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CA KingGobbo
September 16 2019

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We’ve just marked Total War’s birthday, our 19th year. And what a year it’s been. Given this auspicious moment, I thought we’d look back a little – and then forward a lot – and tell you a bit more about our hopes and dreams for the series as we ramp up to our big 20.


We released our most successful Total War ever this year, with Three Kingdoms selling more copies at launch than any previous title. We were excited to welcome so many new players from China, and incredibly proud and honoured that they thought we’d made such an entertaining game inspired by the Romance of the Three Kingdoms.

It was also a proud moment when we realised we had stellar sales in the west as well. A real moment of vindication for the team who worked so hard to embrace a new era and culture, shake up some really fundamental TW systems, and deliver a new gameplay landmark in the series.

We were also excited to touch on a later and fascinating period for our first DLC, Eight Princes, but we’re really aware that players were looking for something else, and so we’re currently working hard on our mid-term, post-launch plans for the game with a view to doing more of what the community is feeding back to us on.

We still like the idea of Chapter Packs that explore other chapters of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, though the next one will be more recognisable to the majority of players. We’re also working on DLC that adds significantly to the main campaign and are continuing to look at how that might develop and grow into some much bigger DLCs over time.

Yes absolutely, the Nanman are coming. Before then over the next year though, we’ll be visiting the era of the Yellow Turban Rebellion and Liang Province rebellion, and then the clash of Cao Cao vs Lü Bu in the central plains. And before that, there’s a free update coming in October.

Certain characters will be getting new, unique artwork for the main campaign, alongside a number of fixes and balances. We’re also aware that changes to how data is organised for 3K are causing some additional problems with mods when we update the game, and we’re looking at ways to solve or reduce this problem.

Details aside, this is really just the beginning for Three Kingdoms. In the long term, we have some very grand plans which will encompass a whole timeline of events, conflicts and characters throughout the period. Nothing‘s set in stone yet; as mentioned, we’re still in the process of taking on board feedback from players around the world. But you can be sure, a few years down the line, that Three Kingdoms will evolve from the great game it is now to something vastly more epic.


Back when we first announced our Warhammer trilogy in early 2015, we explained that we wanted to interpret as much of the Warhammer Fantasy World as we’d be allowed to.

We had a little faith, but I don’t think any of us anticipated the response to the last year’s releases. Vampire pirates, prophets and warlocks, and now hunters and beasts; all have been some of our most successful DLC releases to date, and we can’t thank you enough for your support on this truly epic adventure.

We do want everyone to bear in mind that there’s a lot of content out there that is unofficial and fan-created. We’re working with Games Workshop to realise as much of the Warhammer Fantasy Battles world as we can, but of course there are limits to what is possible given the amount of content that has been officially created over the years. And this content is our source material for the game. The great news is that our collaboration together has already led to amazing things and, rest assured, there’s plenty more to come.

So we have more WH2 DLC on the way and, of course, the third part of our trilogy is deep into production with the largest of our TW project teams revved up.

We’re aiming for our next WH2 DLC and FLC to be out for Festag, and as mentioned in the recent patch notes, we’re planning a number of fixes and improvements rather than revisiting an Old World Race in conjunction with this one. We hope you’ll like what we have planned and not to worry, because yes, Greenskins will be getting updated next year.

Something we’re also experimenting with is talking about upcoming content more and giving you more of a sense of scale as to when you can expect updates. This is risky for us as we’ve seen what happens when people get upset over how long we’re taking, or when we need to move a date back because sometimes things take longer to make (or change) than we expect.

When we announced delays for THREE KINGDOMS, we heard loud and clear from all quarters of the community that you’d prefer to wait for something great out of the gates, rather than getting something sooner that wasn’t quite there and required further updates, and I hope you’ll agree that the result was one of our best-ever launches. So while we’ll always try to aim true with dates, choosing to move a date back is almost certainly going to happen again at some point, or we may decide to change the content we have planned.

This is very much the nature of creative game development and is driven by our desire to make great stuff and do what’s best for the game, and therefore players. We also know that clear communications on these things is what you’re after, so you’re not in the dark about future updates and when they’re coming. We’re going to be more transparent about our updates roadmap – and any potential delays to that roadmap – going forward.

And for what it’s worth, in case you were ever in doubt about how closely we heed player feedback, we’ve blown a stack of skill points on levelling up how your wants and needs translate to tangible in-game changes. We now have a Player Experience Manager on the team whose life’s work it is to scrutinise every channel out there which players use to express their feedback and desire for change. This gets compiled, weighted and prioritised, then goes directly to the designers who figure it into future updates. We hope you’ll already have a sense of how that effort has translated into fixes and content-changes in recent updates like Empire Undivided.


As has already been rumoured and mentioned lightly, we’re about to start singing an epic Saga. A tale of heroism and legendary events that has echoed down the ages.

