Masaesyli – Roster Reveal

Total War: ROME

CA KingGobbo
February 27 2018


Prior to Numidia’s founding after the 2nd Punic war, its people were divided into two Berber tribes: the Massyli and the Masaesyli. Both were skilled warriors and there were many rivalries between them.

The Massyli had strong relations with Carthage, a key reason for the Massaesyli aligning with Rome when the opportunity came. Through many twists and turns, both tribes ultimately unified into the Kingdom of Numidia, under the Massylian king Massinissa. He ruled for an astonishing 54 years, transforming his kingdom into a prospering North African power.


Key Features:

  • Affinity to Cartage and Latin culture
  • Extensive Roman influence in battle
  • Cavalry-focused faction

Faction Traits:

  • Desert Ambushers: +50% chance of successfully launching an ambush.
  • Hit and Run: +12% shots per minute for all cavalry units.


Unit Roster

Melee Infantry

T1: Slave Infantry

T2: Numidian Light Infantry

T2: Gaetuli Tribesmen

T3: Desert Legionaries

T3: Desert Cohort


Spear Infantry

T1: Numidian Spearmen

T2: Desert Vigiles

T3: Armoured Numidian Spears

T4: Numidian Noble Infantry


Missile Infantry

T1: Tribesmen

T1: Tribal Slingers

T2: Numidian Javelinmen

T3: Heavy Numidian Skirmishers


Shock Cavalry

T2: Numidian Riders

T3: Armoured Numidian Riders


Melee Cavalry

T2: Desert Cavalry

T3: Armoured Desert Cavalry

T3: Desert Legionary Cavalry


Missile Cavalry

T1: Gaetuli Horse Skirmishers

T2: Numidian Cavalry

T3: Armoured Numidian Cavalry

T4: Numidian Noble Cavalry



T2: Desert Chariots

T3: Armoured Desert Chariots

T4: African Elephants