Norsca Army Roster


CA KingGobbo
July 18 2017


Norsca is inhabited by a race of savage and ferocious humans known as the Norscans; fur-clad warriors and berserkers of hairy brawn who sail the seas in fearsome longships in order to unleash their devastating fury upon the south. Warlike and cruel, the Norse are fanatically devoted champions of the Dark Gods and the baneful scourge of their foes. Norsca is a savage and brutal land, plagued by lethal winters for more than half the year, and worse, lashed perpetually by raging gales of Chaos energies howling down from the ancient ruins of the fallen Warp Gate resting at the very heart of the northern Chaos Wastes.


Players choosing Norsca will be able to select from the following Legendary Lords with which to lead their Grand Campaign.


Wulfrik is a relentless executioner. He roams land and sea, an awe-inspiring figure draped with the skulls of his conquests. He has slain dragons and kings, highborn lords and beasts of legend. None may refuse the challenge he delivers – and in their own tongue, no less.

Wulfrik is a powerful leader and duellist with unique skills, quest-chains and legendary items. He has the Siege Attacker attribute, enabling him to ignore the requirement for siege engines or siege weapons before attacking walled settlements. All Mammoth units in his army gain bonus Melee Attack, all Marauder units enjoy reduced Upkeep Costs, and every unit in his retinue causes Fear.

Wulfrik also has a personal combat ability called Seafang, named after his fabled ship; a powerful and far-reaching wind attack. Carefully placed, it can stagger and slay numerous foes. In battle, his Hunter of Champions skill enables him to pin enemy characters in place while he fights them.


Trolls are widely known not just for their physical power, but also their striking lack of intelligence. It is this that sets Throgg apart from the rest of his kind, for he is gifted with a rare intelligence for his grotesque kind. Behind his snaggle-toothed visage lies a ruthless cunning that Throgg employs to bring the bitter chill of the north to the lands of man.

Throgg is a powerful leader and melee fighter with unique skills, quest-chains and legendary items. As the King of the Trolls, Throgg brings reduced upkeep to Troll and Ice Troll units, and units in Throgg’s army are immune to all forms of attrition. He also grants a Physical Resistance buff to all Troll and Ice Troll units factionwide.

If Throgg captures the settlement of Eringrad in Troll Country, he may build a unique building there – the Cave of the Rocky Throne – which grants buffs to Troll units factionwide. Throgg also has a uniquely Trollish magic missile attack called Copious Vomit


Melee Legendary Lord


Wulfrik the Wanderer
Mounts: Norscan Warhorse, Marauder Chariot, War Mammoth
Melee Legendary Lord Throgg
Mounts: None
Melee Lord


Marauder Chieftain
Mounts: Norscan Warhorse, Marauder Chariot, War Mammoth
Caster Hero


Mounts: Norscan Warhorse, Marauder Chariot
Melee Hero


Skin Wolf Werekin
Mounts: Foot Only
Caster Hero


Fimir Balefiend
Mounts: Foot Only
Axe Infantry Marauders
Spear Infantry Marauder Spearmen
Great Axe Infantry Marauders (Great Weapons)
Axe infantry Marauder Berserkers
Axe & Shield Infantry Marauder Champions
Great Axe Infantry Marauder Champions (Great Weapons)
Throwing Axe Skirmishers Marauder Hunters
Javelin Skirmishers Marauder Hunters (Javelins)
Spear Chariots Marauder Chariots
Spear Cavalry Marauder Horsemen
Throwing Axes Skirmisher Cavalry Marauder Horsemen (Throwing Axes)
Spear Cavalry Marauder Horsemasters
Beast Chariot Norscan Ice Wolves Chariot
Beasts Norscan Warhounds
Beasts Norscan Ice Wolves
Monstrous Infantry Norscan Trolls
Monstrous Infantry Fimir Warriors
Monstrous Infantry Norscan Ice Trolls
Flying Monster Feral Manticore
Monstrous Infantry Fimir Warriors (Great Weapons)
Monstrous Infantry Skin Wolves
Monstrous Infantry Skin Wolves (Armoured)
Melee Monster Norscan Giant
Melee Monster Feral Mammoth
Flying Monster Frost-Wyrm
Melee Monster War Mammoth
Melee Monster War Mammoth (Warshrine)