We’re absolutely aware that Thrones of Britannia split its audience between those who felt it didn’t do enough, those who felt it was a roaring telling of the period, and some who list it as the best TW we’ve done.

Obviously, we’d love to make everyone happy, but these more experimental, extreme, and tightly scoped games have a real appeal for us. Thankfully Thrones was nevertheless a considerable success for us and continues to gain fans. This means we’ll be revisiting the Total War Saga format again, looking to drill down into one of those decisive events from history and tell it in a new and interesting way.

We want to get the balance right between making a conventional Total War game at a tighter scale, that a wide audience can enjoy, but being brave with new features and dynamics to push the series forward in interesting ways.

We’re probably going to edge more towards the route of bravery, because that’s how legends are made. More on the next Saga title very soon!Rest assured though, we are always listening, and excited to see what you think of Total War in the next 12 months.

Total War系列刚刚迎来了十九岁生日!时间过得真快啊。在这个欢庆的日子里,我们应当稍稍回顾一下过去,但更重要的是展望未来。在此,我们要跟各位玩家朋友谈谈我们对明年,也就是Total War系列诞生第二十周年所立下的的目标和抱有的期许。


我们今年发售的THREE KINGDOMS这部作品可以说是Total War系列最成功的一部了,它的销售量超越了以往任何一部作品。我们很高兴看到这许多来自中国的新玩家,而且对我们这部基于《三国演义》的游戏作品能得到如此多的好评感到非常荣幸和骄傲。

当然,在西方国家,我们也取得了相当令人骄傲的成绩。我们的工作团队努力了解一了个全新的时代,一种全新的文化,并据此对Total War系列许多传统机制进行革新,最终才能制作出这部Total War系列中里程碑式的新作品。我们很高兴看到我们的努力取得了回报。



当然,南蛮相关内容也会有的。不过,在下一年中我们会先推出黄巾起义和凉州之乱相关的内容,之后是中原地区曹操与吕布之间的一系列战争。 在那之前,十月的时候还会推出一个免费的更新。

部分角色将获得全新的专属立绘和建模,除此之外还有一些漏洞修复和平衡性调整。 此外我们也注意到了THREE KINGDOMS的更新所导致的一些与自定模组之间的兼容问题,我们会尽量解决并尽可能避免这些问题。

实际上对THREE KINGDOMS这部作品来说,这还都只是开始而已。我们对THREE KINGDOMS还有很多长远宏大的计划,包含更多属于这个时代的事件,战争和人物。就现在而言,这些计划还没有被最终敲定。如前所述,我们会认真参考世界各国玩家的反馈,以便作出调整。但我们可以保证,在接下来的几年中,THREE KINGDOMS会变得比现在更宏大,更有史诗感。





因此,WARHAMMER2还会有更多的可下载内容。当然,WARHAMMER3也已经开发得差不多了,这将是Total War系列中开发团队最大的一部作品。



当我们宣布THREE KINGDOMS的发售将推迟的时候, 很多玩家都表示愿意为更好的内容等待更长时间,而不是看到一个匆忙赶制出来漏洞百出的作品,而且最后事实也证明THREE KINGDOMS确实成了我们销量最高的一部作品。因此,尽管我们会尽量守时,也还是难以避免遇到必须推迟,或者改变预定计划的时候,希望大家理解。





我们已经了解到不列颠王座的玩家们对这部游戏作品意见不一,有些认为它做得还不够,有些则觉得它生动地描述了该历史时期,还有的觉得这是Total War最好的作品。

当然,我们希望能让每一位玩家都感到满意,但这些实验性的,比较极端地着眼于较小范围的游戏对我们来说也很重要。值得高兴的是,不列颠王座仍算得上成功的作品,并且还在持续不断地吸引玩家。因此,我们将会继续为Total War Saga系列增添更多作品,着眼于历史中那些至关重要的时间点,并将其以全新的,有趣的方式展现给玩家。

我们希望能在Total War系列的传统与较小的范围之间取得平衡,使更多的玩家能够喜欢上我们的作品,但我们也将大胆尝试新的特色和机制,让这一系列的作品变得更加有趣。

我们可能还会做出更多大胆的尝试,因为所谓传奇正是建立在勇气之上的。请期待传奇系列即将推出的下一部作品吧!不过也请放心,我们将一如既往地重视玩家的意见,在新的一年里也会持续关注各位玩家对Total War系列的想法和意见。


轉眼間《Total War》已經迎來了19歲生日。這一年真是乖乖不得了!在這個喜氣洋洋的日子裡,我想要帶大家小小回顧一下,然後大大展望未來,並且向各位稍微透露我們在本系列邁向20大關之際抱持著什麼樣的期盼和理想。


今年推出的《THREE KINGDOMS》獲得了《Total War》系列史無前例的成功,發售時的銷量居於系列之冠。我們十分歡迎來自中國的許多新玩家,能夠推出一款以三國演義為題材的遊戲而廣獲好評,實在是令我們備感榮幸。

