Halloween Invitational


After the success of the previous Everchosen tournaments held earlier this year for Total War: WARHAMMER II, we decided to bring you another action packed weekend of competitive multiplayer battles. This weekend, the 20th and 21st of October, we’ll be streaming live from the Creative Assembly studio with a spooky special: The Everchosen Halloween Invitational! Read on below for everything you need to know…

The lowdown

  • When is it? Saturday the 20th and Sunday the 21st of October, kicking off at 15:00 BST/10:00 ET/07:00 PT
  • Where can I watch? On the official Total War Twitch or YouTube channel
  • What are they playing? Total War: WARHAMMER I and II, with all the DLC & free content, including a special first look at Curse of the Vampire Coast
  • What are they playing for? A cash prize (1st place: $750 | 2nd place: $500 | 3rd place: $250) as well as the coveted Everchosen trophy
  • Can I compete? Not this time – the event is an invitational and all places have been filled
  • What else will be going on? In between matches we’ll be going over replays with in-depth analysis, there’ll be a half time showmatch on each day and there’ll also be a few giveaways
  • Giveaways, you say? Yes! There will be a few things up for grabs including t-shirts, codes for Total War: WARHAMMER II and its DLCs, codes for Curse of the Vampire Coast, a Serpent God Collector’s Edition and a super grand prize code for the complete Total War Collection.
  • What if I miss a match? VODs will posted on the Total War YouTube channel

The broadcast team

Bringing you live commentary, analysis, and world-class banter throughout the event will be the mighty Turin, Italian Spartacus, Janet On Occasion, and Creative Assembly’s very own Dogbert. Turin One of the most prolific and informed commentators of the Total War series, Turin is master and commander of a Total War: WARHAMMER and real-time strategy channel on YouTube, delivering a heavy focus on competitive multiplayer, tournament breakdowns, and game analysis. Italian Spartacus From WARHAMMER and WARHAMMER 40,000 lore videos to Total War campaign and competitive matches, Italian Spartacus covers the many facets of these overlapping worlds with encyclopedic knowledge and a terrifying Gollum impression. Janet On Occasion Janet On Occasion, rather misleadingly, is a full-time man. A man who plays Total War: WARHAMMER on YouTube. Expect multiplayer battles with his trademark Queen’s English accent as well as dual tactical and cinematic viewpoints driven by a love of the WARHAMMER fantasy setting. Dogbert Hosting the event and helping with commentary will be Creative Assembly’s very own James “Dogbert” Given, a former pro gamer himself and veteran of Total War livestreams.

The competitors

Working closely with our commentators Turin and Italian Spartacus, we invited eight top players to take part based on their skill, reputation, and flair. Check out their player profiles here to learn what each competitor will be bringing to the Everchosen Halloween Invitational. Make sure to follow the official Total War Twitter account for all the latest updates about the Everchosen Halloween Invitational before, during, and after the event!

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