The Kingdom of Kush – Roster Reveal

Total War: ROME

CA KingGobbo
February 21 2018

The Kingdom of Kush

A major regional power with vast resources derived from its trade in gold, jewels and exotic hides, Kush has been overshadowed by its more powerful and famous northern neighbour, Egypt.

In the early 3rd century BC, king Ergamenes decided to wrest power away from the priests of Amun, and moved the capital from Napata to Meroe. The priests would no longer decide the fate of the kings and queens.

The shift of capital also marked something of a break from Egyptian culture with Hellenistic, Indian, Persian and African influences making their way through the trade routes. The kings and warrior queens would sit on the throne and rule with authority and conviction to protect the riches of Nubia. Even the Romans could not conquer Meroe, and preferred to trade instead.

A regional powerhouse with a surfeit of natural treasures and fertile land, Kush is well equipped to prosper and once again vie for power against the mightiest empires in the world.


Key Features:

  • Affinity for Egyptian/Hellenistic culture
  • Higher probability of female characters in politics
  • Trading kingdom (ivory, exotic hides, iron, gold)
  • Fine pottery


Faction Traits:

  • – Disciplined Workforce: 10% reduction in slave population decline (all regions)
  • – The Land of the Bow: +6% missile damage inflicted by all archers

Unit Roster

Melee Infantry

T1: Slave Infantry

T2: Swordsmen

T2: Kushite Slave Infantry

T3: Shotel Warriors

T4: Armoured Shotel Warriors

T4: Disciples of Apedemak


Spear Infantry

T1: Nubian Spearmen

T2: Kushite Slave Spearmen

T3: Leopard Warriors


Pike Infantry

T2: Kushite Pikes


Missile Infantry

T1: Tribesmen

T1: Slave Slingers

T2: Nubian Bowmen

T2: Archers

T3: Kushite Archers

T4: Royal Kushite Archers


Melee Cavalry

T2: Aethiopian Cavalry

T2: Desert Cavalry

T3: Armoured Desert Cavalry

T4: Kushite Royal Guard



T2: Desert Chariots

T3: African Elephants

T4: African War Elephants

T4: Scythed Chariots