同樣振奮人心的是,本遊戲在西方也是銷量長紅。開發團隊勇於嘗試新的時代和新的文化,革新了部分堪稱《Total War》系列骨幹的基礎系統,為本系列的遊戲機制開創出新的格局,這一切的苦心如今都已開花結果。

我們也很高興能夠能在首款可下載內容《Eight Princes》尋訪三國之後的一段精彩時期,然而我們十分清楚這並非玩家們原本期望的內容,因此我們目前正在為遊戲的售後中期規劃加緊努力,以期能夠實現玩家社群回饋給我們的意見和想法。


沒錯,南蠻是一定會登場的。不過在那之前,來年我們要先關注黃巾之亂和涼州之亂的年代,接著是曹操和呂布的中原大戰。 而在那之前,十月還會先推出免費的遊戲更新。

特定的人物將會於主戰役中獲得新的獨特造型,此外還有一些錯誤修正和平衡變動。我們也得知《THREE KINGDOMS》的新版資料結構導致遊戲更新時修改模組會發生一些問題,我們正在研究如何解決或減少問題。

細的先不談,這還只是《THREE KINGDOMS》的起步而已呢。長遠來看,我們已擘劃出一個宏大的構想,將那個年代上的事件、戰亂和人物全都網羅進來。不過一切都尚未定案;如先前所述,我們仍處在廣納全球玩家意見迴響的階段。但我們敢打包票,幾年之後《THREE KINGDOMS》將從現在的傑出遊戲進一步蛻變成恢弘萬千的史詩大作。


2015年初首次宣佈製作《WARHAMMER》三部曲的時候,我們說過想要盡可能呈現出《Warhammer Fantasy Battles》世界的風貌。


有一點還希望各位能夠明瞭,那就是有許多現存的故事內容是非官方的同人創作。我們正和Games Workshop合作來盡力忠實呈現《Warhammer Fantasy Battles》的世界,但就官方至今推出的內容量來看能做的實在有限,而我們是根據這些內容來製作遊戲的。好消息是我們的合作已經交出了一張漂亮的成績單,可以肯定以後絕對還會有新的進展。

也就是說將來還會推出更多《Warhammer 2》的可下載內容,而三部曲當然也正在緊鑼密鼓製作中,而且由我們最大的《Total War》企劃團隊操刀。

接下來的目標是在慶典日推出《Warhammer 2》的下一波付費及免費可下載內容,而如最近的修正檔說明所述,我們也打算進行一些修正錯誤和改善遊戲的工作,而非配合這次可下載內容翻修舊世界的種族。希望各位能滿意我們的規劃,而且先別擔心,因為沒錯,綠皮明年就會更新了。


當《THREE KINGDOMS》宣佈要延期時, 我們很清楚聽到玩家社群眾口一致表示,寧可看著好作品千呼萬喚始出來,也不要一個日後需要縫縫補補的急就章之作。我想大家也都同意正是這股堅持造就了我們這款空前的傑作。所以,儘管我們絕對希望盡可能如期推出,但總是免不了會有延期的狀況,要不就是得改變原先規劃的內容。


有件事不妨在此透露,各位可能不知道我們多麼勤於聽取玩家的回饋意見,我們其實已經灌了一大堆技能點數練功,以更高的效率將各位的希望與需求轉換為實質遊戲更新。現在團隊中有一位專司玩家體驗的主管,他逛遍大小平台把每一個玩家發表的回饋和要求的改變都看得仔仔細細。這些意見經過整合、衡量和取捨後會直接傳達給設計師,由他們來想辦法將其納入日後的更新。希望大家已經從「Empire Undivided」等最近的錯誤修正和內容變動中看出我們的苦心。



我們當然知道《Thrones of Britannia》的評價紛歧,有些人覺得這部作品還不夠好,有些人覺得它清楚呈現了那個時代,有些人甚至認為它是《Total War》系列的頂尖之作。

能討好每一個人固然再理想不過,但我們真的很喜歡這些更偏向實驗性、更極端的小格局遊戲。好在《Thrones of Britannia》表現不俗,吸引了越來越多的玩家,因此我們將再度採用《Total War Saga》系列的風格,以期深入探討歷史上的一大關鍵事件,並用新穎有趣的方式呈現在大家面前。

我們想要在兩種目標之間取得平衡:既要以較小的規模製作一套保留傳統的《Total War》遊戲,讓廣大玩家都能接受,同時又要大膽採用新功能和新機制來讓系列更富趣味。

我們可能會比較偏向大膽路線,因為傳奇就是這樣締造出來的。下一部《Total War Saga》遊戲的消息很快就會進一步揭露!再次重申,我們隨時樂於傾聽,希望能在接下來的一年裡持續得知各位對於《Total War》的種種看法。