by excellent engineering and exploitation of the surrounding environment, making their capital city of Petra a nigh-impregnable bastion.


Key Features:

  • Hellenic influence: may recruit Hellenic-themed units for battle
  • Silk road traders: Bonus to trade and diplomacy
  • Skilled masons: bonuses to construction and fortification
  • Friends of Rome: diplomatic bonus with Roman factions/allies
  • Roman tactics: some native units may use Roman army formations/abilities


Faction Traits:

  • Stonecutters: -20% provincial capital and minor settlement main chain construction costs (all regions)
  • Incense Traders: +15% tariff income from trade agreements


Unit Roster


Melee Infantry

T1: Desert Levy

T2: Nabataean Swordsmen

T2: Nabataean Axe Warriors

T3: Noble Swordsmen


Spear Infantry

T1: Levy Spearmen

T2: Caravan Guard

T2: Desert Hoplites

T3: Armoured Desert Hoplites

T3: Heavy Desert Spearmen

T4: Rekem Palace Guard


Pike Infantry

T2: Desert Pikemen

T3: Nabataean Thorax Pike


Missile Infantry

T1: Slingers

T1: Levy Skirmishers

T2: Tribespeople

T3 Nabataean Light Peltasts

T3: Nabataean Heavy Archers


Shock Cavalry

T3: Desert Heavy Lancers

T4: Hellenic Desert Cataphracts


Melee Cavalry

T1: Desert Cavalry

T2: Camel Spearmen

T2: Arabian Cavalry

T3: Armoured Desert Cavalry

T3: Nabataean Noble Cavalry

T3: Armoured Camel Spearmen


Missile Cavalry

T2: Camel Archers



T2: Desert Chariots

T4: Scythed Chariots