Rewards for Early Adopters of Total War : ARENA


Commanders, Some of you have been here from the very beginning, and have seen our game grow and evolve into what it is today. Like the legends of old, we haven’t forgotten your dedication and help in shaping the present and future of Total War: ARENA. We’re happy to announce that the Vanguard and Legion community groups and purchasers of Total War: ARENA content in Humble Bundles can now receive their promised in-game items.   The following groups can now receive their Total War: ARENA in-game content:

  • The Vanguard: Players who signed up in 2013 for the original Total War: ARENA Closed Beta.
  • The Legion: Purchasers of Total War: ROME II prior to 2nd November 2014.
  • Purchasers of Total War Humble Bundles in September and December 2015.
  • Purchasers of the Yogscast Humble Bundle in December 2015.

  Eligible users will be given a content code, which can be entered in the Wargaming Premium Shop page at, to unlock their in-game content. In-game content can be unlocked once the game launches in Open Beta on 22nd February 2018. Here’s a rundown of the content you are entitled to and how you can claim your in-game content:    


If you need any support for confirming eligibility, please contact your local SEGA support team. Contact details are available here: For support on unlocking content in-game, please contact Wargaming support:


I am a member of the Vanguard group, and signed up for Closed Beta in 2013.  I haven’t got a closed beta access code. All members of the Vanguard received a closed beta key by email from Total War: ARENA on   1st September 2017, and again on 21st February 2018. If you haven’t got your Closed Beta access code, please contact SEGA Support and give them the email address you signed up with.
I am a member of the Legion group, how can I show that I bought Total War: ROME II? Please visit and enter you Steam account name. You will be asked to grant access between your Steam account and Total War Access. This enables us to verify that you have purchased Total War: ROME II within the specified period.
I don’t have my Humble Bundle purchase key any more. If you don’t have a record of your Humble Bundle code, log in at and visit your account to find the original code for this bundle.
How do I receive my in-game items? Enter the relevant details for your group here: and you will be shown your personal key for unlocking your in-game items. Please note your key is unique to you and can only be used once. Use this key to unlock your in-game items in the Wargaming Premium Shop  Log in to your Wargaming account and click on ‘Redeem Wargaming code’.
Why do I need a Total War: Access account to get my content key? Total War: Access is the interface that is being used to validate eligibility and to deliver your unique content code.
How do I unlock my in-game items? Go to the Wargaming Premium Shop  Log in to your Wargaming account and click on ‘Redeem Wargaming code’.
How can I get Total War: ARENA? Download the game here: You will need to create a Wargaming account, as Wargaming is the publisher of Total War: ARENA. Total War: ARENA is free to download.
How do I create a Wargaming account? Create a Wargaming account here:
Who can I contact if I have problems with confirming my eligibility for receiving in-game content? Please contact SEGA support:
Who can I contact if I have problems unlocking the content in game? Please contact Wargaming support:
Which platforms is Total War: ARENA available for? Total War: ARENA is available for PC only.
What age rating is Total War: ARENA? Total War: ARENA is rated PEGI 16 and ESRB T.

  See you on the battlefield!