MWNL 2018 Fixes and Patch Notes


CA KingGobbo
February 14 2018


– Fixed a crash during end turn cycles, noticeable on Xlanhuapec’s turn.

– Fixed an audio crash in a battles.

– Fixed spell casters being able to spam projectile spells while mounted on horses or pegasus, during battles.

– Optimised performance of Great Incantation of Khsar Rites sandstorm in Campaigns.

– In Mortal Empires Co-Op Campaign, Arkhan and Settra can now engage in diplomacy with each other.

– The number of Preset Army Setups that can be saved in Multiplayer has been increased.

– The Kephra Guard Regiment of Renown unit will no longer be recruitable multiple times.

– Prevented the Chaos invasion appearing and killing the rogue armies with Books of Nagash and aborting the players mission to attain them.

– Increased the limit of Canopic Jars (so players can get more Crafted armies from the Mortuary Cult).

– Added more voice over to Tomb Kings skeletons during battle. Clacketty-Doot!

– Fixed a progression blocker caused by entering a new campaign as a Tomb Kings faction, then entering diplomacy by double clicking another non-Tomb Kings faction’s settlement on the Overview Map, then offering them a diplomatic deal.

– The “Heralds Empowered” Tomb Kings technology can now be unlocked by completing only the final Dynasty instead of all Dynasties.

– When single entity units are fighting in battle, they will no longer disengage so often, which replenished their charge bonus incorrectly.

– Fixed a bug where the “Awaken” button in the Mortuary Cult on “A New Dynasty” didn’t activate until the next turn. It can now be activated when the resources are gathered.

– Added Heroes to the Tomb Kings Garrisons.

– Tomb Kings Legions of Legend units are now correctly affected by Lord’s red skill tree buffs.

– Fixed some flickering on the Campaign Map terrain on certain graphics settings for GTX 980 graphics cards.

– Necrosphinx and Hierotitan masks will no longer flip around during battle.

– Fixed a weird bug where Khalida’s staff would appear on random impacts during battles. I mean how does that even happen? Baffling.

– The Victory message at the end of Campaigns is now displayed correctly.

– Rogue armies carrying a Book of Nagash will now stop following their patrol path and attack anyone who declares war on them.

– Fixed the Bretonnia garrison building getting worse cavalry units per upgrade.

– Fixed some Vampire regions not having any Vampiric corruption in the Mortal Empires campaign.

– Tomb Kings Monsters can now be scaled up in The Laboratory Mode.

– Fixed achievement localisation mismatches (Russian, Polish, Turkish and Chinese)

– The Dark Side of Morrslieb achievement has been fixed.

– Modding: Fixed the dynamic script-loading not working correctly.

– Modding: Added Tomb Kings Prefabs to TERRY in the Assembly Kit.


Battle Map Updates

Added the following Custom Battle maps to Quick Battle mode:

– Charnel Valley

– Tomb of the Shifting Sands

– Vulture Ridge

– The Lost Crater

– Mortis Wastes

– Spice Dunes

– Plateau of the Dead

– Plains of the Dead

Replaced the battle map environments for:

– Dok Karaz

– Eschen

– Galbaraz

– Gor Gazan

– Karag Dron

– Karak Azgal

– Karak Bhufdar

– Karak Ungor

– L’Anguille

– Norden

– Oakenhammer

– Praag

– Schwartzhafen

– Volksgrad

– Waldenhof

– Kelp and Koldust

– MP Heorot Ridge

– MP Peak Pass

– MP Blue Reach River


Balancing Changes:

– Greatswords: +1 Bonus vs Infantry

– Empire Spearmen (Shields): -25 mp cost

– Halberdiers: +1 melee attack

– Flagellants & Tattersouls: -3 base damage, +4 ap damage.

– Pistoliers: +1 ap missile damage, +4 charge, +2 melee attack

– Waywatchers: +1 second reload time, reduced projectile mass (cavalry has an easier time catching the unit), reduced accuracy (mainly noticeable at max range against small targets), Hawkish Precision reduced to +15% ap missile damage.

– Sisters of the Thorn: +50 mp cost

– Foot Squires: +1 Bonus vs Infantry

– Battle Pilgrims: +1 MD

– Grail Relique: -50 mp cost.

– Grave Guard GW: +2 Bonus vs Infantry

– Orc Arrer Boyz, Savage Orc Arrer Boyz: -1 missile damage, +1 ap missile damage.

– Bestigor Herd: -1 Melee Attack

– Knights of the Realm: +2 MD

– Pegasus Knights: +2 MD

– Royal Pegasus Knights: +2 MD

– Men-at-arms (Polearms): +1 Bonus vs Large

– Darkshard (Shields): +25 mp cost.

– Queek: -50 mp cost, +4 bonus vs. infantry.

– Warlord Bonebreaker: -50 mp cost.

– Centigors Throwing Axes: -2 ammo, Removed splash attacks.

– Centigors: Removed splash attacks.

– Loremaster of Hoeth: -50 mp cost.

– Hell Pit Abomination: -3 BvL, +4 MA

– Plague Priest – Plague Furnace: -2 MD

– Skink Chief: +50 mp cost on foot and terradon.

– Rev Bastiladon: +25 mp cost.

– Feral Cold Ones: +4 charge bonus.

– Feral Bastiladon: +4 charge bonus, +4 MD.

– Questing Knights:+2 ap damage, -2 base damage, can now use Lance Formation ability

– Grail Guardians: Can now use Lance Formation ability.

– Chameleon Skinks: -2 MD

– Chaos Warriors (all): +3 morale

– Chaos Warriors: +2 charge bonus

– Orc Big Uns: +1 charge bonus

– Cairn Wraiths: +2 charge bonus

– Khazrak: +2 MD

– Knights of the Blazing Sun: -50 mp cost

– Silver Helms (shields): +6 charge bonus

– Horned Ones: +1 charge bonus

– Cold One Dread Knights: +2 MD

– Settra – Chariot of the Gods: -100 mp cost

– Screaming Skull Catapult: -50 mp cost

– Ushabti (Great Bows): -1 ammo

– Chosen of the Gods: -1 ammo

– Khemrian Warsphinx (and mounted versions): -8 charge bonus, -200 health

– Rune of Wrath & Ruin: increased target range to 150, max 4 uses

– Master Rune of Wrath & Ruin: increased target range to 150, max 3 uses


Ability Changes:

– Dragon breaths: +7% projectile damage and projectile ap damage. Slightly improved accuracy of Star Dragon breath.

– Lance Formation: removed negative stat modifiers.

– Murderous Prowess: +30% vigour changed to +18% vigour.

– Murderous Mastery: +30% vigour changed to +18% vigour.

– Old Grumblers: +18% vigour changed to +9% vigour.

– Regrowth & Upgraded: +1 mana cost.

– Fate of Bjuna: +2 mana cost.

– Savage Dominion: +4 mana cost.

– Fiery Convocation: -1 mana cost.

– Fiery Convocation Upgraded: -3 mana cost.

– Liber Bubonicus: -5 secs duration.